Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Know If Colluding Is Crime

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Trump's legal team has come a long way from 'no collusion!' to 'collusion is not a crime!'
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31 Jul 2018

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Boy and I thought Trump didn't know when to shut up. Giuliani's giving him a run for his money.
dirty minded? Who me? Damn I gotta hang up, bye. lol butter to mutter. dog gone it man.
wild card is Andrew "DICE" Clay. Here's your receipt.
David Eggert
David Eggert Vor 8 Tage
Could we cut this to three?
Private Author
Private Author Vor 9 Tage
Exceptionalism. My crimes are not crimes, my drug use is just playing around. My crimes are not true crimes just lil mistakes move on it is nothing. Those were not hookers just professional entertainers
Brian Morris
Brian Morris Vor 10 Tage
Kneeling is not a crime...... wow
Urnhead Vor 11 Tage
I am convinced most of what Giuliani said on TV since he became Trump's lawyer will be used against both in a court of law. Trump when he's charged for obstruction. Giuliani when he's getting his judicial license revoked.
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Vor 12 Tage
Ghouliani: the president did not collude, and even if he did, it's not a crime and even if it isn't a crime, some older kids made him do it. Another thing i will say since i've already started and can't stop is that Mueller has a conflict of interest because he works with the FBI so he's biased against criminals
robert holmes
robert holmes Vor 13 Tage
Orange Is the New communism!
Roving Punster
Roving Punster Vor 14 Tage
Ghouliani saying "collusion is not.a crime" is so disgustingly disingenuous, and patently false. The CORRECT term, which DOES appear, and IS a crime, is "CONSPIRACY", idiot. I am soooooo looking forward to seeing the orange clown in an orange jumpsuit.
crash n burn
crash n burn Vor 15 Tage
Well we all know that Uranium One was far more than colluding. It was treason by Obama & Hillary.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Vor 16 Tage
Rudy Giuliani should look up the meaning of the word Colluding because here is what it means Definition of collusion : secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose acting in collusion with the enemy
PlexusNervus Vor 17 Tage
Danyel Rash-Sawyer
Danyel Rash-Sawyer Vor 18 Tage
I don't tend to judge people but Rudy Giuliani disgusts me
OldRaver1 Vor 18 Tage
Where are you Steve?? Missing my fix!
philipralph Vor 19 Tage
Poor news anchor, having to convince Rudy the Toothbrusher to stick around... some jobs are worse than others.
Andres Porras
Andres Porras Vor 19 Tage
ABE 2020!
Janette Mcgregor
Janette Mcgregor Vor 19 Tage
This is the funniest show yet,Trump has the worst legal and incompetent lawyers in the world
Tump does not say 'someone who is 200 lbs' like most people do he has to go 400lbs to fat shame.
tk Vor 22 Tage
did anyone ever use the word scumbag on political commentary prior to trump?
william perkins
william perkins Vor 22 Tage
Its not a question of whether drumpf will be impeached. . . HE WILL. The REAL question is can he be tried as an adult.
Shewit Mebrahtu
Shewit Mebrahtu Vor 23 Tage
Is Rudy a real lawyer? Hard to believe it that he graduate from law school. He shifts his talk every time he open his mouth. It is a joke.
Isabelle5557 Vor 23 Tage
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Vor 23 Tage
The only way I can watch this idiot is when the sound is off
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Vor 23 Tage
No it’s not you fxxxxig fool. Why do you think CLINTONS not in jail. What a pathetic excuse for a man
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme Vor 24 Tage
Stephen Colbert talking about his boss sexual harassment charge lol and being careful 😂😂😂😂
Cas van der Wal
Cas van der Wal Vor 25 Tage
Rudy's right, though. Nobody colluded *about* the Russians. They colluded *with* them. Bigly difference! He's such a clever boy, our consigliere Rudolfo. Can't remember what he said ten minutes ago - but Heavens to Betsy, does he have a way with prepositions... Fun fact: Did you know that Rudy is a literal cousinfucker? A guy who married his cousin represents a rapist whose main criterion for his choice of hookers is that they look like his daughter as much as possible. You know, the daughter he publically declared he would date if he could get away with it? The one he took all those "Trumpert Trumpert and Ivankalita getting touchy-feely" glam mag photos with throughout her childhood? Truly the party of family values! Hey fellow older people, remember how we didn't know how to explain "stains on dresses" to our kids twenty years ago? Good ole times, right? Some of us get questions about incest roleplay and golden showers with prostitutes from our grandkids now...
Mawume Buatsi
Mawume Buatsi Vor 25 Tage
WTF Giuliani. 😂😂😂😂
Cormandine Vor 27 Tage
Hahaha, "Trump gets mad at information of any kind." :D
Hannah Van Genderen
Love Colbert
annamotiepipay Vor 28 Tage
Kevin Spacey anyone? #HouseOfCardsSyndrome #ByeTrump
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
is marrying dousins illegal or ..... ?
