Simona Halep dominates Serena Williams to win Wimbledon title | 2019 Wimbledon Highlights

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Simona Halep stuns Serena Williams to win the Wimbledon women's final in straight sets 6-2, 6-2. Halep claims her second major championship and prevents Williams from winning her 24th Grand Slam title.
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13 Jul 2019

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jamie lunes
jamie lunes Vor 6 Tage
Young womans. Game
natalie knowstennis
How did she dominate an serena hit 26 unforced errors I watched the whole match I wonder how much Romania paid serena to lose this final...
Bennie Clark
Bennie Clark Vor 10 Tage
Serena Williams doesn't need a tennis racket. The tennis racket needs Serena.. Serena is "THE GREATEST WOMEN'S TENNIS PLAYER EVER". No one will remember Halep 10 years from now. She's an atypical fly by night player at best.
Armando Gutierrez
Armando Gutierrez Vor 14 Tage
Is no one going to say anything about their moaning and grunting
Ocean Of Success
Ocean Of Success Vor 17 Tage
Simona was ready for Serena. You can tell that she was practicing a lot of fast-hard serves. Serena had a baby, put on weight gain and is getting older. She is going to have to lose more weight. These young girls are whipping butts. I love Serena though and was hoping she won. But, Simona was so exciting. I'm proud of her too.
dropshot118 Vor 18 Tage
Serena looks so arkward at the net. Swaying around like a heavy truck
mars3579 Vor 20 Tage
Cone on serina let them win some you still the greatest tennis player
Long Dang
Long Dang Vor 20 Tage
Halep really outplayed Williams in this match.
fredjp1975 Vor 21 Tag
I've seen this over and over again... total dominance!!! Glad serena got smoked!!!
Ferdy R
Ferdy R Vor 21 Tag
Finally someone has the intelligence of putting an effort to put the ball away from Serena's powerful forehand, other make an effort to only screech & moans and put the balls at Serena's sweet-spot. Congrats to Halep!
Ay! Caramba Bamba
Ay! Caramba Bamba Vor 22 Tage
This is where finesse was able to defeat braun.
S O P H I E Vor 24 Tage
Sam Turner
Sam Turner Vor 25 Tage
I am always happy when Serena loses... but kudos to her for not having a break down, I guess?
Edward st.antoine
Edward st.antoine Vor 26 Tage
wuuuuuhahahahaha i hate williams
Jo Vor 27 Tage
Absolutely phenomenal Halepeno court coverage and simply stellar play. And on grass at Wimbledon, and the Final against Serena. Can't get better than this, but I wouldn't doubt something else can happen as good or better in the future! Simona, The Little Engine That Could & Does!
Thumper mater
Thumper mater Vor 28 Tage
wow simona can play. I'm surprised serena didn't throw a fit.
bmwmdude Vor 28 Tage
I had to hunt for this, I now know why. SJW got whooped. Made me smile.
W SG Vor 28 Tage
Great!! To see the smug, arrogant Serena WIlliams LOSE
bach5861 Vor 28 Tage
Juan Antonio Zuleta
Serena Williams has one way of playing. Smacking the ball with brute power and grunting. When a player half her size manages to put the ball back and mix shots, Williams’ limited skills are exposed. The Belgians showed that for a while and recently it has been Osaka, Kerber, Halep...
Jonathan Rice
Jonathan Rice Vor 29 Tage
37 is a tough age. Some days, your athleticism is almost like it was in your prime. Other days, you are reminded that you’re getting older. It’s hard because your prime was so recent, but you’re also not far from 40. Let’s hope Serena can string together enough good days to grab her 24th!
Sorin Petre
Sorin Petre Vor 29 Tage
B M-Y Vor Monat
Halep played great but Serena also played bad. Serena had so many chances to wrong foot Halep or hit behind her. Halep read every play and anticipated. Always knew what Serena was going to do next.
Buck Young
Buck Young Vor Monat
I can watch this over and over again just like the night Donald Trump became President Donald Trump.
lflagr Vor Monat
Wow...compare a match like this to the men's final. Do women still, honestly, deserve equal pay?
Jeremy Redding
Jeremy Redding Vor 22 Tage
Yes, because it's "prize" money.
Kapkan Besuda
Kapkan Besuda Vor Monat
Serena williams: uauuuuhh
Gus Landy
Gus Landy Vor Monat
Embarrassing to be annihilated by a girl :).
glok9n Vor Monat
FUCK serena go COCO gauff !
