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"Somebody hits you in the face, you either gotta hit him back or act like you wanna hit him back." - Shaq

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22 Nov 2021



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ChoppedByT Podcast
Shaq is right… If you get hit in the face and they draw blood, how would you expect somebody to act. People grabbing him and restraining him set him over the edge
ChoppedByT Podcast
@kst kst 😂
ChoppedByT Podcast
@R Manning people get so caught up in LeBron being one of the best players that they think he’s above things like people getting mad at him for idk HITTING THEM IN THE FACE
R Manning
R Manning Vor Monat
Exactly Shaq, I know Shaq or Charles would have been on lebron Head
I’m Joking
I’m Joking Vor Monat
Glad Shaq pointed out LeBrons time in the league. Two ejections in 19 years? That’s impressive for a superstar.
*o* Vor 5 Tage
@Carlos Medeiros Gotta ask what is up with the LeBron hate? I’m not personally a LeBron fan. But god damn. You seriously cannot seem to like him even a bit huh?
Carlos Medeiros
Carlos Medeiros Vor 15 Tage
@I’m Joking gimme a break. You breathe on him too hard and he flops. He's the biggest sissy that's ever played the game. And are u actually comparing the era that Jordan played in compared to the soft league that LeChina Janmes is playing in? You obviously are too young to have watched basketball from the 80s and 90s. That era was played by men. Lebron is a spoiled child. He should've been ejected other times as well for the way he swings that elbow. This was no accident. He knew what he was doing and when a man confronted him he ran like the coward that he is. He would've never lasted in the 80s and 90s
Chris Bannister
Chris Bannister Vor Monat
He's the softest player in History what do you expect
Finn Raeside
Finn Raeside Vor Monat
@I’m Joking Horrible take
I’m Joking
I’m Joking Vor Monat
@FU Censorshippoosies2.1 Naw, when you’re as big and strong as he is, a foul which would normally knock down anyone else in the nba, you have to sell it a bit. Otherwise, it won’t get called. He has to flop to show the fouls that would have knocked MJ on his ass.
rosefloyd Vor Monat
if somebody hit you and that much blood is running down your face, then you’re supposed to smile and act calm? he felt like he was disrespected and was walking away until he was antagonized. isaiah is a good kid and isn’t a bad person at all
No Ammo
No Ammo Vor Monat
@Beede Bawng he wasn't hit deliberately lebron was trying to use his strength to get him off by elbowed him in the face on accident if he wasn't he wouldn't have immediate stopped what he was doing to see if he was OK
Beede Bawng
Beede Bawng Vor Monat
It's not the fact that he was hit. It's the fact that he was hit deliberately and was made to bleed.
Mbithi Vor Monat
Shaq, Reggie and Chuck were brawlers! They literally have NBA highlights of their fights
Sarbjit Singh
Sarbjit Singh Vor 12 Tage
@Donnie Francis lol
JomoDaMusicMan Vor Monat
​@Donnie Francis If somebody was kicking Reggies's butt, they 1st had to look to see if Chryl was calling the game, and even if she was, I've seen her being held, cause she was trying to get to the floor to defend her little brother.
Adrian sanchez
Adrian sanchez Vor Monat
Shaq real talk
Donnie Francis
Donnie Francis Vor Monat
@d b 😂😂😂😂
d b
d b Vor Monat
@Donnie Francis lol. The funniest part was seeing Reggie all clawed up g he rest of the season lol. And I think its on one of his hoop cards if I'm not mistaken lol
Kevin Hagler
Kevin Hagler Vor Monat
Completely agree. All he wanted was to get a swing back. His team did him a disservice by holding him back, as much as he did.
jakkeday1 Vor Monat
Shaq - "Only 2 options!" 😂😂😂😂😂
David E Santamaría P
Like him and chuck 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Vor Monat
I knew Reggie was a vampire and the way he summoned the darkness like the Undertaker proves it 😂. 01:55
Underrated because the lights went out 😭
Dr Greene
Dr Greene Vor Monat
Lol bruh when I skip to this part of the vid n can’t stop laughing
Mika Hakinnen
Mika Hakinnen Vor Monat
It turned dark when they talked about blood. 🤣
T Parris
T Parris Vor Monat
Shaq is right when you get hit in the face you don’t know how you will react. 🩸 all over your face will have an impact on your reaction as well.
CarlMADEUCUM Vor Monat
I just don’t get how these people really think you gon get hit in the face and your face gon be leaking and you just gon walk away that ain’t even realistic!
