Reacting to LeBron getting ejected after hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face | KJM

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Reacting to LeBron getting ejected after hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face | KJM
Keyshawn, JWill and Max react to an altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart during the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons game.

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21 Nov 2021



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Theodore Landry III
Jay's face at the 3 minute mark as Key tries to defend LeBron is priceless. That, "Why are we letting him talk right now?" sort of look lmao.
Moises Goncalves
He is stupidity for not being able of analyzing things objectively.
thsu8 Vor Monat
I've been a Keyshawn fan since his USC/Jets days, and as a football guy his basketball takes are actually pretty good, but this was a laughable display of his LA homerism.
Mielle and Mirei
Really key? It is ok to be a fan. But it should not hinder objectivity, especially him being in the media.
Mark Bantz
Mark Bantz Vor Monat
Matt Man keyshawn is worthless!
Matt Man
Matt Man Vor Monat
Such a homer move to defend that play
All Is Calm - Cryptos and Relax
legend says keyshawn is still defending lebron
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez Vor Monat
@Tevin Coley Keyshawn has season tickets with the Lakers
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley Vor Monat
LeBron could kill a man and he still will defend him lol
And jordan fanboys are still finding any little wrong in lbj career to elevate mj & ignore his FLAWS
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez Vor Monat
@Tech + Games YT It’s the concussions from being hit too many times.
Mirak M
Mirak M Vor Monat
@Tech + Games YT Jay played 75 games professionnaly before wrecking stupidely, the other guy played 11 years in the most violent league.
Mjdemon Vor Monat
I’ll say it again. Everytime Key talks I’m wondering why he’s here. Just seems to have the silliest argument no matter what.
Loud Noises
Loud Noises Vor Monat
Key gotta go
Wayne Bonaime
Wayne Bonaime Vor Monat
I never cared for Key when he was killing it on the grid-iron. Never liked any thing New York & growing up in So Cal my favorite college team was UCLA & then my loyalties sided with the team playing against the hated Trojans. I think you guys bashing Key for his comments on this show both currently and in the past can't be hearing he same show I am. I suggest you replay the entire broadcast from beginning to the ending and really listen to all the facts and how they are presented. Do that & I guarantee that at e very least you will have some new found respect for Mr Johnson I respect him more & more with every show I listen to. The man thinks before he opens his mouth & he brings a personal perspective to the subject of the day that is refreshing after so many of these shows never even discuss the subject in the headlines that originally got my attention . I mean to survive the academic side of any UC school (USC, UCLA, Cal Stanford....) You can't be no dummy & a dummy he is not. He made his money a retired early. The man was so talented , it was hard to take him down with a bruising direct hit. If you get a chance to hear Key Shawn talk about his book and the way things were when Gruden was in the hot seat this year. "Chucky" actually thought he was a member of the country club!!!
Same thing I’m wondering reading your comment
Summoners War
Summoners War Vor Monat
3:50 Look how Lebron stare at Stewart before swinging his elbow. Actually, it was not an elbow, he really swings his fist in retaliation for being pushed by Stewart who clearly just want to go for a rebound. It was intentional.
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper Vor Monat
"Get off me and take this with you" 😂
Neil hamp
Neil hamp Vor Monat
Max stay dropping bars😂😂
William Foster
William Foster Vor Monat
Keyshawn out here defending bron like he's his Lawyer....
M T Vor Monat
Keyshawn is delusional
ruben sarmiento
ruben sarmiento Vor Monat
Keyshawn how about ron artest swing on james harden face so is not dirty swing🤣🤣
HutleTownGaming Vor Monat
Straight facts 😭😭😭😭😭
Isaiah Castillo
Isaiah Castillo Vor Monat
Keyshawn just sound dumb.
Hirokjan Barman
Hirokjan Barman Vor Monat
Wait for Shannon lol
Lisa Porth
Lisa Porth Vor Monat
He clearly hit him with a closed fist!!!
Randy Jacobson
Randy Jacobson Vor Monat
And that makes a difference, why?
