Shay Mitchell Plays The Wheel Of Dares

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“Mom, you were supposed to call me a bitch!”

Smooth Operator
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[Leonardo DiCaprio attends the 88th annual Academy Awards. ]
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7 Mai 2016



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Abduljabbar M
Abduljabbar M Vor 9 Monate
I thought that was Katy Perry for a sec
Saara Saara
Saara Saara Vor year
Did she say Keegan or Ian
lmao y’all
lmao y’all Vor year
Angela O'Brien :3
OMG i love the part of Leo 😻😂
Jay Vor year
How did u do in history class because they lied to us
suga priya
suga priya Vor year
I love shay!!!
Christina Ayar
2019 anyone???
Marya Ashique
Marya Ashique Vor year
WTF SHE KNOWS J-LO?!??!??!??!
Morgan D
Morgan D Vor year
I love monchichi's
Noa Abramsky
Noa Abramsky Vor year
0:04 are you crazy now?
nessa b
nessa b Vor year
Sara Rose
Sara Rose Vor year
Shay is my queen
emi r
emi r Vor year
It’s 2019 and you’re not crazy
manu gh
manu gh Vor year
1:08 buzzfeet😂👌
Tang-Ho Vor 2 years
"she's always trynna hit me up" LOL oker oker
fern hernaned
fern hernaned Vor 2 years
Haha she's so much fun😊🤗
Safa Bashir
Safa Bashir Vor 2 years
arghhhh shays such a goddess!!! like go be ugly or something!! jk jk ❤️❤️😂😂
Amy O’Neill
Amy O’Neill Vor 2 years
Slay shay
Billie is my life
Billie is my life Vor 2 years
and here we are 2 years later shay created her own channel idk if u call that crazy i call it cucfophgpdoasofwwefkdi
potato Girl
potato Girl Vor 2 years
I love how theres just a leo section because leo is the best
Eliza Lynch
Eliza Lynch Vor 2 years
She has a space grey iPhone 5s! Same
FaZePigieon 24
FaZePigieon 24 Vor 2 years
Didn’t know this channel even existed
a m
a m Vor 2 years
Ramzia Siddiqi
Ramzia Siddiqi Vor 2 years
Shay is an absolute princess 😍😍
Queen Maya
Queen Maya Vor 2 years
"I'm gonna be crazy in a couple of years." She's crazy now😂😂 But still love ya Shay
ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ᴍᴏʀᴀʟᴇs
“If he here?!”
IRawer gaming
IRawer gaming Vor 2 years
She spelt feet instead of feed
Lynae Corwin
Lynae Corwin Vor 2 years
“I’ll be crazy in a couple years.” 2 years later she gets 3M subs on DE-vid so she runs through the streets of LA wearing a unicorn mask naked.😂😂😂. I'm dead!
estrella !!!
estrella !!! Vor 2 years
I know her
Kiara S
Kiara S Vor 2 years
For a minute I thought of Pam (Emily fields mum) when she had to prank call her mum
Maria Ramey
Maria Ramey Vor 2 years
She kind of looks like Demi lovato at 0:47
Gaia Vor 2 years
Her face at the beginning in the filter had me dying😂😂😂
Strawberry Donut
Strawberry Donut Vor 2 years
For the prank call she should have said she was pregnant
Gabriella Reyes
Gabriella Reyes Vor 2 years
musiclivon 1221
musiclivon 1221 Vor 2 years
Help me help you
Φωτεινή Τζουβελέκη
She is perfect
Akshaya M
Akshaya M Vor 2 years
1:35 when you make yourself look fake so the actual fake doesn’t show up. Lol
musiclivon 1221
musiclivon 1221 Vor 2 years
Akshaya oh yeah? Your fake ohhhhhhhhhhhhb
Wha a
Wha a Vor 2 years
Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray Vor 2 years
She’s so pretty😍😍💘
Alicia Wiman
Alicia Wiman Vor 2 years
Ar you friend with the pretty Little liars girls
Lia Almog
Lia Almog Vor 2 years
simplychillinnn Vor 2 years
We need to see more of Shay! :)
Tilly & Gabby's Channel
That face swap 😂
Marcela Echeverria
Marcela Echeverria Vor 2 years
savannah hernandez
savannah hernandez Vor 2 years
you published this on my birthday
kwisuxk Vor 2 years
Shay is so pretty
The H Sisters
The H Sisters Vor 2 years
Shay is so kind
Isabel Forero
Isabel Forero Vor 2 years
Keegan 😂
Núria David
Núria David Vor 2 years
Oh,that's my mum!
Yamuna Vor 2 years
She looks like Demi Lovato, seriously
grace Vor 3 years
I looove her so much!!
Cheyenne Vor 3 years
"Oh Jalo" No biggy I just texted her this morning, sorry if I spelt her name wrong.
Paige Marsden
Paige Marsden Vor 3 years
She has the same phone as me
Meg Marq
Meg Marq Vor 3 years
Shay looks like Kim k
ø Eman Hafeez ø
ø Eman Hafeez ø Vor 3 years
I need more
