Small Details You Missed In Captain Marvel

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Marvel's most powerful superhero has finally arrived on the big screen, leaving absolutely no doubt that Carol Danvers will go on to play a vital role in upcoming MCU storylines.
And like any action-packed Marvel fest, there were plenty of references onscreen that were easy to miss amid all the photon blasts and space battles. From characters with secret futures to sneaky wardrobe changes to Easter eggs, here are all of the small details you missed in Captain Marvel. Spoilers ahead!
One of the film's biggest moments came when Carol Danvers finally discovered her true colors, both figuratively and literally. Upon deciding to ditch the Kree and help the Skrull refugees, Carol figures she needs a new look to match her new mission. Fortunately, the Kree suit-makers programmed a Sims wardrobe module into her handy dandy wrist gadget, allowing her to switch up her suit's design right then and there.
She flashes through all the colors of the rainbow before settling on the iconic blue-red-and yellow look that fans of the comics couldn't help but cheer for. But right before her final colors, her suit rests for a moment on a mild green-and-white color scheme that might be familiar to die-hard comics readers.
In Captain Marvel's first comics appearance as Mar-Vell in Marvel Super-Heroes #12, the Kree hero wears a suit with the same colors. Even if it was only on-screen for a few seconds, it was a clever nod to the superhero's origins and more than a little fitting that it appeared as a precursor to her current suit design. Keep watching the video to see more small details you missed in Captain Marvel!
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Original colors | 0:30
They blue it | 1:25
The Right Foreshadowing | 2:29
Project PEGASUS | 3:19
The Protector Initiative | 4:33
Goose | 6:14
Photon finish | 7:17
Minn-Erva | 8:33
Att-Lass | 9:24
Yon-Rogg | 10:06
Korath the Pursuer | 11:24
Ronan the Accuser | 12:25
Mar-Vell | 13:05
Supreme Intelligence | 14:11
Kelly Sue DeConnick | 14:55
True believer | 15:29




12 Mär 2019



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Looper Vor 10 Tage
What was your favorite little easter egg/detail from Captain Marvel?
Sancty Nichtcool
Sancty Nichtcool Vor Stunde
you guys are wrong ^^ captain marvel is marvel most powerfull marrysue no a superhero its just like ray
Keith Ray
Keith Ray Vor 21 Stunde
Didn’t see it. First MCU film that my family didn’t watch on opening night
Justin Trollinger
+Richelle B The PartlyNormal LMT Goose is a Naval Flight Officer. His position in the plane is called a Radar intercept officer. Still chokes me up when he dies in the movie though...
The Great Bamboozler
+newb431 u is smaaaaaart!!!
darkage5 Vor Tag
@looper do your research Goose was neither a pilot or in the airforce. He was Navy. Make a retraction video for doing lazy work.
Castle Hill CENTRAL
Castle Hill CENTRAL Vor 2 Stunden
well i missed the whole movie,...... still dont think i missed much!
J Carrera
J Carrera Vor 3 Stunden
Thanks for the color explanation!!!!!!!!👽
WSario Vor 4 Stunden
Goose - Navy Pilot....Thanks again.
DCNationVideos1 Vor 4 Stunden
omg so captain marvel dies???
The Arachnofiles Basement
She isnt Marvels most powerful superhero, she is only in the MCU.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Vor 6 Stunden
Top gun; goose is a Naval Radar Intercept Operator. RIO for short, but Navy not Air Force.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Vor 6 Stunden
My bad officer not operator. But besides the point, Bre did a kick ass job.
Ella Weigt
Ella Weigt Vor 6 Stunden
15:29 incorrect. captain marvel will not be stan lee’s final cameo, spider-man ffh will be though.
thefinnishguy Vor 6 Stunden
1:45 OMG! It's almost like there could be other races of a species. Like what are white and black people to aliens. I don't get why people think it's weird that there are different colour skins for the kree.
yee haw
yee haw Vor 6 Stunden
I'm so happy I watch all these movies for the entertainment value and don't give two flying fucks about how many Capt Marvel's there were or what's in the almighty comic books... It's fucking entertainment people loosen up....Damn...
yee haw
yee haw Vor 6 Stunden
I'm so happy I watch all these movies for the entertainment value and don't give two flying fucks about how many Capt Marvel's there were or what's in the almighty comic books... It's fucking entertainment people loosen up....Damn...