Chris Hill
Chris Hill Vor Monat
It's def understandable and at the same time you are in a contact sport. I'm the type of person that happens to me we squaring off rip but when people get in the way I'm not bout to waste my time. That's when injuries happen. Guess teammate cut himself open trying to hold him back
Marzdeep Vor Monat
I love Shaq. He calls it the right way. He's totally right.
Daniel Nalley
Daniel Nalley Vor Monat
This is coming from some of the most ruthless brawlers in our NBA history!!!!!
Oyin Ayo
Oyin Ayo Vor Monat
I feel like Lebron reacted the way anyone would have but the force he used was too much. I watched the video over and over. And that is something the NBA should regulate
Bobby B.
Bobby B. Vor Monat
Idk I'm a very patient person but when some bullshit happens and I try to be the level headed person that I usually am but the rage just builds I think I'd react the same way. Some people just push there emotions down and down, like myself, but eventually there's a point where it comes out, a release. Everyone wants to make a deal out of this game coming up but I GUARANTEE nothing happens because A. Stewart had his release and B. LeBron don't want the heat.
Autumnrain Vor Monat
@YuRMoMiNHD I read but that just gives me even more confidence in saying he stopped himself. He wanted to deck him? He could’ve. He went on a rampage to simply stop himself. Deck lebron he’d be black balled out the league faster than his doctor could stitch him up.
YuRMoMiNHD Vor Monat
@Autumnrain he’s also boxed competitively he ain’t scared of bron
Autumnrain Vor Monat
@Bobby B. stew is a big guy even for the league. 6’7 250. There are not many people on this planet or on that court that could stop him. He decided to stop running.
Bobby B.
Bobby B. Vor Monat
@Jordan Moses dude I forgot about that had to give it a re-watch haha man that guy was a menace
Jordan Moses
Jordan Moses Vor Monat
@Bobby B. I beg to differ, the Ron Artest elbow to James Harden was cleaner than the smell of pine-sol.
T. Kuykendall
T. Kuykendall Vor Monat
I love how Shaq is like: I said what I said..
R Manning
R Manning Vor Monat
You hear me ..Shaq still ready💯
maggie198333 Vor Monat
Shaq kept it real.
Mike Who
Mike Who Vor Monat
Would have loved to see Lebron try that on someone from the 90’s like Rodman. He would be eating hardwood on the next rebound.
Carl Fernandes
Carl Fernandes Vor Monat
This panel discussion easily needed Chuck more than Kenny. Wish Chuck would bumrush Shaq in a replay enactment. Kenny can play Westbrook, while Reggie yells "Stay on your seats!"
Anthony Bugg
Anthony Bugg Vor Monat
The animal came out of that young brother because he started to bleed he didn't bleed right away that's why he was chilling but once he found out he was bleeding he snapped any person would do that people are different they have delay actions we're not all the same
MrShado Vor Monat
I’m sure E.J. would rather talk about something else. I’m still heartbroken about his son.
SundayRide Texas
Texans unite!!
jo23bulls Vor Monat
Yea I hope he’s doing ok
BigPimpin 9
BigPimpin 9 Vor Monat
Agree wit shaq...KG KINDA did the same with dwhite howard too he act like he wanted to swing when he got head butted then ran when everyone was holding him back lol
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch Vor Monat
Superman is right this time... Stewart reacted the way he was supposed to. 💪
glad lawson
glad lawson Vor Monat
They should have been allowed to fight. When u throw elbows... you know it is going to hurt. I'm fine with his reaction.
Bee BAE Vor Monat
Exactly he didn't know he was bleeding that's why it took so long to react once he found out the reaction was bad
Ive never seen a detroit blaco guy not act like that after anyone hits him whether its deserved or not whether it was an accident or not.
Jade Wolf
Jade Wolf Vor Monat
“Only two, Kenny.” ~Shaq
Ronin Vor Monat
Shaq was Born to fight. Why you think that’s all he knows.
d b
d b Vor Monat
@A1 Sawse he tried to fight Ewing but Ewing backed down. I wish he and Bill laimbeer would've played at the same time. Man it would've definitely went down between them lmao
d b
d b Vor Monat
@A1 Sawse he slapped the hell outta alvin Robertson ass lol
A1 Sawse
A1 Sawse Vor Monat
@Darksky Lord facts
Darksky Lord
Darksky Lord Vor Monat
Shaq was born big not to fight
Ronin Vor Monat
@A1 Sawse . He’s the type of guy that couldn’t be your cellmate if you was to ever go to prison. He would easily man handle you with them big hands of his.