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
payday is better anyway
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
who reads myn crap anyway
rudy hickks
rudy hickks Vor 29 Tage
Sounds like Rudy is talking about IT!
حنظلة،، Vor Monat
Stephen...you are smart and say very true..
Gilbert Jones
Gilbert Jones Vor Monat
Dumb and Dumber...CHUMP and Rudy..
Non Wilson
Non Wilson Vor Monat
Hahahaha I still love how you pick at Trump voice hahahaha. Eyeball bleeding...
Rolf Laugaland
Rolf Laugaland Vor Monat
How can anybody insinuate that the genius doesn't pick the best people?🙄
DharmaOfDog Vor Monat
bryson west
bryson west Vor Monat
Head spinning!
All this chit chat is gonna get yah hurt. Trump could win again in 2020 . Because this is the same crap THE news and late night tv was doing when trump cleaned America's clock the first time.
Herman Middleton
Only the very best.what A joke sound like rudy went to trump university.where is this Clown red nose at
Sven Wirth
Sven Wirth Vor Monat
Am I the only one, thinking that Giuliani is neither senile nor dumb, but is secretly on a mission to undermine Trump in every possible way?
Crystal Goodrich
Can the conservatives PLEASE get their own Late Night comedy writer so they stop criticizing Cobert? Oh wait! They already do! Trump writes all of the jokes late in the night in form of his sophisticated tweets. How very cheeky of him!
NateET Vor Monat
Holy shit Rudy is such a bad lawyer
cell pat
cell pat Vor Monat
Man, looks like Suckabee has competition! And Rudy may end up pulling her fat paychecks for himself. Then again when Fox is grilling them, it means they have nowhere to run to.
Molly Lynne
Molly Lynne Vor Monat
Something that bugs me about these idiots isn't that they're idiots, but that Republicans will beach him until the very end...
Benjamin Vonstein
It's always sad to watch old conmen begin to struggle with senility.
phillip watson
phillip watson Vor Monat
It is a crime to have this liberal piece of shit on television.
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
great cannon Judge, ey?
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
trump 2020. you don't want it? turn it off.
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
spank thaat ass. lol
Shoemaker Levy9 micxz
patina miller
Inatsikap Vor Monat
what a lawyer - if ever a lawyer was going to get his client hung - RUDY definitely is the guy - hahahahhahah!! What a D****!
hum Vor Monat
Ben Arnona
Ben Arnona Vor Monat
Lol I wonder if Lincoln, and Reagan are the only two republicans he knows is a republican.
Orville B Jenkins
Rudi Guiliani is hilarious!
The Interested
The Interested Vor Monat
I'm glad someone is sharing a ray of truth to the masses
ROB DC Vor Monat
Too much winning leftist? Progressives heads exploding as I type. hahahahaha
Amy Whittaker
Amy Whittaker Vor Monat
Donald Trump makes even *Lucius Malfoy* look classy and well-mannered
Marc Bryant
Marc Bryant Vor Monat
Who's to say crime is actually illegal anyway
Andre Browne
Andre Browne Vor Monat
Now I see why he was a prosecutor and not a defense attorney.
Mauricio Marin
Mauricio Marin Vor Monat
Anybody else sometimes stay until the end to listen to their theme song?
MBZ Metalsmithing
“The Stephan King of the nightmare we live in” ...perfect description
Mike Ebersole
Mike Ebersole Vor Monat
Free Alex Jones!
P.K. SILVER Vor Monat
colbert is a total douchebag
Andy Clarke
Andy Clarke Vor Monat
You should not be watching this. It must be way after your bedtime.
KeyLargo411 Vor Monat
afters, no collusion {or colusion if ‘spell’ trumpedup}, said collusion but no proof, it’s witch hunt over collusion, to {name everybody/president/intelligence agency etc} didn’t tell trumped {tho even admitted diff times did, in various ways, and he micromanages which he also always admits} to Russians say no collusion to collusion not a crime Stay tuned for the next exciting yet nauseating episode of #DUFUS @POTUS Who will be Apprentice: Cirque du Soleil, stay turned for newest continuing flips on TrumpedUp #AlternativeNewsTV {please note biggly bad low ratings previous show/episodes but free disclaimers every day!} Colusion/Collusion/Conspiracy/Complicity Treason Vs Truth One of these things is NOT like the others….and only one doesn't end up with orange clown clashing with orange prison jumpsuit
xXDimistreoXx Vor Monat
4:23 audience is slow due to a lack of BRAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNSSS
bigblock V12
bigblock V12 Vor Monat
Americans you are So screwed, it is like your in-laws moving in and you can't get them out.I will give this to Trump he was right when he said he could kill someome and no one would do anything.