JohnnyMcMuff1 Vor 7 Stunden
I missed every detail of it with pleasure.
Trinity D.R
Trinity D.R Vor 7 Stunden
GUYS! PLEASE READ MY THEORY: Ok, remember Guardians of The Galaxy 2? In the credit scenes, the golden-skinned aliens were creating a sort of celestial being, remember? When will he take part in the MCU movies again? I think he will be an important character in Avengers Endgame!
MrMisterMan Vor 7 Stunden
marvels most powerful superhero? lol dont think so that would probably be jean grey
SpookeyClown Vor 8 Stunden
I missed the fun in this movie.
never using this again
Really hope thanos crushes her
Wouldn't It Be Cool If
I missed the whole thing because I didn't go see it.
Oscar N
Oscar N Vor 11 Stunden
Damn this movie sucked
zombie42080 Vor 11 Stunden
Boy, remember when these “missed” videos were about things you missed?
Ed Lam
Ed Lam Vor 12 Stunden
Goose was a Navy ROI in Top Gun, not an AIr Force pilot.
Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart Vor 12 Stunden
SOMEONE ANSWER ME THIS? - How is captain marvel the strongest? she only get her power from the tesseract? thanos holds all infinity stones?...
JackHDGamer Jack
JackHDGamer Jack Vor 13 Stunden
I love u captain marvel you are the best I always inspire u and I want to be a actor like you and I hope I can meet you or be friends with u one day captain marvel aka Brie Larson
wayne mawston
wayne mawston Vor 14 Stunden
Didn't miss anything won't be watching this movie due to the racist and sexist actor Larson.
mrrayray2005 Vor 14 Stunden
Actually Rambeau was the Original Captain Marvel......how could THAT be overlooked!!????
Random Hero
Random Hero Vor 14 Stunden
you mean Disneys most trash SuperZero..
unkleskratch Vor 16 Stunden
great, another $200 millions worth of who gives a crap- I'll see it on a plane maybe
Keith Kemper
Keith Kemper Vor 19 Stunden
Has anyone noticed that the marvel was a man not a woman
alanguages Vor 19 Stunden
"And if you don't like my POLITICS, DON'T buy my book." "Problem solved." - Kelly Sue DeConnick A big reason why Captain Marvel comics are NOT selling.
Butt hurt
Butt hurt Vor 19 Stunden
damn missed the whole movie
Navy pilot, GOOSE was a navy pilot!
Mcrayfish _
Mcrayfish _ Vor 23 Stunden
Imagine goose the cat flurken flying a plane
Ninja x
Ninja x Vor 23 Stunden
Superman is better
Leonard Jenkins
Leonard Jenkins Vor 23 Stunden
I intentionally missed this movie.
Joe Hanick
Joe Hanick Vor 23 Stunden
goose was a naval aviator
Nolaboy824 Vor Tag
Monica Rambeau was a better Captain Marvel aka Spectrum
I didn't miss a thing
Vstro Vor Tag
I missed all the details cus I didnt bother watch it....
Mark Peterson
Goose is NOT an Air Force pilot, please do not insult him but claiming such nonsense. He was NAVY. The Air Force would never land a jet on an Aircraft Carrier, nor did they ever fly or have F-14's in the inventory.
Ryan Hayward
Ryan Hayward Vor Tag
Who says we missed these details......?
Canadian Space Invader
Most of these aren't details you may have missed, but extended info from the comics. Pretty misleading.
vuthy yon
vuthy yon Vor Tag
Goose is Navy get your facts right.
Jesse Kline
Jesse Kline Vor Tag
But you lost character was supposed to be the original Captain Marvel who gave her the power. Not that lady and an explosion
I didn't missed any small detail, I missed the whole movie, 🤣
blockbuster1982 Vor 8 Stunden
+Cleeve ok so is the best movie ever 🤣
Cleeve Vor 9 Stunden
sucks to be you LOL. movie is about to make 1 billion. Beats spiderman and Wonder woman already!
OpticRxG 231
OpticRxG 231 Vor Tag
Captain marvel is not marvel's most powerful hero
Hideika Vor Tag
Next video: *will Goose defeat Thanos*
Hideika Vor Tag
I liked the movie idk why people hated it
David Nelson
David Nelson Vor Tag
Man, I missed all these details because I didn't see this movie
Dan Weeks
Dan Weeks Vor Tag
I'm pretty sure I missed ALL the details.
