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Would any of these Disney couples actually live happily ever after?

Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright dive back into the world of Disney animation for round two of ranking Disney romances! They're taking a look at 5 more classic Disney couples to see what's good, what's bad, and what's ugly. This time we've got The Aristocats (Duchess and O'Malley), Hercules (Hercules and Meg), Mulan (Mulan and Shang), The Princess and the Frog (Tiana and Naveen), and Tarzan (Tarzan and Jane) to see which couples might be headed for tough times ahead, and which seem to be on pretty good footing to get to happily ever after. From lying about their identity or goals, to facing preconceived notions about people or life, to literally dying, there's some pretty big hurdles for some of these couples to overcome.

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Cinema Therapy is:
Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker, and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright, Alan Seawright, and Sophie Tellez
Edited by: Sophie Téllez
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen
English Transcription by: Anna Preis



26 Sep 2022



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Cinema Therapy
Cinema Therapy Vor 2 Monate
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sabrina venti
sabrina venti Vor 4 Tage
i really didn't need this boost to my lazyness xD xD
If you do a part 3 could you do Aurora and Prince Philip I think that's what her prince's name is
Jess Lee
Jess Lee Vor Monat
Anna and Kristoff next please
Riley Garraway
Riley Garraway Vor Monat
Love the video you guys are great and funny
I would like to see a video based on the relationships between parents and their children. Just watching Brave and seeing merida and her mums relationship better itself from their journey they go on through the film. I'm not sure if this happens in other Disney films, I can't think off the top of my head but I think exploring and looking at more parents and their kids in Disney movies and if their relationships get better or worse depending on the story. Not sure if that makes any sense but 🤷‍♀️ 😄 hope this sparks ideas :)
reira who
reira who Vor 2 Monate
watching two grown men contemplate on the similarities between their wifes and their disney princess crushes is the cutest thing i have seen in a long time.
Lilou Konjar
Lilou Konjar Vor 17 Tage
Hey, just wanted to let you know that you now have 9879 likes on your post. Have a good one
no name
no name Vor Monat
@LizzyDizzyYo 😬
Watching them cry over Inside Out was pretty cute too lol
Everything Vor Monat
U just made my day 😂❤️
Rachael Brugmans
Adaline Harbert
Adaline Harbert Vor Monat
When they said “Tarzan better build her a Swiss Family Robinson palace”, there was a TV show and they moved into his parents’ tree house. Also there was an episode I loved when Jane’s friends from England actually showed up in the jungle, and Jane is like “Tarzan please wear this suit we’re going to have a garden party” but he refuses, thinking she’s embarrassed of him. So Jane’s dad talks to him and is like “she lives in your jungle world everyday. Would it be so bad if you lived in her ‘civilized’ world for one?” And Tarzan finally gets it. Honestly so many moments in that show that address so many marriage issues lol.
Jessica Villar
Jessica Villar Vor 5 Tage
I love how the show expanded the universe, like with the merchant, that brought some "civilization". So it doesn't look so crazy that Jane quit regular life to live between mosquitos and gorillas, because is more like a little colony or settlement. Adding to the dad thing. It shows that is good to have a third parties sometimes, to give perspective. And also support of the family. Imagining changing countries/life styles and your parents will refuse to visit you in Christmas or something. In real life I had meet old people moving to a country with a language they don't speak just to help their daughter/son with the grandchildren and be part of their lives.
KamOnKamCrime Vor 13 Tage
you just unlocked a vivid childhood memory
Fiona Tsang
Fiona Tsang Vor 24 Tage
@locabsgg94 it's the same thing, they actually stitched together a few episodes from the tv series so they could market it as The Sequel: Tarzan and Jane (or I guess they split the movie up into tv episodes so they could air alongside the rest of the series, depending on how you look at it :P)
Caidalee Vor Monat
I remember that movie! Looking back, it wasn’t very good, but I did love that moment you’re talking about. That was the only vignette I cared about.
Half_a_Lesbian Vor Monat
@Lenny Cake The Legend of Tarzan
Persefoni Ajax
Persefoni Ajax Vor Monat
I wish you would have commented on how Hercules handled Meg's false advances! He's very respectful of her, she puts her leg down and he looks away and respectfully puts her leg back down, she lets her strap fall off of her shoulder and he fixes it instead of letting it stay down or pulling it down further. I dunno, it just means something to me that he was very clearly attracted to her and yet he respected her instead of objectifying her and looking when he had a chance to.
Greco-Romano Vor Tag
@Nt Mn That isn't a counter argument. You're just telling me I'm wrong. Edit: Also, I never said he didn't respect her-- when did I say that?
Nt Mn
Nt Mn Vor Tag
@Greco-Romano no, he respected her. People today just don’t understand that!
Nt Mn
Nt Mn Vor Tag
He’s honestly such a stand up guy. He really is.
Clara Catlady
Clara Catlady Vor 6 Tage
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Vor 14 Tage
I get what you're saying, his immediate thoughts are not to just see her as a fun object to be used as soon as possible. Maybe it was all just a bit too fast for him, he may not have even been 'there' before, or maybe he prefers to have an emotional connection with someone first, or at least try to work out what their motivations are. Men like that exist, the fact we expect them all to be immediately up for it when we give them access, & that it's something to be praised when they are not, is a little bit sad. If anything it works out for him though as this leaves him less open to manipulation, by the time he has to make sacrifices for her at least he genuinely cares for her, & her for him, & they can save each other.
Elizabeth Athineu
Actually, Jonathan, Shang DID consider the why and that's what fueled his compassion. Watch the scene again and when Mulan mentions her father, there is absolute heartbreak in Shang's eyes since he knew the pain of worrying about his father at war all of his life but was powerless to save his life. If anything, Shang was angry, but saw her as an equal at least in motivation and truly admired that. Shang may not have been in love with her at the moment, but he respected and silently envied her sacrifice. Their bond is potentially the most powerful of any Disney couple.
Daciana Storm
Also at the time he should have killed her and if ANY told higher command he spared her life he would get killed for it.
Ericka Gilson
Ericka Gilson Vor 6 Tage
Interesting fact; in the original story, Shang didn’t care that Mulan was a girl warrior, he actually admired how she sacrificed her life for her father.
CMM Vor Monat
@Nick Chavez Great points.
CMM Vor Monat
I agree. I love Mulan and Shang best of all. One thing I always noticed that I think is often overlooked: Shang spared her as a WARRIOR, not as a person he loved or felt sorry for, or as a woman or out of pity or weakness. He had to make it abundantly clear to his troops as well that you can't just disregard rules because you sympathize the rule-breaker. He told Mulan he would spare her life because she saved his: he respected her contributions as a warrior and the justice of her position. It was scary when he drew his sword, but liked that too because it showed Shang knew Mulan had courage and a sense of justice too; she didn't cower away from him. She understood and appreciated the position he was in too. They were both just great. ❤
Phoenix Vor Monat
I’ve watched this movie countless times (my all time favorite) and u just enlightened me with ur wisdom. I never thought about it. She took her father’s place to save him from dying in war (and to prove to herself that she worth more than what she is credited for by society) and Shang had just lost his father to war and couldn’t save him. How didn’t I think of that!
waterwindow Vor Monat
They forgot to mention that Tarzan chose to go back to England with her first before Clayton's betrayal changed his priorities towards protecting his family, where then Jane changed her mind near the end of the movie. So they both made the choice.
Emila Vor 15 Tage
@Nuraini Arsad still as a man reised by monkeys he is way more human then most people
Nuraini Arsad
Nuraini Arsad Vor 21 Tag
Also I think you need to take into consideration that he doesn’t really know the extent of what she sacrifices. He never lived it or really know much about what such a life might be like, even following her civilising efforts.
Kelsey Peterson
Kelsey Peterson Vor Monat
Yes! Exactly! I was surprised they didn't mention that part!
Trina Q
Trina Q Vor 2 Monate
I found it refreshing that Mulan and Shang aren't properly together by the end, but are taking it slow. They need time to know each other as themselves, and not as comrades.
Shaggyd00 Kale
Shaggyd00 Kale Vor 5 Tage
No help for her grandma on the taking it slow part
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Vor 16 Tage
Their relationship develops more in the second movie.
//PROJECT JT314 Vor 23 Tage
And then they made Mulan 2...
Bea A
Bea A Vor Monat
And that’s why we got Mulan 2!
