Riddle wants to form Team R-K-Bro with Randy Orton: Raw, April 19, 2021

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Randy Orton sets his sights on recapturing the WWE Championship and has an encounter with Riddle, who enthusiastically has some ideas to present to The Viper. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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19 Apr 2021



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Andray Drake
Andray Drake Vor 16 Stunden
I know randy and riddle are a tag team now but it would be nice for riddle to turn heel and turn on randy. And set a wrestlemania match next year maybe.
Victor Barreiro Rodriguez
Now the biggest event ever WRESTLEMANIA will change its nace to WRESTLEMANIA BACKLASH wwe doesnt know how to do things the right way nowadays
Wesley C
Wesley C Vor 5 Tage
Riddle wears Lakers outfit
Iron Idol
Iron Idol Vor 8 Tage
I need RK-Bro to stay FOREVER. This friendship dynamic is priceless
Rip Von
Rip Von Vor 9 Tage
I’m herw
GL Block
GL Block Vor 9 Tage
I cant believe how wwe is still a thing lol
Nandakumar Na
Nandakumar Na Vor 10 Tage
ugly anime girl
ugly anime girl Vor 11 Tage
I love riddle hes so adorable
Waleed Soleh
Waleed Soleh Vor 12 Tage
Looks like Matt riddle reads Barney stinson's bro code 😂😂
XcoolX 06
XcoolX 06 Vor 16 Tage
Matt riddle was so funny during that
Jeremiah Valdez
Jeremiah Valdez Vor 17 Tage
There gonna be a badass tag team! Who agrees !
Nicholas Felix
Nicholas Felix Vor 19 Tage
Matt circling around randy while riding the scooter had me dying lol.
Alex Burns
Alex Burns Vor 22 Tage
That scooter needs a design, and to be custom made for them!
eX cellent
eX cellent Vor 23 Tage
eX cellent
Bailey Ryan
Bailey Ryan Vor Monat
Randy really does look like the older brother embarrassed by the awkwardness of his little brother
Bailey Ryan
Bailey Ryan Vor Monat
The people bitching and complaining about this must really not understand that this is randy orton idea. He wanted to work with riddle. Vince had nothing to do with them pairing together
Julie Bela Wamona
I always wanted to meet an apex predator 🤣😂😂🤣😂 wht does that even mean? Riddle is so funny
xPimpinJx Vor Monat
Remember when tag teams had real names? The hart foundation, the killer bees, the British bulldogs. Not just mashed up names.
Spidashaw Vor Monat
Riddles hilarious. He’s a stoner
Demarcus Smith
Demarcus Smith Vor Monat
Give me Rock and Sock vibes 🤣
Hunar Oberoi
Hunar Oberoi Vor Monat
Riddle & Randy = Goku & Vegita from Dragon ball🤣🤣
woke af
woke af Vor Monat
Hopefully the fiend leaves wwe and comes to AEW.
Benedict Fernandes
Randy Orton's Voices Loves to hate & Hates to Love😎🔥🐍
James Nathaniel Vlogs
WWE really has no new talent.
Bryce Cartwright
I wanna see the scooter
Kingquees Vor Monat
Liam Brown
Liam Brown Vor Monat
When your your little brother won't drop a subject.
Rob L
Rob L Vor Monat
It's so embarrassing that WWE signed Riddle. Seriously.
Malefic Vor Monat
The Start point for "maybe" The most unique tag Team of all times RKbrO
Mike Henry
Mike Henry Vor Monat
you got very lucky BRROOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ciher3442 Vor Monat
Smh why keep doing this to randy ortan smh you guys are so lost wwe you just suck man
Julie Bela Wamona
lolll Riddle pisses me off when he talks but I love himmmmm
Damien Johnson
Damien Johnson Vor Monat
lmao randy trying to keep a straight face got me
Mario Alvarez
Mario Alvarez Vor Monat
Freaking love riddle!
MS Rex
MS Rex Vor Monat
Anyone saw that girl who stand behind their back?
Brahim Alaya
Brahim Alaya Vor Monat
Carson Rutz
Carson Rutz Vor Monat
This is the reason i watch wrestling. I want Rko's. Now i get Riddle and Randy? My two fav wrestlers. Hopefully they kill the fiend.
Alonzo Copeland
Alonzo Copeland Vor Monat
Lol so funny
SammyAndJustin Becker
Riddle reminds me of Pauly Shore lol
AtomicRain205 Vor Monat
lol this man is perfect!!!
