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The "Pretty Little Liars" actress recently revealed that she & boyfriend Matte Babel are pregnant with their rainbow baby. Get to know the expecting father!
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1053157/shay-mitchell-is-pregnant-see-more-stars-who-kept-their-baby-news-a-secret
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Shay Mitchell Is Pregnant! All You Need to Know About Her BF | E! News




28 Jun 2019



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Nabria Smith
Nabria Smith Vor 9 Monate
At least we know a little more s out him and he actually does something instead of being a lazy bum
Patrick King
Patrick King Vor year
this is only 2 sec like really
Why? Vor year
God the baby's is going to be beautiful as f***
minaa Longmore
Is it a rainbow baby? Doesn’t that mean the baby is dead
Lorenzo 1996
Lorenzo 1996 Vor year
She could have done better
will c
will c Vor 10 Monate
With Who? Someone like you lmao! Quit hattin lmao
Shanice Sweetsmile
Yeah I think most of us know who he is and that they’ve been dating for years now 😂 This ain’t news
Gary York
Gary York Vor year
Clair Pahlavi
Clair Pahlavi Vor year
Don't know them. Is this going to be another confusing father's day? Marriage "so last season" now? Oh well, whatever. Good Luck and Best Wishes.
Brian Vor year
Dynamite Jones
RRAC Vor year
Heeeeeeeey. My wife was pregnant 9 years ago too. Who is this lady. Just wondering why is this news .
Khadra Mohamed
Khadra Mohamed Vor 10 Monate
Ice Fury, Director of Shield
He did a great job of knocking her up
Doogie Rush
Doogie Rush Vor year
P.H.A.T Joker
P.H.A.T Joker Vor year
This is Top news. wow you tube you are breaking... what a waste of time, only followers see this crap
donnie flasher
lmao i cnt believe you people care so much about these celebritys
texas guy
texas guy Vor year
he said if youre wondering who her beau is but im wondering who she is actually.
texas guy
texas guy Vor year
@Savannah Tatianna well that explains it 😑
Barbara Von Traumer
texas guy exactly
Savannah Tatianna
texas guy LOL. Because you’re not a teenage girl
Bloodthirsty Vegan
Who? OMG this matters sooo much! Bigly sad that there are so many people who are so empty.
George Stone
George Stone Vor year
nochu Vor year
so whose nose is that baby gonna get
IxCxE 666
IxCxE 666 Vor year
You people need to get a life. CELEBRITY is meaningless & famous peeps are NO BETTER nor WORSE than anyone else. STOP placing them on pedestals & making a huge deal over INSIGNIFICANT TRASH. And that comment is meant for ANYONE who lives off their USELESS celebrity... AS WELL AS those who enable it. Try placing some of that emphasis on people who build and maintain REAL STUFF instead of FANTASY... nurses, teachers, garbagemen, police, neighbors, etc... NOT political activist DIMWITS and other NON-IMPORTANT entertainers. Support for the arts is commendable... but for F sake, in moderation. Grow Up Please HuGGz
fallemblem Vor year
Lol Will, it's pronounced "Bae-bell" not "babble" 🤣
Salty Medpac
Salty Medpac Vor year
Why the FUK is this news?
Kally McDonnell
Matt is an icon. I live in Toronto and we all love him on much music. They are also a gorgeous couple.
Qantik Qointil
Hahaha thats good at least she isnt a 50 year old babysitter hahahaha
Sin Clair
Sin Clair Vor year
Anyone else wondering who she is and why this is trending on youtubes news section. Come on get it together youtube!
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey Vor year
That's the kind of Cinnamon Girl that have you writing Love Songs and poems..... And then she's going to be the Mother of his baby(s) Some guys just get everything they want Handed to them. Some guys try But are unlucky And die Wondering how Does it sound, when a cinnamon queen like her, Whispers in your ear, at 3:38 am "I love you babe. Reach over me, let's fall asleep with your arm laying across me, so you can feel our baby, moving around inside of me, as we fall asleep" 55. Never have a heard a girl like her, tell me anything like that. To me, a few girlfriends, but never pregnant. And really, l believe now, my life will have meant nothing to anyone. All that will be left, about me, is a cold tombstone, with my birth and death. My life has meant nothing.
Rose Hooper
Rose Hooper Vor 7 Monate
So much better than a plain white flour.
Rose Hooper
Rose Hooper Vor 7 Monate
She's a very beautiful cinnamon girl though.
s c
s c Vor 10 Monate
It's okay, I wish you all the best
s c
s c Vor 10 Monate
Your comment is very sad. I wish you all the best!
Tanya Karazan
Tanya Karazan Vor year
He’s also crazy good looking. Nice job shay
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Vor year
Tanya Karazan
CrownedxKay The MUA
A beautiful gyal with even better taste! 💁🏾‍♀️😘 Congrats to the Couple!!
Cheesy Maccool
This is news? 😒........ Okay and the Kardashian's brought peace to the world!
Sabina Zaskia R.
Sabina Zaskia R. Vor 9 Monate
This is Enews what did you expect?
Janice Hull
Janice Hull Vor year
Shay did good. Congratulations
pippi208 Vor year
I'm sooo happy for her especially what happened to her last year! YAY SHAY!!!