Kaspleen Vor Monat
The Chinese version made in 2009, the one I suppose you could call Shang, married someone else in the end due to political reasons. Mulan ends up back at her village alone. They liked each other but they could not be together. It was a very good film though
TriptoAddict Vor Monat
My favorite Disney couple is Rapunzel and Eugene. ESPECIALLY if you watch Tangled: The Series, when he tries to propose to her, and she ultimately says no ( which is shocking for everyone. ) But GOSH, the scene where Eugene talks to her about it, and he's so understanding, compassionate, and basically says he'll wait as long as he has to to make sure she is ready, and he's sorry for springing the question so early. Just, ugh, they're good.
s_napps Vor 8 Tage
I love that in that show the writers gave them problems, real couple problems. It wasn't happy ever after. There were doubts and fears and so many little things that everyday people live through.
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Vor 16 Tage
She eventually decided to propose to him instead. Though things happened instead.
Simplenotion Vor 22 Tage
@Kristina Huchison You do know about the real story, right?
Kristina Huchison
Yes! They’re definitely my favorite along with Pocahontas and John Smith! Both are very beautiful couples and are my favorite Disney movies too!
EmeraldSpirals Vor Monat
I think Ariel's willingness to throw away her life wasn't just because of Eric but because Triton had just committed a major betrayal of her trust and made her feel like she didn't really have a home where she could feel safe and be herself anymore. So at the time it didn't really feel like a sacrifice, it was like Luke Skywalker leaving Tatooine after the moisture farm was torched.
ᜑᜒᜋᜒᜋ Пинагод
@Rocky Desert Flower I believe there already _was_ a long history of humans killing mermaids (more than likely accidentally due to boats). It was from a series under the Little Mermaid I believe, and Triton's wife was one of the victims.
ᜑᜒᜋᜒᜋ Пинагод
@Nikki Pittman Did you think 'Go and follow a man you absolutely have no information of, trust a shady stranger to give you a journey you think you want, and go risk your life trying!' a better option? I'm aware that Triton was in no way a healthy father but risking everything you have, even the underlying love of your family, just to be with someone you don't know is just as unhealthy in itself. And I feel the need to mention this, but the reason why Triton is this strict is because their mother died due to humans - And they _saw_ it. The daughters knew about the dangers, everyone knew about the dangers, so it's not like this anger came out of nowhere. I mean have you seen the stuff humans do to sea creatures? If mermaids would actually exist, it's pretty understandable why they wouldn't have made themselves known to us by now. I can acknowledge that Ariel is a young soul, and she wants to get on adventures, but that doesn't mean her actions were justified. Edit: Found the link: de-vid.com/video/video-KYN1zyNLUfI.html
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Vor 14 Tage
Yeah, she's pretty much a run away. It's not the best decision, but how many kids run away from home when things get really tough, controlling, or even abusive, & they see a simple way out & an opportunity to make it happen.
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Vor 14 Tage
@AceLovesDIYs Christopher yes, especially when you are 16, don't know much about life, have hyper focused on one solution to your problems (such as running away or being with another person) & are not able to see when someone much older is manipulating your despair, offering you what you 'want' & a way out, when really they have their own agenda (which includes hurting you). It could work as a pretty good life lesson. Be careful when you are young, in the grips of 'first love', & despairing of family members toxic behaviours. This is when you are vulnerable to bad decisions & manipulation.
Posegativity Vor 14 Tage
@Nikki Pittman that scene ALWAYS hurts me
A.m P.m
A.m P.m Vor Monat
Well actually coming from a Black woman I loved "Princess and The Frog." I loved how they went a totally different route rather than two people liking eachother off the bat because one was royalty. I loved how Tiana was an independent, hard working woman because that's who I am, my mother and my grandmother are. Also how much she loved and admired her father, making his dream her dream. She just had to understand that his dream was more than owning a restaurant. I also enjoyed how they showed her that there is more to life than just working hard that if you work too hard you'll miss out on life. I enjoyed Naveens WHOLE transformation from being a spoiled little rich boy to a unselfish husband. Both characters balanced one another out, Tiana the responsible one Naveen the one full of life. They rounded eachother out. So, personally I very much enjoyed this movie it's one of my favorites. Because other than her skin, I seen so much of me. People who only fixed on her being a frog missed the whole reason why she was a frog. But hey, others opinion. Also Soul, soul was just beautiful art wise. There was enough black people and black culture in that movie to look past the main character being a spirit. But hey, again my opinion. Edit: Lol yeah, I wrote this at the shame part. Didn't see what was said after yet.
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Vor Tag
@Nt Mn You don't need to be black to love Tiana. Neither do you need to be white to love Cinderella. That's the beauty of Disney. :)
A.m P.m
A.m P.m Vor Tag
@Nt Mn Sadly, I did . But I do love that movie. Thanks for reminding me!
Nt Mn
Nt Mn Vor Tag
@A.m P.m no no no no. There have been other black princesses. Did everyone forget Brandi as Cinderella? -__-
Nt Mn
Nt Mn Vor Tag
I’m not black, but I love Tiana. She instantly became my favorite princess. Hardworking, kind, a good head on her shoulders. But she needed to relax a bit. Naveen was spoiled and immature and a slacker. He needed someone to ground him. I just love them both together!
Beatriz Vor 3 Tage
i was looking for a fellow black woman talking about it and im happy i found it! The way they showed that she has to work harder bc she doesnt come from a privileged background and how unfamiliar she was with romance and someone wanting to take care of her always hits me very close to home and i think is a very black woman thing. its like: the girls who get it, get, and the one who dont, wont
The Phantom Masquerade
I'm so glad Duchess & O'Malley got the top spot, The Aristocat's is such an underrated film.
The Jade
The Jade Vor 17 Tage
I haven't seen it but just based off what I've seen. Looks beautiful.
Olivetree Vor Monat
yeah, cause it came out during Disney's bronze age. It's so nostalgic for me, even though the story itself isn't epic or deep.
Kaitlin Keplinger
Kaitlin Keplinger Vor 2 Monate
With Shang, I noticed after a couple more watches that after Mulan told him about the Huns and before he meets the emperor, he does very subtly look around. So he did believe her. And as for Naveen, the very first time he meets Tiana, he flirts with her but she brushes him off. And rather than doing the cliche of pushing it, he just casually accepted the rejection and went on his way. I always liked that about him.
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Vor 16 Tage
So he's a respectable playboy.
Ritaru Vor 26 Tage
Iup, I always loves Naveen because of his personality
Kieran Stark
Kieran Stark Vor Monat
Not to mention the fact that while sometimes in fiction, even when the guys have thinner legs than the girls (whether they be extra or slim or just by comparison if not in general THICC), we’re going to have to make an exception with Tiana and Naveen (as frogs) because while Naveen was never EXTRA THICC, he, as a frog, certainly has wider legs than Tiana, who would be even more meaty as a human in the veins of the Disney Princesses who came before Moana, who is the most muscular one (especially the legs) alongside Mulan (THICC).
kyle ellis
kyle ellis Vor Monat
@happybunnyntx It was always clear DAvid would have been Nani's friend for life, even if they never dated.
Amar Amor Amei
Amar Amor Amei Vor Monat
@Gurgle Queen And his bass!! he already knew he had a super bass!!!
Khalexnet Vor Monat
I think Milo and Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire would be a great addition to another Disney Couples episode! Their dynamic and the way their relationship progresses is really interesting; it feels like a cross between Tarzan/Jane (in the sense of Milo teaching Kida how to read her language) and Fix-it Felix/Sergeant Calhoun (in the sense of less physically strong but resourceful guy and strong woman).
Midnight Cassiopeia
PLEASE. The best relationship in Disney at all (ok caveat, David and Nani). There's no immediate kiss, no romance right off the bat, he's simply there to support and appreciate her and she's there to learn from and teach him. They're friends to start and they trust and respect each other. It's fantastic!
Nicole Estigarribia
Yes! I would love to see them in your next video, they are my favorite Disney couple ❤️
ForgottonPast Vor 2 Monate
This is late and probably will be lost in the the thousands of comments but I honestly really like Tangled with Rapunzel and Eugene. Especially in their TV show (which is actually really good). They have a real and genuine relationship that I have never seen in any other Disney franchise. They also deal with Rapzunzel’s trauma in a way that many other shows shy away from.
