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Shawn Mendes - "Youth" ft. Khalid

Shawn Mendes
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Shawn Mendes on Apple Music:

Co-written by Marjory Stoneman Douglas students Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, director Anthony Mandler, Larry Jackson, Shawn & Khalid, this video creates a literal stage to celebrate and honor the young, diverse and talented amongst us. Starring both Mendes and Khalid as well as over 30 different inspiring young people ranging from activists, painters, dancers, gun violence survivors, musical prodigies and many more splashed against a stunning New York City backdrop (A full list can be found below) It also features a sculpture by New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham.


Autumn de Forest, 17, Painter

Yetunde Washinton, Nia Mandisa Parker & Lourdes Honor Taylor, 18, 20 & 19, Hiplet Dancers

Lizzy Howell, 17, Ballerina

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 18, Environmental Activist

Hasaan Hawthorne, 20, Wrestling State Champion (Double Amputee Wrestler)

Clawdeena, 18, Drag Performer

Zuriel Oduwole, 16, Filmmaker / Activist

Ahmed Mohamed, 17, Arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school

Kojo Odu Roney, 13, Prodigal Drummer

Giuliana Siraguso, 12, Hearing Impaired Dancer

Donielle Hansley, 14, Dancer

Sonita Alizadeh, 21, Rapper / Activist

Morgan Hurd, 17, World Champion Gymnast

D’Angelo McDade, 18, Survivor of Gun Violence

Jahne Benthall & Lynn Yeboah, 18, 18, Northstar Academy Policy Debater

Kadan Bart Rockett & Brooklyn 13 & 11, Kid Magicians

David Doktorman & Isaac Segal, 18, 18, National Policy Debate Champions

Phoenix Hunter, 8, Wrestling State Champion

Rayna Vallandingham, 15, Martial Arts Champion

Elias & Zion Phoenix, 12, Music Prodigies

Mars, 18, Gender Fluid Artist

Nassir Little, 18, All-American Basketball Player

Parker Clark, 14, Fire Performer

Austin Perine, 4, Superhero who feeds the homeless

Charlotte Reidy & Gabriel Ratner, 12, 11, Shakespearean Actor

Jack Andraka, 21, Inventor, Scientist, Cancer Researcher
Ethan Fineshriber - martial arts champion
Director: Anthony Mandler
Creative Director: Larry Jackson
Exec Producer: Larry Jackson, Nathalie Besharat, Scott Seviour
Written by: Larry Jackson, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Anthony Mandler, Shawn Mendes & Khalid
Producer: BlackHandCinema, John Winter
Post Producer: Karl Reid
Production Company: BlackhandCinema




5 Nov 2018

Shawn MendesKhalidYouthYou Cant Take Our Youth AwayOur Vote Is Our Voicevotemarch for our livesappleapplemusic