Antonio Acevedo
Antonio Acevedo Vor Monat
I thought I'd tune in to watch mediocre tennis from the women. I was not disappointed. the most irritating thing is that constant grunting. Real tennis is played by the men.
Thomas Mongillo
Thomas Mongillo Vor Monat
your a fool...
grungical Vor Monat
Halep is a total babe
Thomas Mongillo
Thomas Mongillo Vor Monat
at least...and deadly...
grungical Vor Monat
I am an American but I cant stand Serena W. and if you dont like them its always assumed that your just a racist
Chris Blackmon
Chris Blackmon Vor Monat
Can't dominate the sport forever. Time for some new blood.
paul broderick
paul broderick Vor Monat
The William's sisters have had there time in the sun. Time to move on.
Vermonster90 Vor Monat
Women's tennis was hoping Serena would Win so they could erase Margaret Court from their ledger. Just look at the 2018 awards ceremony they basically ruined that ceremony for the woman who defeated Serena, the super Dyke president of Woman's Tennis on air broadcast said from the podium "this isnt the outcome we were hoping for"
sam sam
sam sam Vor Monat
Serena's underwear is so big and gross. ..why anyone would look at granny size. .
Johnny U.
Johnny U. Vor 28 Tage
sam sam lol
Grand Wonder
Grand Wonder Vor Monat
Any time someone beats Serena Williams I have got to watch! Not easy to beat that man!
modrnlol Vor Monat
This is the most racist shit I've ever seen.
Jaime Moreno jr
Jaime Moreno jr Vor Monat
Anyone who has beaten Serena on a GS final has had one factor: No fear, no intimidation. Hennin, Kerber, Stossur, and now Simona.
Jaime Moreno jr
Jaime Moreno jr Vor Monat
Simona already had the talent and the goods for greatness. Darren Cahill was the one to me who helped her propel herself to another level she didn't know she had. And even though he no longer coaches her he stopped by her camp through the tournament. He knows the player and knows what to tell her and give her advice on. They should team up again even if it's part time.
Pomerlain89 Vor Monat
Darren still consults with her. He worked with her and her current coach Daniel Dobre in Romania after her FO loss to work on her game for Wimbledon. And from what I've read on TennisForums, it seems Darren be her full-time coach again in January, and Dobre will coach her at tournaments when Darren won't be available.
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head Vor Monat
I don’t watch tennis, but I do know Serena is a great. It looks like she got frustrated, tired and lazy. She stopped giving it her best when was down by 3+.
Nick77382 Vor Monat
Does anybody else not give a flying fuck about this match?
Thomas Mongillo
Thomas Mongillo Vor Monat
@Nick77382 same money for years pal...nailed it on dim...ignorant is cool...wanna go for stupid...balls in your court...
Nick77382 Vor Monat
Yeah sorry bud clearly you’re real invested in your English skills, but if you were paying attention I’m pretty sure that Simone got less prize money than djokovic for a reason.
Thomas Mongillo
Thomas Mongillo Vor Monat
no ...just you...dim ain't you...
Market Worlds of Information
Serena looked every bit of 37 years of age, the only undefeated opponent is time!
Benzo Vor Monat
She’s going to pull the race card!!!!
darin meyer
darin meyer Vor Monat
bruh serena wouldn't even go for the ball sometimes wtf
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Vor Monat
Serena Williams is the best tennis player in the universe. Djokovic could not even return one of her serves. Federer tried to return her serves and broke his wrist. Nadal returned one serve of hers in three straight sets. She beat all three of those MEN handily and that is why they won't let her play against the MEN anymore.
Rob Pritzlaff
Rob Pritzlaff Vor Monat
Halep reminds me of Agassi how both of them cover so much court laterally and how they can place their shots. looking forward to seeing more of Halep.
joe chrow
joe chrow Vor Monat
Serena is all power...She really does not have much natural talent...Salep had LOADS of natural talent...Take Serenas power away from her and she probably would not even be good enough to become a Pro player
Bee Doggy
Bee Doggy Vor Monat
So glad you beat that tranny on roids, so sick of her wush she was just go away
Thomas Mongillo
Thomas Mongillo Vor Monat
go maga yourself ...
Harry Browneigh
Harry Browneigh Vor Monat
Nice to see a real woman defeat a Bigfoot.
Home Kitchen
Home Kitchen Vor Monat
Serena needs to lose weight. Damn stupid to compete heavy.