Damian Young
Damian Young Vor Monat
Did you see other videos that show a closer view. It wasn’t a closed fist, he did hit’em though
Randy Jacobson
Randy Jacobson Vor Monat
Stewart's elbow isn't on LeBrons hip it's stuck in his armpit and this big is pushing with everything he's got. Nowhere else for Lebron's elbow to be except in Stewart's face. All LeBron did was straighten out his arm. Sad for the other fella. LOL.
Jessica Vor Monat
This was as much Isiah fault as LeBron 😡
Cory Tennant
Cory Tennant Vor Monat
Ok Lisa
Guru the Tank
Guru the Tank Vor Monat
Can we all just take a minute and acknowledge it was a dirty play. It was during a free throw. It was completely unnecessary most players don't even go for free throw rebounds
Gofu Vor Monat
When you look away from the ball and swing, it was intentional.
Just Me
Just Me Vor Monat
@1990758 Yup & the bs excuses & nonsense spin have gotten old 🙄
1990758 Vor Monat
Of course it was but you know certain people are going to defend lebron James
Moses Johnson
Moses Johnson Vor Monat
You don’t box out with extended elbows. The young man hopefully learned his lesson cause plenty folk learned that lesson the very same way.
gerard michael pendejito
Yes i agree. Stewart is the dirty one
john j
john j Vor Monat
Red Hood
Red Hood Vor Monat
I just love watching Stewart break tackles likes he's going against the bears defense 😂😂😂
Gieselle Roderiques
@Red Hood 🤣
Francis Davis
Francis Davis Vor Monat
4:11 Until that ref held his wrist like just 5 feet before he got to the Lakers players. Thank god for that 5- foot-5 150 pound ref, otherwise this would have been a total disaster. Uhm ok...maybe he is 5-10 and 175.
Ronda Jackson
Ronda Jackson Vor Monat
Angus Cooper
Angus Cooper Vor Monat
The piston dude must be into some high octane stuff !!!!! Or he must be triple vaccinated by some super drug that makes you go amok like the way he did !!!!!
thedefinitive Vor Monat
I was thinking the same thing! Dude was looking like a cow bell running back out there lol
Svpreme Carter
Svpreme Carter Vor Monat
Westbrook Got Me Crying 😂😂
Kal-El35 Vor Monat
I've watched the replay over and over again, if you have done the same tou can see Lebron's left hand was already closed as he was fighting for position. Also, Stewart did have his face basically right there and unfortunately got the worst of it. Flagrant 2 definitely, ejection and suspension definitely. Jay Will keeps mentioning that the ball was already in the hoop then they both should have relented and just ran down the court..
Follow the white rabbit
Dude, that was a dirty move ! How can you even defend it ? Look at the slow mo, How can u say thats not on purpose. He even looking at him, before hitting him.
K-Love Concepts
K-Love Concepts Vor Monat
Keyshawn is just a Lebron fan. He defends him at every chance
Gremnel Esber
Gremnel Esber Vor Monat
@DD Jay calls Bron the GOAT tho.
sheik sattaur
sheik sattaur Vor Monat
Nah he understands basketball and he isn't a pussycat like Isiah sympathizers
DD Vor Monat
Jay stay hating LeBron for years now.
thsu8 Vor Monat
He's not a LeBron fan. He's a Lakers fan. He was born and raised in LA.
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
cole jacobson
cole jacobson Vor Monat
It’s okay Keyshawn, we get it. Your a Lakers fan, your bias😂
1990758 Vor Monat
Lmao true
Mr King
Mr King Vor Monat
@Lebron James 🤣
Lebron James
Lebron James Vor Monat
Mr King
Mr King Vor Monat
Andre Godsk
Andre Godsk Vor Monat
Keyshawn is so biased its starting to get really annoying.
Sinister Beatz
Sinister Beatz Vor Monat
Keyshawn come on man....that was intentional. Bron basically delivered a fighting blow. It's not even up for debate.
dexteze Vor Monat
Bron can empty out the clip on someone in broad day light and this dude in the middle gonna have a million reasons why it was all accidental lmao Cmon now 😂😂😂
2Muchpjp Vor Monat
LeBron is the NBA's Kyle Rittenhouse?
