Season 8 Episode 1 Explained ! | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

Fire And Blood
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Season 8 Episode 1 Explained ! | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1
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Game Of Thrones FireAndBlood Family Friendly Season 8 Episode 1




14 Apr 2019



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Douglas Sinclair
I appreciate the recap, but your accent is so thick i didnt understand most of it. Sorry.
Sirro Minus
Sirro Minus Vor year
This Ain't secureteam10
florance333 Vor year
I wanted to hear some cool theories, not a loose retelling of the episode with obvious comments.
J. Alejandro Martinez
I need to say this: you have most of the best theories about the show in the DE-vid community and you've grown a fandom over here (me included) but sometimes the rhythm of your voice over is distracting (maybe I'm speaking for myself). I believe you can improve that, your videos are incredible! 👋
Lalhruaichhungi Laufa
Your voice is really annoying
Loke Johansson
Is it only me that doesnt hear what the fk hes saying
noize123 Vor year
You talk through you nose. I can't lesson too you.
angua fanai
angua fanai Vor year
I can tell the narrator is not from kings landing
Joey D
Joey D Vor year
Geeez you threw learning complete English out the windoooe didn’t ya? Your broken English isn’t tooo bad but... I have to repeat a couple times to understand. Anyways cool video
Joey D
Joey D Vor year
Every single game of thrones game or app for a kind of game, sucks ass. I’m tired of seeing them. Yes game of thrones has tooken some of my life but I’m not a complete and utter dingleberry to want to play with fake cringey ass dragons on my phone or dragon eggs and “make my dragon the best one on the phone universe” like suck my balls
Valkyrie3 Vor year
So many commercials!
jim zimmer
jim zimmer Vor year
u sound like bruno
Stefan Nicolaescu
Am I the only one to think that Bran should have known where the dead army was and not let the Umbar kind go back at his castle to die? The movie keeps having these mistakes that JRR Martin would never do .....
Marq Player
Marq Player Vor year
The dead kid scared the shit out of me
Why is secureteam10 opening song also your song obviously you have stolen tyler opening intro song that's copywriting bro he been around a lot longer than you man.. good video tho
John Kaitlyn
John Kaitlyn Vor year
Secure Team?
Ale Ale Handro
Stopped watching.. can’t understand you
melissa meeker
I think Ghost and Nymeria for that matter will be like Drogon was. He came when Dany really needed him. I think both wolves will.show as the fight starts.
tomorrow Vor year
its more spoiler and summary of the episode than explanation
Will Adams
Will Adams Vor year
The Irrational National
Q1: when a wight Walker is killed by valerian steel or dragonglass. It shatters into bits of crystals or ice. But.. if a wight is killed with this (unless cut in half) it just dies. But its body is still intact... Can the night king and the white walkers reanimate them again??.. Q2: Are the white walkers all babies that got turned while they were alive?.. Q3: the dragonglass that turned that human into the night king. Was something special about the dragonglass vs other drafonglass? Was the human that got turned special? If not.. then every person stabbed in the heart with dragonglass could become the night king.. in theory. Q4: Are all the children of the forrest dead?
Endymion - Clash of Clans
Daenerys: *Dracarys!* Notre-Dame: *Help!*
John Kellett
John Kellett Vor year
For all the "HUPLA" that the Promoters of Game Of Thrones did and told "US THE FANS" even though you not going to get to see the next season of Game of Thrones for no less than eight months, season eight will blow our socks off......Really???? They also told us that because there will only be six episodes that each episode will be no less than 90 minutes.....Did anyone else realize that episode 1 of season 8 was only 45 minutes......and really out of those glorious 45 minutes where was the "OOH AAH" I'm sorry I didn't see it......
Akane Himegami
D R Vor year
I cant understand this guy at all.
Jessica Eyman
Jessica Eyman Vor year
It’s hard to eat this guy speak 😭💔
Steger 13
Steger 13 Vor year
No way terion will be with sursi no way.
Sherrie Berrie
Jon doesn't seem to be in the r/ship the man is concern about saving his ppl and the world. While 'Eve' I mean DT is concern about sex, bended knees and burning ppl.
Kate Maystrova
Game Of Thrones s8e1 - Opening Scene Music (Piano Cover) de-vid.com/video/video-tcIXZLV_BZ4.html
Christian Petersen
Tyrion is not working with Cersei...
