Ryan Reynolds Played "Let's Get It On" While Blake Lively Was in Labor - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Lively was not amused by Ryan Reynolds' DJ-ing in the delivery room.
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Ryan Reynolds Played "Let's Get It On" While Blake Lively Was in Labor - Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers



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TRENT Solo Vor Monat
This guy is a trip lol love him
aubrey Aubrey
aubrey Aubrey Vor year
Why can’t every man be a replica of Ryan? Ahh how perfect life would be with every woman happy in the world
Jayati Sinha
Jayati Sinha Vor year
"Just do the middle of the night thing "
BOB money
BOB money Vor year
Totally agree. Dudes got diaper duty. Nuff said
Nina Love
Nina Love Vor year
Diana Shaula
Diana Shaula Vor year
박알함 Vor year
he is so handsome 😭😍
Diana Shaula
Diana Shaula Vor year
Awesome 💕💕💕💕💕
artorias Vor year
Hi does anyone know what kind of suit ryan reynolds is wearing?
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 Vor 2 years
Listen carefully young men! THAT is husband material!! 👏
Benji Price
Benji Price Vor 2 years
Their marriage is the only successful thing to come out of green lantern lol
The Rad One
The Rad One Vor 2 years
Why not play "Push It"
xiaoyuxo Vor 2 years
What's the song at the end of this video????
Stéphanie Klein
Stéphanie Klein Vor 2 years
"A human being will exit your wife" Omg I'm dead :'D
reece merckx
reece merckx Vor year
I'm not sure... you seem pretty Lively to me
Hungry African Child
Well done Mike Cape, well done.
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 Vor 2 years
a husband like ryan reynolds please
FEELS 0.0 Vor 2 years
I ship this couple more than brad pitt and Angelina. OH WAIT
Vertigo 101
Vertigo 101 Vor 2 years
wtf ryan try so hard to be cool..he can't even act
StreamingEagle Vor 2 years
nice bloke
Lauren Makeuplovielauren
I love Ryan!
Stephanie Hayes
Stephanie Hayes Vor 2 years
his Canadian was showing.
Stephanie Engels
Stephanie Engels Vor 2 years
More man need this kind of mentality!
Hasina forutan
Hasina forutan Vor 2 years
is it weird that I love Ryan and blake so much as a couple ? like they are the best kind of human beings so funny and lovable and nice
Jyotiranjan Hota
Hasina forutan It's not weird at all. Many people like them as a couple
lannman.j op
lannman.j op Vor 3 years
Imagine her shouting "LETS GET IT ON BABY"
magicks25 Vor 3 years
i like her she's cool. :)
Diana Minko
Diana Minko Vor 3 years
What an absolute gentleman 💗
N Vor 3 years
"A human being will exit your wife....she's done enough" LMFAO
Alessia Trinca
Alessia Trinca Vor 3 years
this man
Hydra Vor 3 years
When my wife is in labor I'm gonna play push it by Salt N Peppa
Sunflower&Mouse Vor 3 years
I saw someone say it's "sad" that people cheered when Ryan said he's hands-on with the baby. That's not sad at all, considering men used to stay far away from labor and delivery and just left the mother to raise the kids until they were old enough to work. I'd say we've come a long way since then!
phoenix lee
phoenix lee Vor Monat
Sunflower&Mouse that someone is not supposed to have a child of his own,for me the true definition of being a father is doing things for their babies as the mother's doing too well except for that breastfeeding thing pretty much understandable why though
Bro, Wtf
Bro, Wtf Vor 3 years
He's perfect. His wife is perfect. I'm pretty sure his child is perfect. Oh how fair life is
KaregoAt Vor 3 years
I wish I could be friends with him, he sounds like such an awesome guy.
Celina Laser
Celina Laser Vor 3 years
wow he is such a great dad and husband
Nancy Wang
Nancy Wang Vor 3 years
He's so naturally funny omg
dandeliondunmer Vor 3 years
Blake is so lucky. What a guy.
TheDouble K
TheDouble K Vor 3 years
Seth Meyers is havin a babeh! Woot!
Jan Haugen
Jan Haugen Vor 3 years
Major chance this kid will be the prettiest person ever.
Owl Han
Owl Han Vor 3 years
what a great guy
Shlo R
Shlo R Vor 3 years
Oh my god! Stefon is pregnant?
TerribleThoughts Haven
Ryan Reynolds can breastfeed me anyday
jaja nooraldin
jaja nooraldin Vor 3 years
I wanna see a deadpool movie with his son 😂
Paul Johnsen
Paul Johnsen Vor 3 years
I read "Let it go" While Blake Lively was in labor! Would be even better!
aiman aizat
aiman aizat Vor 3 years
ya ya ya hm ya ya um ya hm ya ya yaya
Spider Jeranimo
Spider Jeranimo Vor 3 years
Babys, soo cute with thier 'tiny hands'. ;)
Steve Wood
Steve Wood Vor 3 years
ok she needs to play Lady Deadpool make it happen
Hilarious guy
Pick A Shoe
Pick A Shoe Vor 3 years
KSI's interview was better Hahahahaha I make myself laugh :)
James Wilson
James Wilson Vor 3 years
ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya come on Ryan I thought you were more than that.
macie47 Vor 3 years
Whoa, I didn't know Ryan Reynolds was a great dad!! Where's the justice, soo0 hot and sooo wonderful. Blake Lively, you're one lucky girl. :)
That Guy
That Guy Vor 3 years
If anyone hasnt noticed yet his sticking with the red tie with all his interviews
Panda Vor 3 years
CAPTAIN Vor 3 years
Seth myer has the most punchable face
TheSponge71 Vor 3 years
The Deadpool movie was hilarious. That's all I have to say
SubHek Vor 3 years
This fool fucked Scarlett, I respect him as beat off material
Take Notes
Take Notes Vor 3 years
how dare this guy, no one tells me to pick up after myself after a movie!