Rasta' 91
Rasta' 91 Vor Monat
Are they Blind! Lebron Hit him two times, once with the Elbow and then immeadiately after with the Closed Fist follow through. Isaiah is clearly Bleeding from 2 different Places. 🤕
Mac12 Vor Monat
Lebron landed 2 blows. People acting like all that damage was made by one strike/contact. Elbow to eye, and fist to mouth. LeBron hands ain't that big to make a 6'8" man bleed from 2 different areas on this face in one strike. Dirty Play. Why is this even a debate?
Mac12 Vor Monat
TheNamesDitto Vor Monat
@JomoDaMusicMan I don't think it was intentional but it was reckless. Same thing as the play when Solomon Hill dove at LeBron's knees
Al DaRulER
Al DaRulER Vor Monat
Rasta' 91
Rasta' 91 Vor Monat
@DOTcalm614 not facts, its very easy to do. watch the other angle.
Repeat Aftermeme
After all that he said “that may be the case”. So that makes it intentional as a “dirty play” lol.
Tyler Melvin
Tyler Melvin Vor Monat
Thank you!!!!! Dude literally admits on national television he don’t care what the evidence is, LeBron is innocent.
Paddy Vor Monat
Max pretty much summed it up perfectly, it was a "get off me" move done badly with excessive force. Stewart got the rights to be mad but dude gotta go to some anger management class.
joe catalla
joe catalla Vor Monat
Max's take might be the more accurate description of what happened, but someone in that scuffle might have said or done something plus the blood which made Stewart get the Star power up and bulldoze everyone Mario style.
Nour El Araby
Nour El Araby Vor Monat
I beg to differ, his reaction was justified and LeBron deserves to face repercussions.
Spiritual Knight
Nah bruh Stewart had every right. What’s up with Lebrons ego to do that. I hate guys like that
jjballers81 Vor Monat
@Smoke Screen doubt it. Bron has played against KG & Lance Stephenson. Dude has played over 1000 pro games. This was a get off me move gone bad. This ain’t some normal dude
Binjer Vor Monat
I doubt that Stewart will get released from the NBA. But if he somehow does, an NFL team should definitely pick him up. Dude was juking all those people to get to Bron and 20+ people couldn't stop him when he first started getting heated.
Son-of Black-King
It was dirty because he did it on purpose. If you got elbowed while rebounding (on the ground), its always on purpose because big rebounders are too expert & skilled at controlling bodies & mass for that kind of blow to be a mistake.
Mikel Moon
Mikel Moon Vor Monat
When action is taken by the NBA, suspension (if any) should only be for 1 game for both guys. As someone pointed out in another comments section, Nikola Jokic shoulder-checked Markeiff Morris (who committed an unnecessary hard foul similar to LeBron James’s action) and only got a 1 game suspension. In this case, Isaiah Stewart did not do such a hostile act similar to Jokic.
Brian Carter
Brian Carter Vor Monat
You don’t have to be a dirty player to make a dirty play. Even in the best case scenario of it being a accident, as soon as I see my eye leaking it’s reasonable to expect a reaction like that
Ross Sherman
Ross Sherman Vor Monat
@Kobe is the goat I'm sorry that you live in a world where having a fist fight is necessary for you to keep from getting walked over. I haven't needed to fight since I was 10 years old.
Chigz Vor Monat
The first reaction is reasonable, but once everyone on both teams is tryna stop you and you're rampaging around tryna assault another player who isn't tryna fight then you're acting a fool
Kobe is the goat
@Ross Sherman My thing is this bro he looked at dude as soon as Stewart seen blood it was over as a man we have to understand that. You can’t be no punk bro in life
Ross Sherman
Ross Sherman Vor Monat
@Caredio Jackson That's crazy that your experience has been so different from mine. Ive played in 3 of the 5 boroughs of NYC since I was a kid and fights never broke out on the courts. I'm 38 now and, like I said, ive only seen one fight break out, playing 2-4 times a week my entire life.
Ross Sherman
Ross Sherman Vor Monat
@Kobe is the goat I'm strong and I play bully ball. I've gotten hit a lot. When its legal, I love it. It's a lot of fun when someone fights back for position and doesnt just let me box them out. When someone takes a swipe at my head, I stop the game and start reprimanding them for what they did, demanding an apology. They apologize and dont do it again.