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Vor 16 Tage
And they work through any problems they have together. And Eugene is an official prince of Disney now. Not only because he married Rapunzel. (watch the series)
89taklung Vor 22 Tage
Exactly what I wrote. They have so many opportunities to go the silly rom com route, like with the proposals or stallion etc instead both consider the position of the other, don'tget overly mad and they talk things through. They are the best role models ever
emma Vor Monat
I looove how they handle Rapunzel's trauma in the show! So tasteful and it's still Rapunzel and Eugene
Angela Smith
Angela Smith Vor Monat
YESSS absolutely LOVE the series and movie-such a FAVE!
Alesha Williams
Alesha Williams Vor Monat
@LizzyDizzyYo yeah it was 👍
Rachel Esbenshade
9:30 I used to think Shang just told Mulan to go home because he was angry at her for deceiving him too. And while I still think he was angry at her, I think he also was trying to protect her. He spared her life in the mountains, and here she comes, dressed in men's clothes, in a PARADE in the CAPITAL CITY. He knows he can't intimidate Chi-Fu into keeping his mouth shut like he did before. Not to mention his other soldiers. I think he believed her, or at least was open to the possibility, and was trying to make her leave before people started asking questions.
Rachel Esbenshade
@딸기 가 좋아 That too
딸기 가 좋아
I'd also like to think that if the emperor got word of it, he would have executed Mulan and her family, and punished Shang for not reporting it. A woman in the military is against everything they believed in during those times
Nt Mn
Nt Mn Vor Tag
Listen to the way he said it tho. He’s not saying it in a way that seems protective. It sounds like he’s angry with her.
Jessica Villar
Jessica Villar Vor 5 Tage
I not agreeing that much. But indeed, seconds before the enemies went out of the dragon costume, he was 'looking around', suspecting and wondering. So, if could be that he was suspecting because he took in consideration Mulan's words, or he was just thinking 'wtf this dragon so close, they are breathing in my neck '
FireDogBreads Vor 29 Tage
While I see your reasoning and where you are coming from, I disagree. When I watch the parade scene, right after Mulan told Shang that the Huns were alive, he immediately dismissed it. He didn't even take a few seconds to think it over. He just disregarded what she was saying, and if he was truly open to the possibility that there was an ENEMY GROUP IN THE CITY, I think anyone in their right mind would take necessary precautions, especially considering it's his job. And even he was trying to protect her, that isn't doing justice to Mulan, to her character, or her accomplishments. She saved his life, even if he didn't trust her, he should at least take her seriously. I think where their relationship left off is a healthy place, but I wouldn't defend his actions. (Not hating on the movie, the characters, or where their relationship was at the end of the movie, BTW. Love Mulan!☺)
infinitekurosoul Vor 2 Monate
I wouldn't call Tarzan making Jane say she'll stay to the baby gorillas manipulative, considering he really thought that was the case. He was misled by Clayton, he was lied to that showing them the gorillas would allow them to stay. He doesn't understand how their world works, to him it made sense, he had no way of knowing what it actually meant. He genuinely thought he was just saying the truth.
Katie Rosenau
Katie Rosenau Vor Monat
Also something I like about that scene is that he viewed it as a very simple choice. If she wants to stay, she should stay. Essentially, Carpe Diem. We have as humans a gift for talking ourselves out of amazing experiences that are suddenly presented to us. We convince ourselves that it’s complicated, and a totally out of the question option. But sometimes when we encounter someone who actually voices something that we were afraid to dream about, it somehow becomes a REAL option. Sometimes it really IS as simple as saying, “yes, deep down I truly do want to take this chance.”
snap my neck
snap my neck Vor 2 Monate
Alan: “Do they end in a healthy place or do they end at the beginning of a healthy place?” Me: *sweats in Greek mythology*
Dreamergal9 Vor Monat
Thankfully Disney ignored way more basic details of Greek Mythology, so I think within the Disney canon it’s safe to say things don’t end up like that
Irish DC 95
Irish DC 95 Vor Monat
At least Disney wasn't true to the myths. Probably the biggest inaccuracy was Zeus being in a committed monogamous marriage and not cheating on her
Yuri Oroku
Yuri Oroku Vor Monat
@Inoli316 ahhh
Inoli316 Vor Monat
@Yuri Oroku one of my favorite lines is “Unorthodox display of hubris, but very well.”
Yuri Oroku
Yuri Oroku Vor Monat
@Inoli316 that seems an interesting thing to watch! Thanks!
Deanna Davis
Deanna Davis Vor 2 Monate
Glad you gave Tiana and Naveen the respect they deserve! They’re my favorite Disney couple because there was actual substance to why they fell in love. They both had something the other lacked. Tiana was hard working but never made time to have fun. Naveen only had fun and never made time for hard work. But by getting to know and understand one another, they learn that there needs to be a balance, ultimately, growing as both individuals and as a couple.
Samantha Angelovich
You guys discussing the fact that your Disney princess crushes remind you of your wives is the most wholesome thing ever 😭
MuhsinFatih Vor Monat
How on earth you haven't made a video about ATLA? No other show comes remotely close to catching my empathy. Absolutely insane character development. Focus on Appa's lost days please!!
TripleThreeCubed Vor 10 Tage
Probably because it would take a long time to watch through the entire series. Plus, it’s a show, not a movie.
Donielle Vor Monat
They only very recently started doing shows and I think those will still be few and far between. I think they’ve only done 2 so far.
Julianne Loy
Julianne Loy Vor Monat
I know that Bluey isn't a movie, but I seriously would love to see if you two had a Top 5 Best Parenting/Relationship-Building Episode list! Kids are supposed to learn from Bluey, but parents are learning just as much. I also love that it's a series focusing a lot on a father that not only is involved with his children, but his daughters. And he doesn't complain about them constantly! 👍 He actually loves them and nowhere says he wished he had boys. As a girl who also had an older sister, I wish I saw that when I was little. Anyway, stay safe and keep making great videos! 💚
Julianne Loy
Julianne Loy Vor 11 Tage
@April Hitchcock I agree! Especially Wagon Ride. How many times have you heard a kid relentlessly ask for their parent's attention and the parent just ignores them, or just yells at them in public? It's so sad, and in that episode when Bluey is impatient, Bandit teaches her to get his attention respectfully and I wish every parent could do that.
April Hitchcock
April Hitchcock Vor 11 Tage
Bluey is an AMAZING show. As an “older” parent of young ones (we were in our 30s when we started having children), I absolutely love some of the things Mum and Dad say. Such a great family show that even adults can laugh with and enjoy.
Julianne Loy
Julianne Loy Vor Monat
@Rebecca Graminski Right! Like Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, The Simpsons--they can all be really funny, but they make families seem like they're all unhealthy or that no one is respectful to each other. Your family members should be your best friends, you know? Bluey doesn't even have sibling rivalry! That's huge for cartoons!
Rebecca Graminski
Yes! I personally don't know any parents of young kids that don't like Bluey. I love that Bluey portrays respectful parenting instead of snarky kids vs dumb/overly strict adults.
Trina Q
Trina Q Vor 2 Monate
Nani and David from "Lilo and Stitch" could also be an Honourable Mention. David clearly has feelings for her, and doesn't rush Nani into anything, knowing how hard it is for her to find a job and raise Lilo. He also treats Lilo like a little sister.
Anna Bourbon
Anna Bourbon Vor Monat
@Jennifer Gerry 😭 your comment made me laugh so hard. It has that Mulan's granny vibe all the way. 💀💕
Scarlet Nishimoto
@RoseOfTheNight4444 he would be her brother in law/legal guardian
Damie O
Damie O Vor Monat
I disagree, it was not a good relationship for David. It must have been painful for him just lingering and hoping that she notices. Not healthy at all.
Kadija Hamad
Kadija Hamad Vor Monat
Honestly David, Hercules and Flynn are the epitome of the most amazing Disney men
MrFelblood Vor Monat
@Liam Isaac Yeah, it's real tough when your best isn't good enough, especially when you know that kids in institutions usually don't have it good enough either. A lot of desperate parents will take the devil they know, and a lot of social workers will do the same. Trouble is the parent knows their self, and the social worker knows the system. It's a hard thing all around.
i also think its unfair to call Tarzan manipulative for promising the gorillas. He was told (clayton insinuated) that if she saw the gorilla she would stay. So he thought now that she seen them, she would stay. He had not been taught the complexities of human interaction very well and would not understand that just because she saw them that would change her choice. He takes many things at face value with a simpler mindset.