Chetan Thakur
Chetan Thakur Vor Monat
After long time something diff
Main 313
Main 313 Vor Monat
Anyone complaining about the 2nd greatest tag team of all time (Rated RKO #1) should be ashamed of themselves 😂✌🏽
Shane Painter
Shane Painter Vor Monat
randy deserves to carry the title for months such a great wrestler
Ian Christian Arile
I am interested to see Orton entrance with a scooter with or without fangs
Master Jet
Master Jet Vor Monat
Lol he sing randy theme better than the orig. 😂😂
Benny Roc
Benny Roc Vor Monat
As a grown man I feel like riddle at the grocery store with my cart, going down the aisles getting what I need, vrm vrm vrm, congratulations apples you've been chosen 🤣🤣
Railyard Films
Railyard Films Vor Monat
Rko awesome
Fans Of Wrestling
Riddle: I don’t think nobody likes me Cameraman: turns the other way 😂😂😂😂
Tsizzle Mynizzel
Riddle is the best
Bobby Pork
Bobby Pork Vor Monat
Hope that guy get RKO'd haha
Bane Vor Monat
Prathamesh Chavan
Riddle looks like the new generation Miz
john Adam's
john Adam's Vor Monat
You like my scooter
john Adam's
john Adam's Vor Monat
So this going be a thing now for orton I think he just doing this to get close to the wwe title
Shawn shakur
Shawn shakur Vor Monat
i always wanted to meet an apex predator. what does that even mean
Scorpion Vor Monat
I love you Matt Ribbl
Bussdown.Guap Vor Monat
Mohammed Azaan
Mohammed Azaan Vor Monat
i hear the voices in my head they call me R-K BRO
dan hunt
dan hunt Vor Monat
It was supposed to be Truth and Riddle but this does amuse me
Adam Briceland
Adam Briceland Vor Monat
Y2BRO with jericho
Anon y
Anon y Vor Monat
Lol guy lmfao
Boristhewolf YT
Boristhewolf YT Vor Monat
I don’t like that combo
Turron White
Turron White Vor Monat
Randy is a beast the guy is kinda Creepy you just never know with randy he has Voices in his head
Aamer oyz
Aamer oyz Vor Monat
hey Rk Bro is nyc😍
Phanthom Gamers
Phanthom Gamers Vor Monat
I dont watch WWE for few years and now they're booing Randy lol? These gen people dont know how ruthless Randy gets lol.
Fuzail Ali
Fuzail Ali Vor Monat
RKBRO is such a brilliant Idea by vince
David Mcfarland
David Mcfarland Vor Monat
They need to put orton vs reigns get your act together wwe
A B Vor Monat
Riddle awesome! I’m starting to like his character.
Th3 Redfield7
Th3 Redfield7 Vor Monat
Alex Nicholson 38
Here bro 🔥🔥🔥
NaTeDaReAL_ GeE Vor Monat
1:36 I like how Randy just walks away casually 😂😂😂
i really want them to form a tag team both riddle and orton they can make a perfect team good luck riddle
Tony Padilla
Tony Padilla Vor Monat
I still can’t believe how such a fake and scripted organization has done so well over time lol
ethan ellis
ethan ellis Vor Monat
I like where this is going.
Cao Thức Nguyễn
I love Riddle’s gimmick so much, so entertaining
Héctor Dueñas
Héctor Dueñas Vor Monat
Riddle is the best thing that has ever happened to WWE 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Uniparsity Vor Monat
the fake crowd reaction sound is so annoying
Gamer 1 1 2 2
Gamer 1 1 2 2 Vor Monat
I really want them to be a team just like team hell no became a team
Shane Nolan
Shane Nolan Vor Monat
My fav tag team but randy what wwe title
The Undertaker
The Undertaker Vor Monat
The hardy Bros can be the Best tag team in this year
Семён Балашов
Matt is great big potential wrestler. I'd like to see him in one team with Orton. Many people say that it's too weird to be true, but we have an another legendary team, where participants were strongly opposites - Hell No.
Dyl O'Rourke
Dyl O'Rourke Vor Monat
I'm hoping the reason why the Fiend was mentioned in this interview is because he will come back to get revenge on Randy and won't forget what he did..... Oh who the hell am I kidding? That debacle at Wrestlemania was probably the endgame of this feud. How weak does Bray look if the Fiend could not get even for being burnt alive FFS?! 😠 🤬
Mad Moon
Mad Moon Vor Monat
Look at Orton's face when Riddle says "dood do you like my scooter?" I think he was using all his strength not to bust out laughing
Bellicoso Vor Monat
They team up and randy rko him one day 🥱
walking deadly
walking deadly Vor Monat
Plz I'm begging you dont stop this rkbro stuff plz its 1#
Sourav Biswas
Sourav Biswas Vor Monat
RKBro is better than Team Hell No 😁😁😁😁
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan Vor Monat
Yes no more fiend please let randy on wwe title match
Von Anderson
Von Anderson Vor Monat
Riddle is a character 🤣🤣
Slater Gray
Slater Gray Vor Monat
HE isn't finished with you just yet, Randy...
Ronnie Sir
Ronnie Sir Vor Monat
That Blonde hair lady in the back is going to be a big part of this Randy Orton's Storyline Backstage 🎯 The Fiend Is Not Done
dw6empires Vor Monat
Its like the fiend threw riddle at orton to annoy him rofl.
julio corona
julio corona Vor Monat
“I’ve always wanted to meet an apex predator. What does that even mean “ 😂😂😂kills me everytime 😂😌love this guy 😂😂
Alejandro Diaz Francia
*an apex predator
Rhett Simbulan
Rhett Simbulan Vor Monat
"I hear voices in my head" has a totally different meaning for Riddle. 😂
sando sam
sando sam Vor 2 Tage
@Nobody sigh
Nobody Vor 22 Tage
@sando sam at the very least Riddle hears colors in his head when he smokes the funny grass
sando sam
sando sam Vor Monat
@Sandhya Devra weed doesn't make you hallucinate
Ernest Gamez
Ernest Gamez Vor Monat
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson Vor Monat
Riddle persona is a pot head pretty much 🤣
Jason Vor Monat
Riddle smoked at least 10 joints 🤣
LameBrane Vor Monat
say what you want about Riddle's character, that dude is clearly having the time of his life.
Zhi Hou Lee
Zhi Hou Lee Vor Monat
who wanna see R K BRO 👇
Coin Pusher challenge! #shorts