Rhianna Slaps Michael Cera

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Movie: This Is The End




30 Jul 2022



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TheCogMan Vor Monat
Just knowing Michael Cera’s “AAUUGHH” after Rhianna slapped him wasn’t acted makes it so much better 😂
Nor Van
Nor Van Vor 2 Tage
@Justin R we get it you like to beat women
DarkKnightMediaTV Vor 26 Tage
A Jizzle83
A Jizzle83 Vor 27 Tage
TheCogMan Vor Monat
@Mad Masseur "This is the end" came out in 2013.
Mad Masseur
Mad Masseur Vor Monat
Which movie is this?
Mochaninja12 Vor Monat
Michael Cera: Can I slap your 🍑? Rhianna: Only if I get to slap your face. Michael Cera: I see this as an absolute win.
A-aron Vor Stunde
@gravity dude you watch DBZ your opinion is invalid get off the internet kiddo
zackary gheen
zackary gheen Vor 3 Tage
@Weston Prather early bird gets the worm!
Weston Prather
Weston Prather Vor 3 Tage
@zackary gheen son of a bitch, I didn’t see your comment 😂
Weston Prather
Weston Prather Vor 3 Tage
“Little do you know, I’m into that shit.”
gravity Vor 4 Tage
only incels see this as a win
Lord Percocet
Lord Percocet Vor Monat
i'm so pleased to know they didn't add sound to the slap. she laid him out FOR REAL.
markus shaw
markus shaw Vor 5 Tage
Love the name 🤣
Jiggly Bandito
Jiggly Bandito Vor 9 Tage
Yeah because woman are really strong against men who are really weak.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Vor 10 Tage
Probably hurt her palm😂
Eldritch Hero
Eldritch Hero Vor 13 Tage
She learned from Chris Brown
Bryan Vor 21 Tag
@Mal Terra he literally said he was dizzy and had to lay down in a dark room, so yeah.......
Graydon Terry
Graydon Terry Vor Monat
The way he slaps it, downward, with that goofy ass look just kills me hahahhaha
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan Vor 3 Tage
The downward slap was by far best part I can't say I've ever seen that, kid is such a goon
212Rosario Vor 4 Tage
Michael Cera: worth it 😂😂😂
The Shadow
The Shadow Vor Monat
Michael Cera got the best deal in history
Old Man Balls
Old Man Balls Vor 2 Tage
She she Chris Browned him. Nice.
Don't Ask
Don't Ask Vor 5 Tage
@DaoFAQ it didn't kill his career, he was already in a dry spell. Noticed that you asked people to stop mentioning it.....No.
Chuck Kells
Chuck Kells Vor 7 Tage
He got three for free!
Richard Materna
Richard Materna Vor 7 Tage
Umbralo Vor 7 Tage
daman529 Vor Monat
I loved this movie still makes me laugh no matter how my times I watch it! Would love to see a sequel.
SIREN Offspring
SIREN Offspring Vor Monat
Best comedy of all time! Loved it so much!
Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy Vor Monat
Michael cera was probably the best character in that whole movie especially when he couldn't find his phone
Yoshiiiiiii Vor Monat
"After all the fucking coke I wasted on you people 😒 "
InfamousProv Vor Monat
This movie still holds up . Classic
Historia Vor Monat
"They hated us playing ourselves" -man who plays himself in every movie
AleJandro Arenas
AleJandro Arenas Vor 3 Tage
@RoodieToodieShow The defense calls Oscar Isaac and Tom Hardy to the stand... The defense rests.
edwinbarrera2 Vor 7 Tage
@RoodieToodieShow pretty much 🤣
elizoid Vor 7 Tage
The Man from the pattern land
@Chris Wolfe fist of the North Star, akira, original dragonball, violence Jack those are probably my favorite from that era
Chris Wolfe
Chris Wolfe Vor 11 Tage
@The Man from the pattern land 80-to early 2000s anime was the best. I grew up in the 80s and that anime from that time was my favorite.
Marcus Perkins
Marcus Perkins Vor Monat
I got sick of myself watching this movie way too many times than I thought but its a good laugh. Jonah being possesed was fucking hilarious.
M C Vor 4 Tage
Michael Cera messed up 3 times on purpose, you just know it
Best 2 scenes in the movie I laughed so damn hard 🤣😂🤣
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Vor 25 Tage
One of my favorite top 20 comedy movies. I laughed my ass off at the Exorcism of Jonah Hill and the argument between James Franco/Danny McBride.
