Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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20 Feb 2019

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Nikko Logdat
Nikko Logdat Vor Stunde
Happy 8M subs! in advance! 🎉
Dr.Dreams YT
Dr.Dreams YT Vor Stunde
daniel nichols
daniel nichols Vor Stunde
I love how this video shares the same aspect ratio with the S10, I have the Google pixel 2 XL
Alex's Customs
Alex's Customs Vor Stunde
$1900?!? I could buy a pretty decent computer with that!
Scout Trooper
Scout Trooper Vor Stunde
Buss down thotiana
Kristian Braun
Kristian Braun Vor Stunde
interessantes Telefon stellte sich heraus
06XTOR Vor Stunde
How do you have so many subs. Your reviews are not special at all... Very generic
Gosha Kolesnikov
Gosha Kolesnikov Vor Stunde
I want some mark ass brownie
Alex's Customs
Alex's Customs Vor Stunde
Never would have guessed that a phone would have been named after a Chevrolet mini truck! Who would have guessed that!
epics7 Vor Stunde
I have long and big hands. I'd purchased the S9 last week, due to my LG V10 bootloop issues. After seeing this lady's S8 plus, I'd noticed that it's very big and is what I need as far as the size. But I have only saw the S9 plus online and this new S10 plus. But they don't look like they're that much bigger than the S9 and S10. Is the S9 plus phone the same size as the S8?
sharkboyscott Vor Stunde
Is it just me or is DE-vid choosing what it wants to be trending. Because this is the number one on trending and PewDiePie‘s latest video has almost 1,000,000 more views and that’s not even on trending.
sharkboyscott Vor Stunde
I guess PewDiePie‘s videos clogging up the training list isn’t good for business.
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson Vor Stunde
8 million! 👍🏻 Wow
siri H
siri H Vor Stunde
Lol this guy is definitely an apple fan
NexusHUB Vor Stunde
The camera obstructing the screen is a deal-breaker. Will never understand decisions like that.
Liniker Frank
Liniker Frank Vor Stunde
...does my screen shot have a punch hole too?
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier Vor Stunde
Samsung is great in bring things, which you never need. The Xs has 3GB RAM and perform maybe best on the planet. And, hello, there is clouding since years, who store 1TB stuff on the phone???
Will Mccauley
Will Mccauley Vor Stunde
iPhone X user since launch, left my S7. S10 got me coming home
collarmole Vor Stunde
Glimpsy Tube
Glimpsy Tube Vor Stunde
You’re awesome... I really admire your works man👍 I even started DE-vid channel for all genre videos. I would love some support/feedback... Pl subscribe and spread love❤️
pandiyan t
pandiyan t Vor Stunde
All the best for your channel..❤️
wolf314v Vor Stunde
Any examples of the DeX feature?
genghistron00 Vor Stunde
just got my new 200.00 s6 active yesterday. got that going for me.
1TB 🤐😲😵.... 🔜
mlzanercik Vor Stunde
(Christ answers Judas. "If you love Jesus you WILL keep his sayings/Commandments."): Judas saith unto him, (not Iscariot), Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man (love me), he (will) (keep my words): and my (Father) will (love him), and we will (come unto him), and make our (abode with him). He that (loveth me not) (keepeth) (not my sayings): and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father's which sent me. (John 14:22-24). ***(Loves me...keep my word): In response to Judas's question, Jesus explained that his manifestation to the disciples would be in response to their love and obedience. ***(Make our home with him): If a believer loves and obeys the Lord, he or she will experience fellowship with God. ***(Not love...not keep): If a person does not love Jesus, he or she will not obey him. Disobedience is a serious matter for Jesus words are the words of God!
Professor Cain
Professor Cain Vor Stunde
I see BLACK but I hear WHITE...
Pyro Vor Stunde
I just got like 10 s10 notification at the same time
Flying Jesus
Flying Jesus Vor Stunde
mccraejoey82 Vor Stunde
apple been finished out here in these streets lol
ACEE Vor Stunde
Pubg mobile 100
Suryakanth J i
Suryakanth J i Vor Stunde
If there is any give away in future, consider me! Like this comment if u are also looking the same, lol
Superior Darth
Superior Darth Vor Stunde
I miss my blueberry
Ethan Weigant
Ethan Weigant Vor Stunde
This jaunt looks useless
shawbox72 Vor Stunde
Watching from my Galaxy S8+!! Great review but for me, one day....soon.
Jaymerzi Vor Stunde
I want *Fortnite* and *Marques Brownlee.* Wow I have an S9, this changes quite a lot.
Nitheesh AG
Nitheesh AG Vor Stunde
Kartik Kamal Singh
I'm waiting for note 10 to come out.
Ralitza Brdj
Ralitza Brdj Vor Stunde
hey everyone can you guys subscribe to my channel please?? thank you for your act of kindness xx
Shafin Tuhin
Shafin Tuhin Vor Stunde
8:26,the airpod is moving
LoraX Vor Stunde
but can it run crisis
How you got for review too much early
Tudor Vor Stunde
That shit of camera is a pain in ass for perfectionists
Jahangir Akand
Jahangir Akand Vor Stunde
Ram is more than my PC's
Viral Nation
Viral Nation Vor Stunde
Subscribe to my channel please ❤️❤️😭
Broccoli Boy
Broccoli Boy Vor Stunde
Sexual Chocolate is the answer to world peace. Amen.
MyNegativeCreep Vor Stunde
Galaxy Fold is nice. Why not talk about that
Chew Vor Stunde
he looking hella creepy in 4k
alt adam
alt adam Vor Stunde
That's hot
Bibotas Vor Stunde
Great video!