Binge Appalooza
Your voice is so annoying
Raquel Curiel
Raquel Curiel Vor year
Oh man I loved GoT best show ever, it will make you laugh, cry, got scare and smile in 1 episode 💜🐺🐉🦁💜
r f
r f Vor year
GOT. What 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥. 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄. Ya Ya 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴. Super Dupper wa wa ga Ga
Bron isn't going to kill Jamie and Tyrion. The point of GoT is character journey and development. Brons main character development will be him choosing to do something against doing it for money. His entire character was built on him being a sell sword that would do anything for money and it is referenced many times. So for him to grow as a character he needs to choose to not kill Jamie and Tyrion because its the right thing to do rather than kill them for money.
aime lin
aime lin Vor year
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TikTok Entertainment
I think Jon Snow will meet the red woman when they come to kings landing, she will already be there. I can’t see them introduce her another way.
Kiob De
Kiob De Vor year
James Sweezey
James Sweezey Vor year
I thought the episodes were supposed to be like 80 mins each or something...
Wickedeh17GE Vor year
27 seconds in and wth is with "Spectacular" "best openings ever"? This was a dull episode and was only not complete trash because we have waited so long and thus it is at least something.
ridreb Vor year
Dany and Jon arent really intelligent ... They dont deserve to win..... They can fight but they cant rule....
johanna W
johanna W Vor year
I kinda like your accent ☺️ is your native language Russian? Or some other Eastern European language?
godless 789
godless 789 Vor year
Am I the only one who can't stand the accent of the lector?😒 Tragic speak slower if you can't pronounce correctly 🙈
Suman Chatterjee
Khal drogo aka DRogon was staring at Jhon-Dany Kiss.. Lol
Snake Plisskin
i see you watch secureteam
vega s
vega s Vor year
I dont understand anything
Becketts43 Vor year
I thought Dany saying about staying there so that nobody could find them was a reference to what Ygritte had said to Jon in the cave? I was waiting for Jaime and Bran to see each other, well Bran is Bran, but the way Jaime looked at him just broke my heart.
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Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Vor year
I kinda wanted to see the citadels reaction to the raven bringing news on the wall. All hail Jaegon Stargaryan.
Rebel Tazz
Rebel Tazz Vor year
Ohh GOD please don't do this to us GoT fans and may the rest of the season be better and not like this episode .. first of all Jon mounted a dragon like its a fucking goat and Dany instead of being surprised and shocked is laughing and joking .. dude what the fuck ?.. and than that dragon looking Jon like a jealous Ex-Gf like he's not dragon but human and understands all, extremely lame comedy, than Dany smile before was so reserved just like queen and now it's so causal and her smiling in this episode alone was more than whole of the previous 7 seasons combined and at last the most awaited thing of season 8, Jon and Arya reunion was normal like they just meet again after a week .. even Jon and Bran reunion was better than it .. Jon and Sansa season 6 was the most emotional and way too better than the rest two when they both had the most uncomfortable relationship .. after watching this episode my hopes for the rest of the season are not so high ..
ultraokletsgo Vor year
Sorry but wtf was with that spoiler about the Golden Company breaking a contract to side with the Targaryen? They've followed the books closely enough that a twist like that would surely be included in the show. There was literally no reason to include that to ruin it for non book readers.
Soma Shekar
Soma Shekar Vor year
Wtf is that language?
julien Vor year
Team Elephants!!! Screw the Golden Company!!!
Scolded Vor year
Paladin Vor year
why are you using secure team 10s music!
Steve P
Steve P Vor year
this episode was bland, boring, cookie cutter sjw BS. it was less than 1 hr after introduction, we waited 2 years for this garbage!!!!
Bryson Reins
Bryson Reins Vor year
Thank you captain obvious! What is the point of this video? Other than to deliver spoiler after spoiler? Not a single bit of insight that wasn’t overtly obvious.
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar Vor year
Plot twist : Ned Stark is alive and he was no one. He wore the face of Jaqen H'ghar and pushed Arya to live on and avenge the family
Elizabeth Dean
Ghost should have been reunited with Jon. He's important too.
Alice's Husband
I hate ur voice and accent
James Porter
James Porter Vor year
Your accent killed it for me.. lol
Sneezy1230 Sanders
Subscribe to sneezy1230 for the Ghetto Breakdown of Game of Thrones
Bo Borris
Bo Borris Vor year
You are too hard to understand imo. A little too fast maybe idk lol maybe im just slow
Harshit Rayal
Harshit Rayal Vor year
Cersi: you want a whore, buy one. You want a queen...earn her. And the rest is history
TONY YIN Vor year
Are you speak English?
lord reyna
lord reyna Vor year
U got to cut back on the ads there are other creators with the same content time without so many ads.