Jonny Landa
Jonny Landa Vor Monat
Never laughed so hard in a movie theater
philliesfan 34
philliesfan 34 Vor Monat
This was one of the funniest and best comedies ever made hands down
Tom Wallen
Tom Wallen Vor 4 Tage
"This is the End". Absolutely brilliant film.
Stephen Herbstritt
I really love this movie so much. 😂😂
CJ Rodriguez
CJ Rodriguez Vor Monat
The fact Cera wanted to play a drugged out version of himself was gold
7777777 Vor 14 Tage
@Bryan opinions are for ignorant trash, try analysis...
Bryan Vor 21 Tag
@7777777 LMAO opinions
A Jizzle83
A Jizzle83 Vor 27 Tage
7777777 Vor 28 Tage
@GilbertHere i don't know what Riverdale is but I do know you have a taste for garbage.. gross...
GilbertHere Vor 29 Tage
@7777777 you watch riverdale
harristanaya31 Vor Monat
I watch this when I'm sad. It's so dumb funny 🤣 🤣
MylonWest Vor Monat
Loved that Rihanna part 😂😂 I love the slight pause
Donkeypunch Vor Monat
Bro that movie is a banger. I love it and im glad they did it exactly ow they did it. Channing Tatum being Danny McBride's gimp was the best thing i ever witnessed in a comedy from these guys
Donkeypunch Vor 17 Tage
@Flynn Coffin this is the end
Flynn Coffin
Flynn Coffin Vor 17 Tage
What movie is it
Cool Adam
Cool Adam Vor Monat
That "Oahhhh !" Was Michael Cera busting in his pants 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anonymous Vor 16 Tage
Because a black lady slapped him..What's wrong with y'all pathetic excuses for real people??!! 🤣 Apparently the most unsexually attractive people, are the most sexually attractive people nowadays.. How is getting slapped hard by her a turn on? That's so stupid, but doesn't surprise me in 2022.
Felipe Castrege Luque
"Wait, wait, wait. That wasn't a good take, let's do another one" - Michael Cera (probably)
2k Demiks
2k Demiks Vor Monat
😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣i’m weak
ED LT Vor Monat
Not how I expected him to slap it tho
tekknolog1c Vor Monat
“others mothers”.. 🤣 That little bit look like a new insult word.. you othermother! 🧐🤣
Superior Spidey 3
He may be into it.
Israel Country Cube
@Ur mom • 7 years ago this is the stupidest nonsensical atheist shit ive ever seen lol ever since charles darwin thought of his theory of evoulution and he said its a bad idea! times change ahhhhh yes!
maghfirat Vor Monat
“You see, it’s a baby gate but it keeps the cats out” LOL
Marcus Johansson
Marcus Johansson Vor 28 Tage
Damn that movie was HILARIOUS 😂😂
dmongru Vor 27 Tage
One of my all time fave movies 🤣
Gaara of the FUNk!
Lmao 🤣 I’m with Rihanna though XD
Joey Teter
Joey Teter Vor Monat
Absolutely worth taking a slap from Riri. 1000% win-win lol
mahkobi cook
mahkobi cook Vor Monat
@Connor Moon bunch of simpletons 😂 sad mfs “she can break my jaw” “she can slap me 100x everyday for the rest of my life” 😂 she’s a regular as person she just spends more time in front of a camera I know way more attractive women, and I don’t need to be disrespected to get a piece of any of them.
mahkobi cook
mahkobi cook Vor Monat
I mean, it’d be a win if he got an even halfway decent slap, but he slapped her upper back and glanced of the top of her butt cheek. Pro tip, slap up not down, gotta go against the grain and make it jiggle, the fake slap probably would’ve looked better but since he actually had the opportunity to touch some ass he botched it.
dj Vor Monat
Worth it idgaf if I get smacked 4 times too it's Rhianna
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M. Vor Monat
Hell no
YouFoundNemo Vor Monat
Couldn't agree more Joey!
HoodRich Vor 15 Stunden
Michael Cera was hilarious in his limited role
Druva Kumar
Druva Kumar Vor 26 Tage
That "Oh" after the slap though 😂😂😂
Jack Miyhoff
Jack Miyhoff Vor 16 Stunden
loved this movie.. watched it and watched it again right away
TheShaggyEffect Vor 28 Tage
i love this movie it's hilarious😭
Sam Griffiths
Sam Griffiths Vor Monat
“Here lies Michael Cera. Caring Father, loving husband, beloved son, slapper of rihannas ass. 4 times.”
