Shaq Shares A Message to Julius Randle After The Brooklyn Nets Defeat New York Knicks | NBA on TNT

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Shaq has a message for Julius Randle after the Knicks came up short against the Nets.

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29 Nov 2021



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itismadhan Vor Monat
Shaq: ‘I never said that’ Also Shaq: ‘I said it one time ‘ 😅😂
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor Vor Monat
@ArtificialDreams so he lied when he said "never". Got it lol
NicoBlac Vor Monat
@ArtificialDreams Yeah Ernies funny and great but he takes the comedic bit too far sometimes and makes the guys look like an idiot lol saying something once vs being a repeated whiner are two different things
Ronald Patterson
He watched Charlie Murphy's true Hollywood stories last night and was thinking of Rick James!!😅😅
mserika Honest
mserika Honest Vor Monat
mellomoose Vor Monat
he's learnin lol
ehmJ 20
ehmJ 20 Vor Monat
Classic ol' chuck " that's not a travel...it's the nba, we don't call travel anymore."Lol 😆
ehmJ 20
ehmJ 20 Vor Monat
@LOyal ist i agree. He's so on point .
LOyal ist
LOyal ist Vor Monat
I laughed when he said that cause it's true lol
ehmJ 20
ehmJ 20 Vor Monat
@SpicyDumpling yap! I remember lebron was walking right after the half court without dribbling the ball and no whistle from the ref whatsoever. I mean come on ... it's absurd.
SpicyDumpling Vor Monat
I don't know why the players even bother dribbling anymore 😂
ehmJ 20
ehmJ 20 Vor Monat
@Val Francis absolutely, without a doubt.
Dreamwake Vor Monat
Chuck in response to Net's defense: "it's like they don't know Julius Randle is left handed." 😂😂😂
Willie Ross
Willie Ross Vor Monat
@Raymel Leonard thank you. He doesn't always go left. People are just followers depending on who's saying the rhetoric.
Herbalizer28 Vor Monat
@J'Hue Casey No. Charles was never a great perimeter and 1-on-1 defender..he could hold his own guarding post ups, and he had a decent defensive awareness (passing lanes, help defense, etc.) as demonstrated by his career 1.5 STLs and 0.8 BLKs per game..He did average 2.2 STLs and 1.6 BLKs as a sophomore ..those today would be DPOY stats !
J'Hue Casey
J'Hue Casey Vor Monat
Chuck acting like he was shutting guys down defensively. lol
Kris Danyell
Kris Danyell Vor Monat
@Max MX Reading comprehension 101. Chuck said LEFT HANDED, implying USING his left. Not GOING left. Bonus chastisement for you: Randle went right, and scored-- multiple times-- in this clip alone. Much less during the game. Educate yourselves. You can go right or left- or shoot right or left- anytime you please. Thinking is healthy.
Raymel Leonard
Raymel Leonard Vor Monat
@Richie Rich thats debatable randles right hand has gotten so much better compared to last year
Completely agree with Shaq. When your a big you have to punish your matchup down low. Especially when you have a mismatch on offense. You may not get all the calls from the refs. You just have to man up and play through it.
M S Vor Monat
💯 A pinch is a pinch
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor Vor Monat
@Bitcoin Ethereum I bet you wouldn't call him soft to his face keyboard warrior lol
Ryan Green
Ryan Green Vor Monat
Everybody complains if they’re getting fouled. End of story. Michael did it Lebron does it magic does it every guy is bothered by contact Shaq was just being ignorant and not wanting to say yes it bothered me.
Ryan Green
Ryan Green Vor Monat
Everybody complains if they’re getting fouled. End of story. Michael did it Lebron does it magic does it every guy is bothered by contact Shaq was just being ignorant and not wanting to say yes it bothered me.
glcsander Vor Monat
JJ redick said it best when he said he feared for his life getting Lebron spin move once, so i imagine by the 2nd time Lebron did it JJ wanted no part of it if he wants to play into the 4th quarter as much punishment u might put on Randle, the little guy that gets switched on him is suferring 2x more, and thats still helps the team cause that guy energy will be gone faster.
toptenguy1 Vor Monat
"That game was over, fool!" VERY WELL SAID! Chuck made it clear that he meant in the final seconds of a close game!
