Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Know If Colluding Is Crime

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Trump's legal team has come a long way from 'no collusion!' to 'collusion is not a crime!'
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31 Jul 2018

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Sinner Stephen
🤯 Tweedle Twitter Trump 🤯 " DOH "
Victor Le
Victor Le Vor 2 Tage
Colbert is a sick unruly clown.He talked a lot of stupid words.
sur-taka Vor 3 Tage
i guess i dont have to watch the sixth sense anymore.
James Dick
James Dick Vor 5 Tage
how the hell did Rudy Giuliani even become a lawyer? or another question could be....DOES Rudy Giuliani even have a legal degree? i seriously question wether he has one or not.
lee clarke
lee clarke Vor 13 Tage
It's Steven cole-burt not Steven cole-bare. Why be embarrassed on how your surname is pronounced
diane whalen
diane whalen Vor 24 Tage
The Stephen King of the Horror Show we are all living 👍Stephen you nailed it as usual
Juan Carlos López Padilla
I’m no attorney nor I know much about law .,😏.,hell I didn’t even finished high school 😒., aaand I don’t know how much my colleague “ Rudy Giuliani “ gets paid 🤔 but I bet you I could of have done a better job representing El Señor Presidente Trompas( and I really don’t like the dude)😎 ..., hell if Rudy would just think a “little” before he opens his trap.., 🤨 .but if he can’t .,ok that’s fine I guess 🤓..,BUT AT LEAST LIE BETTER.!!! Or shut it mi Amigo.,,,😅😂🤣
Jamie Patterson
Jamie Patterson Vor Monat
1.5 butthurt Republicans who cant handle jokes. Sad snowflakes.
pinch mesh
pinch mesh Vor Monat
Collusion isn't a crime.
James Lade
James Lade Vor Monat
Are crimes illegal? Enquiring minds want to know
Roberta Hubert
Roberta Hubert Vor Monat
Rudy in the hot seat. And here it is 2019 the report is out and I guess Colluding is not a crime. At least not according to tRump and Barr at least not yet. Since when are crimes illegal?? Lol
Zach Yaple
Zach Yaple Vor Monat
Why do the ocean cleanup dudes need to be shirtless?
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin Vor 2 Monate
Our fake president. Criminal. Incompetent. Liar. Narrcisist. Dictator. On and on and on. Lock him up.
William Helfrich
William Helfrich Vor 2 Monate
DE-vid zembla investigation, the dubious friends of Donald Trump it shows Rudy's law firm set up the shell companies that the Russian mobsters used to launder money in trump org.criminal Real estate racket., Rudy's only trying to save his own as......butt
Paul Blackwood
Paul Blackwood Vor 2 Monate
How the hell do these guys "Trump and his band of gypsies " get away with all these crimes of Moral Turpitude. Why can't U.S.Customs and Border Protection do their jobs and refuse THEM entry back onto American soil whenever they leave the country due to blatant violations of Moral Turpitude. Diplomatic Passport be DAMNED!!!! It would be a hoot if all other countries followed suit and they weren't welcome anywhere except for North Korea/Russia.
Loren Renee
Loren Renee Vor 2 Monate
Don Jr.’s Carpet and drapes? Eegad now I need brain bleach.
UberLummox Vor 2 Monate
We must thank these "leaders of the free wolrd" for this comedy gold.
Apricot Ape
Apricot Ape Vor 2 Monate
Guess who That’s the fu€big kicker
Francis Conners
Francis Conners Vor 2 Monate
Like Donny, Rudy's brain stopped working.
viergenoire Vor 2 Monate
Hmmm...an educated lawyer vs jagoff comedian. I know who's opinion carries some weight.
drgnslyer45 Vor 2 Monate
Can everyone in the USA please think like Stephen Colbert 🔥🤘⚡️🤘🔥
刘宇龙 Vor 2 Monate
刘宇龙 Vor 2 Monate
嗯,,,叔叔,偷偷跟你说喔,研究太阳升起,耀皓芒亮,而落下到海时变黄,然後升起时又耀皓芒亮,,,对丫,怎麽没想到,会不会太阳落在海哪邊,偷偷加能源,怕被人知悉有能源呢?,对丫,可能太阳有藏著许多能源在某个地方,对丫,没想到,,,??。 说不定查出,有诺爾背貝奖喔,想不想,,,??。
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Vor 2 Monate
yeah I go to Stephan colbert to help me sort out the daily news. he explains it to me so it makes sense. LMAO
5PVC3 Vor 2 Monate
Love Stephen but it's a little sad that he jokes about the male sexual harassment but doesn't touch the female sexual harassment case. The audience was even clapping when he was joking about it
chucku00 Vor 2 Monate
10:13 "239... kilos."
