Remaking a chair I designed when I was 7

Simone Giertz
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17 Sep 2022



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Ziggy Stardog
Designing a chair when you’re seven is the epitome of Swedish exceptionalism.
Abby Starkey
Abby Starkey Vor Tag
I can imagine Laura and Simone old and grey living in a cottage in the middle of a field with the coolest tools and the most random eclectic furniture playing Rock Paper Scissors for like 2 hours just to see who gets to go first on what ever project they’ve made
Simone: "Hey 7-yr old Simone..."
Raymond Kim
Raymond Kim Vor Tag
Now I feel like I'm waiting for Adam Savage to inevitably get his hands on these dice and gush about these two while making something absolutely insane.
Alba Paez
Alba Paez Vor Tag
The jumpcut from Scraps seeing the other doggy with a huge stick, to her running with a smaller stick is the most joyful thing I've ever seen
Elazar Pimentel
"I want to tell my seven year old self: Simone, your chair sucks, mine is so much better", made me laugh out loud.
Dan B
Dan B Vor Tag
The chemistry between Laura & Simone is so heartwarming. I love you two 🥰
"I'm still suspicious of how well this is going"
psiga Vor Tag
I really appreciate that people like Simone and Laura co-exist on this moldy wet rock with us. Beautiful minds, like beautiful flowers and beautiful sunsets, make life better!
Andrew Edgecombe
I would be suspicious of anyone who doesn’t come away from this video with the biggest smile on their face. Heartwarming, wholesome, fun. And you two work so great together!
Sarah Ho
Sarah Ho Vor Tag
I rarely comment on videos but someone recently told me 'youtubers spend so much time and effort creating, what would hurt leaving a comment to tell someone you like what they made?' So I just had to comment because this whole video - the chair, the build, the friendship, the giggles, the belly rubs, the editing, the day ending - was absolutely PERFECT. I'm suspicious how well it all went. xD
Anthony Nelson
Less than 3 min. in and I so hope they make this concept into a mini-series with these two!
Wayne Warped
Wayne Warped Vor Tag
You two are wonderful. Like mischievous, energetic kids, whose parents have left them to do whatever they want. This was so warm and heartfelt.
Bruno Barcelos
I don't know what I need more: that chair or more videos of you two making stuff. I could watch that for days on end sitting on that chair.
.m. Vor Tag
nice to see simone so happy. it's cute when she laughs so hard she looks like she's crying
Nero Vor Tag
The energy they have together is sooooo delectible it's, it's like, orderly chaos, it's beautiful
Jon Gonzalez
Jon Gonzalez Vor Tag
You both had way too much fun doing this, you too collaborating needs to be an entire series/channel.
K-Anator™ Vor Tag
The chaotic energy between you two is absolutely infectious.
Aztec Lady
Aztec Lady Vor Tag
Simone going, "I'm still suspicious how well this is going", is just SO on brand!
Saicxs Vor Tag
This video just got recommended to me, so I've no idea who you are nor watched any video of yours before. But now that I'm not even 5 minutes into the video, I just have to write this comment to tell you that the vibe of you two is so soo wonderful and lovely.
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