Ron Kraftwerk
Ron Kraftwerk Vor Monat
That was funny. Barkley never disappoints. I busted out at work.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Vor Monat
Shaq use to get no calls unfortunately because he’s built like Thanos.
Alvin Pugh
Alvin Pugh Vor Monat
@Mary Jane CalloI use
Tony Man
Tony Man Vor Monat
@deez he can at least rest for a bit 😂
Vince Meyers
Vince Meyers Vor Monat
@deez Foul trouble?
Backend Kid
Backend Kid Vor Monat
sabatoge88 Vor Monat
@Rodney Jones its more clever tho
Cody Boyd
Cody Boyd Vor Monat
Shaq is correct. There shouldn’t be a double standard in officiating based on size. A foul is a foul.
命平和 Vor Monat
A faawl is faaaawl
 Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari Vor Monat
“You just get mad enough to jump over a scorers table” Chuck- “that game was over fool” 😂😂
Sorin Ammar
Sorin Ammar Vor Monat
Kal-El35 Vor Monat
Shaq cracks me up, but he's correct! A foul is a foul regardless of the size of the player..
Travis Poindexter
Refs need a reality check
Chill Introvert
Chill Introvert Vor Monat
Oof this is a tough one. I do think Julius gets fouled a lot and it doesn't get called nearly enough but Chuck had a point, especially if you're a powerful player with presence. I don't know what Julius can do other than play through it and maybe learn to finish dirty (finish through their chest, make it hurt for them to guard you, give them second thoughts and force opposing defenders to make business decisions).
River Valley University
@Sergio Capula-Perez he needs to play like it.
Sergio Capula-Perez
@River Valley University J. Randle is like 6’8 245 pounds……people forget his build is lowkey like prime Lebron’s….top 5 player in my eyes next to Curry Jokic Giannis And Durant.
Kessy Ij
Kessy Ij Vor Monat
TheSstretch68 Vor Monat
Chris S.
Chris S. Vor Monat
I wouldn't consider that finishing or playing dirty. I think that is fair play to an extent when someone is fouling you a lot. I think it should be balanced. Either you both play with a little contact or the refs call fouls on both sides equally. One of the reasons people like Lebron has made such a big career is he would lower his shoulder into opponents but the opposing players could not really do much because they would get the foul instead. So it goes both ways and it needs to be more equal on both sides.
agrey832 Vor Monat
I actually agree with Shaq on this one. I've always felt that way. A foul is a foul, no matter who it is. If I steal 100K from a billionaire, the cops aren't going to look the other way because "it doesn't effect him that much".....be consistent in the officiating, period
09lowkey Vor Monat
@Gary Taylor That's only your opinion. An opinion of someone who's never refed a basketball game, nor have you read the NBA rulebook. So your opinion holds little to no weight regardless.
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor Vor Monat
@09lowkey wow someone actually defending and making excuses for bad officiating
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor Vor Monat
That would be awesome though if that was possible lol
Crocidayle Vor Monat
@09lowkey Then don't foul the guy. Simple. You can defend without fouling
Vic Shephard
Vic Shephard Vor Monat
The NBA is entertainment. Refs aren't going to call the game perfectly.
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson Vor Monat
Lol Shaq's pinch/foul analogy here actually made perfect sense! Definitely more so than his gas antics/distance to the moon
FDW Vor Monat
Shaq showing real love right there... the tear rolling down Shaq's right eye while he was giving Julius advice based on how he used to feel and deal with it. "They're not gonna slow the game down for us." , "They don't care about us big guys." Respect to that big man, I see you.
Green Ranger88
Green Ranger88 Vor Monat
Well said Shaq! Good Advice.
