Small Details You Missed In Captain Marvel

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Marvel's most powerful superhero has finally arrived on the big screen, leaving absolutely no doubt that Carol Danvers will go on to play a vital role in upcoming MCU storylines.
And like any action-packed Marvel fest, there were plenty of references onscreen that were easy to miss amid all the photon blasts and space battles. From characters with secret futures to sneaky wardrobe changes to Easter eggs, here are all of the small details you missed in Captain Marvel. Spoilers ahead!
One of the film's biggest moments came when Carol Danvers finally discovered her true colors, both figuratively and literally. Upon deciding to ditch the Kree and help the Skrull refugees, Carol figures she needs a new look to match her new mission. Fortunately, the Kree suit-makers programmed a Sims wardrobe module into her handy dandy wrist gadget, allowing her to switch up her suit's design right then and there.
She flashes through all the colors of the rainbow before settling on the iconic blue-red-and yellow look that fans of the comics couldn't help but cheer for. But right before her final colors, her suit rests for a moment on a mild green-and-white color scheme that might be familiar to die-hard comics readers.
In Captain Marvel's first comics appearance as Mar-Vell in Marvel Super-Heroes #12, the Kree hero wears a suit with the same colors. Even if it was only on-screen for a few seconds, it was a clever nod to the superhero's origins and more than a little fitting that it appeared as a precursor to her current suit design. Keep watching the video to see more small details you missed in Captain Marvel!
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Original colors | 0:30
They blue it | 1:25
The Right Foreshadowing | 2:29
Project PEGASUS | 3:19
The Protector Initiative | 4:33
Goose | 6:14
Photon finish | 7:17
Minn-Erva | 8:33
Att-Lass | 9:24
Yon-Rogg | 10:06
Korath the Pursuer | 11:24
Ronan the Accuser | 12:25
Mar-Vell | 13:05
Supreme Intelligence | 14:11
Kelly Sue DeConnick | 14:55
True believer | 15:29



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Looper Vor 2 Monate
What was your favorite little easter egg/detail from Captain Marvel?
André Brown
André Brown Vor 26 Tage
Looper 🤷🏾‍♂️
Evie Z
Evie Z Vor 29 Tage
The Lesbian Relationship
Sander Klok
Sander Klok Vor Monat
Looper you are wrong this is captain mar-vell captain marvel is a man not a women
Stephanie Hoffman
I love the music.
Magyari Paul-Stefan
the detail that it sucked
demoskunk Vor 11 Tage
Small detail I missed: Any trace of a likable or interesting personality.
Dana Bell
Dana Bell Vor 13 Tage
Goose was a Navy pilot, not an Air Force pilot.
Sando-Metal Vor 18 Tage
Not the most powerful character in the MCU. If you read your comics, you would know this.
Greenest Dreamer
Greenest Dreamer Vor 22 Tage
I didn’t miss anything because I didn’t see this horse shit excuse of a movie and they certainly don’t deserve my white money
justaguy Vor 24 Tage
6:33 Um actually goose isn't a pilot he's a weapons systems operator or WSO
Vic Falls
Vic Falls Vor 26 Tage
Not all kree are pink skin or blue what about korath?
André Brown
André Brown Vor 26 Tage
Meh... 😐... I’d have been okay without knowing more about Captain Marvel. DC fans know that Shazam is the real Capt. Marvel anyway.
Norm DePlume
Norm DePlume Vor 27 Tage
Narrator: Air Force pilot Screen shot: United States Navy... Facepalm!
Norm DePlume
Norm DePlume Vor 27 Tage
I blue myself!
Dyrell Willis
Dyrell Willis Vor 27 Tage
Lol. Monica was the first female captain marvel. Danvers came later.