Leon Tomsky
Leon Tomsky Vor Monat
Oh, my dear non-existent God, this is just 2 good 2 b TRUE :)) I wish there was a way 4 m to relate THIS 2 U, to TRULY share, in a most “brotherly” way, u know! - the unique sense of utter superiority, amazing feeling of effortless victory; complete, blissful satisfaction, with just a subtle hint of sweet revenge! 4 the last few months I been sporadically reading your comments and observations, your deep thoughts, profound ideas, and unbelievably inspiring revelations, which I recently even organized in order of gradually increasing levels of chaos, panic, anxiety and distrust, elaborate and ever more creative, twisted, sophisticated and all-encompassing paranoia! I don’t think that we EVER even dared to dream about penetrating your minds, hearts and souls so thoroughly, so efficiently, so completely! Even IF we REALLY wanted to totally fuck you, American guys, up - we couldn’t ever, for the LIFE of us! - come up with any one particular, concrete action, provocation, black-mail, election meddling, terrorist act, propaganda piece, - anything! - a fucking transcendental, magical DE-motivative, soul-depleting/splitting/eating HYMN or pop-song we played u on mainstream radio! - WHATEBER! - - that would have THESE results! And that is precisely why seeing you guys in these types of moods/states of mind is so surreal, amazing and, frankly - PRICELESS! it is the KNOWLEDGE that we have, IN FACT - done NOTHING to u, and all the fear, all the doubt, all the panic, all of your just straight fucking INSANITY - IS ENTIRELY YOUR DOING! JUST LISTEN TO THIS LETTER! Reading this one was AMAZNG! Michael C writes: “What is unfolding in front of our eyes to see right now is unprecedented. I’m 29 and used to read about these things and watch movies about them, but to be living it, real time, and seeing the connections piece by piece, is scary. This like your home being broke into while your sleep in your bed and you wake up but are paralyzed while he goes through your most precious possessions, takes a little and gets away not knowing what he saw and learned about you. Not knowing if they’ll ever be back to do more damage and lastly, if your institutions of policing will be strong enough to combat them when they return. While your spouse says, no one was ever here, when you clearly saw them, the cameras saw them and you show them but they say they don’t see anything. Then to find out your spouse helped set it up and is friends with the robbers. Yet no matter how much proof you show, he ignores you. Long story yes but trump is compromised and I’m worried about what they could do to our homeland and troops overseas or even like they’ve already done, our democratic processes. Sound the alarms Congress please, the red coats are coming and some have our uniforms on and are attacking us from within.” This is a perfect case of TOTAL paranoia! LOVED the part about his “spouse” working for the “intruders” - NOW that’s some PAINFUL shit! And here is another PEARL: if u guys naively though all this horrible betrayals will end if u DO vote for the Democrats in NOVEMBER - NOPE! Check out the next logical step in your rapidly developing mental illness: Liz Lohr writes: “It sounds like the entire Whitehouse has been compromised in one way or another by Russian Intelligence. This makes me wonder about why do we think that just because we vote in Democrats in November that we will get to see the true outcome? If the Whitehouse is compromised are most of the Lead Republicans compromised? Does Russia have control of our elections? Has our democratic process been hacked by the Russians? Why assume anything coming from the Whitehouse has not been tainted by Putin in some way?” Yes, WHY? WHY do u think u can ever relax? By all means, my dear American “friends” - DO NOT ASSUME! U totally CANNOT know anything for certain! U RIGHT - U absolutely CANNOT trust ANY of your politicians! SUSPICION, DOUBT, DISTRUST, FEAR. SUSPICION, DOUBT, DISTRUST, FEAR. YEP! That works for RUSSIA, thanks! Stay ALERT - WE everywhere! Don’t sleep - or we will collude with your spouse! IDIOTS! : )) Debra Smith writes: "The USA knows that PUTIN was involved so why is he not being charged?. He is, apparently, coming to DC in the fall so HE IS ONE WHO COULD BE ARRESTED." DEBRA! I hope there are some older, smarter people around you that will explain to you WHY what u proposing is a REALLY REALLY bad fucking idea. For starters u need to familiarize yourself with basic principles of International Law and Diplomacy - And try to comprehend the basic fact that USA is NOT in a position to “arrest” and/or “charge” any other World Leaders but their own - And I just love how totally natural and matter-of-fact u sound - yes, really, u stupid American slut, why don’t u fucking arrest PUTIN? I mean - who else? Right? Your generation of Americans is BEYOND arrogant! Like your whole understanding of the world is seriously skewed! GUYS! Get fucking help - its getting real BAD! You are NOT well, can’t u fucking feel it at all?