Emily Acevedo
Emily Acevedo Vor Monat
The older I get and the longer I’m married the more I appreciate Thomas and Duchess’ relationship. I find that scene on the rooftop so romantic!
I think the one part you guys really missed on Shang and Mulan was the motive behind Shang trying to send Mulan away after they find out she's a woman. He was supposed to kill her, the penalty for what she did was death. He very well could have been trying to send her away for her own good, and the guilt during the parade is knowing that everyone is alive because of Mulan.
L. G.
L. G. Vor Monat
I always kind of got the impression that O'Malley had had bad experiences with humans and that formed his opinions a lot. I always saw the ending as him getting something he needed, too.
NightTheKitten Vor 2 Monate
I love Aristocats so much. I love how even though Thomas is like "Oh shit kids???" for a second he immediately after gets this big grin on his face and starts doting on them, too. And Duchess isn't shamed for being a single mom ONCE throughout the whole movie.
ellen scofield
ellen scofield Vor Monat
Yeah, it’s definitely more progressive for its time and the owner herself is a happy bachelorette and not pining for a man. It’s too bad my 4 year daughter mover got into the movie 😔
Katlyn Dobransky
@Lore Catan no yeah I totally agree, but I feel like this theme would stand out a lot more if it was about an actual human single mom with children. I think this story’s message is mostly the fact that a single mother can still fall in love with a guy that loves her and her kids equally. I never questioned the fact that she was a single mother as a kid because they’re cats, and I knew that with animals, being a single parent is normal. Ofc changing the cats to humans would make the story really boring for a child, and I still love it non the less. But I feel like the idea of Duchess not being shamed for being a single mom falls flat just because she’s cat. However in all cases, single parents should NEVER be shamed. People change, and sometimes tragic things happen that we cannot control. Which is why I love the Aristocats’ message that some strangers can become family
Lore Catan
Lore Catan Vor Monat
@Katlyn Dobransky yeah obviously but it's a cat love story depicting human themes for humans to watch. The fact that the "single mom" theme wasn't shown in a negative light still counts for a lot.
Katlyn Dobransky
Their cats though, being a single parent is normal lol
Kei Leyk
Kei Leyk Vor Monat
Sometimes I forget you both have partners outside of this because you often give me the married for 30 years couple vibes AND THEN I remember that this is how actualy f*cking friendship looks like and apart from the amazing video I am very thankful to have you both on screen showing everyone that men CAN have very wholesome friendship with each other. I hope you get what I mean...
perevision Vor 2 Monate
One of my favourite Disney relationships - actually Tarzan’s parents! We literally just see it for a few seconds but like the backstory in Up, they sure do tell a lot in an unbelievably short time.
Quartz Vor Monat
What I love about Tiana and Naveen the most is how they both improve each other and themselves. And I think it was summed up best when I met the pair at Disney World years ago and Naveen said to me, 'Do you know how it's true love? She's the only one who can make me wash the dishes.'
Marjorie Vor Monat
I used to have a relationship with a boy who came from a completely different culture than I. In his culture, the woman is subservient and I was raised as an independent, western girl with her own wants and wishes. Our economic backgrounds didn't work either. I ended up paying for everything all the time since he would get himself in debt just to give me something nice. Besides that, he was super manically depressed and put all of his struggles in my lap to fix and that was never going to work at all. (note: if you or your partner suffer from mental health issues, please go find a professional to handle it, don't dump it all on your partner)
sama Vor 23 Tage
this is a classic arab man like
Akashiachan Vor Monat
LISTEN. re: the little mermaid. what does have to be understood is not just the context of ariel previously having a dream of going up to the surface, but that her decision to trust ursula (and ursula's decision to swoop in and prey on ariel when she did) came DIRECTLY after her father had just absolutely destroyed her secret, sacred place. triton blew up her entire grotto full of things, and it was FULL of things, meaning she had dedicated years of her life to this collection. she has twenty whole thingamabobs and her dad invades her safe space and destroys them. that's scary, that's invasive, and that's a HUGE factor in why she's able to make the decision to abandon everything in the moment. i'm sure your issues also lie in her leaving the sea ultimately in the end, and that's a little more fair, but also, i mean... they aren't dead to her. the merfolk all show up to ariel's wedding at the end of the film, meaning they aren't a secret to be hidden, and eric lives right on the beach, so ariel's family can always visit her. at the end of the day i think ariel always felt alienated by the society she grew up in, and it does make sense to me that she would make the penultimate decision to stay on land, even if she and eric do wind up breaking up, you know? like i think she will still feel more fulfilled with legs on the shore regardless of if they work out.
Margaret Schaufele
Thank you for rating Aristocats the best. Growing up it was my favorite movie, just because I love cats! I actually wore out our copy of the videotape, so we got a DVD copy. When I was older and better able to appreciate story and animation and all that, I loved it even more. My dad pointed out that the kittens are named after famous people who were French or associated with France: Marie Antionette is rather obvious, but Berlioz was a famous composer and Toulouse was a famous painter, and they even included those influences in the movie!
Claudia Lawdorn
Claudia Lawdorn Vor Monat
Can we talk about how Jane and Tarzan's relationship mirrors interracial relationships and mixed race marriages (being a mixed race child myself, especially in the aspect of sacrificing family and your home/previous way of life for your significant other) Also please do Sophie and Howl for one of these, especially after the My Neighbor Totoro video
Hannah Rose Walz
Hannah Rose Walz Vor 20 Tage
This is such an awesome series If you guys ever want to rank Harry Potter couples I'd love to see it!
Gabrielle Duplessis
Gabrielle Duplessis Vor 2 Monate
What I loved about Tarzan’s ending is Jane’s father not only gave her his blessing, but stayed with her. You don’t always see that in films. It is always the parent letting go versus deciding to stay.
Dog God
Dog God Vor 2 Monate
@Mister Muffinut Probably because Lady Tremaine's name is only mentioned once in the Cinderella film, and Grimhilde's name is never mentioned in the film or any other media that has her in it. She's literally only ever called "Evil Queen."
Celia Nunn
Celia Nunn Vor 2 Monate
@Mister Muffinut While I did know Lady Tremaine's name, I never heard of Queen Grimhilde before. Ive only ever heard her be referred to as "The Queen" or "Evil Queen" (or Regina) So maybe that's why
Ohood Vor 2 Monate
@Jennifer Gerry That would've sucked for Ariel. I'm sure she very much appreciated the distance from him considering he's a terrible parent.
Mister Muffinut
Mister Muffinut Vor 2 Monate
@Celia Nunn Why does nobody know their names are Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) and Queen Grimhilde (Snow White)
Celia Nunn
Celia Nunn Vor 2 Monate
@Jennifer Gerry Well I mean that one makes sense as its a physical change, land or sea, it isn't just about a parent holding on or letting go. And honestly, a parent sticking around TOO long (Cinderellas stepmom, The Evil Queen from Snow White etc) can be a negative.
fromthelostdays Vor Monat
If you do another one of these I would love to see where you rank Captain Amelia and Doppler from Treasure Planet (in good part because it makes me happy to see people remember it exists, lol). Or platonic relationships, there were a good hunk of their movies near the turn of the century where the focal relationship wasn't romantic, like Jim and Silver from the same movie, or Kuzco and Pacha from Emperor's New Groove, Lilo and Stitch, the two kids from Meet the Robinsons, Bolt and Penny or Bolt and Mittens from Bolt... Or some of the classics like Pinocchio, Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Oliver and Company more between eras.
Chyenne Whisman
Chyenne Whisman Vor 18 Tage
Don't forget sleeping beauty
Jamassi Vor Monat
Bruh Jane and Tarzan are literally the most underrated couple ever.
Beth Garden
Beth Garden Vor Monat
Can we also appreciate the fact that from the word "go" Megara was being manipulated by Hades? It was not her decision to deceive Herc; she didn't have a choice. Even then, she stands up to Hades after getting to know Hercules: "I don't care, I'm not going to help you hurt him". And her character growth is amazing - she goes from resenting men because she was so deeply hurt by one to sacrificing her own life to save Hercules.