Victor Olivier
Victor Olivier Vor Monat
"unfortunately dude got hit" Period.
BEY and Stewart are my dudes on 2K! No one should have held Stewart back after the hit while him and LBJ were face to face. The theatrics always start after everyone is being held back. 😭🤣
Homeless Partridge
It’s funny the example Key used for a dirty play(shoving in the back), lebron has done multiple times (including Livingston and Embiid and ayton).
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** Vor Monat
Randy Jacobson
Randy Jacobson Vor Monat
Every big in the league drapes themselves all over LeBron every minute he's on the floor. Yeah take this with you.
Cory Tennant
Cory Tennant Vor Monat
Everyone has done things like this. Sometimes you catch an elbow
Paul Feasal
Paul Feasal Vor Monat
LeBron took this shot on purpose and this angle don't shot it. They jave a better recording of the shot James took.
Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz Vor Monat
"That was a dirty play" - amen.
Joel Griffith
Joel Griffith Vor Monat
Somewhere Draymond just laughing at all of this
netraflo Vor Monat
TrayVMO Vor Monat
@beenflyysky 😂😂
beenflyysky Vor Monat
Idk why but this comment has my dying!! 🤣
Marmy40 Vor Monat
If you look a little more closely at the replay, Lebron was hopping on one foot and moving backward. Meaning, Lebron was a bit off-balanced moving backward, as they were being physically boxed out. To me, it wasn't a dirty play. They both were being physical and tangled up. Lebron was a bit off-balanced, moving backward, and He tried to untangle himself that causes the hit on the face. If you also looked closely, Isaiah Stewart's arms were underneath Lebron's left arm. It was underneath, by the armpit, pushing backwards/diagonaly. Which elevated his left arm, and at the same time being pushed back at an angle that causes Lebron's swing to elevate and hit Stewart on the face. It's not a dirty play. It's a flagrant foul...but it wasn't a dirty play. To me, dirty play is something that a person does intentionally, and knowingly, to inflict serious harm to the other person.
mostmost1 Vor Monat
Bron caught him twice. He elbowed his eye causing 8 stitches and bust his mouth with his fist. Stewart fell because that elbow hit his temple. He quickly hit the ground because of the blow.
c588417 Vor Monat
As a GoldenState Warriors fan, I have always been a huge fan of Lebron James even though I cant stand the Lakers. With that said, I cant blame the Piston player for seeing "Red" after being tagged in his left eye by Lebron's elbow.
A GamersWorld
A GamersWorld Vor Monat
I’m with keyshawn on this one , Lebron wasn’t trying to hurt him , Stewart knows he has lebron to box out ,that’s not an easy cover, Stewart is using a little too much force to try to get lebron off , he got lebron off balance and lebron I bet u felt like he was all over him and meant to get him off of him
Cornell Kendrick
The ejection was valid but if Stewart wasn’t do all of the running around after we wouldn’t be talking about a suspension.
be witness
be witness Vor Monat
@Kip Smithers I understand but I think it’s weird when you judge a situation by results. Meaning if you drink and drive you can get arrested even if you didn’t hit anyone, it’s against the the law. However, if I get a rebound and swing my elbows out to clear space…that’s not a penalty, but when you hit someone it can become one depending on the damage you do? That makes no sense to me. Looking at that play, Lebron was being pushed up and to the side, he swiped his arm down to get untangled and he mistakenly hit dudes face which happened to be ducked down as he was slightly bent over. I understand the 1 game but I also would have understood no games.
That excessive trying to get at lbj by Stewart has to be a suspension,blood or not. Especially after the "malice in the palace" situation,he literally has no control of self after EVERYONE tried to calm him down. As a LeGoat im fine with him being suspended a couple games,thats FAIR!
str8duval Vor Monat
@Animelytical the so called look happened in like a second in real time lol. That doesn't prove anything
Animelytical Vor Monat
@str8duval the fact Bron looked at him while doing it represents the intent.