Rony Laventure
Rony Laventure Vor Stunde
Just smh, lol
Nouman Afzal
Nouman Afzal Vor Stunde
About to 4 million views in 20hours
WomboKondo Vor Stunde
Oh yeah yeah
Kumari Gaming
Kumari Gaming Vor Stunde
Can you give me one phone plzz
schrödinger's cat
I'll say it right now and you can varify my words later Samsung has dropped a beast of a phone and they will drop an even better one with the note series Everything you can ever dream and need in a phone with a price that is resonable that drop down each month Apple fan boys will still wait in lines even if the next iphone is just a copy of what they've seen before I'm glad I got out in time from that shitty ecosystem and I'm glad I moved to this legendary of a company much love to samsung💙
shakcrazy1 Vor Stunde
s10e expected price
Avrai Vor Stunde
daan stam
daan stam Vor Stunde
It is better than a notch
Augustus Waters
Augustus Waters Vor Stunde
#1 Trending!
Autismo Maximo
Autismo Maximo Vor Stunde
**My wallet has left the chat**
Atomic X
Atomic X Vor Stunde
Is this what you wanted
Then and Now
Then and Now Vor Stunde
This was recorded on a iPhone not a Samsung camera 😅😂
Solit Bom
Solit Bom Vor Stunde
watching on a soulja phone
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright Vor Stunde
My only issue with Samsung is will it slow down and what is the battery life like after a while? These 2 points have always put me off owning one recently
Cyclogenesis Adventures
Snapdragon 855 is a constant... Not for us EU people 😑
Quinn Elizabeth
Quinn Elizabeth Vor Stunde
No offense but Samsung just gets the new features of iPhone and then adds up a little more to make it seem much better. Cause the features on this phone remind me of iPhone.
AL1V3 Vor Stunde
Alot of features of apple was inspired by android
Kathy Liggins
Kathy Liggins Vor Stunde
These phones are beautiful and expensive but nooo...
Fernando Vor Stunde
The phone has more storage then my PS4
Lekok Vor Stunde
1 tb of storage. Wtf are you gonna do with all of that? My 1 tb ps4 with over 30 games still has storage left for maybe 5 more big games
Chitra N
Chitra N Vor Stunde
What is the INR price for this mobile
Afro Sam R Eye
Afro Sam R Eye Vor Stunde
how much does is cost to make in china?
Gui Teles
Gui Teles Vor Stunde
Samsung trava de ma... Travou
Mr J
Mr J Vor Stunde
I think the s10 5g is going to have the camera under the display because reviewers aren't allowed to show the display of the phone yet. If not there is definitely some new feature that's going to be there that we weren't expecting
David Robbins
David Robbins Vor Stunde
I'm not crazy about the SAMSUNG I have. Will be my last SAMSUNG!
Ahmad Ranj
Ahmad Ranj Vor Stunde
#1 in trending!!
Pryce Vor Stunde
Always tryin’ to top iPhone...
AL1V3 Vor Stunde
Reverse card
Belal Saqr
Belal Saqr Vor Stunde
So cool mobiles but iPhones 📲 stay number ☝️
super sonic tumble weed
1TB is a mind boggling no. For a phone , smh
Clare Cory
Clare Cory Vor Stunde
Is it waterproof?
AL1V3 Vor Stunde
Boi they made water resistance b4 apple
stevenARTify Vor Stunde
The bixby button is one of the most annoying buttons on my phone. Always accidentally pressing it and when I'm putting in a car phone holder.. it's hits the button as well.
Akshay Kochale
Akshay Kochale Vor Stunde
Look what if Apple starts giving real features in there iPhones, it will end up around 4000$ to 5000 $.
DeployTheDRS Vor Stunde
That is just as bad as the notch imo. All they’ve done is move it to the corner.
AL1V3 Vor Stunde
Not happenin
Bijoux Ukemenam
Bijoux Ukemenam Vor Stunde
No built-in crypto wallet?
Graphiar Vor Stunde
*Cries with my iPhone X notch*
Model Car Awesome
Is that a golf vedio is your first vedio
Karl Flexx
Karl Flexx Vor Stunde
Music pleases?
James Chell
James Chell Vor Stunde
I would want fortnite and marques Brownlee
AL1V3 Vor Stunde
Faris Abkory
Faris Abkory Vor Stunde
Apple is gonna be worried now
Jaden Vor Stunde
Samsung has left apple in its fucking dust
zZiL341yRj736 Vor Stunde
That hole on the screen is fucking stupid. Why the fuck do they feel the need to intgrate the front camera into the screen? Just give it a lip on top.
*Apple leaves the chat*
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Vor Stunde
Sprech deutsch du Hurensohn
UKAS Vor Stunde
I'm throwing away my computer. This mf can play GTA V!
ChrisyTv Vor Stunde
You Are Never Going To Guess Who The Coolest Person In The World Is (Read the first 2 words) Just Incase you didn’t smile today
schrödinger's cat
Oneplus has left the chat.. Nokia has left the chat.. HTC has left the chat.. Iphone has left the galaxy..
Chimera Zen
Chimera Zen Vor Stunde
It's not flexible... I'm not interested until I dont have to worry when I drop my phone and having a camera impede the screen is really annoying. I'll stick with my s7
Nothing But all in one!!!
Some people can't afford this phone but you can In 2025
UKAS Vor Stunde
*Can it fly though?*
Millennium Decade
Super large internal storage with external SD card slot just seems kind of pointless to me... Things that would use that space (photos, videos, music, movies, etc.) I would just put on the SD card so..
Markuzz Vor Stunde
Thank you, Mark ass brownlee.
Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson
Samsung are great
Aadil Siddiqui
Aadil Siddiqui Vor Stunde
Thank you samsung for keeping the earphone jack.
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