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Rank Me from Least Attractive to Most Attractive | Lineup | Cut




15 Mai 2018

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MustyManiac 44
MustyManiac 44 Vor 14 Minuten
Damn Carlos gives no fucks
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Vor 28 Minuten
"Relax gringo, im legal" 😂😂
Gianni Dunlap
Gianni Dunlap Vor 58 Minuten
@4:50 that bitch has been annoying the whole video!
lil sushi
lil sushi Vor 59 Minuten
Kieran Ive
Kieran Ive Vor 2 Stunden
dude with the multicoloured shirt funny as shit
K M S Vor 2 Stunden
4:01 Honeyyyy who is she? Shes queen af
Tanner Ketron
Tanner Ketron Vor 3 Stunden
My boy looks like coconut head from Ned's declassified school survival guide xD
Matthew Ce Ce
Matthew Ce Ce Vor 4 Stunden
The black dude in the rainbow shirt is the ugliest of them all, stfu bitch you aint no better than anyone else. The whole point of the video is stupid. Don't be roasting people when you probably have room for improvement. Just saying.
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard Vor 2 Stunden
Matthew Ce Ce 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok
Zoe-eila Howes
Zoe-eila Howes Vor 4 Stunden
why tho
cookiekoala Vor 6 Stunden
This is crazy haha. I can't believe people signed up for this. I would rank them highest to lowest as the black girl, the fat guy, the black guy, the mom, freckles, mustache guy, retired thor, girl with bun on top of head, septum ring, and bowl cut
dreaded Vor 7 Stunden
Little Asian chick is delusional, she's a 5 at most LOL
ITS LIT Vor 8 Stunden
this video so stupid
sadboyfrodo无情 Vor 9 Stunden
Where my man get that colorblock hoodie from?
john mendez
john mendez Vor 12 Stunden
The black chick is fucking fine
sydney gatten
sydney gatten Vor 12 Stunden
That girl that can’t stop laughing needs to get outta this video.
Anthony PTWI
Anthony PTWI Vor 13 Stunden
Obviously stating the fact she is single, then gives every dude a 5, no wonder.
diana reyes
diana reyes Vor 14 Stunden
no one there was unattractive i wouldve really liked to do this seems pretty fun i know i would be on the lower side and the only thing going for me is that i smile im tall have a humor and have squinty eyes lmao but otherwise im pretty low. especially beside all these people
Carlos Irizarry
Carlos Irizarry Vor 14 Stunden
The blonde is blatant liar
Idkidostuff Imsortacool
"raise your hand if you voted for Donald Trump" LOL stupid millennial.
Ave Vee
Ave Vee Vor 14 Stunden
I am a 0 lmao. They would throw me out of the building.
Icanhasmovies Vor 14 Stunden
Hey - I liked the let go Thor! he's pretty cute :)
Amanda B
Amanda B Vor 14 Stunden
Parker is a total 10 yall quit
Jairo Hernandez
Jairo Hernandez Vor 15 Stunden
Yo i would've felt so bad but given most of them below a 6
ZurnTheFangurl Vor 15 Stunden
Ok but I feel really bad for the guy who everyone put as 1...so sad watching him standing at the end and smiling good natured-ly😢😢
Emilia Morra
Emilia Morra Vor 16 Stunden
lol the ugliest "judge" is the most harsh and obnoxious and superficial hahaha
Stella Studies
Stella Studies Vor 16 Stunden
That short girl rating them was being so rude to some peopleeee
Christopher Alessandro
Christopher Alessandro Vor 17 Stunden
4:43 he cant wait to get away from her
LIL NESS Vor 17 Stunden
Amalia cute as fuck
Ghost_Fire_ 24
Ghost_Fire_ 24 Vor 17 Stunden
How tall was that man
bunni luvs
bunni luvs Vor 18 Stunden
you got a spot on your jeans, your boots are crusty---
Ana C
Ana C Vor 18 Stunden
does somenone know, where karlos shirt is from? please
allroundbay Vor 18 Stunden
Her smile at 3:04 was so damn cute! Really made me smile as well, what a beautiful natural smile !
Reece Taylor
Reece Taylor Vor 18 Stunden
S N Vor 18 Stunden
Do you have children? Because you dress like a mom 😂🤣
waste of time
waste of time Vor 19 Stunden
That Girl was annoying
Jasmine Tigner
Jasmine Tigner Vor 19 Stunden
Am I the only one who found the Hispanic guy attractive asf. And, his shirt was funny asf.
chaotic sunset
chaotic sunset Vor 19 Stunden
ahexalexa98 Vor 19 Stunden
I would totally have fucked the first guy he was so sweet and hot tbh
Red Rover Red Rover
Red Rover Red Rover Vor 20 Stunden
Could we do this same concept but not in California? You know- in a place with actual people?
Fred Pierce
Fred Pierce Vor 20 Stunden
None of these girls were hot. The most attractive was either the blonde one who chose who’s attractive or the girl in the blue skirt and even they were 7s at best
Fred Pierce
Fred Pierce Vor 20 Stunden
You’re all ugly and weird
ArkhamFam Vor 20 Stunden
3:08 sweat stains under pits bothered me
Taylor Slaven
Taylor Slaven Vor 21 Stunde
When that girl screamed I literally died 😂 me in any social situation lmao
Carmen Gomez
Carmen Gomez Vor 21 Stunde
5:44 you sure about that go back to 1:12😂😂 that made me laugh so hard
alexng1 Vor 22 Stunden
That short girl that gave everyone low numbers is the girl that too high expectations and is complaining that shes single. Smh.