Animelytical Vor Monat
LeBron needed a suspension regardless. Jokic got one game. Bron should be getting 2+
Scott Sherry
Scott Sherry Vor Monat
This whole situation is blinded by the narrative of “we know Lebron, he’d never do this on purpose, he’s not dirty” which is a flawed mindset. Flip the scenario and Lebron gets hit in the face, bleeding profusely, and Lebron runs after Stewart, this morning these guys would be talking about how Stewart needs a 10 game suspension because Lebron doesn’t get mad and run after players like that
Krimslim Vor Monat
So has Lebron never been hit in the face? Was there an uproar after?
Lucky'sWorld Vor Monat
So we not going to talk about how Stewart pushed LeBron first? If the play was over why is he still boxing out? It wasn’t a dirty play, he tried to apologize lol
Dennis Scott
Dennis Scott Vor Monat
I was never taught to get through a box out like that. Guess my coach's sucked
Brotha Encouragement
He brought his arm forward and then punched him....dirty play that he didn't expect to turn out the way it did.
Durktoomany Vor Monat
My mans explained what he thinks a dirty play is and literally said what bron did😂😂
Tevin Coley
Tevin Coley Vor Monat
@Borna Siroki bro don't know why this man is on here man clueless asf
Edward Fitzgerald
No he did not. Clean up your ears.
Matteo Ruberto
Matteo Ruberto Vor Monat
The man is just tired from all the brown nosing
Al Frazier
Al Frazier Vor Monat
I think Keyshawn explained exactly what happened.
Guiseppe Jacobs
Guiseppe Jacobs Vor Monat
tharani dharan
tharani dharan Vor Monat
Come one guys..it just happened in matter of seconds. Everything looks different in slow motion. LeBron intend might have to hit in body or push him away with the swing which lot of Players do but definitely not the face. Since Stewart was leaning with the face LeBron caught him accidentally.
whatdezdez94 Vor Monat
Y'all know that Draymond and Dwight used to get caught up once a game with someone they didn't like and they always just shoved them and never tried a closed fist swing on people
Jaelen Haskin
Jaelen Haskin Vor Monat
The elbow was intentional but where it landed and the damage it caused wasnt intentional.
Max using “Eye jammy” is classic!!!
Creative Cashflow
Funniest part of the clip is Russ squaring up 🤣
mobbgeek Vor Monat
@Flash Gordon all these clowns walking in the tunnels looking for cameras so they can be seen with their blouses and skin tight pants on
DGW 404
DGW 404 Vor Monat
Funniest part of the clip was LeBrons haircut
thsu8 Vor Monat
Russ trying to play the Stephen Jackson wingman role is laughable.
thsu8 Vor Monat
@Coach27 28 FACTS.
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Vor Monat
@mobbgeek whis feminine in the nba lol
rightruler Vor Monat
Just for a reference, in an MMA fight, if you hit with your finger open, you might get -1 point, so LBJ hit with a closed fist to the face is the right thing to do.
AbyssGnasher Vor Monat
Now that I saw these better camera angles then yes it was a dirty play. I've never seen a player get knocked like that and NOT respond back. James needs to get suspended.
Ken Vor Monat
Bron fan…..without question a dirty play!
Edward Fitzgerald
Ken fan...Ken is dead wrong
Super Nike Nando
I played this in slow mo like 20 times and Bron immediately tapped him on some "my bad" ish
Edward Fitzgerald
Thank you for at least not lying that Stewart got hit by an elbow.
Dee M
Dee M Vor Monat
That was a dirty play by BRon . It was intentional. Quit the special treatment for popular players. He needs to be punish and I hope BRon retire soon. I miss Kobe 💯
Sven Squires
Sven Squires Vor Monat
Swinging the elbow was intentional, hitting him who knows. Lebron swung the elbow because he was getting boxed out. Around the his hand area made contact. Flagrant 2 is the best call for that. For Both players safety, but swinging the elbow was intentional.
Deandre Pitchford
I get what max saying and it could’ve been that that lebron was like “get off me and take that with you” but definitely where I don’t agree with jay is saying yeah the play is over BUT if so then Isaiah Stewart needed to stop putting force in leaning on lebron while they tangled up. The play over, gtf off me
Brandon D
Brandon D Vor Monat
If Stewart did that to lebron y’all wouldn’t have the same narrative lmfao
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Vor Monat
@Nagato Uzumaki exactly n Lebron ain’t one of em. Did Lebron try hot dude in the face Nahh he tried hit him in ribs arm area. But I don’t believe he tried to hit dude in the face he doesn’t have a history of doing that but I have seen bron hit ppl on the arm or ribs if they are holding on to him.