Nandini Bhatnagar
Nandini Bhatnagar Vor 28 Tage
I Wanna Talk To Sampson
fucking seconds into this video, and you're already spreading false information. Captain Marvel IS NOT the most powerful Marvel super hero. Thor is a shit ton stronger than she is. In the comics, on a scale of 1-7 (which is what they rate the characters powers), Captain Marvel is about a 4-5 overall, and Thor is about a 6 Overall. Thor has almost max stats in everything except intelligence, where he scores a 2 out of 7. Captain Marvel's stats hover in the middle, for the most part. For Christ sake, Captain Marvel even gets taken out by Rogue of the X-Men. That's how Rogue gets her permanent powers of flight, strength, healing, and energy blasts. Rogue held on to Captain Marvel, gained her powers permanently, Captain Marvel went into a coma, and then I believe she eventually dies. On Marvels on ranking scale of the top 50 strongest Avengers, Captain Marvel ranks 11th. She is, however, the strongest female character.
Haggysack2k8 Vor 28 Tage
"Young actress Akira AKBAR..." Me: *IT'S A TRAP!* oh wait...
Nathan Frey
Nathan Frey Vor 29 Tage
What about the movie? I missed every detail for some strange reason.....hmmmmmm....every detail.
jsn23nc Vor Monat
Blue Marvel and Monica Rambeau is more powerful
John Straub
John Straub Vor Monat
Goose was not an Air Force pilot, he was a Naval Aviator. What he and Carol Danvers had in common was they were both fighter pilots.
Aaron B
Aaron B Vor Monat
You have a flat ass. You are an evil - anti "white" male smack talker which covers a lot of races and cultures. I actually want Thanos to stomp her face into the ground now. There are millions of innocent little "white" baby boys that will hear you and see you. You obviously don't care.
Sapannn Vor Monat
I missed the entire movie
brian barnes
brian barnes Vor Monat
Um goose is a naval navigator
mlasko74 Vor Monat
Btw it's a camouflage projector, dumb ass
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller Vor Monat
Smart of Disney to forces us to watch this in boring ass movie in theater in anticipation to Endgame
Jodie Norris
Jodie Norris Vor Monat
Carol- has the power to destroy universes Fury - gets eye scratched out by a cat 🐱 DANM YOU GOOSE!!!
Patrick Burns
Patrick Burns Vor Monat
Goose is a Navy radar operator not a pilot. Carol Danvers Capt. Marvel isn’t that popular. They restarted her run in the comics at least seven times. Now she’s oh so important and oh so powerful just cringe as hell. After reading civil war II I don’t even think of her as a hero. Just another Mary Sue.
Viking Driver
Viking Driver Vor Monat
Really? Goose is an Air Force Pilot? No, he's not. Try Naval Flight Officer.
kreator861 201
kreator861 201 Vor Monat
How come Captain Marvel went (mask less )when returning to space to lead the Kree towards their new home?
J Chan
J Chan Vor Monat
6:36 "Goose is an Air Force pilot"...WRONG! He's a Radar Intercept Officer.
Sanguine Cretus
Sanguine Cretus Vor Monat
the captain marvel moniker must be a curse, no captain marvel has been "successful" in comic books till the MCU movie, even the movie was criticized for being terrible despite making so much money.
Michael Melton
Michael Melton Vor Monat
Captain marvel wasn’t very good . In fact I couldn’t watch the whole movie , it sucked .
nick Vor Monat
One thing doesn’t add up: if at the crash site when danvers gets hit by the energy core exploding, why does she already bleed blue blood if yon rogg hasn’t taken her back to do the cree blood transfusion yet?
Seb Lemery
Seb Lemery Vor Monat
i didn't see the movie yet you disrespectful pieces of shit.
Oliver Chang
Oliver Chang Vor Monat
more like Small Details You THINK WE Missed In Captain Marvel
Zeto Zito
Zeto Zito Vor Monat
Question does anybody watch DC ? Why the stories are so close? And why use the same name? If anyone has watched supergirl series, her sister name is Carol Danvers, plus the guy in supergirl also can asume identities as the guy on captain marvel, why the stories are so close like they been written with the same names. I like both but being from different companies I don’t know why they have to be so similar .