Jane Heyer
Jane Heyer Vor Monat
there's something to be said for couples therapy at the very end; it helped me a lot when I was about to leave my ex to have that therapy with him. I was hoping that therapy might help us to communicate some difficult things with each other - tbh, I hoped it would help me to get him to see some things that he seemed unwilling to see. couples therapy helped me to see that the conversation I wanted was a non-starter.
OnigiriVal Vor Monat
The Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney movies, I'm so glad it's up there!!! u< Thank you for all the amazing videos!!!
Eva K
Eva K Vor Monat
I want to point out how Naveen specifically says as he is practicing his proposal, “I can get a job, maybe two!” This says a LOT about how much he respects Tiana and her desires and dreams. He comes from royalty and could probably win his parents over to get them money, but no. He is excited at the thought of supporting her through genuine hard work, just like she has always done. It shows he is willing to make sacrifices for her and that he now shares her dreams and aspirations. And the best part is that, in the end, they find happiness and a comfortable lifestyle in the middle.
Hannah Bryson
Hannah Bryson Vor Monat
Meg and Hercules being compared to Delilah and Samson is hilarious and validates my feelings of that couple exactly.
Killer Penguin
Killer Penguin Vor Monat
Is it weird to say that I never actually thought of Shang as a romantic partner for Mulan? Even when I was a kid, I just thought of them as a group of guy friends and one happened to be a girl
VidralliaArchives Vor 2 Monate
As someone who adores cats, I always loved Duchess' line of "Oh no no, we mean FAR more to her than that." I would think to myself, "you're damn right."
An Error Has Occurred
@Xehanort10 but the money would go to the cat’s _caretaker_ AKA him! All Edgar had to do was wait and he would have gotten the fortune anyway! Duchess can’t exactly take him to court over what he spends the money on 😭💀
Dual Kitsune
Dual Kitsune Vor Monat
@Xehanort10 to be fair, this is an education issue. No one ever told him cats DON'T have nine lives.
Xehanort10 Vor Monat
I can understand Edgar being pissed off though. He worked for the old woman for years but she leaves her money to her cats. Doesn't excuse him trying to kill them though.
Katelynn Peters
Katelynn Peters Vor Monat
My cat is named Berlioz. Love the aristocats.
Giyu's Friend
Giyu's Friend Vor Monat
They are most definitely our fur babies
Tarzan and Jane are one of my favorite (or even my favorite) Disney couple since their relationship develops over time and, even if its a montage, we get to see it bloom. Most disney couples have the '3 day' trope where they fall in love over a short period of time, but iirc its stated in Tarzan that the group had been in the jungle for several weeks. and the romance wasn't immediate, it started as curious friendship and there was a lot of mutual between them- she showed him human society/reading/writing, etc, and he would show her parts of the jungle (also the look they give one another in the montage where she looks away shyly and he just stares at her is so aaaaaaa)
Jack Whittaker
Jack Whittaker Vor Monat
Great video, I was in a beautiful marriage before my now ex wife left me, i still love her and most times i cant stop thinking about her, i am doing my very best to get rid of the thought of her, but i just cant, i love her so much, i don't know why i am bring this here for, i cant stop thinking about her.
Black Swan
Black Swan Vor Monat
@Jack Whittaker make sure it isn’t a scam
Jack Whittaker
Jack Whittaker Vor Monat
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Juande Ruano
Juande Ruano Vor Monat
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Jack Whittaker
Jack Whittaker Vor Monat
@Juande Ruano wow, how did you get a spiritual adviser, and how do i reach her?.
Juande Ruano
Juande Ruano Vor Monat
its always difficult to let go of someone you love, i was in a similar situation my wife for 12 years left me, i couldnt just let her go i did all i could to get her back, i had to seek the help of a spiritual adviser who helped me bring her back
Ellary Rose
Ellary Rose Vor Monat
I'd love to see you two do a reaction to the movie "Ever After". It's my favorite retelling of the Cinderella story and just such a great movie with wonderful characters. I hope you see this comment! 😊
dolita windo
dolita windo Vor Monat
I love that the more animalistic the relationship, the better it was ranked
Abbe Winter
Abbe Winter Vor 2 Monate
I've always adored The Princess and the Frog because it was one of the first movies in which I personally could ever identify character growth on *both* sides. It wasn't just "Oh, the guy decided he could give up his free wheeling ways," or "The hard working girl realized she had to cut loose once in a while." There was a middle ground that they discovered together. And then you throw in Lotti, who was willing to pass on her dream of marrying a prince so that she could save her friend. There is so much selfless love in this movie, and it remains a favorite of mine to this day.
Kelsey Peterson
Kelsey Peterson Vor Monat
@reikun86you're welcome. And yeah I mean they were helping her but help doesn't mean do it all for her. Help is just that. Help. Alongside. Not for. And I'm sure there were times when lottie wished she could just swoop in and fix it so Tiana had her restaurant sooner, but she knew tia well enough to know she wouldn't have wanted that.
reikun86 Vor Monat
@Kelsey Peterson Thank you for saying that. It really grinds my gears when people say that Lotte and Big Daddy should’ve gave Tiana the money or bought the mill for her. It would negate everything her dad taught her about working for the things in life.
Kelsey Peterson
Kelsey Peterson Vor Monat
Lottie and Tiana are an awesome example of best friends being there for each other. I agree with one of the other comments in here about lottie having that blue dress just waiting on hand for whenever Tiana would need it. She really was there for Tiana any way she could be. If Tiana hadn't been so determined to do things herself I guarantee you that restaurant would have been open long ago. I've been in both situations myself, being the one down and needing help but not wanting to just let someone else do it all for you, and being the one trying to help and getting the "you can help but I Don't want charity" attitude. They really are a great example of true friendship and I love them for that.
Alleee Vor Monat
I adore their relationship.
A.m P.m
A.m P.m Vor Monat
When I tell you it irks me that this movie doesn't get enough praise. Honestly you ask most people why they didn't like the movie and usually the ONLY reason is because she was a frog. That's it.
Gabrielle Elizabeth
Mulan and Shang are my favorite because they have a relationship built on mutual respect. He doesn’t do a 180 when he finds out she’s a woman he already has a trust and respect but now that feeling can grow in an unexpected way. It’s the best because there was zero chance of romance when they met which means any emotions and impressions are pure and I uninfluenced by lust and romance. I think he’s allowed to feel a little betrayed by the lie but he comes around quickly and sheds an entire cultural norm and bias in less than ten minutes. He approaches the romance after with respect and no expectations. I don’t know I just think they are the gold standard of the Disney princess line up
_ItzLynn_ Vor 22 Tage
now that i think about it, mulan and shang's relationship were actually toxic, it was even more so visible in "Mulan 2" where it focused more on their relationship, they always had misunderstandings and it was shown that they didn't have trust for each other, but of course it's disney so in the end, everything works out.
aisarete Vor Tag
So happy Duchess and Thomas got the top spot, they are the blueprint fr. I'd love to know how you'd rank couples like Esmeralda and Phoebus, Kida and Milo, or even Lady and Tramp. If you ever wanted to do these with live action films too, I'd be super interested to see how Will and Elizabeth rank because they get 3 films worth of love story.
Hard-Boiled Vor Monat
I'd love to see a third followup to the Disney Romances. You still have Aurora and Philip from Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under, Pocahontas and John Smith or even tackle Anastasia and Dimitri since they're owned by Disney now!
Jay Tin
Jay Tin Vor Monat
I've been dating a girl for about 6 months now, I love her to pieces! Although, a thought came to my mind, I believe we are in the "honeymoon phase". So I started watching your videos to prepare for when we leave this phase! Thank you so much for making these videos! :D
Taylor C
Taylor C Vor Monat
When you gave the initial list I thought “well duchess and Thomas are clearly the most healthy couple here” he immediately is down to sacrifice it all for her kittens 🙌🏻
Isobel Duncan
Isobel Duncan Vor Monat
I'd love to see you review Megara's journey because I feel her character is very overlooked. Plus she's Disney only anitheroine which makes her a more interesting character study.
