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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1052077/etika-s-youtube-friends-react-to-tragic-news-of-his-death
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Remembering Etika: DE-vidrs React to His Death | E! News

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Жумагул Жаленова
@Mr.sleek 321 jj
Жумагул Жаленова
@100 Subs with no videos challenge 2j
Icynibba Vor Stunde
@Abyss Walker Ahh, but I'm still alive. Unlike etika Haha
Nikki 0West3 BabyDoll Garcia
Wow y'all finally had some morals... Good job...
Strict Tree
Strict Tree Vor 2 Stunden
He not dead I’m guy he just looking for good
MuFa5a Vor 6 Minuten
KeyDaMan Vor 10 Minuten
rhino bros
rhino bros Vor 21 Minute
Well guys we lost him. Not only did we lose inspiration for future gamers but now to be honest, we gained tears we gained stuff that was'nt neccessary and this was because 1 fellow team member. One man. He changed many lives and could've changed more but now he's gone. See you in heaven you bloody legend
Kalash Balabash
Kalash Balabash Vor 23 Minuten
Good people,subscribe to me, please!)
Gaming Bubble
Gaming Bubble Vor 26 Minuten
No! Nintendo directs won’t be the same anymore.😢 R-I-P ETIKA
naser 77 Naser
naser 77 Naser Vor 28 Minuten
R.i.p man
Kyle Beats
Kyle Beats Vor 32 Minuten
Bro this is disgusting ur profiting off his death
Gage Clark
Gage Clark Vor 33 Minuten
Omh i know of this youTuber 😟😢😭 I've even seen a few of his vidoes 😢 R.I.P. Etika
Gaming Boi
Gaming Boi Vor 33 Minuten
Imjaystation almost Did a 3AM Etika Ouija board
jcm1138 Vor 36 Minuten
Any man that self terminates is good riddance.
Penitent Tuber
Penitent Tuber Vor 36 Minuten
I know that etika is dead ... But can i get his nintendo switch 2:08( i know what people will say but i care only for the nintendo switch 'no joke')
Rogue N P C
Rogue N P C Vor 38 Minuten
Don't have time to watch. Did he kill himself?
Front Runner
Front Runner Vor 39 Minuten
Don't you all know he is now... IN HELL?!!!!...Who of you wish to follow him down?!
Saul Badillo
Saul Badillo Vor 40 Minuten
I honestly can't believe this it doesn't seem real to me because it was way too soon I don't want this to be real I miss him it doesn't feel real because i just didn't think he would be found dead
Claire Carayannis
Claire Carayannis Vor 44 Minuten
The heart-breaking news comes from who???!!!
Dante Walker
Dante Walker Vor 48 Minuten
Gage Durham
Gage Durham Vor 48 Minuten
Rip. We loved you
john doe
john doe Vor 49 Minuten
Why did they call him a vlogger
Nero Claudius
Nero Claudius Vor 50 Minuten
Albert Terry
Albert Terry Vor 57 Minuten
I would say F, but everyone who heard about this knows that it's NOT the time.
Aidan G
Aidan G Vor 59 Minuten
A lot of people are saying “RIP Etika” and didn’t even watch him 🤧
Noah Fontes
Noah Fontes Vor Stunde
Robert California
Look who's ttending, congrads dude!
The Real Cigar Jefe
Etika was mentally unstable. Shame on those who did nothing to get him help.
hakime Vor Stunde
Show all the streams where he used the N word and the porn he uploaded. Good times
Sean Ronaki
Sean Ronaki Vor Stunde
Rest In Peace ❤️🙏🏾
Emilio Magana
Emilio Magana Vor Stunde
Can we all say that this death can be a lesson to other young bright people in the world and can we have a Easter egg for him in smash because he made the funniest reaction to ever live so can we make this happen (Say yes if you want that to happen and sorry if you don't understand I dont like commenting a lot)
Just the title of this video just sickens me
Dolphin Exploits
Dolphin Exploits Vor Stunde
What is wrong with me :( i regret not watching etika :( i am a horrible person
John Arevalo
John Arevalo Vor Stunde
He was flashing a 666 and eye of horus over his eye. That's a representative sign. Anyways I hope his loved ones find peace
Raiden40 Vor Stunde
Rip to the Iceman
Mr Mclake
Mr Mclake Vor Stunde
I don’t know who this is and I don’t really care
Matty Vor Stunde
Are you kidding me DE-vid? This is the video you put on trending? A monetized video of James Charles tweeting about etika?!?!?!? What about the community he was a part of, anime and video games
anime fam
anime fam Vor Stunde
My Cool Factory
My Cool Factory Vor Stunde
Join Muslim...
