Round 1 Highlights | Waikato v Hawke's Bay | Bunnings NPC 2022

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Waikato and Hawke's Bay have opened their 2022 campaigns with a golden point thriller in Hamilton.

CREDIT: Sky Sport NZ



5 Aug 2022



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Kyle Louer
Dmacs form looking sharp. Running hard, throwing good passes
An amazing, entertaining, seesaw match, with both teams playing excellent tactical rugby.
Riccardo Pelizza
npc don't deserve empty stadium, a lot of match are very very High quality and fun, there is history also, good luck from Italy 💪
Enjoyed watching Leuila. His skill set allows him to act as a second playmaker and he’s deceptively strong for his size. He was excellent for the Manu in the PNC, but he packs on the pounds easily, so must stay disciplined around the pisupo otherwise he loses a half yard of pace when carrying that spare tire. Will be a key World Cup player for Samoa next year.
kuro koge
Whoever is the Hawkes bay attack coach is he needs to be in the all black setup
That Weber try. Great stuff. So simple yet so effective. Run straight, draw and pass and stay alive in support.
Greg Richards
NPC back with a bang 💥🔥
Jabba the Mutt
I wish the ABs could play rugby like this. Great rugby!
inside centres for Samoa from both teams stepping up their game tonight. impressive uso!
Here’s an idea , get rid of Super Rugby let’s rebuild our own NPC , give Moana and Dura the option to join our NPC , let Aussie do their own and then the 2 best teams go into an champions league style tournament with NZ , Australia , South Africa , Japan and possibly Argentina/USA (MLR) , it will never happen and there’s probably plenty of flaws in the idea but that’s my 2 cents
vbddfy euuyt
seems quite a few forward passes???, great game to watch and probably fair result...terrific effort both teams
J Lindsay
Well done Waikato scraping a draw with the Mighty Bay
River Wolf
Hello from Ireland....what a lovely try by weber, so good to watch, love that kind of rugby.
Carlos McRae
What a game good to watch some good rugby been too long
David von Dadelszen
Cracking game! McKenzie looking good aside from wonky kicking at the end.
Mystic Produce
Very good rugby played in this match surprisingly upon few fans. Thanks for the upload.
Critter Watene
That leuila fulla looks pretty deadly
Pure magic, from a Cantab!
Sam Smith, Kim Petras - Unholy