Sabina Zaskia R.
Sabina Zaskia R. Vor 9 Monate
@Savannah Tatianna that was her??
Savannah Tatianna
pippi208 oh i had no idea that happened. i was talking about the instagram video where she was promoting a product and wasn’t even putting it on and everyone could tell she wasn’t really putting it on.
Shanice Sweetsmile
Savannah Tatianna how is it her fault that she miscarried weirdo?
pippi208 Vor year
@Savannah Tatianna wait how did she bring the miscarriage to herself? 😕
Savannah Tatianna
pippi208 Yeah, but she brought that on herself sooooo lol
JLH 1295
JLH 1295 Vor year
Just clicked the video to say WHO CARES!!!!!
VA Mountain Man
Hey, I came here to say, "who tf are these people and why should I care?" One step ahead of me 😂
chorvagee Vor year
You care enough to comment.
Who cares how is this NEWS DE-vid IS LAME
Lucid love
Lucid love Vor year
Mitchell is my last name hahaha
Hailey1988 Vor year
She's so fake.Lying about Instagram photos and sponsorships.
Michelle Graham
Yeah Matt is well known in Canada & is a sweet & awesome guy. His last name is pronounced like the Biblical Tower of Babel. (Matt Babe- bell). Congratulations to Matt & Shay
JuLayLee Bee
JuLayLee Bee Vor year
He fine as hell
İlayda Vor year
CrownedxKay The MUA
okkk!!! 💁🏾‍♀️🙌🏾
Lady Lion
Lady Lion Vor year
So her BF is Jake of all trades master of none???? Trump 2020
Michael Bertoni
BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! I just took a dump>> Does anyone care.??
JazzedHellcat Vor year
WTF is a Rainbow baby?
Whimsy Jess
Whimsy Jess Vor year
Saalihah Muhammad wow I didn’t know that.. that’s amazing 😉
chiraine1 Vor year
@Michael Bertoni how about you just shut up and don't make disrespectful assumptions if you don't know the meaning of something. It has nothing to do with gender you idiot ... She lost her first child
Perfectly Imperfect
@ya_hawa from what the reports say. She miscarried late last year.
ya_hawa Vor year
@Perfectly Imperfect did she actually loose a child before?
Perfectly Imperfect
@Michael Bertoni this is very disrespectful considering it is a term for a pregnancy after a loss of a fetus due to miscarriage or stillbirth. Google is an easy tool to prevent such idiotic comments. It has nothing to do with gender. To the original poster, it's a term used because it's a time of joy and beautifulness after a storm, much like a rainbow appears after rain and storms.
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned Vor year
More trash in this world.
Rose Hooper
Rose Hooper Vor 7 Monate
Maybe to make people more jealous?
Michael Bertoni
I couldnt agree more
BC Bob
BC Bob Vor year
Bimbos getting pregnant is news????🤨 Who's the real Daddi???
Sunflower 🌻
Michael Bertoni
Krista Bee123
Krista Bee123 Vor year
Omg much music guy!! 🇨🇦❤️
Anissa Leigh
Anissa Leigh Vor year
He doesnt look like her type. Never pictured her in a relationship and hving kids. So cool and fresh
Michael Bertoni
@Salamanca always
Salamanca Vor year
@Michael Bertoni complete overreaction much?
Anissa Leigh
Anissa Leigh Vor year
@Michael Bertoni woah i never said anything bad about her. Just what im used to seeing of her being in the public eye. She is such an independent figure. Nothing bad was ever said 😂😂
Michael Bertoni
Her type.?? lmao wow. Lets see she has way more going for her than you do. Money, fame, looks. What do you have to offer but bad credit and an EBT card?
Duke of Haphazard
WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Bertoni
IKR I keep asking and these people just get mad. I want to know why they care. they wont say.. lol
deathwish Vor year
Michael Bertoni
No one cares . Another single mom in a year
Michael Bertoni
@Dayis.music 96 im here because this turd of a thumbnail popped up in my feed. i wanted to see how all you morons actually care some skank got prego
Dayis.music 96
@Michael Bertoni so why the hell are you here? This channel is NOT for people with big achievements 🙄
Michael Bertoni
@Casey Freshman Why do you care about some chick you dont know that spread her legs and let some dude bust in her. Not a special achievement ..
Casey Freshman
No one cares about you either except for your troll kind.
So happy for her
Veloxy Vor year
@Amelie forever Why is she happy for a person who doesn't even know her? I understand you can feel empathy and other feelings for others... but not for something so insignificant as this.
Michael Bertoni
@Amelie forever Didnt ask you. I want to know from her.
Amelie forever
@Michael Bertoni why cant she be? Hm
Michael Bertoni
02Prii Vor year
I remember Matte as a VJ /host on much music. 🇨🇦 Congrats to the upcoming parents!
Me TayLord Swift
@Michael Bertoni wtf
Michael Bertoni
Congrats for what. Making another child that will be in prison in 20 years or oD cause parents are crap.. oh yeah lets celebrate
S C Vor year
She is so stunning
Michael Bertoni
Shes a junkie
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