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Luna Lee
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Send Luna to her SXSW showcase!
Support Luna's music: www.patreon.com/lunalee?ty=h
One-off donation via Paypal: goo.gl/Bx0kdn
Business request: luna422@gmail.com
Upcoming show(2017):
Global Isai Festival in India
SXSW2017 Austin, Texas, US
All Equipments for recording shooting and performance:
Bose L1 compact amplifire, Orange Crush 20RT amp, Sony headphones MDR-7506,
Boss Disotrtion DS-1 made in Japan, Strymon reverb BigSky,
Nux Time force delay, Nux Loop core, Tone Gauge Overdirve, Moollon custum equalizer, Nux PDI-2
Sony HDR-CX450 camera, Adam A5X monitor speaker, Yamaha MM8 synthesizer keyboard
DAW: Cubase RME babyface audiocard(audio interface) MXL 2006 microphone
Gayageum: customized 12,20,21,25 string Gayageums
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14 Feb 2017



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JT Vor 6 Monate
Luna, You are Adorable ! ! ! Thank you for the great music ! !
Marco Landolfi
Marco Landolfi Vor 11 Monate
You are so nice and tender that make me cry.
Mark Hawthorne
Luna, so lovely and so cute. I love the way to speak English. You are so gifted Luna, nice to see and hear something new. You have a new fan here 😀🌹
Imothep Vor year
So happy I found your channel :D Love and light from Germany
You're so damn cute and sexy.
Tiger. Vor year
You are so talented is it possible of doing a DE-vid 30 minutes to 60 minutes nonstop music of your beautiful talent you are.
Xin Vor year
Cute level over 9000!
Red Rum
Red Rum Vor year
I wish you the success again all adversity. your Music is a wonder twist to rock and blues YOU ROCK!!
화모란Hwa molan
lucky for u Luna I want to gayageum
화모란Hwa molan
كنبغيك ممكن تعليمنا كيفاش نعزفوا على الجياجوم
화모란Hwa molan
can u tech us how to play gayageum iam from morroc and I love Korea and I love gayageum sanjo very much please unnie 사랑해요
wtfgoogle Vor year
Luna, if you need a green card I'll marry you ;)
Quốc thái Dân an
Quốc thái Dân an Vor 11 Monate
wtfgoogle no no she is my hihihih
Mental Food
Mental Food Vor 2 years
What song did she play in this video?
Mental Food
Mental Food Vor 2 years
Oh, thank you. :)
alabama1974 Vor 2 years
comfortably numb second solo
dimb1 Vor 2 years
OMG you are so cuuuuute ♥ ♥ Greetings from Ecuador, best of luck!!
StillNoCouch Vor 2 years
$200 Let me know if you need more. -- Alan
alabama1974 Vor 2 years
Wow, didn't recognise song at first listening. Beautiful!!!!
Carlos Bertoldi
Carlos Bertoldi Vor 2 years
u need make l'amour toujours by gigi
Andrew MAD
Andrew MAD Vor 2 years
Интересная девушка, интересная музыка. До сих пор не понимал звучания этого инструмента, но как выяснилось, он весьма неплохо вписывается в современную музыку. И это хорошо.
TheGreaterGood80 Vor 2 years
Luna, I know you get swamped with requests for covers, but I'd love to hear you cover "Drifting" by Andy McKee or "The Hangman" by Preston Reed. I'd be interested in hearing how contemporary acoustic guitar translates to gayageum.
Максим Александренков
luna plz final fantasy 8 force your way please
ЗаRц Поиск
ЗаRц Поиск Vor 2 years
Well, finally I found what I was looking for,You're a treasure Luna
nitu419 Vor 2 years
Very nice.
kayota3002 Vor 2 years
Музыка не имеет национальности. Привет из России. С Красноярска
Theo Trecker
Theo Trecker Vor 2 years
Love your patreon page. Great Floyd cover. Don't worry I am sure you will make it to Texas and things will go very well for you :D
Darkmatter Jesus
Darkmatter Jesus Vor 2 years
I wished more people knew about this channel. You are really talented.
mk oldg henry
mk oldg henry Vor 2 years
you are just awsome luna :)
El Duderino
El Duderino Vor 2 years
Your rock, Luna!!!
Jimmy Eigor
Jimmy Eigor Vor 2 years
계좌번호 알려주실 수 있나요? 페이팔이니 이런 것들은 너무 복잡해서요.
NMSteveC Vor 2 years
I can't give much, but I will contribute.
