Roadblocks (In-Gaming)

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For the record, you really don't need the Time Savers in NFS: Heat. They exist for the reason they did in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Extra Footage Provided by Clu & BoogerHookMcGee
Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick
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Song List (In-Order)
Brian Tyler - Gas Station Dust
NGHTMRE & ZHU - Man's First Inhibition feat. Kidd Keem
Tycho - Easy
Death From Above - Nomad
Brian Tyler - Palms of Sweat
NFS II - Main Menu Theme

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17 Feb 2020



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Raycevick Vor year
For those unfamiliar with the voice at 5:53, it belongs to one @AveragePixel who makes phenomenally presented content. Thank you to him for contributing, and definitely check out his Satisfying Reloads Video if you haven't already seen it.
Snekky Vor year
Stop letting him tease us just making him upload another video!
B laCk
B laCk Vor year
isn't death stranding based in iceland?
O'callaghan Vor year
By the way remember Motorstorm May there be a new video
Blaui Vor year
That knock sounds too real for my headphones, I legit had to check if someone actually knocked.
Pyro Vor year
Hex i always forget they aren't the same channel lmao
3xc1zeGD Vor 4 Tage
Personally, I LOVE NFS Heat. It's just fun, exhilarating at high speed and Ghost Games are good game developers. It's just a shame that EA is completely disconnected from their playerbase and that Ghost were closed down by them despite making the best NFS game in years. I just pray that Criterion delivers next year...
arjl880 Vor 12 Tage
5:51 That knock always gets me...especially with my ANC headphones....
Mr Andy
Mr Andy Vor 25 Tage
Hey so the developers of Forza Horizon 5 must have seen this and now there is absolutely no challenge or progression in that game.you immediately unlock several high end cars and the game just throws money at you
Tristan Brady
Tristan Brady Vor Monat
Well … that’s basically like in Forza Horizon
alright I did it. I bought heat. and you know what? it was actually pretty decent. story was eh and ended abruptly but fine, the driving esp the drifting is weird but fine and the pursuits are less fun and more annoying meaning I didn't ever want to go to night except when I absolutely had to but it's the first I've played since Most Wanted 2012 after playing literally every one of them from II SE onward up to that point
Adipose 1913
Adipose 1913 Vor 2 Monate
I honestly don't think the story is not that bad, especially by the standards of this franchise. I'm not saying it's good, just clearing the low bar this franchise has in that regard
B.D.B. Vor 2 Monate
That knock on the door effect had me looking through my window at 3am. Also I'm on the 15th floor...
Vor 2 Monate
Vor 2 Monate
I think that you can keep on releasing shitty-paid dlcs/ "content" to your full priced game, or... Do the same thing but FOR FREE. The thing is: I already paid for it, o don't want to pay for anything more than the price that i already paid, i just want to sit back, relax and play it. If you release your game and keep on adding bonus content for free, it will show how much you care for the game AND the players as well. "look, they keep it updated and releasing things for free, they really care for this game and for us", more people will come and INSTEAD OF BUYING A PIECE OF CRAP COSMETIC FOR 3 BUCKS, THEY WILL PAY FOR THE FULL PRICED GAME ITSELF. Of course, free2play games NEED to do this kind of thing and even me myself considered paying for some cosmetic crap to support the developers and keep the game i loved online (Which was Battlefield Heroes, yes, EA), but it is completely reasonable.
Indica Smok
Indica Smok Vor 2 Monate
Why did it go on the biggest NFS heat tangent
Indica Smok
Indica Smok Vor 2 Monate
@Raycevick not complaining 😝
Raycevick Vor 2 Monate
Because NFS Heat is what inspired the topic?
Bleezy Monkey
Bleezy Monkey Vor 3 Monate
i have over 50 hours in nfs heat, and i still didnt do a single story mission or race lmao
Egg Dude
Egg Dude Vor 3 Monate
5:53 I was sitting in a bathroom stall when I heard this with earbuds in and fucking flipped when I thought someone was trying to get my attention or something. *Terrifying*
Mixios Vor 3 Monate
cool, im getting nfs heat now.