Sam Wilsolm
Sam Wilsolm Vor Stunde
monetised disgusting
Jared Peterson
Jared Peterson Vor Stunde
Not the best DE-vidrs React.
nooodle Vor Stunde
Hardlee Theyer
Hardlee Theyer Vor Stunde
When people talk to dead people on Twitter it's nothing more than virtue signaling. They do it so others can see how caring and thoughtful they are. It's disgusting.
S. M.
S. M. Vor Stunde
13 years ago, I got very suicidal. I was hours or minutes away from ending it all. But Jesus saved me. If you ever get to this point, say this, "Jesus, help me" That's all you need to do. He will swoop in and your life will never be the same again. This option is available 24/7 to Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Satanist, witch, warlock, Buddhist, Atheist, Sikh and every affiliation out there. It's available for you whether you feel rich and famous or poor and downtrodden. If your life feels so useless (mine did then) that you feel you should end it, call on the name. The power is in the name. "Jesus, help me"
Matt Prosch
Matt Prosch Vor Stunde
Rip Etika 🙏🏻🙏🏻
ET Data Base
ET Data Base Vor Stunde
Etika I'm really going to miss your reaction uploads. King of reaction.
jazzy stuart
jazzy stuart Vor Stunde
i watched some of his first streams and I watched his last. I’ve watched every stream in between. he cared about his fans so so so much and always tried his best to fix his mistakes. to be half the character he was would be amazing. Rip etika. You really will be missed. We love you❤️
Divine -3-
Divine -3- Vor 2 Stunden
Etika didnt stick the landing 142m
Ronan _
Ronan _ Vor 2 Stunden
Rest in Piece Etika ❤️
shit's classic X
shit's classic X Vor 2 Stunden
No one's addressing the fact that he was scared to death for his life just a few videos before, as usual. RIP bro, may jah let your murder come to light 🙏🏽
Nudertaker Vor 34 Minuten
Bro he jumped off a bridge.
Jacob Noah
Jacob Noah Vor 2 Stunden
Please everybody we got to carry on Etika's lagency!!!
Strict Tree
Strict Tree Vor 2 Stunden
He not dead Im guy he just looking for god I’m guy
Lovezaydiboo1 Vor 2 Stunden
R. I. P Etika. This is how much people love and will remember you. 👇
Chauncey McGuilicutty
Chauncey McGuilicutty Vor 5 Minuten
Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie Vor 2 Stunden
So it was suicide?
Silent Groyper
Silent Groyper Vor 2 Stunden
But DE-vid delete his channel tho
Ganta Kanata
Ganta Kanata Vor 2 Stunden
bruh I feel like they just had to add a british person in there so they chose Callux's tweet
I need some Suga and tae
I don't know who this guy was but may Etika rest in peace, and hope his best friend is alright, but the comments saying that he made many people laugh makes it sound like he was a good person and bet he was
Shikhar Srivastava
Shikhar Srivastava Vor 2 Stunden
I have never heard about him before
李任杰 Vor 2 Stunden
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Vor 2 Stunden
Alexa Play despacito
XXX Brandon
XXX Brandon Vor 2 Stunden
Who is this? Lol am I the only one who doesn’t care nor care who he is?
tyrese is my name
tyrese is my name Vor 2 Stunden
Wow r u that cold hearted
LEGIT BLITZ Vor 2 Stunden
Keem did this.
Charlie Tran
Charlie Tran Vor 2 Stunden
Way too soon. Click baiting death.
TinTin30 Vor 2 Stunden
Those people should be the one saying sorry. We will miss you and shall not forget what you have done in this terrible world.
Titus Wang
Titus Wang Vor 2 Stunden
I was never a huge man of Etika but I know how much he means to the gaming community. Rest In Peace Joycon Boy
Venumidas Vor 3 Stunden
Clickbait Etikas death, then make sure to add the most fake personalities who had not even the smallest ties to him and never talked about him in any way shape or form ever, were no friends or otherwise connected to him, simply because they have huge DE-vid fanbases that will gain you even more clicks, you should delete this video and resign your "job".