Daniel Altamirano
Daniel Altamirano Vor 26 Tage
These eyes.. are crying
SoulSearcher247365 Vor 27 Tage
Not necessarily in that order. 😅
A Jizzle83
A Jizzle83 Vor 27 Tage
John Rossi
John Rossi Vor 29 Tage
@abidamn No she only slapped him once, did you not listen? Lol Seth literally said she didn't do anything until the 4th time.
Treadhead Vor 29 Tage
I'm dead that's raw
The Lone Wolf 🐺
Funniest movie ever 😂
Michael Cera had nothing to lose in this scenario, alot of us would've done the same 😂
Adeosun Hammed
Adeosun Hammed Vor Monat
That's the sound of the slap, no sound effects to it. 😂😂😂😂😂
kevin rodriguez
kevin rodriguez Vor Monat
This was one of the funniest movies ever lol
CH 369
CH 369 Vor Monat
And this one of the reasons Michael has been my favorite actor for years
the flying dutchguy
that slap was so good😂
cymz Vor Monat
i cracked the hell up at that part when i rewatched this is the end
092Films Vor 28 Tage
The making of this movie must have been hilarious
Phillip Kwa'han
Phillip Kwa'han Vor Monat
Michael Cera: "Can I slap you on the ass for real?" Rhianna: "you can slap my ass for real if I can slap you in the face for real" Michael Cera: "okay... what's the catch tho?"
2k Demiks
2k Demiks Vor Monat
Justin Credible
Justin Credible Vor Monat
@deadpxn nobody cares enough to bother them
Jamira Singss
Jamira Singss Vor Monat
only time I’ve wanted to be Michael cera
deadpxn Vor Monat
lol does nobody in this comment chain or even the person who posted this clip know how to spell Rihanna's name?
Phillip Kwa'han
Phillip Kwa'han Vor Monat
@Michael S. no I didn't, I just commented without reading anything like you did
Raphael Mapp
Raphael Mapp Vor Monat
Cera was a Tour de Force in this movie. His funniest role ever imo
Nick The Piker
Nick The Piker Vor 27 Tage
Epic slap now that we know it's real 😂
Panda Wolf AU
Panda Wolf AU Vor Monat
This just made me love Michael even more. The man is truly one of a kind, he reminds me of a more awkward American version of Harry from The Sidemen.
Cencalsbest Vor Monat
That was one of the funniest movies ever.
Raybee Vor Monat
I respect the energy that is "can I slap your ass for real" "only if I can slap your face for real" and then actually doing it. Something about that resonates well with me
mechadrake Vor Monat
Method acting! :D
thoyo Vor Monat
@Tanaka realism. right... 😈
Petrichorus Vor Monat
Probably the whole consent thing. He made sure she was comfortable and she agreed with her own suggestion and boundaries. Since they communicated they were on the same vibe with less space for feeling uncomfortable/awkward
Tanaka Vor Monat
Basically. It costs him something. If he'd backed out when it got uncomfortable for him it'd seem he was just trying to grab some ass. Being willing to take a hit for realism is admirable in its way
gscotty15 Vor Monat
I always thought that slap looked real😂
Ryan Viau
Ryan Viau Vor 16 Tage
I would’ve messed the take up 999 times hahahaha
VikkiG Vor 23 Tage
Can I smoke with you guys and just listen? You crack me, every joke every movie I am just bawlin my eyes out
Rosella's Online
I love that SLAPPPP 😂😂😂😂😂
lindsey ::
lindsey :: Vor Monat
he was hyping up the hit but i was still surprised at how incredible that was
DaMaster Vor Monat
@Collyn Milutin at
Collyn Milutin
Collyn Milutin Vor Monat
broke the sound barrier fr
mary kali
mary kali Vor Monat
She’s a Caribbean woman trust me it was a hard hit and hurt 😭
Silva Fox
Silva Fox Vor Monat
Look at the smile on his face when he did it 🤣 that is a real "I just slapped Rihanna's ass" smile!
WOW Slasher!
WOW Slasher! Vor Monat
i love micheal cera so much 🤣🤣🤣
Kay Vor Monat
Why did it look like she “slapped” him with a closed 🤜🏽 👊🏽 😂
Candice Rice
Candice Rice Vor 28 Tage
It'll be on Netflix in September. I think September 16th! So excited!!
Gnotta Vor 16 Tage
@Eulavist wdym whats the name
Ashok Kumar Krishna
@Hay BayHave a beautiful life with her my friend , Congratulations
alex Vor 17 Tage
@Hay Bay That's cool but idk why you expect strangers on the internet to care
LolimZane ?