Jessica Ebenhaezer
It would be great if you dissected the family dynamics in “The Haunting of Hill House” or the relationship dynamics in “The Haunting of Bly Manor”! In honor of spooky season :D
Stacey B
Stacey B Vor 2 Monate
Tarzan *was* planning to go to England with Jane first. Situations changed after his gorilla-dad died, so he had to change his mind, but I think it makes her decision a little more equal in context. She knew he was willing to sacrifice everything he knew to stay with her, then he had to sacrifice his future happiness with her to help out at home, so it makes sense for her to be like "you know what, I like this guy, I think it's my turn to give something up". ((I also think that her dad immediately deciding to stay in the jungle with them takes away some of the impact of her sacrifice, since she doesn't have to give up her family any more, but she didn't know he was going to do that so it doesn't impact the scale of *her* choice))
@kalef It's been about three years since I've binged the series (thanks to a lack of availability), but I thought the treehouse was a new one built together in middle the jungle? As far as I recall, they never really leave for that clearing where his Parent's house is. Now I need to re-watch the series again.
Stacey B
Stacey B Vor 2 Monate
@Lunar Siren I guess he's a gorilla-adoptive father, since he didn't gorilla-marry Kala *after* she adopted Tarzan. Or he's a gorilla-estranged parent, who Tarzan desperately wants to be a father figure. I will say, I called him a gorilla-dad to differentiate between Tarzan's human-dad, who we also see die during the movie. Tarzan is a special Disney character, we see three of his parents die during the course of the film. Quite the overachiever.
Ashley Horowitz
Ashley Horowitz Vor 2 Monate
@Andrew p His life’s work was studying gorillas so it isn’t that much of a stretch for him to stay with his daughter in the place he has always wanted to go around the creatures that he cares about the most and sees his daughter in love and happy with a man who connects them all.
Ashley Horowitz
Ashley Horowitz Vor 2 Monate
@Lunar Siren *adopted dad
Katie Lee
Katie Lee Vor 2 Monate
There’s a cartoon series of Tarzan as well, and Jane does live in a Swiss family like treehouse.
I love the gratuitous focus on Tarzan and Shang so much. You're doing the Lord's work. 😂 But also, yes I agree. Thomas is a TOP TIER man.
FantasyAddict95 Vor Monat
I still laugh at Naveen casually playing off the vocal sac bit. "That's new." ͡ ° ︶ ͡ °
TeenTraveler 17
TeenTraveler 17 Vor Monat
The alley cat one reminds me a lot of my dad's first family. He also genuinely loved them, but sadly, through misunderstandings and outsourced manipulations, it didn't work out in the end. And it's been heartbreaking whenever I catch rare moments of him reminiscing what he lost. And thankfully, I never took it personally that I wasn't his _first_ kid once I learned about it at two yrs old. All I ever wished was for him to be happy.
Last Dreamer
Last Dreamer Vor Monat
I would say my husband and I have an 'opposite side of the tracks' relationship. In the beginning we always said I was his uptown girl and he was my downtown man 🥰It was something that we both just had to recognize early on that there were going to be parts of each others' worlds that were new to us, and we had to decide whether we would be open to and expand our world or not. It has been the greatest joy of my life being with him.
Gentlemanly Geeky
On behalf of Billy Joel: 🎵 Uptown girl She's been living in her uptown world I bet she's never had a backstreet guy I bet her momma never told her why I'm gonna try for an uptown girl She's been living in her white-bred world As long as anyone with hot blood can And now she's looking for a downtown man🎵
just a smøl tøwn gir
YESSSS I’M SO GLAD THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT O’MALLEY AND DUCHESS. Aristocats was one of my favorites as a kid. I have a feeling they’re going to get a good rating because he’s all in, not just for her (even though that would be understandable, duchess is so dreamy), but for the kittens too.
lukedalton Vor 2 Monate
and the movie must be seen in Italian where he become 'Romeo er mejo del colosseo' (Romeo, the best cat of the Colosseum) with a very thick roman accent
Lucia 2060
Lucia 2060 Vor 2 Monate
Their relationship is sooo sweet amd pure, they are adorable
Fighting Faerie
Fighting Faerie Vor 2 Monate
Idk if it’s because I have a stepdad (though I’ve never thought of him that way, he’s just my dad) but I love O’Malley. A guy who isn’t just into a woman, but also falls in love with her kids, and wants to be a father to them. That’s the most romantic shit ever. Kinda funny thinking about it. My middle name is Marie so I’ve loved this movie since I was little. I was Marie for Halloween when I was 3 or 4. Then my mom and “step”dad got married when I was 7. And his last name is even Irish too!
RedRoseSeptember22 Vor 2 Monate
@HexxiDelux Nothing wrong with furries dear, I used to be one as well, just now it's all been corrupted by the current trend and has become a joke.
Film Fangirls
Film Fangirls Vor 2 Monate
I find the animal romances more romantic than the human ones lol like Bernard and Bianca.
Rune Ru'unkur
Rune Ru'unkur Vor Monat
I would love to see yall do a discussion on Little Miss Sunshine. Family dynamics, parents relationship, how they started to where they end up. I love all your content and your family videos hit so hard for me
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Vor Monat
Could you do American Psycho, I'm actually interested in ASPD side of mental illness, Thank you so much!
Morrow Morrow
Morrow Morrow Vor 2 Monate
It's always a good time when there's new content from Cinema Therapy. Really love and appreciate the work you do. Helps me think more critically about more than I normally would, and better understand what''s healthy and what's unhealthy and why. All delivered in an easy to digest way.
Neon Wave
Neon Wave Vor Monat
When it comes to conflict of interest, it's one of the reasons long distance relationships don't work out. For example: I met someone online who I got along with very well, totally compatible, but she was never gonna be willing to leave her country or city and I was in the same boat. We each had everything we knew and loved in our respective locations and would see no point in moving to unfamiliar territory. So, I didn't pursue since I knew the outcome.
Ra'Chelle Banks
Ra'Chelle Banks Vor Monat
We just watched The Aristocats the other week with our online Classic Musicals Club and I must say, they had a GROWN folks/cats relationship arc. It was a great discussion catalyst.
Joyful Sorrow
Joyful Sorrow Vor 2 Monate
I love it when cats are portrayed respectfully, well... not as villains. Aristocats is one of those rare stories where I feel cats really get done good. So often they are villified and that hurts.
Day Vor Monat
Sorry, kitty.
One-One’s Sad Half
Additionally, 101 Dalmatians
ScarySara93 Vor Monat
@GunnerSG2 You're a DOG PERSON, aren't you?
GunnerSG2 Vor Monat
But everyone knows that cats are the devil. Then again, the cute cat videos all over the internet indicate otherwise
Ametrine Ambrosia
As a crazy cat person I feel that hurt deeply. Cats can be such loyal creatures.
Kate 2 Create
Kate 2 Create Vor Monat
Really like Tom O’Malley and Duchess, they have a charming relationship that isn’t too gushy but not dramatic. The story focuses on the adventure, and through that adventure Duchess enchants Tom while Duchess is smitten by O’Malley. The kittens are a part of the story, not like side characters we see in typical cartoon romance, but active participants. I think Tom shows up roughly 15 minutes in the film, giving Duchess and the kittens time to know the characters and see the problems they face before O’Malley shows up. So we as the audience enjoy Tom and Duchess both individually and see them blossom their relationship naturally, it’s not a forced relationship. However, with Tiana and Navine I personally would switch them with Shang and Mulan. Shang and Mulan are interesting in that Shang knew nothing about Mulan as a female till later in the film, but by then he learned to trust Mulan because he unusual methods turned into an asset. He learned to respect her, not because she was a female who potentially could be his bride, but she earned that respect in his eyes. In the meantime, even while trying to portray as a male soldier, Mulan did reach out to Shang to give him support, whether it was encouragement or when he realized he lost his father in the war. Both eventually learned to care about each other, Shang was hesitant to listen to Mulan when she was trying to warn him because she did break his trust. We was coming around to admiring her before it was revealed she was a woman the whole time. Most people validly will be upset when they feel duped. But push comes to shove, when Shang was at his wits end of saving the emperor, Mulan still came through and it likely showed Shang that Mulan is the same even though she is a woman. She gained his trust and admiration back, but in a new context, for the fact that now he knew she was still going to find ways to solve the problems of even though she was a woman. He ends up appreciating her efforts more than the woman who saved China, keep in mind he witnessed her struggle as a soldier. By the end of the movie he was fighting her honor when the annoying documenter was upset that they let a woman fight the enemy. When in the beginning and through out the story, Mulan was trying to find honor for her family, specifically her father. It’s Shang who ends up looking after fighting for Milan’s honor. Just personally see more respect from Mulan and Shang than I do with Tiana and Navine, both don’t have chemistry, but the film ends Mulan on a starting path with Shang in their romance. When we see the Princess and the Frog, sure there’s growth, but there seems to be a rushed growth when we got two characters that have little in common. Navine branches out to Tiana’s interests, but what way did Navine help her grow in character? The relationship just doesn’t show balance for personalities that seem to strain when together. Just think the story could have found a different way to help develop their characters while balancing falling in love. Just imo.