Travis Poindexter
And today's NBA, if any big guys followed what Shaq said they'll be suspended indefinitely
Edwin Collins
Edwin Collins Vor Monat
@NicoBlac kids today don’t listen either. When did shaq say “swinging”? He said raise your elbows a bit higher. He never said start swinging them around. You putting words in the mans mouth. Obviously no matter what era, if you swing your elbows around that’s a foul maybe even a tech if you hurt someone.
Edwin Collins
Edwin Collins Vor Monat
@NicoBlac kids today don’t listen either. When did shaq say “swinging”? He said raise your elbows a bit higher. He never said start swinging them around. You putting words in the mans mouth. Obviously no matter what era, if you swing your elbows around that’s a foul maybe even a tech if you hurt someone.
MrEatHearty Vor Monat
Shaq teaching Randle Shaq-fu😂
NicoBlac Vor Monat
@Nube Sock Sure nube 👍
Anthony Leung
Anthony Leung Vor Monat
Shaq: A foul is a foul. Chuck: I agree. Shaq: How many rings you have Chuck?
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor Vor Monat
@Disco/Secret and despite all that, shaq has rings and chuck doesn't. End of conversation
@Naweed Nabi It’s really incredible that the late great Kobe Bryant spent half his career proving he could “do it without Shaq”, yet here we are in 2021, where Shaq “only got his rings cause of Kobe” (and Flash)…
Naweed Nabi
Naweed Nabi Vor Monat
@Cowboys TV but the core of the discussion is shaq thinks he's better coz of the rings. Therefore if he never won in Orlando, he had no rings to hold over chucks head. Kobe put those rings on his fingers like his name was Vanessa.
Maor Mama
Maor Mama Vor Monat
Chuck was a far superior player. Shaq was dominant and great but Chuck is probably top 10 basketball players ever in terms of skills. Dude 6"4' dominated a big man era grabbing 15 boards while scoring 25. Unfortunately for him, he just played in the wrong era.
Mags T
Mags T Vor Monat
@Cowboys TV never won tho.
GOAT Jefe Vor Monat
Shaq addressed this like good fathers handle things with our sons. We tell our sons "the world aint gone be easy" and tell the world "be easier on my son". He told Julius "dont complain play thru it" and Chuck "a foul is a foul. Small or big"
Viqtor Vor Monat
Chuck didn’t say that but ya
bruce lau
bruce lau Vor Monat
WELL SAID SHAQ!! I absolutely completely Agree with him , when you’re a big man on the floor , u absolutely have to punish your matchup when a small guy is on you , you might not get the calls u want but you need to be aggressive
mike vic
mike vic Vor Monat
Yeah I keep buying your wolf tickets
OneDreamOfWhop Vor Monat
Is it me or has Shaq become a lot more reasonable with his inputs this season. Definitely seems like he's gotten better at listening to others
Stevie Vor Monat
he always has
punizzzle Vor Monat
Ever since Kobe passed
Don Ryan Henson
Don Ryan Henson Vor Monat
Thanks God Charles is back. You all see the difference when they all 4 in there? It’s FUN to Watch!!
Stevie Vor Monat
LIBRAGOD90 Vor Monat
“Just take this bow’ here and lift up.” Shaq throwing elbows like Reggie said 🤣🤣🤣
09lowkey Vor Monat
Honestly you're allowed to have you elbows up, as long as you don't hit anybody. Elbows up, reverse pivot/drop-step, if the defender doesn't move this time best believe they'll move next time. Nobody wants to deal with 4 qtrs of that kind of punishment.
fightclub6291 Vor Monat
“Show’m the bo”
@ajkoab classic
ajkoab Vor Monat
He didn’t throw it, he just touched him up a little bit. Lol 😂
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson Vor Monat
Shaq gets a gleam in his eyes when he reminisces about “touching up” opposing players. He misses it. 🤣🤣🤣
Paul Drake
Paul Drake Vor Monat
Kenny has to be one of the most gracious persons on sports TV, the way he plays through the constant verbal contact. 💪
John LeBonte
John LeBonte Vor Monat
@Libra Life and at the end of the video, Shaq says "Little man, shut it up!" lol
Libra Life
Libra Life Vor Monat
Call him " FOOL " 🤣
Dan Lora
Dan Lora Vor Monat
One of the issues is that Randle takes ridiculously tough shots sometimes for no reason. Ive been saying this since he was a rookie. He has to take easier shots. When you are taking all these tough fadeaways etc ur not going to get those calls.
