Scooter Nitrous Fail

zip stunter
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i went to the dyno to do some more testing the engine had very low hp 24.3 and then i fucked up and purged the nos in to the plate like i used to do before with the fogger ... Huge explosion ensued :)






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eman sulaeman
eman sulaeman Vor 3 Monate
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hehe nice i come from Netherlands too but you scooters is nice as fck m8, how you do it so the engine not explode?
Cameron Cameron
Cameron Cameron Vor 2 years
serious question why scooters
zip stunter
zip stunter Vor 2 years
Cameron Cameron cus its faster then most people think... fastest at the moment 0-100 km/h time is 2.5 sec in a sprintframe not mine ... faster then any production bike or car ... exept maybe a couple butt these are hard to find i found 1 car 2.3 sec the new charger or hellcat
Adam Clark
Adam Clark Vor 2 years
You should never purge into the motor without the motor running and hold the RPM's at around 3000RPM and just bump the button till you get the line purged out. Trust me your very lucky I've blown carbs off of sheet metal sbc intake manifold before because a solenoid stuck open and it definitely hurts stuff. If anything order just a purge solenoid and purge it that way. Really need to gap your spark plugs down to about 0.23-0.28 and run Race Gas. I'm curious if you supplemented the fuel system for the nitrous to a methanol injection system to see what power differences you'd see. We've been testing methanol injection with nitrous and have seen huge increases in power of just the nitrous
zip stunter
zip stunter Vor 2 years
i ordered these sparkplugs www.onallcylinders.com/2016/03/24/spark-plug-evolution-plasma-used-improve-spark-plug-performance/ ... dont now much about the water methanol injection ... butt sounds very interesting
Baniak07 Vor 2 years
that's an amazing zip
Meeks C
Meeks C Vor 2 years
Whats happening with the roost may I ask? :)
zip stunter
zip stunter Vor 2 years
next weekend the guy who bought it ... is comming to do a dyno session with the roost engine , il try to make a video
Bakir Babović
Bakir Babović Vor 2 years
how can i contact you i have some questions to ask
zip stunter
zip stunter Vor 2 years
bakir branko check out scooter maniacs on fb
Boaz Aarsman
Boaz Aarsman Vor 2 years
mopedopa Baron
mopedopa Baron Vor 2 years
what song is it
mopedopa Baron
mopedopa Baron Vor 2 years
zip stunter Danke
zip stunter
zip stunter Vor 2 years
Kontinuum - Lost (feat. Savoi) [JJD Remix] - NCS Release.mp3
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