Vanessa Tay
Vanessa Tay Vor 22 Stunden
I know so many of you find her annoying but i hella like her HAHAHHA she's practically most of us on the inside
Kristine Khajehmal
Kristine Khajehmal Vor 22 Stunden
Someone needs to bring me in to do this video, because I would throw LOTS of honesty in there. I think the ratings were higher than they would've been if they said it in their head, rather than out loud. (I respect their kindness, but if they came in knowing they'd be rated then at least give us a show!)
Jess Bath
Jess Bath Vor 22 Stunden
That short bish is soo mean
A Person
A Person Vor 23 Stunden
I have retired Thor a 0..
Officially NA
Officially NA Vor 23 Stunden
The dude with the colorful shirt was just roasting 😂😂😂 I love himm
Sandy Flores
Sandy Flores Vor 23 Stunden
I hated the girl in the lingerie type shirt lmao
Sandy Flores
Sandy Flores Vor 23 Stunden
At 7:15 why this girl got her hair in her mouth
shangrila628 Vor 23 Stunden
Holy fuck, that bitch in white shirt is unbearably annoying. Why is she rating everyone a 5 when she looks like a potato herself?
Cassandra Teal
Retired Thor is hot as hell. wtf
Cassandra Teal
I fucking hate this.
Bemboli Mozagba
Biased af. Both the men are gay and the women are straight...
Lashawn Smith
This vid is 420
5:02 he has no chill and i love him. omg
David Garcia
David Garcia Vor Tag
There’s no straight guy judges
Dr Philosophous
3:58 😶
Luke Conte
Luke Conte Vor Tag
“Who voted for trump” fuck off lol
JR. Laren
JR. Laren Vor Tag
The black guy and girl in the silky top are so funny omg
Calvin Tran
Calvin Tran Vor Tag
I love that dude that gives no f's about his comments hahaha so funny
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Vor Tag
Omg Americans..
gjaddajg Vor Tag
America: 35% white male Cut: 14% white male America: 50% Trump supporters Cut: 0% Trump supporters Very representative, lol.
Max Vor Tag
That flip flop girl is like a 2.
Baltazar Haro
7:31 an ugly ass girl ranks herself high and then the next clip is a cute girl ranking herself low
Branden Keller
This is so bias cuz their standing right there 😂
Baltazar Haro
4:50 umm racist?
c jav
c jav Vor Tag
The girl in the tank top is cringy as hell.
MRR Rzl Vor Tag
do u have children? yes cause u dress like a mom...because i am a mom lol!
Floris Klaver
7:55 strange girl smelling her boob.
Nabil Dee
Nabil Dee Vor Tag
Jennifer Padilla
“Your boots are crusty.” 😂
Luna  Palacios
4:52 Crazy girl
Thy 72eaper
Thy 72eaper Vor Tag
Can you guys rate my looks? Then comment here.
Omg that one girl was so harsh LMAOO
Alastor Gray
Alastor Gray Vor Tag
Let's be real, beside that black girl everyone's below a 5
Marie Andrée Solórzano
I think I fell in love with thor
Michael Weinberg
Why are 95% of the people being rated some fruity ass gay dudes. How about some diversity (other than gay men) here.
*Ya BoOtS ArE CrUsTy*
dequarius withers
The girl who judging with the black pants a 2
Jesennia R
Jesennia R Vor Tag
Also amalia is annoying as fuck! Her and her flat ass
Jesennia R
Jesennia R Vor Tag
Their all being nice bc some of those people are diff 3’s
Erick Mendez
Erick Mendez Vor Tag
Oh hell nah id be roasting tf outta everybody 💀💀
Andrew2014 Smietanski
Can any of these dudes talk without a lisp
shontel braxton
Isn't Amalia from that blind date truth or drink? Wait, she's single?
Jessica Sevilla
I mean the concept is messed up, but im crackin up over the nervous, awkardness, and funny comments. I would be acting the same way xD
Kai Kretschmer
Love the guy with the color blocked shirts style
Nic Cap
Nic Cap Vor Tag
“Relax gringo, I am legal” lmao love the shirt
Mother Tucker
That short girl is annoying af
Charlie Pooch
wow liberals are dicks
Xcuze Vor Tag
This is so rude and pointless. why judge people like this just for entertainemt. The people judging should be marked by all the others at the end. So they know how it feels. Karlos gets a 5 and thats generous.
A Vor Tag
The short one is an asshole
TGR DayDay
TGR DayDay Vor Tag
I would beat the hell outta anyone who gave me less than a 7 😭 Video title would be " 1-10 attractiveness scale turn into violent street fight "
I’m better At RB6
Only attractive person was the black guy lmfao everyone else was awkward asf
Elisama Carneiro Fragoso
The nerd Thor is actually my type, he's a 8.5 to me
TDM Vor Tag
30 seconds in I thought the gay guy was going to be an arse. Half way threw he changed my mind as he was the most honest. Turns out that short girl was the rude arse in the end.
Danny Huiard
Danny Huiard Vor Tag
7:54 did she take a big sniff of her own titty sweat or did she taste it??....lol...wtf sorta nervous tic is that! lol
no pls
no pls Vor Tag
Boring. No honesty nowadays. Everyone is too afraid to judge because they're afraid to be judged themselves. Not to mention everyone is way too sensitive.
CP KFC Vor Tag
these people are being too nice
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