Vaughn Chauncy
Vaughn Chauncy Vor Monat
Shaq says he supports Isaiah Stewart's reaction,let Shaq remember since he threatens to punch and hit guys in the throat,he will get similar or worse reaction,or consequence ,cause and effect Shaq
Orville Bryan
Orville Bryan Vor Monat
Its funny how the guy who LeBron bust his face up with a no basketball play is getting the blame on most of these sports shows. Well any real man would reacted the same way.
Cameron Lamb
Cameron Lamb Vor Monat
This is why Steven Adams is the toughest man in the NBA. You can haymaker him and he'll just look at you no reaction
Oumar Diallo
Oumar Diallo Vor Monat
Shap almost took brad miller's head of because oakley fouled him 😂
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Vor Monat
He blacked out after he tasted the blood
jappaminks Vor Monat
Fr fr a switch turned on
David Esparza
David Esparza Vor Monat
I understand getting upset but he was trying to break through his own teammates and coaches holding him back.
Horus Hyperion
Horus Hyperion Vor Monat
Upset is an underadjective
citizenY Vor Monat
We all know that the next thing that would have happened, if this was allowed to continue, would be another Lakers jersey flopping on the floor.
Background Guy
Background Guy Vor Monat
I get wanting to do something and reacting. I don’t get getting crazy and running people over. At that point you have issues. You’re a millionaire athlete surrounded by top level athletes and being watched by millions of people. Why act like that? It wasn’t that serious.
Keith Richards
Keith Richards Vor Monat
Mannnnn I was really hoping Shaq was gunna keep it real but you know damn well labron did that on purpose dude
S Dot
S Dot Vor Monat
That was a sucker punch and Stewart acted like he was supposed to
Taco Bell • 23 years ago
@Makishima Shogo You actually can recognize an opinion from a question, my friend.
Makishima Shogo
Makishima Shogo Vor 5 Tage
@Taco Bell • 23 years ago You cant tell an opinion apart from a question sit down
Taco Bell • 23 years ago
@Makishima Shogo You don’t even know what hit his face, so your opinion is invalid.
Makishima Shogo
Makishima Shogo Vor Monat
and he still was acting tough after it. Whats your point? Lebron's ingame elbow will humble him? gtfoh
maad kids see ghost
It was karma for Stewart. He been acting tough lately.
Thiago Ocean
Thiago Ocean Vor 3 Tage
Lebron was not humble and Man enough to respectfully say Im sorry That would have changed the whole thing What got Isaiah all mad was the attitude of lebron and all the Lakers players
Xavier Beach
Xavier Beach Vor Tag
This is why Kenny gets picked on all the time lol...
Adam D.
Adam D. Vor Monat
Stewart was aiming to elbow Lebron first then Lebron flipped the scripted and Stewart got caught
Edwin The Professional
Kenny you never been in a fight? Or seen your own blood on your face? When he saw the blood it was game on.
Ruin Nation
Ruin Nation Vor Monat
He has pushed players in the back or slapped some one in the face. james does it rarely but he does it
poocrafter2 Vor Monat
@Max I think your love of Lebron blinds your logic and reasoning skills. Is it that he's only been ejected twice because he doesn't do stuff to get ejected or is that the league protects him from ejection by making punishments in game easier for him than others.
Max Vor Monat
hes 18 years in the league, statistically speaking its more likely to have hits the longer youre in the league. ofc he has had fights before, this is a physical sport, not chess. but you gotta put it in context, in 18 years he has 2 ejections, thats one every 9 years, stewart would have to play 7 more seasons to have the same average. lebron is one of the most fair players of all time, theres no debating that. he fucked up on this one definitely, but hes still a fair player. if you want to blame someone, go to chris paul, draymond or the morris twins, these dudes deserve all the hate they get, because they are genuinely dirty players.
Autumnrain Vor Monat
@Ruin Nation Its not that black and white. Hes never made anyone bleed before nor has ever been handed a flagarant 2. Hard fouls? sure. This? No.
Ruin Nation
Ruin Nation Vor Monat
@Autumnrain yep so saying james never did any thing like this is wrong.
Autumnrain Vor Monat
literally every player in the nba at one point or another does it.
The Championship Rounds
Getting punched in the face is never that bad when it's not YOU.
lord freeman
lord freeman Vor Monat
Lebron did it on purpose he’s a dirty player and he gets salty when he’s losing. If he wanted to push him off he would have done it but that was a slam Lebron hand slammed him on purpose. And Isiah is soft he had the chance to hit Lebron he didn’t take it he was acting like he wanted to hit him to show us fake toughness. He’s a 🐱
camcab13 13
camcab13 13 Vor Monat
Love hearing someone talk about how a fight should go when he looks like Steve Jobs love child
Francisco Orozco
Damn we need chuck
Wesley Broach
Wesley Broach Vor Monat
Onos Ekewenu
Onos Ekewenu Vor Monat
First of all….