StillNoCouch Vor 2 years
@Steve: I'll match anything you can manage, Brother. I've been there too. Just let me know via PM and I'll gladly match it under your name. -- Alan
Števo Vor 2 years
Beatifull .WOW
April Bennington
April Bennington Vor 2 years
It's 2:52 AM in Birmingham Alabama, United States. You have a very beautiful speaking voice. Love your music!
T Button
T Button Vor 2 years
Trump probably won't let her in
Spam Muffin
Spam Muffin Vor 2 years
This is bullshit. How is the govt of S. Korea going to throw money at the pop industry and not to unique and inventive musicians like this that actually draw on korean tradition? It makes no sense.
Kubilay Ertuna
It's a scandal, isn't it? This is because the K-pop industry is large and brings in millions of dollars in foreign currency.
One Kick Cunt
One Kick Cunt Vor 2 years
You sound like an Anime character. Also please lower the video lighting... unless you prefer it that way. It looks too bright. Thanks for the music.
ColtonMetal Vor 2 years
Comfortably Numb?
James C.
James C. Vor 2 years
미국에 있는 한국문화원 연락해보세요
James C.
James C. Vor 2 years
미국에 있는 한국문화원 연락해보세요~ :)
Stephanie C h
Stephanie C h Vor 2 years
I love your music so much it's brilliant!... And as always thanks Luna❤ Happy Valentine's Day :))
Jed Ex
Jed Ex Vor 2 years
If you like doing livestreams, you should look into broadcasting on Twitch.tv. It's mostly for video games but there are communities for music as well.
Frank Weiser
Frank Weiser Vor 2 years
Great sound, coordination and empathy . Wow. I love it❤️
cheezyridr Vor 2 years
i think what you are doing is extremely important to music. we need people like you to do wonderful new things with old-ish classics. i can almost guarantee that most of your western followers would never have exposed themselves to gayageum had you not shown them what can be done with one. you, and 12 girls band, and the yoshida brothers are giving a gift to the world. thank you for that.
portallatro Vor 2 years
Welcome to Creative Commons Luna! I hope you got the master tape I did for you. No digital fingerprint on your master tape by the way. You can use it how you want.
TheDriver454 Vor 2 years
Love the song...feel like driving in the night and listen to it....and thinking of lost girlfriends and life choises...will you make a seperat video for the song?
SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ
Everyone call the Korean Embassy in your country and demand the Korean government to reinstate the funds to Luna Lee!
Vainquisher Vor 2 years
Here is a list of the South Korean embassies in the United States: south-korea.visahq.com/embassy/united-states/
alessandro raisoni
alessandro raisoni Vor 2 years
😬inglese with Google Translator, I did not understand anything, but okay, hello Luna , I still follow bravisssssssssima👍😃🎶...
Kevin King
Kevin King Vor 2 years
love love love your music! Happy valentines day ;)
U_PITER Vor 2 years
^__^ So sveet.
love your laugh
James C.
James C. Vor 2 years
목소리 귀업네요 ^^
Jandrix Garcia Tuñon
16:30 at spain
Jandrix Garcia Tuñon
when you came to spain?? i think that you can play with some flamenco guitars... your talent is amazing
Jim Kenaston
Jim Kenaston Vor 2 years
I like to think of your work as being timeless, though you truly have offered a timely innovation to the music many of us grew up with. Thanks very much for the generous spirit you display in sharing your special gift with others.
최지원 Vor 2 years
스트리밍도 하셨군요!!! 좋은 영상 많이 올려주세요~
Svetoslav Dimitrov
Svetoslav Dimitrov Vor 2 years
You are so natural on camera!
s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/01/62/d0/0162d0a92721acf3092721896d64c484.jpg :))
Robert Burwell
Robert Burwell Vor 2 years
Luna, love your version of Scuttle Buttin'. SRV would be so proud and happy to hear you play his tune.
Jimjimjim40 Vor 2 years
Very good. 8:40 am here in Arkansas, USA.
Janchk Vor 2 years
Oh, Pink Floyd, how much I love it. 5 pm in Saint Petersburg (Russia) by the way. Keep up with your great job! Stream is a very interesting idea. Happy Valentines day!
Harvey Manzano
Harvey Manzano Vor 2 years
me encantas... eres talentosa y muy bella.... .e gusta mucho lo que haces
링가딩가딩 Vor 2 years
매번 잘보고 잘 듣고 가요!!!!!
5tormwolf92 Vor 2 years
Great work keep it up.
Jeanette Valentín García
hi Luna! kisses and hugs from Mexico! you're the best!
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