LolimZane ? Vor 20 Tage
@Hay Bay congratulations good shiii
ShadowDeso Vor 22 Tage
@Hay Bay you must really love to hear yourself talk
m8trxd Vor Monat
“Don’t touch the bum bum” is my favorite Rihanna lyric of all time
Myne Vor Monat
What song?
kiyanni Vor Monat
Whats the movie
gnarghh fps
gnarghh fps Vor Monat
Profound and deep.....lyrical genius...imo
Heezypeasy ♥︎
Heezypeasy ♥︎ Vor 26 Tage
Lmaoooo Rhianna did not hold back with that slap Lmaoooo
Jordan Dare
Jordan Dare Vor 26 Tage
This movie was amazing, after this movie it felt like movies couldn’t compare comedy wise. This was peak comedy.
Ali Andeku
Ali Andeku Vor 17 Tage
So many reasons to love Rihanna and this is def one of them. Consequences folks, Consequences.
Noah Vor 4 Tage
That was such a funny movie😂
Annaline Pfeiffer
“One time she slapped me in the face. And it was awesome”
Fiamma Vor Monat
Okay, I love you 😂 I laughed so hard!
CJ Everett
CJ Everett Vor Monat
*four times
Zombie Sazza
Zombie Sazza Vor Monat
So fetch
read 4:00
read 4:00 Vor Monat
Girls unite!!!!!!!😂
Rusty Shackleford
Ragina George
A B from HSV
A B from HSV Vor Monat
One of my favorite comedies ever. So fucking funny.
LanzaNation Vor 24 Tage
This is great 😂
Unalivesuccubus Vor 22 Tage
The way she turned around 🤣🤣
Picking names for YT is stressing
This movie was incredibly funny. But when i was done watching ‘The boys’ i needed a hug a shower and a good therapist.
A Plus
A Plus Vor 13 Tage
The f'ing hips she put into that hit 😂
James Robin
James Robin Vor 29 Tage
"We did 4 takes" Man got to slap the woman of our dreams 4 times for free.
Alex Mezzie
Alex Mezzie Vor 27 Tage
Well he actually got paid to do it
BadMon Tingz
BadMon Tingz Vor Monat
Such a great movie I was pissing myself laughing… a bunch of comedic actors so called playing themselves in a movie lmao
bhusan shakya
bhusan shakya Vor Monat
I just wanna put it out there for the world, I fucking love this movie ❤😂😂🤣🤣, Movie's called “This is the end” , the ending is just phenomena 😂🤣
Black Skeletor
Black Skeletor Vor Monat
I love how Rihanna immediately resorted to violence but she gave the man a deal and he accepted it
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams Vor Monat
But Michael Cera started the violence. Just because you're slapping an ass doesn't mean it's not a slap. He started it, and she upped the ante.
Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell Vor Monat
A cultural reaction even if it's for a paid movie gig
Cress ThunderHawk
@Aidan Rutter she was tired of getting ass slapped and said "i'm making this one hurt, someone's calling this scene" 😂
Aidan Rutter
Aidan Rutter Vor Monat
@CharitableTrader The way Seth talked about it I think she slapped him all 4 times. She just put a lot more force into the last one.
Even better, she gave him 3 for free before she retaliated on the 4th!
Vincent Castaneda
Michael Cera a legend for that, took that slap just for the opportunity 😤 lmao
Scoobert6981 Vor Monat
I love this movie 🍿 it's so funny and awesome
sav(: Vor Monat
I watched this hella times just to watch Rihanna smack Michael 💀😭
Juanita Bronaugh
Juanita Bronaugh Vor 27 Tage
“Say Cheese Baby” 😂😂😂
thetitsarefree Vor Monat
Michael Cera’s “Aauughhh” was not a moan of pain..
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 Vor 29 Tage
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez Vor Monat
@Oscar D. Lisboa "iTs a SoRt oF jOkE mY gUy" I think I know it's a joke, My Guy
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez Vor Monat
@Delton Miller no no no no no no, I don't think YOU know what I'm saying
Oscar D. Lisboa
Oscar D. Lisboa Vor Monat
@Andres Martinez its a sort of joke my guy
Devin Cryer
Devin Cryer Vor Monat
she ruptured his ear drum…
Rage Vor 18 Tage
That slap was golden you know his face hurt for at least 20 minutes after the slap
P D Vor 28 Tage
He really saw his chance and took it haha
It’s Lynx
It’s Lynx Vor Monat
This was literally my favourite movie ever- it was so bad it was good
RogerTHFC Vor Monat
One of the only movies I bought when I was a teenager. This shit was just too entertaining for me.