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen Vor Monat
This was great as usual! Is it possible for ya'll to do a ranking on friendships instead of relationships?
Daulah Iftitah
Daulah Iftitah Vor Monat
If "The Princess and the Frog" gets a live-action adaptation, Disney better put New Orleans in full-blown. I've never been there (or any part of the USA land, for that matter), but I definitely want to see it.
Steven Neiman
Steven Neiman Vor Monat
7:55 When it's done well, I think that AS A PLOT "start the relationship with a lie, then grow past it" works great. A relationship which just starts off functional because both partners are wise and emotionally mature enough to handle it is obviously ideal in real life and can be soothing and pleasant to watch in fiction, but it's generally not intrinsically interesting like one where character flaws, misjudgements, or circumstances force the relationship to start out in a bad place and we can root for the characters to fix it and end the movie at least in a healthy place to start a relationship. My personal favorite version is the one where one partner goes to dramatic lengths trying to impress the other when it's completely unnecessary and counterproductive. 8:55 honestly, this applies to a lot more than just romantic relationships. I honestly think it's one of the biggest things wrong with American business culture, that patterns of failure are seen as misbehavior to be punished rather than a problem to be solved, which means that often the people who are valued most and therefore promoted to leadership roles aren't people who are qualified or able to improve, they're people who are good at sweeping things under the rug and who refuse to admit that they made a bad call even if it means doubling down and making things worse. 15:25 The way I'd put it is that a healthy relationship means that all involved should benefit overall. Sure sometimes one partner gets their way and the other has to make a sacrifice, but that should generally be a balance of fairness and optimization, not just one person sacrificing by default. And sacrifice also shouldn't be the focus of a relationship, because if it's actually working most of your interactions should be ones that leave you both happier, with willing and reasonable sacrifices being how you handle the rare cases where that's not feasible.
GraffitiTurtle Vor 2 Monate
I know Anastasia isn’t technically a Disney movie, but it still has one of my favorite animated couples in it so I’d love it if they talked about them. Or even the movie in general lol
Come Nerd with me!
@reikun86 Agreed.
reikun86 Vor Monat
@I am no one John Cusack has a really nice voice. 🥰
I am no one
I am no one Vor Monat
I’m in love with dimitri Like that voice god 😩
reikun86 Vor 2 Monate
@Merry Christmas It's true. It happened after the Fox merger.
Come Nerd with me!
Come Nerd with me! Vor 2 Monate
Technically speaking though with Dimitri scamming Anya into being Anastasia, technically she did it willingly so that she could get the other ride to Paris where she hoped to find her family. Yes I think he should have told her about his actual goal to get the money. Also I'm a little surprised that she doesn't know of his plan since the Grandmother knows and she lives in/around Paris and Anya/Dimitri are from Russia but I agree they would probably be like a mid-higher mid ranking.
PRIM Moore
PRIM Moore Vor Monat
You might compare Shang discovering the truth about Mulan to "Yentl" when Avigdor learned that Anshel was actually Yentl.
esther589 Vor 11 Tage
The Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney movies! Im glad to see it get the love it deserves ❤️❤️ As an adult I definitely appreciate their relationship more but I always viewed this movie as a family coming together in all sorts of ways. It was nice to hear everything put into words.
VMJMW Vor Monat
9:05 taking the time to meet someone's perspective after hurting you and being even more mad at them than before it's a magical feeling that I get. It's like reading a book with a protagonist that you don't like: see and understand their perspective yet disagree with their ideals (except for me is more easy to hate a character because real people have more dimensions than that). So yeah, that's basically how I work with people.
Trent Hutson
Trent Hutson Vor 2 Monate
I had a small millisecond-long panic attack when they said "I know some of you get mad that we have a problem with the Little Mermaid." I actually almost thought they were talking about the casting of the new one lol. Thank god they just meant the plot of the original movie itself, which I don't blame them for. I'm gonna get bad comments now, aren't I?
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
I think Shang is more compassionate for Mulan and the why in that moment than you give him credit for. The very second Mulan reveals she did all of it to save her Dad, he immediately looks up in shock. Because he gets it. The war took his own father from him and he didn’t even get a chance to try to save him whereas Mulan sacrificed everything to save hers, fully accepting even the possibility of either dying in war or being caught and killed. You can see the conflict on his face as he considers whether or not to go through with the law of killing Mulan which eventually leads to his decision to let her go. There is compassion here even if Shang is putting up a front to keep his pride in tact and his soldiers still under his command. They both loved their fathers so much and as a result, they understood each other. Even if Shang is hurt about the deception, he still has to maintain his composure and have no outward compassion to keep pride and not look weak in front of his soldiers.
Rebecca GeekyGirl
@Lore Goblin your comment is undervalued, it's gold and i love that detailed description of their relationship
Lore Goblin
Lore Goblin Vor Monat
@Warrior Maiden Mulan has a hard role in this too, because just by virtue of what she's chosen up to this point, her existence is in opposition to what Shang has chosen to do in his life. by the standards of their society, Mulan was supposed to bring honor to her family by leaning into her prescribed role, and becoming a better woman. instead, she broke the rules at great personal risk and would've ended up dying, sacrificing literally everything she had to give, if it weren't for the fact that it's Shang's call, and Shang identifies with her. and Mulan's method worked. she didn't just save her father... she saved all the soldiers on that mountainside, and Shang personally. she literally took an arrow for him, which was what blew her cover in the first place. everybody that Mulan has decided to protect has lived. and that ability was only accessible to her because she was non-compliant. meanwhile, everything Shang has done so far has been an attempt to lean in, and be a better man... and what does he have to show for it? it is really painful, because it critiques conformity as a strategy for achieving your desired ends, and potentially recontextualizes his whole life path as a wrong move. but if that is true... then he needs to know. that is the difficult role that Mulan has taken up, just by being who she is. she's the one who makes this difficult truth apparent. and instead of hating her for it... he loves her. of course he's not at liberty to pivot his opinion on her immediately, but you can tell that he wasn't entirely alright with leaving her behind. the other soldiers aren't either. they just won against the Huns, as far as they know, but nobody is celebrating. because the person who deserves the credit for that victory was mercilessly ejected from their midst due to an arbitrary standard that really doesn't feel like it should matter. but it has to... doesn't it? well, no, it doesn't. Mulan shows up again, with new information, capable as she's ever been and unwilling to back down. she's still got people to protect, and disrupting the status quo hasn't been a wrong move for her yet. the real question is... can she convince the others to break the mold with her? she can't do this alone... they all became capable together. the confrontation in the mountain wasn't where they used what they'd learned, it's here. the real test starts then, and it mostly hinges on whether Shang can recognize and utilize the skills of one of his best soldiers. their relationship goes far beyond romance... honestly, it probably wasn't even a romance until the last couple minutes of the movie. but the relationship that was there is really interesting, and very important for them both.
Ladywizard Vor Monat
especially with the blustering pencil pusher that was going to get Shang court martialed for sparing her
Ca Vor Monat
I think the law part is very very important. As a high ranked militar, Shang had the duty to kill her, but he didn't; he said it's bc she saved her life, but it's clearly not a difficult choice for him to take (let Mulan alive). So he shows he has values that are more important than just follow the laws of his nation and also that he actually liked her (as a person, not romantically).
Devious Nate
Devious Nate Vor Monat
Thank you for making this reply so I didn't have to.
Amethyst Bennett
DUCHESS AND O'MALLY FOREVER!!! My favorite Disney couple ever!!! Me and my husband are opposite sides of the tracks, so to speak. But we're ten years in and have ended up closer to the poor side (where he grew up). We spent a lot of time early relationship talking about life experiences and visiting each other's childhood haunts. We have a seven-month-old daughter now and are trying to pull on our combined wisdom to be the best parents we can be!!
Emerald The Robin Hood lover♌
Suggestions for part 3: Lady & Tramp (Lady And The Tramp) Milo & Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) Robin Hood & Maid Marian (Robin Hood) Aurora & Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) David & Nani (Lilo And Stitch) Your welcome!