bdwill1 Vor Monat
Whoever talked to Shaq and got him to be better at taking jokes- thank you. I can see the difference this year and the show is that much better .
punizzzle Vor Monat
No one talked to him. It was ever since Kobe’s passing
R.L. Smith
R.L. Smith Vor Monat
That’s why I love this dynamic. You get all positions prospectives with these guys.
Francisco Rendon
Shaq is right the refs aren’t gonna call a foul every time there is contact down low, but he is giving Randle the secret: if the refs won’t call foul on the contact, you can make them feel the contact.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Vor Monat
"That game was ova fool" 🤣🤣💀🤣🤣 Chuck ❤
Travail Dandridge
Shaq is the embodiment of "if you see me in a fight with a bear, help the bear"...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chudi Nwike
Chudi Nwike Vor Monat
Charles: "That game was over foo" 😂
Briana W
Briana W Vor Monat
Kenny: "space you create when you bump, you get an advantage" Shaq: *tisk* "shut it up little man" 😆😆
Fellatio Horatio
Kenny plays the contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian, even though his takes make no sense.
SS Vor Monat
Shaq telling Julius the exact way he can get fined and suspended lol this ain’t the same NBA that he played in back in the day
Vic Shephard
Vic Shephard Vor Monat
@09lowkey the refs weren't about to foul out Tim Duncan every night.
09lowkey Vor Monat
The rulebook specifically states tucking the ball under your chin as fundamental basketball mechanics. Drop the ball down a few inches, raise you elbows a few inches to compensate and use you shoulders and triceps to create space. Tim Duncan was a master at hooking is elbow around the defenders waist, never got called for it either. The refs wont call every defensive foul, so you have to compensate with physicality because the refs wont call every offensive foul either.
Knot Gulty
Knot Gulty Vor Monat
@Jordan Wade well said
Jordan Wade
Jordan Wade Vor Monat
@Beede Bawng the style of play has changed but the rules haven't as much. You can still maintain space in the paint with an elbow. Giannis jokic griffin embiid and AD have learned to raise their elbows without throwing them. Why would you even make this comment
Beede Bawng
Beede Bawng Vor Monat
That's why Embiid doesn't listen to them. They love to critique players with the standards of 90s era basketball.
X Vision
X Vision Vor Monat
This was a VERY good game...but way too many touch fouls called in favor of Brooklyn. A close competitive game like this one shouldn't be decided by a touch foul called with 2.2 seconds left. Randle was getting mauled with double teams with not many calls in his favor. Like Tibbs said just call the game even!!
David Hustle
David Hustle Vor Monat
Shaq pinching Ernie and Ernie saying Ay!! Priceless! Haha
Sports311 Vor Monat
The pinch on Ernie must have really hurt. 😂🤣 All in good fun
omar white
omar white Vor Monat
A foul is a foul- Charles Barkley
Anonymous Vor Monat
Ika Ayu
Ika Ayu Vor Monat
ZeidGho Vor Monat
A hack* is a foul
A Vor Monat
A hack is a fowl
Mike Green
Mike Green Vor Monat
As a former high school equipment manager, I love GREAT CONVERSATIONS like this from former NBA stars because it’s like they’re taking you on the court with them!!!!
Tae Yoo
Tae Yoo Vor Monat
Kenny: You get mad enough to jump over the scores table in New York. Chuck: That game was over fool. !!!