Nagato Uzumaki
Nagato Uzumaki Vor Monat
@Jimmy B like to me dirty means intent, was the hit dirty yes. But you can’t tell me Lebron tried to make dudes eye socket bleed. And that’s not defending lebron there’s only a handful of NBA and NFL players that are truly “dirty” playeds
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Vor Monat
@Nagato Uzumaki that’s the truth n it’s sad.
Nagato Uzumaki
Nagato Uzumaki Vor Monat
Nah, hard lebron fan but even if that happened to lebron that’s not dirty. Just a mistake tbh
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Vor Monat
Avi Vor Monat
I agree it was like on purpose by accident. Stewart's weight was in his own hand/fist that was tangled with Bron's. Bron knew what he was doing but it was meant like 'get off me'. I think the word people are looking for is: chippy, irresponsible. But not 'dirty'. Like it wasn't intentional, but hey if your face happens to be there...
VERONICA19 Vor Monat
Lol Westbrook going wild 😂😂😂
Dorran Thigpen
Dorran Thigpen Vor Monat
Bron was swinging for the arm, buddy’s head was just in the way!💪🏿
kylia2009 Vor Monat
I’m not even Lebron fan…. But everybody is reaching.. it was clearly an accident 🙄 and Lebron immediately apologized. The flagrant foul was correct. Isiah let his ego take over.
Optic Potato
Optic Potato Vor Monat
That was a 1000% dirty play. Theres another angle that shows lebrons face and its pretty clear he wanted to do damage.
I'm back
I'm back Vor Monat
​@CL Supreme Even if he didn't mean to, that doesn't mean he didn't not mean to, and he clearly did not not mean to. Take a minute to think about that.
CL Supreme
CL Supreme Vor Monat
U don’t know what’s in that man’s mind and heart. It’s so irresponsible and ignorant 2 say it was intentional cause u don’t know that
Joe Jeffy
Joe Jeffy Vor Monat
The NBA is a mans sport. Lebron punched him then looked him in the face 💀
Indigenous TV
Indigenous TV Vor Monat
"His head is kinda leaning toward" smh these people in our media, be it the news media or sports media smh. Jay is the only dude that calls it straight up without dancing around the situation or being extra careful not to criticize Lebron James.
Thomas Latraille
Come on, no one boxes out like that with a spinning backfist.. I like LeBron too, but that motion was unnatural.. Keyshawn is a clown
Animelytical Vor Monat
Bron hit him with elbow and fist. Absolutely filthy play. Makes Jokic look like he was playing pattycake. That play would be dirty in the NFL. (Helmets would have to be off). Keyshawn is being too much of a homer. It's actually pathetic.
I fully agree with key. It wasn’t dirty. He intended to pop him but he didn’t intend to pop him in the face
stinoooee .j
stinoooee .j Vor Monat
he makes the extra swing, clearly intentional
dara akinyosoye
dara akinyosoye Vor Monat
It’s too clear!!! Love Lebron but nah that was dirty
Adrian Kendrick
Adrian Kendrick Vor Monat
Stewart was out there breaking through arm tackles and running away from those big guys.
The range
The range Vor Monat
Stewart could’ve kept running but he stopped when he seen Deandre Jordan lol. Man is a complete joke.
Chris Hickox
Chris Hickox Vor Monat
What if Joel Embid hit Lozo when he swung after the play? Joel is more in the wrong for what he did than what LeBron did in my opinion. Just because someone got hit people are talking about this as a “dirty play”
HH Vor Monat
Jay saying play over yet Stew kept his elbow in LB's ribs. Look at LB"s angle. LB just trying to smack off Stew's arm, the hit to the face was unintentional. Simple as that. 💯
Demo Vor Monat
Key tried so hard to defend Lebron, 🤡😂
Lawrence Matthews Jr
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis Vor Monat
Super clown
Darnell Whitehead
LeBron knew what he did that's why he was so calm😪
Nate Roy
Nate Roy Vor Monat
Lebron dont want to see Stewart in a dark alley.