SBJTV Vor Monat
Facts my nigga
Monstermix Vor Monat
He suppose to wanna fight but homie was tripping thou that was over the line knocking people over
Trap Star Ytm
Trap Star Ytm Vor Monat
Lonzo ball took it like a G with Joel situation
XeroDgX Vor Monat
bruh, Embiid's hand barely touched Lonzo's hair, look at the replay @0.25 speed here in YT and you'll see that his reaction was late (wouldn't have dodge the hit if he went to his face) and it barely touched his hair
Garrett Davis
Garrett Davis Vor Monat
Shaq is on point once again.
Zach Van Harris JR
*”After the blood 🩸 talk lol once he tasted the blood 🩸 🧛🏾‍♂️ lol Reggie a whole vampire” @ **1:15** - MELL DUNEY 616*
Makaveli Vor Monat
Kenny needs to be quiet sometimes
Makaveli Vor Monat
@MoneyMo Lol shut up
MoneyMo Vor Monat
And how many years in the NBA do you clowns have?
mesi h
mesi h Vor Monat
You mean all the time 😂😂
Lame 418
Lame 418 Vor Monat
I wish Shaq would do guided meditations
Andrew Pouncil
Andrew Pouncil Vor Monat
I doubt Lebron did it on purpose
RedandBlue Bulldog
I think a good sportsman gives it as good as he gets it. Contact in the face during a play in the game, okay, I got you. But then you make me bleed and it’s a gusher? Oh no. It’s on now!!
AyeJayy43 Vor Monat
Crazy to see Jamal on tnt
lawerence ivey
lawerence ivey Vor Monat
Shaq is a hero
ljguy300 Vor Monat
Its true though if you make me taste my own blood its on. And Shaq is right you either gotta hit him back or act like you going to. No other choice.
Joloooo Vor Monat
"Is he a vampire reggie?"😂
Rodney Craddock
Rodney Craddock Vor Monat
He should have done something off tops when he was in LeBron face
Ludwig Fischer
Ludwig Fischer Vor Monat
Dennis Rodman was the right man for this moment. Show must go o on 🤡.
Kunaal Choksey
Kunaal Choksey Vor Monat
Kenny always talks too much.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Vor Monat
Shaq's career was made from elbowing ppl in the face
Rodney Craddock
Rodney Craddock Vor Monat
So you gonna wait till you're bleeding before you fight? He would have got beat up...how is he gonna see
Rarsa A
Rarsa A Vor 29 Tage
Once he tasted the blood...lol 😆 👹 the moster emerged. Anger can get the best of anyone. He was probably was already fired on something before the game even started.
Quay Gibson
Quay Gibson Vor 25 Tage
Smt, LeBron always does things like this and people always act like they don't see it. I disagree with Shaq, he did not know he was bleeding 😑 as do most people, when he taste the blood he flipped.
Puro Brim
Puro Brim Vor Monat
Kenton should get expelled for that. No way any contact with they way the rules are now can cause that type of a mishap
Tobye Maclin
Tobye Maclin Vor Monat
Damn right Shaq
Andrew Pouncil
Andrew Pouncil Vor Monat
Stewart went crazy
WolfWood Vor Monat
Kenny gotta stay on lebron sack lol seriously he know if he got hit and his face and started bleeding he would be pissed lol
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch Vor Monat
Go Detroit Pistons ❤️🤍💙🏀🇺🇸
MaD eViL
MaD eViL Vor 28 Tage
But that hit was totally on purpose, its not fair to do that only for pushing, its a game u dont have the right to punch and hit
GTRalso Vor Monat
They were out the word “ respect “ like an old carpet
Jlee V
Jlee V Vor Monat
He acted like a child like LeBron did it on purpose, it was an accident. There's going to be a time, trust me, when it's him elbowing somebody. Would he like that person to react like he did when it was an accident?
theman2k7 Vor Monat
Why Kenny a millennial these past few years 😂
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson Vor 14 Tage
Lol dude telling the whole world that he wouldn't try to run hands if he got bashed in the face.
Darren West
Darren West Vor Monat
Shaq is right. You of just pumilled Lebron straight away. Stewart is a beast should of messed him up.
Jay R
Jay R Vor Monat
You idiots have fun in jail with that attitude 😂 “I’m not gonna be disrespected” then allows people to easily dictate your emotions
Walk In His Ways Impact Voice Podcast
That was over the top lol
666animalmother Vor Monat
Lmao at the dude on facebook crying Lebron should be suspended for season
specter290 Vor Monat
Respect to chad sigma Shaq. All the betas can argue otherwise.
