Scaring Stephen Sharer Driving Lamborghini Surprise for The First Time!! (Sis vs Bro Challenge)

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After “SURPRISING My Sister Grace Sharer With Her Dream Car!! (BRAND NEW LAMBORGHINI)“ Grace was so surprised that Stephen Sharer surprised her with her very own brand new blue Lamborghini. Today Grace Sharer will be learning to drive her first car! Watch out, last time Grace drove a car, the Sharerghini, she broke it! Hopefully Grace Sharer does not break this new car. Grace first has to find Stephen sharer to get the Lamborghini keys. Grace Sharer finds Stephen in the backyard pool with the keys. Stephen will first do a test ride to show Grace Sharer how to drive the speedy sports car Lamborghini. Grace Sharer will drive the speedy sports car Lamborghini for the very first time! Will she crash is like the Sharerghini ?? After Grace Sharer starting driving it she comes up with a new idea! She does a prank on Stephen Sharer that she took the speedy sports car Lamborghini off roading!! Stephen Sharers reaction is hilarious !!
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18 Jun 2019



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nice prank on Stephen at the end of the video
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