Joe Amith
Joe Amith Vor Monat
I can't believe how anyone could defend this...
T Vor Monat
Lebron definitely had a weak moment and was aggressive in his actions. In that millisecond moment the intent was there no matter how quick the moment was. Not a dirty player but DEFINITELY an intentional moment. The king Cheese should also be suspended
Vincent Medley
Vincent Medley Vor Monat
Keyshawn knows good and well that he ain't gonna let someone punch him in the face.
Anthony A
Anthony A Vor Monat
Imagine if this was the opposite would people say that it was unintentional? Just like how people called Solomon Hill a dirty player for making a basketball play when he went over lebrons for the ball
TheNamesDitto Vor Monat
nah. Everyone said Solomon Hill just was reckless but not dirty. Same as this.
1990758 Vor Monat
It's exactly or imagine if Stuart would suffer a concussion
jjballers81 Vor Monat
Everyone defended Hill lmaooo
DaRebel Vor Monat
I was going yo bring this up. So many people were complaining about what Hill did. They were going for the ball and Hill just happened to accidentally hit/hurt Bron. The NBA has been making things easy for Bron since he came in the NBA. How many times has Bron gotten away with giving defenders the forearm shove w/o any calls?
Chris Cardo
Chris Cardo Vor Monat
Someone always comparing oranges to apples.
jojo Vor Monat
…whaaaat?? LeBron is an imperfect human being and makes mistakes?? how DARE you say that to a LeBron’s fan’s face 😩💦
dlawso23 Vor Monat
Let's talk about the Lakers having a hard time, beating one of the worse teams in the NBA: OKC, Minnestoa, etc...
Anthony Sloan
Anthony Sloan Vor Monat
I get forcing. It was the "get off me and take that with you." BUT Lebron knew what he was doing. And thats what it was, it was forceful. Though what he wasn't paying attention too was Stewart already being pushed into him. The play was over. I got a guy right in front of me pushing me into you. If you would've just got out the way arms tangled or not we couldve made it down the floor. Im being boxed out by 2 guys so i have to pay attention to my hips AND hands. You could just move but you decided to use the "tangled hands" effect to go that extra mile. Most likely cuz you're Lebron James and don't wanna be showed up especially while down by double digits.
1 AMMO Vor Monat
Just going to throw this out there what would have happened if Stewart hit Lebron like that What would everyone be saying? What would be the repercussions?
turtle0zero Vor Monat
Keyshawn is desperately trying to defend Lebron in my opinion.
Damon Martin
Damon Martin Vor Monat
He’s a football player
S Mitchell
S Mitchell Vor Monat
Nah u just don’t like Lebron getting any attention
King Of Kings
King Of Kings Vor Monat
Or he doesn’t think it was dirty
Hal Richard
Hal Richard Vor Monat
Players are much much more dirty in football and its expected. Keyshawn was a football player, he knows. He was okay with Lebron doing that.
rarethen9 Vor Monat
as always
Zguy Vor Monat
It was deliberate I think he connected harder then he really wanted to after he threw it.
Maranatha Vor Monat
Naw bruh, he hit him two times. He hit him with the elbow to the right of his eye, and then followed through his fist to open the cut in his mouth. So what about Davis, he said we had to do something because he kept talking smack to our teammate. And he, Lebrun didn’t mean to do it. The whole panel is getting paid to lie. By the way, dude should be a running back, how he ran through all those bodies trying to get to lebron. Bodies flying everywhere.
Tron Gray
Tron Gray Vor Monat
Yeah that's what I think too. A fist to the mouth doesn't open a cut to the eye. He had 2 cuts so there's no way he was hit with just a fist. Then if you watch it again. Stewart didn't appear he was gonna react to just the elbow but he had enough once he was hit again in the mouth.
Jhabenjaquince Vor Monat
If the swipe had hit Beef’s chest, this is a non story. I don’t think it was intentional though, and LBJ did try to see if Beef was okay. Edit: I don’t think LBJ intended to hurt Beef the way he did, the swing was though,
EVILLEBOY225 Vor Monat
Man stop it! He clearly didn’t mean to hit steward in the face. Lebron was trying to free his arm of Stewart. Did he mean to swing his arm and get him off YES. Did he mean to hit him in the face NO. “Dirty” means it was intentional to hit him in the face. Ejection Yes, suspension No.