Lunokhod Vor 3 Monate
bruh ofc i miss this video i would love this game lmao
Kevin Willems
Kevin Willems Vor 3 Monate
Fucks sake, that door was too realistic.
Paul Coombes
Paul Coombes Vor 3 Monate
Why I'm still working my way through 7th generation games even tho I'm fortunate enough to have no barriers to the current generation.
Tyler Dunbar
Tyler Dunbar Vor 4 Monate
Why tf did I think we were gonna discuss police roadblocks in racing games
Rin Vor 4 Monate
So...what I got..it dont innovate...dont try anything new. Snd if it's been done before. Don't do it again. Just make a game in that perfect area. Ok Kyle.
Torbjörn Hagenstam
Torbjörn Hagenstam Vor 4 Monate
Huh, didn't think I needed to play NFS Heat but I goto grab it now
Divest Akbar Perkasa
'who doesn't have $3?' me : and i took that personally. :(
Vasko Vor 4 Monate
That knock at 5:53 literally made me thought someone was at my front door
Fibonacci- Dilemma
Fibonacci- Dilemma Vor 5 Monate
The thing that can be frustrating at times is when you really have that itch to race against as many players as possible but there’s no way to really search for games to have full player races.
MeepmeepVroom Vor 5 Monate
I wonder how many people have noticed the near free for all that comes at the end of a console gen. Fifa suddenly gets attention to offline career after a near decade of nothing. When you feel good about gaming you're more likely to pick up that PS5.
Lachlan Martin
Lachlan Martin Vor 6 Monate
That knock got me to turn around. Well done
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen Vor 7 Monate
4:02 respect the nfs nitro sticker lol
Guillaume Gagné
Guillaume Gagné Vor 7 Monate
I seriously thought my someone was knocking at my window for one sec at 5:53 and I legit freaked out (maybe it was because of the Headset I use).
// Vor 7 Monate
and kids, that's how ghost games got fired and replaced by criterion, they were just too good 😂
Count Dooku
Count Dooku Vor 7 Monate
I want to be able to buy a 60 dollar game AT LAUNCH, and get 60 dollars worth of content. No buy it now fix it later, no DLC, no cosmetic bullshit no cut content to be resold no loot boxes. just the game and the players.
Aaron Blank
Aaron Blank Vor 7 Monate
We need NFS heat's customization with Forza Horizon's open worlds and engine
Pacheko Vor 8 Monate
You can get 7 snickers bars with 3 dollars here lol (Brazil)
Pacheko Vor 8 Monate
@Raycevick there's still the drawback of it being Brazil but I can't complain about food pricing, its all so affordable :P Great video btw!
Raycevick Vor 8 Monate
Dayum. I'm jealous.
Kenney Vor 8 Monate
The deeply girl morally tour because linen firstly sail round a moaning approval. awake, draconian spring
Christopher Ortiz
Christopher Ortiz Vor 9 Monate
Now we know why they called it NFS: Payback. EA wanted you to pay them back for making it. $60 wasn't enough. They wanted interest.
Space & Sound
Space & Sound Vor 9 Monate
I've had such a good time fitting the starting nissan with high spec parts, and that wouldn't have been possible in payback
Richard Tickler
Richard Tickler Vor 9 Monate
free to play offers cosmetic stuff to buy: ok, cool paid game demands extra cadh for everything: its mpraly ok to pirate
Dexter Giesbrecht
Dexter Giesbrecht Vor 9 Monate
6:06 legit bust a gut laughing with my dog and cat. That's good comedy.
Machine Spirit Miami
Holy hell! Is that ending credit music from Need for Speed II?! I remember hearing that awesome menu music waiting patiently as my parents crappy ass pc could struggled to even load the menus! Haha
Edu-3DX Vor 9 Monate
as a brazilian i never heard of a police named Hitler Mussolini, thank you for that
davelister189 Vor 9 Monate
6:06 You fucker, don't tease me like that. That's the best song in NFS history.