Shoshana Harris
Shoshana Harris Vor 3 years
That moment when you need to reschedule with j lo ;)
chloe oconnor
chloe oconnor Vor 3 years
" she's always trying to hit me up" *dead*😑
Maria Frost
Maria Frost Vor 3 years
LOGANG! Help me help you❤️
Tanish Cheyenne
Tanish Cheyenne Vor 3 years
Shay I am a big time producer and you would be perfect to play in my movie hit me up
Daniela Salas
Daniela Salas Vor 3 years
Tanish Cheyenne you have no subscriber s
Alejandra Benítez
Alejandra Benítez Vor 3 years
Don't mames Kisses, -A 😂😂😂😂
Cherry Rico
Cherry Rico Vor 3 years
Who also saw her appearance on "HELP ME HELP YOU"
Saryah McCord
Saryah McCord Vor 3 years
0:06 did she just say in a couple years she's already crazy
Eptixacad Vor 3 years
Thankyou for posting this video, buzzfeet.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Vor 3 years
Mom you were supposed to call me a bitch 😂😂😂😂Shay: I am going to be crazy in a couple of years Me: wait you don't consider yourself crazy yet
Nat fbs
Nat fbs Vor 3 years
When they face swapped Leo looked like Boy George
Fariha XO
Fariha XO Vor 3 years
Wow she has 2 phones😝
Makayla Leasch
Makayla Leasch Vor 3 years
You were suppose to call me a "b" like you normally do😂😂
Makai Evans
Makai Evans Vor 3 years
when she said jlo i was weak
Smile Drinkwell
Smile Drinkwell Vor 3 years
"She's always trying to hit me up" lmaoo
laarni c:
laarni c: Vor 3 years
Help me help you girl!!!
Emily Brennan
Emily Brennan Vor 3 years
Im watching pretty little liars now
Lulu Vor 3 years
Shay Mitchell's dope bro.
Patrick Vanilla
Patrick Vanilla Vor 3 years
Can y'all do this to Camila (Cabello) next?
Egriselda Maloku
Egriselda Maloku Vor 3 years
0:48 hahaha l love your mom
Lujenna Vlogs
Lujenna Vlogs Vor 3 years
omg she sang help me help you with why dont we aka new 1 direction and logan paul aka jake pauls bigger and powerfull bro
nethanya Vor 3 years
When she complains about JLo always wanting to hit her up 😂😂😂😂❤️
nethanya Vor 3 years
How does Shay just randomly take a selfie and it comes out with her hair looking like there was a fan in the room😍 lol she wasn't even trying and she still looked gorgeous in that pic 😂😂😂😂
愛 café.
愛 café. Vor 3 years
Shay slays
Noemi Taufalele
Noemi Taufalele Vor 3 years
who else thought at 1st that she was demi
Lou Marit
Lou Marit Vor 3 years
I just had to laugh so much, when you said "oh and JLo" like it's the most normal thing texting to her😂😂
remember that there is some one who loves you
This is why i love Shay❤
Andrea Ng
Andrea Ng Vor 3 years
-BUZZFEET*- lOL Buzzfeed. :)
Lia Hartwall
Lia Hartwall Vor 3 years
This is my fave video ever
Kayla Kayla
Kayla Kayla Vor 3 years
Can we just talk about how Shay still looked great after face swapping with a cardboard cutout of Leo?? 😂😂😂
klaroline edits
klaroline edits Vor 3 years
Slay Mitchill is mah bae❤
Jillian Pressman
Jillian Pressman Vor 3 years
that was a beautiful face swap 😂😂😂😂😂
sareena S
sareena S Vor 3 years
is it just me or does shay keep switching phones?
sian193 - Brooke
sian193 - Brooke Vor 3 years
Pause at 1:05 her face is HILARIOUS
Kai Raza
Kai Raza Vor 3 years
0:05 shay looks like simply nessa
hoodo Moalim Ali
hoodo Moalim Ali Vor 3 years
"Having an amazing time at BuzzFeet" xD
Danny Pereira
Danny Pereira Vor 3 years
Tinamarie Adorno
Tinamarie Adorno Vor 3 years
"I love you too .. bitch" 😂😂
celeste hernandez
celeste hernandez Vor 3 years
My queen 👸🏽
Emy Bengtsson
Emy Bengtsson Vor 3 years
Is it just me, or did Shay seem so much more comfortable on her own than with the others.
Cara Shortt
Cara Shortt Vor 3 years
Her face lit up when she thought Leo was actually there !lol❣️❣️
Chamari Fenty
Chamari Fenty Vor 3 years
That face swap though lmao
lana Vor 3 years
i loooove shay
Jailyn Christine
Jailyn Christine Vor 3 years
She says "oh and J-lo" like it's not a big deal!😂
Jailyn Christine
Jailyn Christine Vor 3 years
prob true
Anisa Farooq
Anisa Farooq Vor 3 years
Jailyn Quinn I'm pretty sure she was just joking 😄💜
Lydia Conroy
Lydia Conroy Vor 3 years
i love shay
Emma Kemppainen
Emma Kemppainen Vor 3 years
"BuzzFeet" 😂😂
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