Rick Kid
Rick Kid Vor Monat
Patti CAKES Vor Monat
take them down now go go now
Patti CAKES Vor Monat
taken him down please
RT Elkin
RT Elkin Vor Monat
SC should always wear greys and whites, & try to stay away from the blues.
Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan Vor Monat
He made a great point about them moving the goal post
Senica S
Senica S Vor Monat
Will someone please tell youtube to stop these offensive political adds about stopping the "Which Hunt" and attacking the media. You do understand that this is propaganda! Terrifying
Kurt Pieper
Kurt Pieper Vor Monat
Brilliant! Even if Trump gets convicted his grounds for appeal are inadequate representation by having Rudy on his defense team.
Fernando Garajalde
Giuliani clearly has Alzheimer's so what he said yesterday won't be the same as what he'll say tomorrow and he'll get away with it. If I were one of his clients I'd change my phone numbers and move far, far away from NY state.
Tyler Bowers
Tyler Bowers Vor Monat
How can they admit so much without being arrested on the spot? What? Just what? And accidentally how do you confess to a federal crime accidentally??
William Maurer
William Maurer Vor Monat
Colbert is terrific and so are his writers. Too funny.
113 DmG
113 DmG Vor Monat
Pat Paulsen for President 2020.
Mac McG
Mac McG Vor Monat
Didn't you misstate "Make America Grave Again"???.... I think the quote should have been "Shoot a President in the Head Again!?" sounds better.
Rose Smith
Rose Smith Vor Monat
Gotta Love the phase Moving the Goal Posts... PRICELESS! "collusion is not a crime" IT'S BETRAYAL!
Cristian Pop
Cristian Pop Vor Monat
I wonder what's really going on between the true powerplayers of the world, if this is what goes to the public :) brace yourselves for another 9-11, probably much more epic than the last one. Cheersies.
saeed a
saeed a Vor Monat
😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆Rudy Giuliani is as much of a lawyer as Dr. Nicholas Riviera is a real doctor.
K Mello
K Mello Vor Monat
So far donnyJR has three meeting with Russian SPIES BUT according to JR on state tv aka FakeNon News fox and I quote “IT WAS A NOTHINGNURGER!!” Cause u know IF it was a nothingburger WHY did he, Jared and campaign CHAIRMAN (who’s on trial NOW from things involving money laundering, tax fraud AND Conspiracy against the United States??) Chump AND the MSM need to STOP 🛑 using the word collusion and start USING Conspiracy against the United States 🇺🇸 but alas A LOT of Chump voters wouldn’t understand that word either ?? #TRE45ON
"Give me your fingernails!" --Les Moonvest (no relation)
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy Vor Monat
Trump 45* ........................*helped by Russian hackers
Jill Kalmar
Jill Kalmar Vor Monat
Giuliani is just a real NY'er that hates trump ;)
Jill Kalmar
Jill Kalmar Vor Monat
oh and collusion is not a legal term to describe 18 U.S. Code § 371 - Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States
Goodwins all access Media service provider
What worries me more than trump are the traitorous people around him
Robert Gaudet
Robert Gaudet Vor Monat
We did polling in 1860?
byron b
byron b Vor Monat
This mofo is so old. These guys sound like everyone's forgetful grandpa
Menno Bults
Menno Bults Vor Monat
Giuliani already retired, but he doesn ´t know it.
BuzzBroz Vor Monat
The progression to "crimes are not illegal" is a classic.
Gustavo Henrique
“He’s the Stephen King of the horror story we live in” 😂
onelove Vor Monat
“Since when is committing a Crime illegal”... It’s clear now to those of us with at least one brain cell.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Vor Monat
Weekend? Trump was drunk. I noticed it in the Philippines that he was drinking. Seriously, I think he's drinking a lot. Mike was NOT a close friend. Trump was known for humiliating Mike. And Mike expected a job in the White House. So did Rudy but neither got one. Mike waiting by the phone for a call from Trump and it didn't come. Trump uses people and then discards them. Mike went to the worst rated Law School in America. Look it up. 82% of people who apply get in. And that means it's a money making deal for the school not anything of quality. The lowest of the low, like Trump the con artist, "university" maker.
J. Michael E.
J. Michael E. Vor Monat
Fake country, living under fake law, fake government, fake psychopathic lier president, fake 1st lady, fake attorney, fake 9/11 terrorist attack, fake TV shows, fake police, need I go on ?
ksol1460tv Vor Monat
Absolutely jaw-dropping!! A friend writes: The question now is when does not-a-crime collusion become the crime of treason (which Constitutionally requires two witnesses)? But ultimately, after reaching the point of nothing left to lose, he has to pardon himself, maybe when impeachment is passed by the House, and before or during the Senate trial.
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