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright Vor Monat
"That game was over fool!" 😂😂😂 Didn't skip a beat
Bert Kistoo
Bert Kistoo Vor Monat
4:15 “Just take this bow right here, and just lift it up… 3 to 4 inches.” -Shaq Ju is gonna start knocking out players in the low post now…
Premium 718
Premium 718 Vor Monat
Metta world peace style....
Storm Of Glory
Storm Of Glory Vor Monat
Shaq’s pinch analogy was perfect😂
KingDingDong22 Vor Monat
The Knicks aren’t in the game without D Rose’s presence on the floor. His mixture of having the ability to score and facilitate had a huge impact. But the Knicks have terrible shot selection tho
Ben Wesley
Ben Wesley Vor Monat
Fun fact: Shaq is suspended from Inside The NBA for 2 weeks for aggressively pinching Ernie Johnson. The footage is barbaric.
Rell Vor Monat
What a disgusting act by Shaquille O’Neal
Dub Vor Monat
LOL Right
James S
James S Vor Monat
Shaq doesn’t pinch so much as crushes.
Play Er
Play Er Vor Monat
A Shaq pinch = a blood pressure arm cuff
Yasuke The Legend
Must be Isaiah Stewart
PunjabiPiccolo Vor Monat
When the greats speak, you LISTEN 💯
Str8Rippin93 Vor Monat
7:27 is the softest most innocent rebuttal from Shaq coming from Barkley 😂
Jo Men
Jo Men Vor Monat
I love Chuck dude is real and hilarious 😂
Jo Men
Jo Men Vor Monat
I love Chuck dude is real and hilarious 😂
Saezar DotCom
Saezar DotCom Vor Monat
Shaqs message to Julius almost made me cry
Commander Shepard
Kenny : I’m asking you a question now Shaq: Forget what you’re asking. * then proceeds to answer the question* 😂
AMG Luke
AMG Luke Vor Monat
Julius better reach in the “Most Dominant Big Man” bag! Shaq is a 💯 percent right!
The Gracious Fundamentalists T
I love my fellas all 4 of'em... Shaq, Ernie, Kenny & Barkley... 💪🏿👍🏾💯... The NBA isn't quite fantastic right now, but they are..... #QuadrupleThreat
Eli Cooper
Eli Cooper Vor Monat
It's not that the contact doesn't affect Randle, it's that he doesn't flop. :-)
Todd Packer
Todd Packer Vor Monat
Randle finna be throwing hella elbows after this
Todd Packer
Todd Packer Vor Monat
@Cinemacynic In theory you are most certainly right... the practical whoever I've outclassed you think about it... these elbows will not be unnecessary and excessive... these elbows shall serve as protection from getting hit. Thus the necessity is self preservation... the most basic right of all man. Those suckers will think twice about lunging in to hit Julius with those strategically pointed weapons risen at an angle designed for maximum punishment if crossed. Brilliant insight/advice by Shaq hopefully Julius takes it to heart.
Cinemacynic Vor Monat
Commissioner Silver - "That elbow is a finna" "and that's a finna too"
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 Vor Monat
LOOL "Little man,shut it up" gotta love Uncle Shaq😂🍻🍺
Rob&Nea Show
Rob&Nea Show Vor Monat
Gotta love Shaq😂😂😂😂
Marcus Turner
Marcus Turner Vor Monat
Powerful message by shaq. Little dudes really be hating on the big guys (goliath's)
Al Casu
Al Casu Vor Monat
When shaq bumps someone he isn't gaining an advantage, being shaq is the advantage. It's like saying its ok to tug on Usain Bolt's shirt because he's faster
EpicZerO Vor Monat
this crew Never lets me down i love this
Mr. Virella
Mr. Virella Vor Monat
I never said that ... I said it once. - Shaq
Shaq's right when he says a foul is a foul, regardless of player size. Where he's wrong is thinking he wasn't the one dishing out most the contact during his career. He scored probably half his points on uncalled offensive fouls, where he would use his weight and strength to dislodge stationary defenders. He should've fouled out of most games he played in.