Patrick Owens
6th person to bear the title Captain Marvel, and the least liked..the movie pretty much took a steamy dump on all of the Previous Captain Marvels..and a Huge steamy pile on the Graphic Novel "The Death of Captain Marvel..
yakyakyak69 Vor Tag
So she decided to help the "refugees" aka INVADERS. Really? Ahem.... Lunatic leftist PROPAGANDA.👎👎👎👎👎🐴💩
Stephen Rowland
Goose was Navy not Air Force...
itec745 Vor Tag
i was waiting for super skrull to show up during the movie ....
decay79 Vor Tag
You should do a likewise list about all the mistakes in the movie. And boy you might wanna reserve more than 17 min for that job..
The One & Only
one BIG detail i did not miss in Captain Marvel was how boring it was , i wasted nearly 2 hour of my life on this boring film
MrArqkangelo Vor Tag
The best for Marvel´s Universe is if will Captain Marvel death in the beginning of End Game !!!!!
John L
John L Vor 13 Stunden
You said it. Get the MCU back on track!
crazymammoth Vor Tag
Most powerful Pffhahahahahahahaha you guys are hilarious!
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love Vor Tag
such a crap movie. any other mcu movie was better.. elektra was better yes people a female led movie. just before major smart phones so disney couldnt drown everyone in this 1 st female hero movie. shitola. lol
mighty Vor Tag
I just watched the movie. Brietard is so arrogant and self entitled it really makes you wanna punch Brietard in the face ! The movie start decently but ends plain, obviousely targeting 7 year old kids. The movie is dumb and cartoonish, far far away from great movies like The Winter Soldier, Wonder Woman and especially ALITA BATTLE ANGEL. My money was wasted on this cartoon I'll definitely won't watch a sequel. Unless she is the villain and dies Don't waste your time and money on this plain self entitled arrogant charachter. Do yourself a favor and go watch ALITA BATTLE ANGEL, you'll thank me
MannyB Light
MannyB Light Vor Tag
“Marvel’s most powerful hero” ugh so annoying to hear sadly
Matthew Spear
Project Pegasus is also a real secret op
Charles Henriques
Fact: Stan Lee appeared in a cameo for a gesture towards The Kevin Smith "Mall-Rats' in 1995, Stan was reading from the script while sitting on the train his line was "Trust me True Believer" That will not be missed by Kevin Feige and Kevin Smith
zredband Vor Tag
Kevin Smith knew about it beforehand, Stan lee's performance was a little weak (because he was dying) and they requested alternate takes from Kevin Smith.
Morge Zorge
Morge Zorge Vor Tag
All 10.000 fans of the comic :)
Eduardo Vazquez
I missed the entire movie,i watched Alita !
Eduardo Vazquez
Eduardo Vazquez Vor 12 Stunden
+John L Thank!
John L
John L Vor 13 Stunden
AMEN and good choice
Falcorian Sabbat
I thought Danvers' callsign was Hamburger (according to one run of the Ms Marvel comics anyway). She was explaining to someone (can't remember whom) that the Air Force doesn't give "cool" nicknames. They make sure they're kinda stupid to make sure that they don't get too big for their britches.
Chris Paton
Chris Paton Vor Tag
it was Cheeseburger
Dan Swift
Dan Swift Vor Tag
Goose in Top Gun was a navy pilot, not an air force pilot.
Dan Swift
Dan Swift Vor 10 Stunden
+Gavin Powell That's true. I forgot Goose was Maverick's back-seat, not his wing-man.
Gavin Powell
Gavin Powell Vor 11 Stunden
its pretty easy to make small mistakes and then put them out there man, relax. Also, he was a radar intercept officer, which is a co-pilot, not a pilot as you just typed. see how easy it is?
Damn... and I missed the entire movie!!!
Henkka Vor 6 Stunden
You can still go see it...
GTG 08
GTG 08 Vor Tag
Is anyone else annoyed that despite having so many comic book references that mar-vell is still the wrong gender
Agostino Matteucci
Except for the fact that Captain Marvel IS A MAN... oh and the movie was terrible, absolute garbage..
Alain D,mystic
I think jude will end up being captain
Alain D,mystic
Great moviewhy all hate on u -tube, ? Sad childish, take 1 sentence ruin people,s lives, karma, goes around comes around.