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Mika Wolf
Mika Wolf Vor Stunde
love it
The Nim Official
The Nim Official Vor 2 Stunden
Only 11 mil? What?
ketki haldankar
ketki haldankar Vor 3 Stunden
i love u 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Jesse James Panao
Jesse James Panao Vor 5 Stunden
Luca Seroeyen
Luca Seroeyen Vor 7 Stunden
love! only love for him!
KIM _ Vor 7 Stunden
Thank you! It's really motivating me✨
Aleya Sofia
Aleya Sofia Vor 8 Stunden
this inspired me
Elberes 45
Elberes 45 Vor 8 Stunden
this is so amazing the message is amazing too and the people are also and it sounds so good i love both of them very much
Martha Charalambous
Martha Charalambous Vor 8 Stunden
Shawn 💖💞😍
Ridhima Joshi
Ridhima Joshi Vor 10 Stunden
This is a beautiful song I love it so much Shawn you're a blessing to this earth ❤
Fenerbahçe RvP
Fenerbahçe RvP Vor 10 Stunden
This music video deserve all awards in the world
peppa bangtan
peppa bangtan Vor 11 Stunden
peppa bangtan
peppa bangtan Vor 11 Stunden
شهد الحربي
شهد الحربي Vor 11 Stunden
ApaAjaDiupload Vor 12 Stunden
Subhanallah and thanks
Qky dewi
Qky dewi Vor 13 Stunden
beautiful song, meaningful, thank you
Nica Aaaa
Nica Aaaa Vor 13 Stunden
omg he is so handsome!!!
Peyton Liza
Peyton Liza Vor 14 Stunden
I love this so much it’s so inspirational for the ones that are suffering from self hate, Thank you Shawn
Shavi W
Shavi W Vor 18 Stunden
How is this only at 11 mil views?!? This is the most beautiful thing ever! I can’t get over it!!!
Nadia Nurlailatusifa
Nadia Nurlailatusifa Vor 18 Stunden
the real shawn army
the real shawn army Vor 21 Stunde
SO PROUD OF YOU, SHAWN. LET'S MAKE THE RACIST GOT LOST TONIGHT:) (okey this is awesome, I heard quran here!!!!)
Maykeling Díaz
Maykeling Díaz Vor 23 Stunden
Una musica muy linda! 👍👊👏🎉💗
Aioush. Vor 23 Stunden
why didnt i know about this a month ago
Nelson Pomares
Honorable Song!
lil cat
lil cat Vor Tag
respect to all religion
Amanda Medina
Tubi.x MSP
Tubi.x MSP Vor Tag
Here I am, stuck on this couch Scrolling through my notes Heart was broken, still not growing, nah Waking up to headlines Filled with devastation again My heart is broken But I keep going Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate No, I won't let it change me Never losing sight of the one I keep inside Now, I know it Yeah, I know it You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away It's hard to sleep at night Knowing what's outside Feeling hopeless I need focus You hit me with words I never heard Come out your mouth To be honest I don't want it, no Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate No, I won't let it change me You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate No, I won't let it change me Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate No, I won't let it change me You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away (youth away) You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away
Sky Mansur
Sky Mansur Vor Tag
I dont know why I cant find even a single video of SHAWN MENDES without any dislikes...😢😢😢😢😢
Mel la Artista
I love this video so much ❤️ Stay woke yall !!! 🙌🏽
sri rahmawati Fazrina
so heart touching to see the story of mohammed ahmed. he just a teenager who wants to show off his effort and ability on electronic by bring out his project to school. but another people though it was a bomb because in their perception islam is a terorist. please stop discriminating us and let's make a peaceful world together
indian kerala
This is really inspirational Love it
Diane Duid
Diane Duid Vor Tag
This song has inspired me to not give up easily.... Thx Shawn!
Shipra Biswas
passion can be seen in this
Ahana Shabnam
This song is so inspirational. It helps me deal with my depression and anxiety. Thanks, Shawn and Khalid!
Lost Tech
Lost Tech Vor Tag
Wait a guy got arrested just for bringing a wired clock. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS DAT
Margaret Crystals
i love shawn mendes and this video is one of the reasons why. anyone still can't over take after 10th december 2018?
This music video was so powerful and beautifulI really hope he gets that grammy, songs like this and in my blood hit me hard personally with emotions and I think that he deserves it 🌝🌝
arrazaky mulia
really amazing
Maria Luiza
Maria Luiza Vor Tag
Maria Luiza
Maria Luiza Vor Tag
Da like
ara Vor Tag
no entiendo porq las personas le dan dislike enserio me encanta esto lo amo
eyledits l eylul
eyledits l eylul Vor 2 Tage
Lalith Ranapura
Lalith Ranapura Vor 2 Tage
Make more songs like this Shawn . Love from Sri Lanka
jamesmccabe2069 Vor 2 Tage
i love your songs this is my most favorite song ever
Khan Murad Amir
Khan Murad Amir Vor 2 Tage
Great work shawn!
Lalaa Zer
Lalaa Zer Vor 2 Tage
In absolute love.
Kerlange Francillon