The Jam and Berries
The Jam and Berries Vor 3 Monate
Maybe alcohol was the blame for his rambling
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Vor 3 Monate
Love Colbert's monologues but I can't stand his crowds.....jesus they're so annoying!! All they know how to do is cheer really loud when he says "I'm your host, Stephen Colbert" and "ooohhh.....ahhhhh" Quite the simpleton folk aren't they!!
Will Reece
Will Reece Vor 3 Monate
Trump and Giuliani are the same person. That level of stupidity is reserved for the village idiot.
makita Vor 3 Monate
Colbert used to be fresh and new. Now he’s just like most others. Getting too big for his britches....
Mark McCuistion
Mark McCuistion Vor 3 Monate
A liberal Catholic. Seems like Colbert is the one who's confused.
charles riddlebarger
Take him off the air . Fake laughter need to change tape. Take him and kimmel off tv.anyone finds these guys funny is brain dead. This man is stupid
ptavangar Vor 3 Monate
Just fyi Stephen, women sexually harass and even assault men too. It's nothing new...
leftinthirdgrade Vor 3 Monate
March 2019 and this shit show is still going on. Hopefully we survive it. Love, America
Triggered NPC
Triggered NPC Vor 3 Monate
Look Mueller report is out..... aaaaaand nothing :)
Nurlinda F Sihotang
Nurlinda F Sihotang Vor 4 Monate
Eeeyyyy....let Rudy be. It is fun to keep giving him the ropes to hang him and trump with all the cahooting bunch high and dry. Go, Rudy go!!!😂😂😂👍
Gloria Cook
Gloria Cook Vor 5 Monate
JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. WHY ? When will this farce be over ? The world is dumbfounded that you lot let this piece of rubbish strutting the stage . Monday night is garbage collection night . Don’t forget to put out the rubbish .
J L Morris
J L Morris Vor 5 Monate
aderall/medicine break, ey?
J L Morris
J L Morris Vor 5 Monate
inbreeding or Dangerous?
OH to be a Trumptard and have ones head up ones ass so far that you can't see the light of day. No wonder they are still backing Trump.
Michael N
Michael N Vor 3 Monate
Say it with me now. No collusion
Eddie Ohearn
Eddie Ohearn Vor 5 Monate
I used to think Giuliani had his shit in one sock but now I know that is where he shits. I would like to point out that all people over 70 are not senile. But Rudy, Rudy, Rudy ... you are not helping the case.
N. Joel
N. Joel Vor 5 Monate
Stephen, You are brilliantly funny! Hilarious when you spray the coffee.
Gman Vor 5 Monate
Shhhh..renember Trump is hiring thr best people.
Vance Gilbert
Vance Gilbert Vor 5 Monate
On Trump's 35 response tweets when collusion exposed "...he's the Stephen King of the horror story we live in." - Stephen Colbert
Syahir Rashid
Syahir Rashid Vor 5 Monate
You know Trump is guilty when he starts his rage tweets.
cute bird
cute bird Vor 5 Monate
Colbert is so funny,😁
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday Vor 5 Monate
My political stance doesn't match Steven's but i dont care he is still insanely funny.
John M
John M Vor 5 Monate
Poor Rudy, senility is a horrible thing. Especially when he displays it consistently and publicly. It's either that or he really is that stupid.
Paula S
Paula S Vor 6 Monate
Re S. Colbert or someone saying "Trump's legal team has come a long way from 'no collusion!' to 'collusion is not a crime!'" I don't know what is meant by Trump's legal team "coming a long way". Both parts of the statement are True: 1. Collusion is not a crime' .(True) 2. Furthermore, there WAS no collusion. So far, #2 has not been disproved(disproven) www.cjr.org/language_corner/what-does-collusion-mean-trump-russia.php
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly Vor 6 Monate
Now January 2019 - I bet Rudy knows what colluding is now!!!!! and Stephen's just as freaking funny!
Paula S
Paula S Vor 6 Monate
Colluding is Not a crime. Conspiring IS a crime. the word “collusion” does not appear in the Manafort indictment. … People can “collude” all they want; if they “conspire,” though, that’s another thing entirely. (“Conspiracy” and its close relatives appear often in the Manafort indictment.) www.cjr.org/language_corner/what-does-collusion-mean-trump-russia.php
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