David Austin
David Austin Vor Monat
Isiah is Marshawn Lynch’s bigger brother !!! 😂😄
Carlos Medeiros
Carlos Medeiros Vor 15 Tage
Anyone who thinks that Lebron didn't intentionally do this has gotta be a fan boy of the softest player who's ever played this game. King of flops. He would've never lasted in the 80s and 90s. A time where men played the sport. Today's league is so soft and Lebron is the King of softness
Jordan Benn
Jordan Benn Vor Monat
He saw red no literally he saw red
Jihadi John
Jihadi John Vor Monat
It’s really not that deep. Stew was getting physical with Lebron( lebron was basically standing on one leg), Lebron gave a little action with his left arm to get stew off of him, and hit stew in the face. - Lebron went over and tried to apologize with his hands out, stew got in his face, ppl came over and tried to separate em which made it worse(just let them talk goddamn it) - stew saw blood, got mad, and went a little too extra with the fake jukes on the staff members trying to hold him back
Davis Dowell
Davis Dowell Vor Monat
@Enfuego1984 I watched the entire game...Bron is 6'9 255, if it was a closed fist he would've knocked him unconscious.
Enfuego1984 Vor Monat
@Davis Dowell watch the slo mo version…his whole fist hit him
Davis Dowell
Davis Dowell Vor Monat
@Enfuego1984 Bro, c'mon that wasn't a balled up fist, that was the bone of his wrist. He was snatching away because they were entangled, Stewart's leg was between both of Bron's as they were jockeying for position. AKA all things apart of basketball.
Enfuego1984 Vor Monat
@Davis Dowell so swinging a balled up fist is part of basketball? he was being a punk trying to hit him because he was annoyed and got him in the eye…plain and simple
Davis Dowell
Davis Dowell Vor Monat
Completely agreed. Most of the people hating on Bron and calling it intentional have never played organized contact sports. Most guys get hit, get cut, get a bandaid jump right back in the game. I'd question Stewart's heart if I was a coach or opponent. Somebody like Draymond or KG back in the day would just make a game out of provoking and antagonizing Bro. Basketball isn't 2K, its physical and sometimes shit just happens.
D.A.N. Vor Monat
Did u catch LeBron James story, full of BS... claims it was accident. LMAO
MeechBeChilling Vor Monat
Lebron should pay that fine for Stewart....
Chino Brown
Chino Brown Vor Monat
Shaq remember when Derrick Coleman and Alonzo Mourning use to dunk all over You
otuman boniphace
Yes...after the blood. There was no acting
Heat In Da Streets
That man Stewart a real Jamaican 🇯🇲
Rick Cassidy Cassidy
James biggest joke ever to play in nba.
joe smith
joe smith Vor Monat
He was in lebrons face lebron pushing his arm away hit his face then lebron tried too see if he was OK and he flipped!
Miloš Milinkov
Miloš Milinkov Vor Monat
Dude got to physical in defense,lebron used force. Lebron went over with open hands to say sorry. Everyone else got into it to break them open so they cant talk it over like normal men.
MaeMae Denise
MaeMae Denise Vor Monat
L4-6ron elbowed that 20yr old, busting his eye and with a closed fist, busting his lip. That chump INTENDED to hit that kid on purpose, because he was being out worked and out hustled and they were losing.
Sam Vor Monat
That wasn’t a fight, Lechina had fear in his eyes and ran away.
greenglasful Vor Monat
Shaq is right is right.
Dave D
Dave D Vor Monat
Shaq is so wise
Scooberto Duran
Scooberto Duran Vor Monat
That whole oh it the blood that made him act up is fucking nonsense lmao
Robdee999 Vor Monat
Seeing your own blood in a fight or cheap shot flips some primal switch to kill.
J God
J God Vor Monat
He's a vampire Reggie haha
Jason Trahey
Jason Trahey Vor Monat
Isaiah Stewart getting suspended for two games is a joke.
FlashDust Vor Monat
See That's Why Shaw Different from smit he true smit just seem to be meat riding sometimes
Ball Smack
Ball Smack Vor Monat
Hey LBJ, Just be thankful that wasn't *Ron Metta World Peace Artest* you slapped or bowed like that❗❗❗ Cus if it was, your suspension would have started at the conclusion of your (ICU) visit.....✔💯◼
Bobby Moss
Bobby Moss Vor Monat
It's funny how if it had Ernie who said, "The animal came out," he would've been fired by whatever he's on immediately and blacklist by all the sports media programs.
Rj Vor Monat
Ain’t nobody made it bout racism but yo weird ass
Slammyboy32 Vor Monat
Get Kenny out 🚪
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