Lil Brenn
Lil Brenn Vor 3 Stunden
Rest in hell
Lil Brenn
Lil Brenn Vor 3 Stunden
Good for him
Lil Brenn
Lil Brenn Vor 3 Stunden
MaD ŞnipeŽ
MaD ŞnipeŽ Vor 3 Stunden
RIP 😢😭
A Murad
A Murad Vor 3 Stunden
I thought this was fake wtf rest in peace Etika I can't believe this happened 😭
RISHIZ YT Vor 3 Stunden
Biancadenai Vor 3 Stunden
R.I.P♥️. your videos were amazing.
Lord Death Fetus
Lord Death Fetus Vor 3 Stunden
Not gonna lie, I chuckled at James Charles’ comment on the situation.
Angela Arguelles
Angela Arguelles Vor 3 Stunden
Deji will be next
llama Vor 3 Stunden
I did not know him before this but my heart still hurts from this news. May he Rest In Peace for I pray that he is now in a happier place. Condolences to him, his friends, and family. 🙏🏽❤️
Deborah Baca
Deborah Baca Vor 3 Stunden
What did he do that he think's was so horrible that he couldn't be forgiven? Such a tragic loss. So beautiful, young, with so much potential. Sad.
Ariana Suliá
Ariana Suliá Vor 3 Stunden
i thought this was a fine brothers video and was very confused...
silenced s̶p̶e̶e̶c̶h̶
There's an Agenda to everything... Yes it's tragic and I hope his soul rests in peace but its needless to say as he did the 666 handsign and so on and so forth...
Big Daddy dom
Big Daddy dom Vor 3 Stunden
dis guy dead he got that double pump
Boruto Nazamaki
Boruto Nazamaki Vor 3 Stunden
Here we go another X
Boruto Nazamaki
Boruto Nazamaki Vor 3 Stunden
Bruh...why does this seem fake
Gay_FaZe_ Tfue
Gay_FaZe_ Tfue Vor 3 Stunden
i literally cried, to a happy, funny man, to be so sad and depressed to take away his own life
h-bomb studios
h-bomb studios Vor 3 Stunden
He won’t be the last unfortunately,mental health is something we need the talk about on DE-vid
A-Punk八 Vor 3 Stunden
at least he got to see end game
I can't believe that people like this make a video about someone that just died to make profit
Hayds 126
Hayds 126 Vor 3 Stunden
Its too bad he didnt accept help
Forever Yours
Forever Yours Vor 3 Stunden
1:54 yall see that 🤭
1000 subs by commenting challenge?
they should not show James Charles. maybe someone better.
Rusaurus Vor 3 Stunden
Nah, Imma find all the dragon balls and resurrect him.
Subscribe to me for no reason
Well happy early birthday to me 😭 R.I.P Etika
Music Maestro
Music Maestro Vor 3 Stunden
#1. Right where it belongs
Higgs666 Vor 3 Stunden
The ResetEra forums have been systematically trashing and suicide baiting Etika for a while now. It's amazing the industry hasn't recognized how many professionals lurk there to propagate hate and vitriol.
Peace Unreal
Peace Unreal Vor 3 Stunden
DE-vid is a joke it keeps videos up like Logan Paul suicide forest for weeks which btw he profited off while Desmond made videos that brings awareness to depression or suicide actual positive things and DE-vid takes down his videos it’s sickening
i w
i w Vor 3 Stunden
this is my first time seeing etika but seeing all the nice things people post about you block out the bad ones looking at him he was a fine young man rip in heaven you will forever be missed
AstroSen Vor 3 Stunden
If you disliked this video, like this comment because apparently we can’t see how many more dislikes we have then likes
Sargent¥ Vor 3 Stunden
I'm glad that this channel has removed the monetization from this video but all of the videos about Etika that could've been put on trending, it's this one? Not the ones from friends, family, people who grew up with him, people who grew because of him, none of those?
Qamil Caku
Qamil Caku Vor 3 Stunden
My birthday is 19th June......Etika died that day...O_O
Thigh Knee
Thigh Knee Vor 3 Stunden
Scotty Vor 3 Stunden
Keid Vor 3 Stunden
Imagine using Etika in the title for views....absolutely repulsive
Dave Pople
Dave Pople Vor 4 Stunden
This is gruesome exploitative trash and you should delete this video and your account. Be ashamed whoever it is who approved filmed and uploaded this.
MeIMe54 Vor 3 Stunden
Why are you this mad over a news YT channel uploading news?
Joel Hullum
Joel Hullum Vor 4 Stunden
How he die tho
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