Rob Kenyon
Rob Kenyon Vor Monat
I love how they keep sayin he ain't dirty like they cannot associate that word with Lebron. Lebron's dirty without being obvious. Anyone who plays him hard with will get it. Keyshawn needs wake up.
Black Royal Brand
*Lebron gave them the spirit with that elbow* 😭👼🏾 121-116
Michael Arriola
Michael Arriola Vor Monat
I cant believe people are actually arguing if this was intentional or not. Everyone would lose their minds if Lebron was the one bleeding everywhere.
Ace_chpt1 Vor Monat
It was the elbow that hit the eye, the fist would've had to hit the left eye
Guillermo McLean
That was dirty ASF 🤣
Tiago Vor Monat
@Ian Bora with closed fist after look at his face, ok 🙄
Ian Bora
Ian Bora Vor Monat
Nah man was trying to knock his arm off him unfortunately he got his face not dirty
Marvin Bailey
Marvin Bailey Vor Monat
When somebody close lines you that’s dirty
Marvin Bailey
Marvin Bailey Vor Monat
It wasn’t dirty bro at all! Did he swing his arm yes but the intent wasn’t dirty
The G0dfather
The G0dfather Vor Monat
@Bently Cosby just because we seen worse doesn't mean it's not dirty
Tug Ger
Tug Ger Vor Monat
Remember Stewart is getting all work up so the blood optics is going to be optimized. Stewart shoved his coach, his teammates, other staff. That is disgusting. LeBron should be suspended. But if Stewart was on my team I would want him traded or I would look to get traded. That sort of behaviour will not win championships. Quite frankly I would love to see him in the playoffs against a Rondo, or a Chris Paul that can get under your skin with their words. Too easy Stewart too easy.
Shereen Advance Your Life
He had his hands in the KINGS face and got what I needed.......a spanking 😂😂😂😂them hands from a man 🙌🙌🙌
Kenneth Jacobs
Kenneth Jacobs Vor Monat
All you new school/"Don't touch me"/soft athletes don't understand that Bron was just trying to get his hands off of him. Stewart just hand his duck face over his shoulders which resulted in what happened.
Peter Nakamura
Peter Nakamura Vor Monat
I always thought the player next to the free throw shooter, was to prevent the shooter from getting the missed shot.
Wilkys Taveras
Wilkys Taveras Vor Monat
It was a dirty play, and he was penalized accordingly
Tim Washburn
Tim Washburn Vor Monat
It was very clearly done on purpose just look at the score
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh Vor Monat
Agree to disagree, that was 100% uncalled for then James gona stand there tryna apologize like if he didn't intentionally hit em sheesh c'mon James I kno Lakers were losing but dam still 2nd half to go. James gettin kicked turned Westbrook into the triple double machine we all wana see.
Ric Vor Monat
the elbow was dirty! quit lying. We ballers know how to cover dirty shots. EVERYONE has done it before. Watch the snap in the elbow. It wasnt a box out. Just like a boxer throwing a hook with the intent of landing an elbow.
Cherry Gallano
Cherry Gallano Vor Monat
it's a man's game, it's natural to get hurt, basketball is a physical sport.....but the reaction of Stewart towards Lebron is unacceptable. It defeats the purpose of sportsmanship..
Matthew Dwyer
Matthew Dwyer Vor Monat
Back in the day when I played basketball, at 6‘5“ tall, I got hacked all the time. The most devious way to get back at it was use your elbow. I broke two noses with my elbow. Neither one was intentional but just me going into that blocking out position. But what LeBron did, was he fired his elbow back just like you were going to punch somebody. That is lethal, more lethal than a punch, because the elbow is sharp and can actually Poke And I out
Lashanda McGee
Lashanda McGee Vor Monat
Keyshawn is correct they was fighting for position 🙄 then lebron physically tries to knock his hand off him but accidentally his elbow hit him.
Jay Pippen
Jay Pippen Vor Monat
That was not a dirty play they got tangled up 🤙💯
Even the referee is his fan