QDA D Vor 9 Monate
I don‘t think that you made a fair comparison with Forza. Yes, there are some cars (a really small part of it), which are locked behind a paywall. But these random wheels etc. dont hinder you from doing the stuff you‘d like to do. You can buy any car or adjustment for a reasonable amount of in-game currency. I never spent real money into that currency because there was no need for that. You also dont have to do any shitty races/missions you wouldn‘t want to do. You dont even have to race to proceed. You can literally play it the way you want without any compromises. Something that NFS has yet again failed to deliver
Carlo Stefani
Carlo Stefani Vor 9 Monate
Great video! I agree with your point(s). I think the best decision were to give players the ability to have as many cars as they want and to keep every single race on the map from beginning to end - and with full money earnings!! I actually enjoyed the game more after finishing it, since now I can play around with as many cars as I want, and all I have to do to get more money is play more. I think the only righteous way to add the infamous MTXs would be to let you buy a ton of game money with real money - but only after level 50 (end game in the original release) so you can buy that Koenigsegg or that V12 swap that you fancy so much :D
KarateEmil Vor 9 Monate
I actually looked to my right when someone knocked on the door in the video xD
ye wonker
ye wonker Vor 9 Monate
sadly nfs heat is overpriced as all hell on pc, so i had to "try it out" before buying. it actually has top grade parts locked behind rng as drops in special races, but you can buy them after unlocking. also i dont feel like i can buy the game even on -60% discount because there is no post-game, the world becomes completely empty besides a few random races. i'd still like to buy it, but only if the price drops down similar to nfs 2015 or nfs payback and then it gets a discount. by then the online will die if it hasnt already...
Jim Jam
Jim Jam Vor 9 Monate
7:42 that was need for speed world
S H Vor 9 Monate
for me personally nfs heat is the best nfs since undercover. the customisation is on point ad there is a massive variety of cars to do so
Clay Stewart
Clay Stewart Vor 9 Monate
I wish I saw this video last year, Heat nowadays is in the backdrop of my mind because I still have an urge to win money and spend the money on new cars and tune them up into chariots fit for gods while splashing my own creativity on the wrap editor. Ghost really nailed the art form of racing in this game; taking something you build yourself and watching it tear everything apart or die trying by the police, who you start out afraid of but then see as nothing more than a little child trying to jump up to give you a high five.
Iavor Hristov
Iavor Hristov Vor 9 Monate
For some reason I thought the whole video was going to be about literal police roadblocks and how they are used in games...
Chappie Vor 9 Monate
I'd enjoy NFS Heat more if the story, characters and overall themes weren't the realization of "how do you do, fellow kids".
Balázs Vor 9 Monate
There is no arguement to be made about DLCs. If I buy a game that costs $60-70 I demand to have everything included and I shouldn’t spend more money to get the full experience. Previously $40-50 games gave you everything and more that was in the game, as it should. There were special editions of games such as NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Edition, and that is okay. These didn’t make me feel like I was missing out, just missing the extra cars and a couple of challenges. They csn be had for a couple of dollars, but that can add up quick, especially if the game has a luck based system. Those who say you should such it up are probably spoiled brats whose parents get them everything in a heartbeat.
neutralhero999 Vor 9 Monate
NFS: Heat makes me wish for another Driver game.
SlashZaku Vor 9 Monate
I ignored Heat because i assumed it'd be as scummy as Payback but Ray has sold me on it. (yes I saw the time saver thing)
snig222 Vor 9 Monate
I got six minutes into this video and bought Need For Speed Heat. EA should pay you for this.
ianism Vor 9 Monate
hahaha I thought this was going to be a retrospective on police roadblocks in games then it was about roadblocks in game design then it was NFS Heat, which I started back in the fall but got bored after the first few races. I guess I'll go back anyways, well done.