Sogeking Vor Monat
Gibster Vor Monat
@Some Random Potato Guy this is the end.
Some Random Potato Guy
What movie is this from
Slimey-_- Tv
Slimey-_- Tv Vor Monat
Gibster Vor Monat
Where tf is that Skeletor meme when you need it?
J B Vor Monat
A Texan in Korea
They're so proud of themselves. It's amazing.
R3DLiFE Vor Monat
One of the funniest movies !!!
Bri Dykes
Bri Dykes Vor 15 Tage
That's so funny 🤣😆😂 hell I'd let her slap me too win win 🏆
lobomutante Vor 11 Tage
The slap and the "OW!" is on a *whole* different level now that I know it's real.
Cobra Jin
Cobra Jin Vor Monat
Them playing themselves was genius.
Nathan Zibin
Nathan Zibin Vor Monat
@Phil Thaddle Every other movie he’s been in
Cass TheGrimm
Cass TheGrimm Vor Monat
@TreesofValinor who paid u for this ad 🤣
Connor-Rage Vor Monat
@urf f Honestly, I think it’s because of franchise fatigue. Fans, studios, staff and even actors are so burned out from Marvel shit over the last 14 years. Plus, they’ve become so predictable and robotic, plot-wise. It’s just a series of everyone trying to out-quip the other one. They peaked at InfinityWar/End Game and Disney keeps trying to recapture lightning in a bottle for that sweet sweet 💰 🐮
Righteous Savage
@Steven Hopkins I like goats
Jim Makfree
Jim Makfree Vor Monat
@Light Up it was supposed to be funny, but most of those actors are one dimensional and had already done all of those jokes in previous movies. The movie was hyperbolic and yet still stale. "Lets make gay jokes about Franco" "Haven't we done that in a dozen movies already" "Ya but this time the dick will be even bigger" "Ya a bigger dick, and it'll be the devils" "Omg so funny hahahaha"
Nate Straus
Nate Straus Vor Monat
Underrated movie, hilarious
Connor Covers
Connor Covers Vor 28 Tage
This is the end was one of the best movies I've ever seen.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Vor Monat
“Can I have that Milky Way.” “The studio fucking hated…” Jonah Hill. That’s what I thought he was going to say and this was just a video talking about how much they hated Jonah Hill for being a nice dude on and off the set.
I Plead the FIFTH ☆~
That's awesome 😂😂😂💯
Arcademan09 Vor Monat
Michael Cera: "jokes on you IM INTO THAT SHIT"
h3llboyyy Vor Monat
@Phenita Gomes on that day he realized he needed some dominatrix action 🎬
Phenita Gomes
Phenita Gomes Vor Monat
🤣 does he now ☻👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Yokoo Monroe
Yokoo Monroe Vor Monat
Edward Perkins
Edward Perkins Vor Monat
This comment has hella likes but deserves more some how
rammsteinrulz16 Vor Monat
Who wouldnt be
Austin Bowman
Austin Bowman Vor Monat
Still my favorite movie, not exaggerating
john massey
john massey Vor Monat
Not gunna lie I loved the f#ck out of that movie. "Who the hell has playboys! Over here beating my $#_# like a pilgrim" lmao 🤣
Rodrigo Quijada-Reyes
What movie is this
Phill Rossiter
Phill Rossiter Vor Monat
That was such a 'cera' slap too 🤣
Serly Avt
Serly Avt Vor Monat
God i love this movie, this is like my comfort movie when im in bad mood, along with the interview, wish seth rogen can make this kinda movies mooree
Brook Pickett
Brook Pickett Vor 28 Tage
@daishaaaaaaa It's called, "This is the end."
daishaaaaaaa Vor 29 Tage
What is the movie
Ocho-Cinco Vor Monat
The cast playing themselves, is what made this movies one of my favorites
aljohn tabion
aljohn tabion Vor Monat
Well technically Jonah said in an interview that they were playing douche bag versions
ItzzVoid- Vor Monat
@Glenn Douglas L comment
Tiare Zavaleta
Tiare Zavaleta Vor Monat
@Glenn Douglas Same. It doesn't worth the time.
Tiare Zavaleta
Tiare Zavaleta Vor Monat
@Glenn Douglas Same.
Zyre Vor Monat
@Glenn Douglas how so
Louie Louie
Louie Louie Vor 26 Tage
Cera really yelled in pain after the slap then? 😯😃🤣🤣😂
Kaleb Cleveland
Kaleb Cleveland Vor Monat
"NO it should of been me not him"- Yami Yugi
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