El Remolino
El Remolino Vor Monat
I think a new set of guidelines on initiating contact would do the sport some good. It was hella hard to learn pick up basketball as an adult bc its not clear what is too much physicality. I like the idea of not calling ticky tac fouls after the offensive player initiates contact on a drive or slash to the basket
KDen ShowEm
KDen ShowEm Vor Monat
Chuck: "That game was ova fool" 🤣🤣🤣 love this show
Travel9two5 Vor Monat
I was at this game last night. And the building was electric ⚡️. I don’t know who was the home team. Battle of NYC baby! Sign me up for a 1st round series right of that. Great game by both team. 👏👏🔥
tammoton Vor Monat
I love Harden's play style. He's so nonchalant he makes the defender fall asleep for 1/5 second and then crushes him.
Kiki Fortunat Nkulu
The smile on Garden's face after that dunk is priceless
Eli M
Eli M Vor Monat
Shaq didn't want the refs calling foul...Then he'd have to shoot them free throw bricks!
SoloSnipezz Vor Monat
Play Er
Play Er Vor Monat
Imagine getting fouled 10 times and not getting a call.....then finally ref calls a foul ......And......brick......again!
Chris Balgobin
Chris Balgobin Vor Monat
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Vor Monat
Allan Cheng
Allan Cheng Vor Monat
Shaq and chuck deals a great point. All of you guys have great personalities and chemistry together. Keep up the great work
Robert Guida
Robert Guida Vor Monat
I've been watching these guys for years, this is by far the greatest, most entertaining sports show on TV. Ernie is the glue, Shaq & Chuck are the ultimate analysts, the weakest link, & he's had to go for years is Kenny! Every time he opens his mouth, is to say how much he knows about anything, or he's done this or that? Kenny's ego & imagination makes himself think he's MJ, & he was never the 5th best player on his team
Raymond Washington
You guys are the Best in sports TV. Keep it going Barkley don't retire!!!!
Yoshi Kay
Yoshi Kay Vor Monat
Charles can’t talk about San Antonio anymore! I think that changed him!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Apollo Vor Monat
💯% make the opponents know what real fouls are
Viqtor Vor Monat
“Little man shut it up” I know Kenny slept on that on that night 😂
Zig Wil
Zig Wil Vor Monat
Even if Shaq stole his grandma's glasses, he's still right.
Coool Cat
Coool Cat Vor Monat
"this is the nba, we dont call travels" Charles Barkley haha
Nelson Diaz Sr
Nelson Diaz Sr Vor Monat
What about the touch foul that they called on D Rose when KD went to the hole. That was absolutely weak.
Yoshi Kay
Yoshi Kay Vor Monat
“Just raise the elbow that high!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martti Hänninen
Shaq is right and he really knows what he is talking about. Dudes used to elbow him and other dirty stuff and refs did not call those fouls.
Markus Fountaine
Facts from Shaq….
Parrish Harris
Parrish Harris Vor Monat
That Knicks and Net's game was officiated horribly and the NBA has to do way better than what they've been doing this season, because if i was a betting man i would think that particular game was rigged.
kingjaydex Vor Monat
@Alexander Muñoz they called the foul on the hip push off not the reach in
Alexander Muñoz
@Karl Ascuasiati Yes it was a foul that did not have any impact on KD, he breezed right through it, went for the dunk and missed it - the problem is consistency, if KD gets those calls - Randle should also get those calls
Karl Ascuasiati
Karl Ascuasiati Vor Monat
@Alexander Muñoz that was a foul he touched KD twice
Alexander Muñoz
@Karl Ascuasiati Like when Rose touched KD's pinky on the fast break foul they called like 10 minutes after KD missed the dunk? Or how about when KD doubled dribbled after crossing Randle over? Or how about that James Harden double dribble that wasn't called - This game was horribly officiated towards the Knicks
Karl Ascuasiati
Karl Ascuasiati Vor Monat
Keep crying they didn't call fouls against nets players 2
Believe 13
Believe 13 Vor Monat
Julius should take this advice from Shaq. He’s been through it.