Li pie
Li pie Vor year
Watch this part de-vid.com/video/video-Rq7izvtX8og.html
Tramaine Terrance
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Princess Jalila
Rakibul Alam
Rakibul Alam Vor year
what are you talking about...Arya knows...really...
Neo Vor year
What was the point of this video?! You just narrate the whole episode 1. Please correct the title of your video to ' Narration of GOT S8E1' But seriously guys there are things that pissed me off. First why everyone at Winterfell especially the stark sisters are so arrogant and ignorant about an immediate and impending doom that will most likely wipe every living soul in Westeros? Why all the lords and ladies of the hall with all their wisdom cannot understand a simple truth! even after seeing a massive army coming to the cold bitter Winterfell to aid them which shows the gravity of the situation. Yet as we see and hear from their response and their whole attitude they feel like that they will easily defend the north on their own easily and don't need foreign savages! What is going on? Did they dialed down the intelligence of the Northmen in Season 8? and What the eff is going on with Stark Sisters especially Sansa with her smirks and stingy tongue lashing out at Daenerys? She did not need to come to Winterfell! she has 0 reasons to bring her entire force all the way up to that barren wasteland and yet she did and she never once asked anyone to bend the knee or whatever! I mean if I was the lord of the Winterfell knowing what is coming I would crawl under the feet of any help anyone can give me to save my keep and my people but Sansa acts like well I don't really compute her dumb reactions. It feels like she wanted Jon as a lover in secret and now she is jealous of her beauty and her force and her giant dragons. NOTHING makes sense. No one these events were worked on the previous season like Cersi. We know her. We know she is mad and will do anything to keep her ass safe and we understand why but now to see the reaction of Northman and their lords and ladies is just beyond my brain. Even Aria vouches for dumb Sansa's smartness which was a satisfying feeling when Jon laughed at that fact! There is an Army of hundreds of thousands undead with their elite generals and their king on the back of an undead dragon approaching at full speed, an army that does not start a siege or plan tactic they just plow throw wiping anything living. An army that is 10 times faster than any man and every part of their body is practically a weapon. Swarm of undead that cannot be stopped and they will be resurrected at a whim by their kings when they fall and add new meat from the fallen of the living. An army that is growing by the seconds yet we see every single character in Winterfell has their own secret agenda and plotting and scheming has already started as if someone came to them while Jon was away and gave them the full assurance that they will survive no matter what. IT MAKES NO SENSE! The HOLLY Shi* face if Lord Varyis on the trailer for the episode 2 should have the tone of everyone in Winterfell. Randal Tarly was a cunt and Sam has 0 love for him so why the hell is he upset and crying? Yeah, he was his father but anyone who is a cunt deserves a stinky end and Sam should have been shocked not CRYINGGGG! Well yes, for the lil bro. 8 years and the walkers were the coolest thing ever for an endgame and do deeply hope that the author doesn't make them weak and pathetic. Something is seriously wrong with Season 8 opening. From the character's voice, their tone the atmosphere of the world especially Winterfell and all the characters. I just finished season 7 and started season 8 and god they are just out of sync and it does not feel there is any cohesion and cohesion was one of the strongest suits of this show between each season. What am I mission here guys? I need help understanding. Am I the only one feeling this way? Even if I am wrong I would love to see the dead roll over everything in their path and decimate the red keep itself as we have led to believe they have the power to do so, otherwise consider me utterly disappointed. An army that even dragons are useless against them, boy think of that!
Özgün Gündüz
The episode was great for fans but it was too fast, too short. They had to skip some of the most important news so fast, like night king took the dragon?!? They just skipped it, can't believe! Jon Snow's riding dragon was dope, but I wasn't expecting it until the second episode, I think they wanted to give Jon and Dany a romantic bonding with dragons, etc. It was like a romance movie but with the dragons.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor year
#28 on trending street
crzy1gs Vor year
Can't wait for one of the Dragons to melt the Iron Throne... Thus replacing the 'Jet fuel can't melt steel beams' meme :D
Samuel Rolland
Who else can barely understand him?
fn W
fn W Vor year
Jesus Christ I can’t understand a word. Maybe have captions next time
fn W
fn W Vor year
Oh I thought I was watching secure team
3van Vor year
JON SNOW CAN RAP??? de-vid.com/video/video-qSDVgcHvf6A.html&start_radio=1
Onpoint_xCamz Vor year
You don’t know the show more then anyone else
Silent Knight33
Jon snow will have to kill a willing Daenerys to defeat the knight king....jon is the last hero.
mal bashir
mal bashir Vor year
switch that wow
floopness Vor year
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Why is Drogon bigger?
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