Arthur Dean
Arthur Dean Vor 3 years
This guy will always be van wilder to me lol
1GalwayGrl Vor 3 years
Love him!! Can't wait for them to have another little one, they are such cute couple.
Max Vor 3 years
YAH YAH. YAH YAH. - Ryan Reynolds 2016
:/ Vor 3 years
What a great dad he'll be
Benny Ren
Benny Ren Vor 3 years
Can't burn these guys just past someone to do all the dirty work? I know I would.
Khalif Azman
Khalif Azman Vor 3 years
Mukul Pareek
Mukul Pareek Vor 3 years
I ain't gonna worry, no I ain't gonna push. I won't push you, baby.
Eleanor Gale
Eleanor Gale Vor 3 years
i don't think i could love him any more than i do
unlock and discover
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ZSTOLEN Vor 3 years
i watch deadpool. i love it
greenflower360 Vor 3 years
A boy in my class literally picked this song for an assignment because he considered it a love song.
Fail District
Fail District Vor 3 years
Ryan Reynolds always looks worried
jess J
jess J Vor 2 years
+Nikolas Tye haha . You are right. He knows, that we know.
Nikolas Tye
Nikolas Tye Vor 2 years
He's scared people will find out that he's actually been Deadpool this entire time
jess J
jess J Vor 3 years
Waleed Syed
Waleed Syed Vor 3 years
Chris NP
Chris NP Vor 3 years
When I hear his voice, all that comes to mind is Deadpool. I wonder how he sounded to me before. Fuckin awesome
Malik Tarrant
Malik Tarrant Vor 3 years
well, if there's anything good that came from Green Lantern...
Haribo Barney
Haribo Barney Vor 3 years
Ryan Reynolds looks like my art teacher... wait DEADPOOL IS MY ART TEACHER
Mr.Perfect Vor 3 years
Ya ya. Ya ya ya. Yah.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B Vor 3 years
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are literally the hottest couple in the world. Like their daughter is going to transcend reality with her beauty
LightningSword13 Vor 3 years
Let's all be gay and get it on ._.
Plum Bit
Plum Bit Vor 3 years
Why is every American talk show exactly the same?
chris perez
chris perez Vor 3 years
Just saw deadpool. Fucking amazing
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez Vor 3 years
That canadian accent
Shamit Bhat
Shamit Bhat Vor 3 years
how much do you know about Rio, Brazil? #GetReady4RIo
J Stratford Films
J Stratford Films Vor 3 years
I can't wait to see Deadpool
Brandon Testa
Brandon Testa Vor 3 years
Can he be any more like dead pool?
jsmithnevinsky Vor 3 years
could have been done better. Good fail late night seth failers.
Little Big China
Little Big China Vor 3 years
Ryan Reynolds has become a silver hot daddy, yum! :P
SillySully Vor 3 years
This guy is actually deadpool. Like he wasn't playing a character. It was a movie about a superhero with his personality 🙈
Smart Green Travel Tips
Lucifer Vor 3 years
what could possibly be more interesting than what's going to happen to you today?
KearnOfficial Vor 3 years
If You like Sports and Talk I invite to watch my First Video :)
Jesse Horstman
Jesse Horstman Vor 3 years
Speaking of mercenaries: www.ebay.com/itm/-/151978700857?
Blodus Vor 3 years
Baby Deadpool?
Jeffrey Flores
Jeffrey Flores Vor 3 years
it's times like these that I know he's Deadpool on the inside
Amazon Sell
Amazon Sell Vor 3 years
VALENTINE'S DAY GIFTS FOR HIM www.amazon.com/s/?ref_=assoc_tag_ph_1453829123803&_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=pf4&rh=n%3A10553082011%2Ci%3Afashion&tag=forex0162-20&linkId=2MLVXD67PBB34U4A
MasterMinda1025 Vor 3 years
Everybody is trying so hard to he funny nowadays its fucking stupid.
Lucy Calhoun
Lucy Calhoun Vor 3 years
He is still cute!
Sarah Brister
Sarah Brister Vor 3 years
They are a great couple to watch!
Doug Unfunny
Doug Unfunny Vor 3 years
Just saw Deadpool and it was awesome! Kids tell the ticket takers you have that disorder where you don't age.
Raj Vor 3 years
Did Deadpool have to throw a deuce in the pool (see what I did there?) cause he looked like he was in hurry with the Canuckian "Ya Ya?"
Rida Harsolia
Rida Harsolia Vor 3 years
Love 'em!
Joey Healy
Joey Healy Vor 3 years
I couldnt think of a better person to play dead pool
Francis Vor 3 years
+chayanut Apichadanut C H A Y A N U T!!!!! (:'D)
Elena Apichadanut
Elena Apichadanut Vor 3 years
Francis Vor 3 years
+Joey Healy *deadpool ... I'm sorry but... Pls... Deadpool
15heartz Vor 3 years
You made a wonderful movie deadpool
Steve Davis
Steve Davis Vor 3 years
The American Rove
Health & Peace Alchemy
He's definitely a keeper
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