Mach Vor 9 Monate
I did like the handling in Payback, even if I despised the mechanics of rng in upgrades and limitations the physics reminded me of what Angel Studious did
Caio Alves
Caio Alves Vor 9 Monate
1:37 is that a motherfucking BRAZIL reference???
I HaveNoGunGame
I HaveNoGunGame Vor 10 Monate
All people who support crap buggy overpriced garbage games along with microtransactions payed dlc and ad ons along with saying "It should be like that" deserve to die off because you are ruining lives for us normal people... This is why I buy games 2 or 3 years later when everything is packed in the "Ultimate Edition" and all bugs are patched what should have been released as a full game from the start...
Le Pooper Man
Le Pooper Man Vor 10 Monate
5:53 I Legit thought someone was knocking behind the wall, well these headphones are good then.
Night Shift Rider
Night Shift Rider Vor 10 Monate
Omg I haven't heard that GT2 music in over 10 years.
Artemis152 OwO
Artemis152 OwO Vor 10 Monate
here you can get 22 candy bars for 3$
Jonathan Horvatin
Jonathan Horvatin Vor 10 Monate
5:53 I shit a brick being home alone in blaring headphones.
kylegass Vor 10 Monate
the one major thing i learned from this video is that raycevick is major weeb and has a waifu
Pedro de Sá
Pedro de Sá Vor 11 Monate
The only way wecan truly get rid of microtransactions (and pre0ordering for that matter) is if the playerbase, as a whole, terminantly refuses to pay them, i don´t see this happening but im ever hopeful gamers will come to their senses.
Pablud3S Vor 11 Monate
Heat is just shittier forza horizon 4, in every aspect...
Raycevick Vor 11 Monate
4 has far inferior progression and much more feature creep. I got a 900hp Rally Car by hour 2. I love Horizon 2&3 in particular, but with time, the series became more and more bloated to the point where its so directionless, it feels pointless.
Sognar Vor 11 Monate
Have you tried Crew 2? It's all that but with much more activities and modes then Heat. While yes, it's still locking some of it content over a paywall, especially since they launched their battlepass, all this about buying cars you want and customising it the way you like easily with ingame currency is there
Star Quake
Star Quake Vor 11 Monate
Woah 1:37 I'm from Brazil and didn't know this guy! So as you can see a lot of us are very ignorant. Proof: He got a job.
Datmudkipify | Gaming
Datmudkipify | Gaming Vor 11 Monate
Something you could always do in every Forza title?
Mauroghen Vor 11 Monate
pro gamer tip, its available with EA play to get alot of games including that one for 5$ a month, if you want to simply play the game and finish the campaign, and maybe find all collectibles to get a car you want, you can easely do all of that within a month.
KAPSYZ Vor 11 Monate
For the fist time in years i pirated a game a few days ago. Dead or Alive 6, the game came out 2 years ago and i kept saying i would buy it when it's on sale for $30 so i would be able to buy some costumes but that still never happened. So i pirated a version containing all the dlc.
CatDribble Vor year
didn't even realise this was a new need for speed, thought this was payback as that was the last one I heard anything about, looks good though might go download it
Isabella Morris
Thank you for including song lists in your description!! Seriously appreciated
Snekky Vor year
Ya know I would much rather have cosmetics behind a paywall rather than DLC, lets just take old COD and Battlefield for example having to pay for map packs locking you out of many servers or strait up not letting you cue for matchmaking wereas now in MW 2019 all you could pay for after you've bought the game is cosmetics so people like me who usally doesn't buy DLC unless it a GOTY game I bought years later I could play the game much longer, really hope BO Cold War and Battlefield 6 follow MW 2019's footprints.
Z-Chan Vor year
7:50 ayo wtf
Private Frizz
Private Frizz Vor year
To MTX or not to MTX? That is the question.
wedgoku Vor year
I used to play a racing game from Codemasters called: Grid :Autosport, alot of the cars were locked behind paid DLC "car packs" which I was blocked from playing online multiplayer with people who had those cars. You should look into Codemasters- the company is very greedy they cut their entire games into piece to then later charge as DLC!
lastbriteSon Vor 3 Monate
Coincidentally they and their catalogs of games were bought by EA just earlier this year. So greed finds greed in company.