Nt Mn
Nt Mn Vor Tag
I loved tiana and naveen. They’re a good couple! He lived in a bubble, and she was too engrossed in work. They actually balance each other.
Hunniebare Vor Monat
What I love about Hercules and Meg, is that he has orange hair and wears a red headband and she has red hair and wears an orange headband. It symbolises the fact that they complete each other 🧶🧡🍊🧣
Phoenix Vor Monat
You talked about how in Hercules, Aladdin and Mulan the relationship starts with a lie. But Hercules and Aladdin’s respective relationships had started with a lie on the purpose to base their romantic relationship on it, while Mulan lied to be drafted to the military, not to seduce Shang to a romantic relationship. They had created a relationship based on a lie but it was a commander-soldier relationship. Mulan is the first Disney princess movie that didn’t center around romance but around feminism and self worth.
Goji Vor Monat
“Shang isn’t looking at Ping as a romantic interest because of heteronorms” Shang: “Ping, if you were a woman I’d kiss you”
Krizzia Perilla
Krizzia Perilla Vor 26 Tage
“Shirtless Shang covers a multitude of sins. SO MANY” I CAN’T WITH THESE TWO 😂
Ampenah Vor Monat
God I love your videos. I've learned a lot about self-love and how not to screw up my relationships, and how to mend some messed up bridges. You guys are always so funny as well, makes for an entertaining half-hour every few days. Thanks for being entertainingly educational. Recommendation for the next romances, if you guys do another one: Captain Emelia and Doctor Delbert, from Treasure Planet?
BeautifullyFalling Vor 2 Monate
Okay but Wall-E and Eve are another great couple for people who come from different worlds (literally lol) but they come together and learn to accept each other. Plus Wall-E is such a sweetie
Efeu see
Efeu see Vor Monat
they are so cute
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
@JJ's Stikbot Videos They're Disney but they definitely should be in a video!
JJ's Stikbot Videos
@Cyclonado Thunderclaw Oh and David and Nani too!! 100%
Megan Lynn
Megan Lynn Vor 2 Monate
Yasss! They need to include WALL·E and eve in their ranks!
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
ooh have they done a ranking Pixar couples video yet? Because them, Carl and Ellie, Buzz and Jessie, Woody and Jessie, Bob and Helen Parr of course, Colette and Linguini, Lightning McQueen and Sally, and Atta and Flik make for some interesting looks at relationships all 'round! (I think I got all the main relationships in Pixar films?? I guess Violet and Tony count too??)
ChrissyPlus Vor Monat
You guys have talked about putting your partner first, but not instead, and how your partner's happiness/needs should be the most important thing to you in a healthy partnership many times! Would you be able to explain what you mean by putting your partner first, versus instead, and what those things may look like? What does healthy self-care and esteem look like when you're putting your partner's needs and happiness ahead of your own? I ask because I've seen people disagree and I've seen people say 'you need to put on your own oxygen mask first' multiple times. This strikes me as a a misunderstanding of what healthy relationships are meant to be, but I can't articulate why. I'd love to see you go more into examples of this idea!
Sarcastic Animatics
I love watching these kinds of videos, people analyzing love in different stories. I've never had a good representation of love in my life with my own relationships, familial or otherwise. "It's about you wanting their dreams to happen, it's not, 'do this and I'll be happy." Thats exactly how my family has always been, as well as my 2 relationships, and that hit home very hard. But I also like how even if I dont feel the things other people do when they love someone, i realize that my actions speak for myself instead. I do want my close friends to be happy, and even if im bad at it sometimes i do work to make that happen. I feel numb more often than not so sometimes its really hard to understand how i feel about others. This video is a lot of reassurance of things ive been pondering for awhile. Please continue to do what you do, i am a big fan and im sure its not just me youre helping out and entertaining with these videos. :]
Sara Vor Monat
The Mulan/Shang conversation was very relevant to something going on in my own marriage right now. Thank you.
Maëlle Burban
Maëlle Burban Vor 12 Tage
I stille firmly believe that Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers are the best couple in Disney animated movies :D I haven't watch Down Under in a hot second so I can't really tell if they keep it that way but in the first movie they're just **chef's kiss** muah ! Sweet and cute and perfect
Bradley Viking
Bradley Viking Vor 2 Monate
I too am a sucker for the “one partner fumbling/being awkward but other partner finds it cute” trope. But these gentleman are correct is that it only works when they already like you. I could have use a bit more focus on Shang’s epic compliment, “you fight good”
Sarah Gent
Sarah Gent Vor 2 Monate
@Angela Maure according to a quick Google, an underscore on each side is _italics_
Angela Maure
Angela Maure Vor 2 Monate
@Sarah Gent I think that’s for italicize
Sarah Gent
Sarah Gent Vor 2 Monate
@Angela Maure just the one asterisk on each side I think, although if you've tried that and it doesn't work then sorry
Angela Maure
Angela Maure Vor 2 Monate
@Snappy Storm 🧚🏼‍♀️ 💫 also I don’t know how to bolden text in DE-vid comments without double Asterix that leaves in half of the “*”
Angela Maure
Angela Maure Vor 2 Monate
@Aliyah Pulido The master himself couldn’t have been any more clear!
koreabae Vor Monat
Honestly we cannot ignore how by the end of Mulan II they reach balance and mutual understanding and respect. My husband and I resemble Li Shang and Fa Mulan in a lot of ways. But of course we don’t have that same plot development 😅 I always had a big old fat crush on Li Shang as a child. It really was as mushu said those broad shoulders (and his hair)
Sol1taire Vor Monat
If you guys ever do another one of these, it'd be nice to see La Muerte and Xibalba from The Book of Life get ranked, even if it isn't a disney movie. I enjoyed the two love ranking videos a lot, and whatever you guys do next will be awesome regardless :)
C Garcia
C Garcia Vor Monat
I love to see some Aristocats appreciation. I've loved that movie since I was small and it's always had this odd charm to it. Not perfect, definitely, but a very fun, cute movie with a romantic element that I just love. So many iconic scenes, like the paint piano, the piano falling through floors during the song, the strange drunk goose, and that romantic scene they looked at with Thomas and Duchess. I love the cats and their blended family man, and I know her name's Duchess but she is the queen, y'all.
Lara's Castle
Lara's Castle Vor Monat
I'm really happy I watcherd this one. I'm in a relationship with another person of a rich background and for some time it was fine but with the years our econonomic differences have grown and it's beeing challenging. I didn't think to look for counselling but now I believe if we want to keep together and get back on track it is the best start. Thank you for the help!
Ronin Elenion
Ronin Elenion Vor 2 Monate
I'd love to see them rate some Studio Ghibli relationships. Not all of them are romantic.
prince apoopoo
prince apoopoo Vor 2 Monate
I hope if they do it, they look into Shizuku and Seiji from Whisper of the Heart. Imo the most underrated Ghibli film.
Hokaiyu Mioshi
Hokaiyu Mioshi Vor 2 Monate
YES! Just yes!
Ronin Elenion
Ronin Elenion Vor 2 Monate
@Dog God I haven't seen that one, yet, but I recently bought it. It's up next on the list.
Dog God
Dog God Vor 2 Monate
@Ronin Elenion And Jiro and Naoko from The Wind Rises? :'(
Ronin Elenion
Ronin Elenion Vor 2 Monate
@Laurelluin I know, but I'd like to see them react to Howl and Sophie, Kiki and Tombo, Ashitaka and San, Chihiro and Haku, Umi and Shun, etc.
Rachel Hurla
Rachel Hurla Vor Monat
I'd love to see pacha and chicha from the emperor's new groove on the list sometime. Pacha's a great dad, they're such a cute couple and chicha is so helpful when they're trying to make it back to the palace before yzma
Spamachu Chan
Spamachu Chan Vor Monat
Tarzan has always been my favorite movie since I was a kid. I also loved the spin off TV show Tarzan and Jane. It gave a view point of their life in the Jungle after Jane and the Professor choose to stay. One awesome thing is the Treehouse Tarzan/ the Apes and Tarzan build for the couple and the professor. Not to mention in the TV series Jane is treated like Queen of the Jungle (I don't recall them explicitly calling her such, but she was treated as such.)
HARRY POTTER vs. Bullies
Aufrufe 1 100 000
The real Dune
Aufrufe 5 500 000
The Legend of Tarzan