Scooter Crash Fail Epic 2.5 year old

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Scooter Crash ridden by two and a half year old grommet. This cute kid is gnarly and is doing some awesome jumps on a skate ramp on the razor scooter, then he crashes with an epic fail. No kids were hurt during this stunt.
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20 Jul 2013

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David Snyder
David Snyder Vor Monat
the handle bars are never to be higher than the shoulder!!
Matt Price
Matt Price Vor 5 Monate
I can’t imagine my kid riding a scooter at 2.5, he’s about that age now. No way, he trips over nothing already lol
Katnis TWB
Katnis TWB Vor year
That is sooooooo cute but the title is not very well with the vid
Awesome people Doing things
Soooo cute
bexut Vor year
U should cut his bars down
Dan the Meme Man
scooter kids, am i right?
Muffie Games
Muffie Games Vor year
That's what he gets for pushing mongo
Danny R
Danny R Vor year
ImpactDobz Vor year
cut his bars down man
L B 1
L B 1 Vor year
He didn't have a helmet on
Camryn Long
Camryn Long Vor year
I can tell by 10 yes old he'll be a pro.
Dominic corkett
Dominic corkett Vor 2 years
Lower his damn bars
Masks n' Metal
Masks n' Metal Vor 2 years
"you okay​?" kid replies "DUGM!"
Shawn Nicole
Shawn Nicole Vor 2 years
this wasn't a fail it wasn't even epic ,it's not even close to being epic or an epic fail dude this was lame no offense but he did fall so it has to count for something like -1 percent of something
Mikke Vor 2 years
do you want a child to face plant on your steps with a crackt head?
Landin Hart
Landin Hart Vor 2 years
buy him a scooter that fits him and make him continue the sport in 5 years he could be better or as good as rocco piazza
Imsaulgoodman Vor year
Landin Hart Rocco's a nob tbh
Dorian Foster
Dorian Foster Vor 2 years
rage quit
CheeseInc Vor 2 years
Darn, wanted to see him suffer
Nightmare Bonnie
Nightmare Bonnie Vor 2 years
me too
Tomzie Boy
Tomzie Boy Vor 3 years
no pick up a sk8 board while you still can
Wyatt Combs
Wyatt Combs Vor 2 years
Wyatt Combs
Wyatt Combs Vor 2 years
Moritz Kisovec
Moritz Kisovec Vor 3 years
didnt his parents see that coming? the scooter was waayy too big for this kid. at least hes not such a pussy like most older kids on scooters...
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Vor 3 years
Haha 😂 Atleast he wasn't a pussy about it
Nikita Iwlew
Nikita Iwlew Vor 3 years
FX Recon
FX Recon Vor 3 years
I can imagine this kid in a few years time as the best scooter rider ever
Joke Style
Joke Style Vor 3 years
Delete Me
Delete Me Vor 4 years
Bars are to high NIMSKULL
Sam Costley
Sam Costley Vor 4 years
. Vor 4 years
ahah so cute
Slick McProductions
Get him a helmet! God!
Kyan Mateau
Kyan Mateau Vor 4 years
Nathan camilleri
Nathan camilleri Vor 5 years
LOL are you ok? BUM! pick up your scooter NO!
papaya1551 Vor 5 years
Is this the same boy in the Cozy Coupe crash video? He's gotten so big!
Brett Gedney
Brett Gedney Vor 5 years
you cant actually its a stunt scooter they don't fold up or lower to make them harder so you can do bigger tricks
Jack Sandham
Jack Sandham Vor 5 years
Next fucking ryan williams
Joel Hunter
Joel Hunter Vor 5 years
The parents can lower the scooter
Landon Yurko
Landon Yurko Vor 5 years
aww poor guy, his scooters to big but its awesome to see him want to rip!
Ellis McGrady
Ellis McGrady Vor 5 years
He's good!
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