Simona made Serena look like a club player lol
lew4kids Vor Monat
Fantastic display of how to beat Serena. Run her all over the court, and she loses her stamina. Serena's game is all about power. Monster serves and ground strokes. Most players barely return the serve, and Serena just smashes whatever short ball comes back and done! Finally, we have some players who can handle her serve, and then go ground stroke for ground stroke and run her around. This is where Serena gets sloppy. All other women players, take note!! Simona executed with precision and poise. CONGRATS!!
Zoraj Kemtoch
Zoraj Kemtoch Vor Monat
OMG OMG Simona Halep was a FIRE on the court, FAST AND FURIOUS , Serena W is finished !!!
Juan Calcanat
Juan Calcanat Vor Monat
Surprised serena didn't cry this time
Yusef Stoudemire
All she got is her balls and her word...,
Yusef Stoudemire
Serena is a MAN!!!
Yusef Stoudemire
The "MAN_THING" lost, this is great news..., my dick hurts
c ward
c ward Vor Monat
Tennis is OUT OF AFRICA! ---at last
onetwocue Vor Monat
Halep played this game so well. Her foot movements were incredible. The little steps and always getting herself back in the middle of the court after a defensive hit and just waiting for unforced errors from Serena. Serena on the other hand, I didn't see that many little steps and she wasn't really getting herself back into the center of the court after hitting her shot. She would hit and stay at the same spot. And her grunting. Y'all know when she starts grunting, she's struggling and trying to keep the points short but there was really no hard hitting from Serena. Cuz when she's grunting, she's struggling.
Clay Slade
Clay Slade Vor Monat
Everyone is gonna sit there and tell me a player that never had success on grass was hitting winners off of winners? Please tell me what she is taking cause I need some. Is it legal?
kissmyaass1 Vor Monat
Halep had her boobs reduced and now she is a terror!
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett Vor Monat
Tired of Serena....thank god someone kicked her in the groin.
Brenda Jordan
Brenda Jordan Vor Monat
I think Serena played great, but halep played even better....
Michael Lam
Michael Lam Vor Monat
Serena had a bad day at the office. It's one of those things that no matter what you do things are not going your way. Come back another day to do battle. Well done simona, you played lights out and best you've ever done. Serena always has another chance in the coming us open.
Nothing But Art
Nothing But Art Vor Monat
Maybe Serena should stop being such a lazy SJW and get her ass off her couch and do some cardio to get quicker just a thought
nina Chumnanvech
So disappointed to Serena"s soul mate and best friend Meghan Markle. Simona was so good, only 55 minute to beat Serena !!!
Paul Dotson
Paul Dotson Vor Monat
Great defense as usual Simona,great all around play I am proud of you for your first wimbledon title. I shall call you supergirl or the Energizer maybe super Simona.
Dorothy Mays-Pitts
Halep was on fire. DPitts
Maybe Sarena can blame someone else. Or maybe it's she's 40lbs overweight and did too much steroids over the years...
MRios1128 Vor Monat
Good. Fuck Serena
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy Vor Monat
Simona's defensive power tennis is like no other. Just fantastic!
Seascorp Scorpio
If Halep can play like this all the time.....she will have 30 GS. Lol
David Turco
David Turco Vor Monat
Simona always plays like this it's not out of the ordinary, she doesn't get much notice because she is not Serena. On the other hand Serena made Halep look like a defensive genius due to her scary lack of foot work.
Zach DeHart
Zach DeHart Vor Monat
This girl got so many balls back!
Ken Adams
Ken Adams Vor Monat
Hmm, Muguruza won the French in 2016 then Wimbledon the next year. Halep won French 2018 and now Wimbledon this year. I can see Barty doing the same 😊
Mass John John
Mass John John Vor Monat
This was too painful to watch. Never seen SW like this... omg
iScreamCandy TV
iScreamCandy TV Vor Monat
Is it me or does it seem like Serena threw the match again????? I mean I felt half the shots I COULD HAVE RETURNED! Soft slices like girl bye
Juan Pavez
Juan Pavez Vor Monat
La masacro .buena
TheJking85 Vor Monat
Serena couldn't smash her racket this time because the grassy surface won't break the racket :)
Tim Fuller
Tim Fuller Vor Monat
Impressive playing by Halep. Didn't Serena go full retard the last time and blame the ref with all kinds of pc identity politics crap? Thanks, Serena, for showing unusual restraint this time.
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