Chris Vor Monat
I do like the point Kenny makes of it going both ways. When shaq bumps into you it's a much bigger gap created compared to the gap Kenny could create when they did the exact same action. In saying that Shaq is right, foul is a foul regardless of size.
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko Vor Monat
The refs are all over the place this season. In many ways they are better at catching the flops and not rewarding every single fishing attempt but they also miss a ton of calls and are inconsistent. All the sudden in the 4th quarter they are calling things they let go the entire rest of the game. And calls that would be offensive fouls this season all the sudden dont get called and vice versa, its just weird.
09lowkey Vor Monat
The refs are getting acclimated to the rule changes just like the players are. It'll take some time. Refs have to figure out what is and isn't a foul anymore. Will they miss more than they're supposed to? Probably. Will the game be better off because they struggled through this down period and have more film to study? Definitely. Refs are a part of the game, you can complain all you want, but we wouldn't have organized basketball without them.
Dave Dee
Dave Dee Vor Monat
Refs were horrible (both ways) the other night in the Sixers/Wolves game. It felt like they were just doing makeup calls the entire game.
PAQ VAL Vor Monat
@Bilindabutcher hand checking is still authorize in the paint I think, since Giannis, Embiid or Jokic are still getting hand check
Bilindabutcher Vor Monat
Yeah they quietly been horrible this season. The only good thing is that refs are noticeably allowing more physical defense and sometimes handchecking which has made the quality of basketball much better
KiNG KLASSiC Vor Monat
I dont think its cuz he stronger. Its cuz he "plays more aggressive". I think this hinders him but can help him as well not get as many offensive foul since he's always bumping his shoulders into people chest.
Steve Deasy
Steve Deasy Vor Monat
By Kenny's reasoning Steph Curry should have the least number of defensive fouls in the league then
JB Vor Monat
Charles: That game was over, fool! 🤣🤣🤣 love you, Chuck! Never change!
Damon Vor Monat
I remember Shaq said he talked to David Stern about all the fouling he gets. I remember he said that David Stern said that if they called every foul on Shaq he'll get 30 FTs a game. He also said that Shaq would foul out if they called fouls on him.
Geekimus Prime
Geekimus Prime Vor Monat
A pinch is a pinch 😂
MRivera4396 Vor Monat
Shaq speaking facts
Joe Saffer
Joe Saffer Vor Monat
They seem to forget how they changed the game to prevent Wilt from dominating. The Refs themselves would tell them that if they called a foul every time Wilt was fouled, there wouldn't be much a game going on 🤷‍♂️
joev816 Vor Monat
This clip shows why, this is the best sports show, Period!
Christopher Moody
Having only watched these highlights... It looked like an actual NBA game from back in the day...(pre-2015) and not a bunch of guards jacking up 3 pointers.
Rogoznica FC
Rogoznica FC Vor Monat
Why is noone noticing Shaqs tears when speaking to Randle?!?! He really felt personal about what he was saying
Luke Keohane
Luke Keohane Vor Monat
shaq said it with his whole chest. look close - it brought a tear to his eye.
The Gracious Fundamentalists T
That's the same excuse they use to tell Shaq... 💯💪🏿
I died at "This is the NBA. We don't call travel"
Thatcher Vor Monat
this reminds me of that chuck interview when he says "a hack is a foul" as a response to the officiating 😂
ali troncoso
ali troncoso Vor Monat
Well I hope Julius listens and plays a more physical game
Gaming Cap
Gaming Cap Vor Monat
Hornets vs bulls, knicks vs nets in the playoffs is going to be exciting.
St. Louis King
St. Louis King Vor Monat
They have the best cast 😂😂😂
Hellblaue Vor Monat
"This is the NBA we don't call travels" XD Literally the number 1 thing they need to fix in the NBA
Dj Andres
Dj Andres Vor Monat
“this is the NBA we don’t call Travel” - Barkley 🤣🤣 💯
DMic Best
DMic Best Vor Monat
It’s still a pinch…. Took me out 🤣🤣😂
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