Axtrectius Vor year
uh just making sure, did you get permission to use that thumbnail? since i see no credit to the person who made it at all
Raycevick Vor year
I found it from EA, so I was under the impression it was a promotional image. If not, I'll happily add someone's credit if they're identified.
Jul1 us
Jul1 us Vor year
Can anyone tell me how to reset your nfs heat account??? I really want to restart and do it all over again since it is like 10 months ago that I played it.... hjelp
Julian083 Vor year
Damn back to this video after Ghost disbanded and Criterion taking over NFS again. It's a shame to see Heat will never get an update in the future.
lastbriteSon Vor 3 Monate
Thats shame i think ghost games were starting to get into the groove of things, Criterion are great at burnout games but their nfs games aren't that good imo.
This Video made me delete my subscription.
Raycevick Vor year
To GameInformer magazine?
Budy Arto
Budy Arto Vor year
You sounds like adam ragusea
〈blank〉 Vor year
damn now i wanna buy heat
Plumbud Vor year
That knock on the door scared the shit out of me.
Carl Brown
Carl Brown Vor year
This whole time I thought Need for Speed heat was the same BS they throw out, but now seeing this video I might just have to buy it now.
P.G. Souza
P.G. Souza Vor year
1:38 Boa Brasil!!!
diegowolf89 Vor year
1:37 being Brazilian I'm not surprised by this lol
GROOV3ST3R Vor year
Everybody: *knocking scared me* Me: *holy shit, Tycho and NFSII soundtrack in one video*
The one thing I think should be in racing games a a buyable currency that you can use to modify your cars because some people aren’t looking to grind a game out for days without end, they just want to enjoy the gameplay and have fun with friends
Ze'Daddy Vor year
We don't even have PayPal supported here were I live and it's not just about the cha-ching$, it's about being dependent
Adam Baxter
Adam Baxter Vor year
It is still kinda grindy with the level up system going very slowly - especially if you're bad at the night races.
Pet Shop
Pet Shop Vor year
Kula Vor year
Omg the credits track sent me into nostalgia overload
VelociFaptor Vor year
Anybody else letdown because they were expecting in-depth looks at _actual_ roadblocks?
halb Vor year
Seeing a thumbnail with cars in it, and the youtube preview gif being a police car, and knowing Raycevick: I really thought this was gonna be a video about police roadblocks, like the ones you encounter in gta.
that door knock made me almost shit myself. thanks :p
Kevin Drescher
Didn't expect to be hit with GT2 nostalgia in this Video...
Tuz Vor year
Anyone know the song that starts at around 1:39
Artificial_Z Vor year
You’re a bit wrong with Destiny 2, a lot of stuff in year 4, you were able to get most cosmetics by getting bright dust, which was really easy to get by playing the game. Then in year 5, it became impossible but also possible to get bright dust via eververse bounties, and dismantling cosmetic stuff. Then in year 6, it became impossible to get bright dust, but they never really mattered that much
ApolloXL5 Vor year
If you like Iceland then you should definitely play Death Stranding. :)
SgtMaggi Vor year
Nah man, NFS Heat is way more fair than Ghost games other disasters but grinding and grinding and grinding isn't for me in a racer where I just want to race. There are better models I think.
Cullin Vor year
sorry but this is not the first game like this :)
seanv42 Vor year
I genuinely like it when developers add money cosmetics, but allow you to earn them in game. My favorite version of this was hunt showdown. It has a money shop, with lots of cool gun skins. However, you earn a significant amount of paid currency for playing a game, between 5-15 cents. With gun cosmetics costing around 4 dollars. In addition, you earn a gun skin for prestiging. The fact that I earned cosmetics ingame made my account feel more personal, and I happily spent more in the shop to show appreciation.
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