Marcus Wright
It's details we WANTED to miss because the movie is boring.
Gabe L
Gabe L Vor Tag
20 seconds in Thailand is going to be epic
Contagious Catastrophe
Most powerful so far hint hint
john turtle
john turtle Vor Tag
Small details you missed because you missed this hot garbage
Cleeve Vor 9 Stunden
sucks to be you LOL. movie is about to make 1 billion. Beats spiderman and Wonder woman already! No one cares that you missed it
Jacob Green
Jacob Green Vor Tag
Brea Larson is garbage.
Holy Electrum
Thor is the most powerful
Jonathan Apolonio
She isn't stronger than Thor though. The power that she displays on the movie are clearly inferior to the new powers that Thor has(almost killed thanos with the infinity stones).
Ravi s
Ravi s Vor Tag
im sorry, i believe i just blue myself---Tobias Funke
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz Vor Tag
Carol went Black and Gold (Her Ms. Marvel Costume), She went "TRON" Uniform which is the color she wore on the cover of New Avengers #7 Fury's 2nd CAR going in to the Government base had a license plate that started with "S4.." For those who do not know, the S4 Base is supposedly located at Papoose Lake which was the REAL AREA 51.
taipan185 Vor Tag
its sure as hell better not be to vital because no one needs nor wants some frigging sun downer showing after the last 10+ years of character and team building has been working up to this.
titus2120 Vor Tag
Elmo Peeping
Elmo Peeping Vor Tag
love the disco CM's suit 😂
The Great Bamboozler
...I like the part when the chick sez, "What do you mean FLASH GORDON?"
The Great Bamboozler
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, Wild flappin' tentacles, GRRR GRRR GRRR!
Maria K93
Maria K93 Vor 7 Stunden
I understood that refrence!
Small details.... Like the whole movie...
No One Of Consequence
It sucked. Dull, boring, uninspired, and Brie Larson is terrible.
Porfle Popnecker
Porfle Popnecker Vor 2 Tage
Correction: small details YOU missed in Captain Marvel.
Zero Quanta
Zero Quanta Vor 2 Tage
11:08 the super powers were not KNOCKED into danvers, you idiot. The energy went through the Creee and the DNA was in printed INTO Danvers. The change in the DNA made her have supper powers like his.
Zero Quanta
Zero Quanta Vor 2 Tage
Again, all woman are cool and all men are STUPID CAT LOVERS who can't focus and have to stop and act like an idiot petting the cat.
Zero Quanta
Zero Quanta Vor 2 Tage
The movie was NOT very good. We got Another secretary, that has NOT got a killer body and she walks around and acts like a Jokester. BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Her entire attitude is atrocious.
Walter Haven
Walter Haven Vor 2 Tage
Your take on Stan lee brought a tear to my eye, thank you true believer...I hope to one day meet that man
MrLeading Entertainment
Monica Rambeau is the first female Captain Marvel and black Avenger. She is similar in age or older than Carol Danvers yet they disrespect her by receding her age and title.
Paul Rowland
Paul Rowland Vor 2 Tage
Marvel's most powerful hero? Umm...ever hear of Jean Grey?
MrMisterMan Vor 7 Stunden
lol i just made that same comment. Jean grey is without a doubt the most powerful character in the marvel universe
gds481300 Vor 2 Tage
Man babies are now saying is that the reason why Captain Marvel is failing because Brie Larson isnt pretty enough
steven singleton
steven singleton Vor 2 Tage
Shes not the strongest hulk and thor kick her ass multiple times and laugh.
So, any reason why she is called "vers" when she obviously was wearing a something with her name on it. It is quite childish to have built a whole name on half of a tag when the full name is on the suit. What do you think?
Brian Adams
Brian Adams Vor 2 Tage
Navy... Goose was a pilot in the Navy. Not Airforce.
Gavin Powell
Gavin Powell Vor 11 Stunden
its pretty easy to make small mistakes and then put them out there man, relax. Also, he was a radar intercept officer, which is a co-pilot, not a pilot as you just typed. see how easy it is?
daniel natal
daniel natal Vor 2 Tage
Captain Marvel isn't the most powerful Marvel superhero
The Great Bamboozler
Florin Nitulescu
Florin Nitulescu Vor 2 Tage
Long story short: you have pointed out all the WRONG THINGS that happen in this movie. Pure trash that disrespects comics and 10 years of MCU.
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