So many feelings. This video made me think about (more and once) what the heck are we doing in thins planet. Why are we trying to destroy everything we know, the world we're allow to live in? Love more, please!
B Alotaibi
B Alotaibi Vor 2 Tage
What 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
مداني عبد النور
The best in the world
Monis Latif
Monis Latif Vor 2 Tage
Michael Jackson would be proud!!!
Afifah H.
Afifah H. Vor 2 Tage
This is how platform should be used.
Cahya Annisa
Cahya Annisa Vor 2 Tage
So pround of you!!! 👏👏
Sara Rastakhiz
Sara Rastakhiz Vor 2 Tage
This is the first music video ever that shows equality for real That shows how people really are ....
Daniyal Naqvi
Daniyal Naqvi Vor 2 Tage
Video of the year , thanks Shawn for playing a big part for Peace around the world . Stay blessed !!
myint mo khaing
myint mo khaing Vor 2 Tage
Inspiring, meaningful and beautiful song!
cami gm
cami gm Vor 2 Tage
This video should have 1 billion views
Alessandra Espinoza
Te queremos en México♥:((
sri rahayu
sri rahayu Vor 2 Tage
i dont know why, i am crying
Rosa Hinojosa
Rosa Hinojosa Vor 2 Tage
We are the future teens!!!!!
Shreedhar Shree
Shreedhar Shree Vor 2 Tage
Why this has very less views (11m) when compared to lost in Japan (36m) remix which was released approximately at the same time... This is a great song with great message..
Matilda Sorel
Matilda Sorel Vor 2 Tage
deyvid pardo
deyvid pardo Vor 2 Tage
You can't take my youth way
I wanna Look you down
This is art, and you know
deyvid pardo
deyvid pardo Vor 2 Tage
i love the message
linxiang zheng
linxiang zheng Vor 2 Tage
amazing combination, nice voices!
syaha budi
syaha budi Vor 2 Tage
rajay thomas
rajay thomas Vor 2 Tage
no one cant take my youth away
Soda Lo
Soda Lo Vor 2 Tage
a REAL ally
Why Can't You See Me?
So touched by this video :')
Ruveyda Soran
Ruveyda Soran Vor 2 Tage
Sonu harika 🇹🇷
Maira Sirianni
Maira Sirianni Vor 2 Tage
In love with this song♥
ItsjustAliya Vor 3 Tage
this is beautiful
kohana touaria
kohana touaria Vor 3 Tage
you cant take my youth away as long as shawn mendes is alive
baran dilzar
baran dilzar Vor 3 Tage
Why does it only have 11m in a month it deserves moreee only meee?????
Ahmed Selamat
Ahmed Selamat Vor 3 Tage
why isn't this song Famous , i give you a hint cz people don't to hear the truth , they want just shake shake that booty that's all , i've loved Shawn Mendes after this one
Julian Andrés
Julian Andrés Vor 3 Tage
Hola Alguien Español?:'c
Kayla Sparkles Forever
OMG Morgan Herd goes to my FRIKIN GYM!
Jr. John
Jr. John Vor 3 Tage
i think shawn dont like jews
Lisa Nass
Lisa Nass Vor 3 Tage
This is a good video and song and all, but guns ARE NOT the problem, people ARE
Iman Ali
Iman Ali Vor 3 Tage
This is really nice to see coming from a muslim
Aqsa Fiaz
Aqsa Fiaz Vor 3 Tage
Love this!!!💖💖💖
Nada Driouche
Nada Driouche Vor 3 Tage
Best song ever
Y4M33N Vor 3 Tage
*This is one of the most underrated songs .. This honestly deserves more views than despacito..*
Adil Vor 3 Tage
It's a shame that videos with such diversity and great messages are ignored and get less views compared to that irrelevant shit.
Amish Agarwal
Amish Agarwal Vor 3 Tage
www.mymillennialjournal.wordpress.com My friend and I have established a youth awareness blog convering little topics to spread value through the usage of effective language. We need supporters for this as this project will be achieving greater heights. You can contribute as well. Please click on the link and share your opinions in the comments.
Jammin Joey
Jammin Joey Vor 3 Tage
I race BMX bikes and all of my friends think it's not a big deal so that's what really makes me feel like a youth.
Ilham Adi putra
Ilham Adi putra Vor 3 Tage
very good this music
Sunita Pandey
Sunita Pandey Vor 3 Tage
SuperStriker Vor 3 Tage
As a Muslim I feel honored to be respected
SuperStriker Vor 3 Tage
You leave a good message Shawn
Omega GW
Omega GW Vor 3 Tage
Kocham ten głos :) fajny chłopak jest z Shawn'a :) mmmm
feminist düşünür
Gelde sevme
Im A Little Sperm
I saw BTS ads OMG J-Hope....
Amelcik_xx Vor 3 Tage
Wow thats soo good / Love from Poland
Alguém é BR?
Rainbows and Unicorns
I'm not crying, you are.
mendes army04 Lewis
I love 1:33 it's so amazing I struggle whith body image and km a dancer I get bullied a lot for my weight and she looks so beautiful and so graceful and I just love the whole concept of this video were all empowering each other and whith everyone comming together we can make the world a better place thank u shawn mendes ♡ for showing us that others can't take are youth away♡♡
Аyaana Guk
Аyaana Guk Vor 3 Tage
leilei cui
leilei cui Vor 3 Tage
i literally still can't wrap my head around how incredibly important and needed this is
APFP Jase Braden
APFP Jase Braden Vor 3 Tage
Pheniox sucks dic
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