Glad i watched the pirated
leo jenkins
leo jenkins Vor Monat
Maybe in the future she maybe called shazam just as in the 1930s right up to 2012 he was Captain Marvel you thief's Stan Lee 😏😳😱
Jirka Vor Monat
yeah, missed the whole movie.
Lewis Patzner
Lewis Patzner Vor Monat
If you're interested in the Carol's comic book origins, check out the podcast "The Carol danvers Show." @t or @t
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson Vor Monat
Does anyone know what top gun is? If so do you remember goose?
Johnny Rocket64
Johnny Rocket64 Vor Monat
She is not the most powerful next jean grey from the X-men
Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog
Hey Disney! Allow me to play Hyperion so I can smack that Ronda Rousey smirk off her face just once and I'll do it for free. That "am a badass" smirk ruined this movie!
Joshua Sisco
Joshua Sisco Vor Monat
"Goose is an Air Force pilot" Cuts to a scene from Top Gun where Goose is standing in front of a plaque that says "United States Navy".
Elijah Luna
Elijah Luna Vor Monat
Stan Lee has one last cameo in Avengers Endgame
Wright Mike
Wright Mike Vor Monat
Goose is a navy pilot
BanWave Gt
BanWave Gt Vor Monat
ShepMvS Vor Monat
Luckily I missed the whole captain marvel, the only Marvel movie I not gona watch..
sieyk Vor Monat
I missed a lot more details than these. *Because I didn't watch it.*
Uriah Gardner
Uriah Gardner Vor Monat
Goose was a NAVY pilot, not Air Force!
ted carriker
ted carriker Vor Monat
1st detail I missed.. I Have No Intention or Desire to Watch Captain Marvel.
Victor Von Doom Jr.
A consistent plot. Enthralling characters. Enticing villains. A solid motivation. A character arc. Entertainment. Respect for the fans. Yeah, I missed a lot in this movie.
WS A Vor Monat
Just waiting for it to come out on the small screen.
Mentus Vor Monat
Thor is far more powerful than Capt Marvel. The character's MCU interpretation was a great embellishment.
V 56
V 56 Vor Monat
Here’s a big detail , this movie sucked . Get over it
V 56
V 56 Vor Monat
Hahahaha <this is for the hate comments coming after me>
Geek on a Leash
Geek on a Leash Vor Monat
I'm sorry but I didn't like it
Minty Linux2
Minty Linux2 Vor Monat
Can captain marvel bring goose so it can eat thanos?
Thanos Vor Monat
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen Vor Monat
Um - 6:36 - Goose is a *Navy* pilot!
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe Vor Monat
Real title of this video: *Small details I'll never miss because I'm never watching Captain Marvel*
Miguel Avila
Miguel Avila Vor Monat
I miss more than that just because I haven't seen the movie 😥
Mac Park
Mac Park Vor Monat
She is not the most powerful superhero. Not even on the Avengers. Hulk and Thor are listed above her no matter what list you look.
mark hurst
mark hurst Vor Monat
"markvels most powerful superhero" thinking face
Rod Plapp
Rod Plapp Vor Monat
The main detail is that's not Captain Marvel...well not the original Marvel Captain Mar-Vell anyway, which would have been way cooler.
Not the strongest and not the original avenger
Benji Abbott
Benji Abbott Vor Monat
Goose was in the Navy! He was not in the Air Force!
Scott Schroeder
Scott Schroeder Vor Monat
Goose is a navy pilot not Air Force
Michael Loteyro
Michael Loteyro Vor Monat
lol Goose was a Navy Pilot.
FreezeFlameInc RedBrown
Hey? That juice Stan Lee takes out the fridge at the end, isnt that the same stuff from the bottling plant in Brazil, Where Ed Norton's Bruce Banner was working?
Paraskevi -
Paraskevi - Vor Monat
it's the cameo from the incredible hulk
Akasha Eyre
Akasha Eyre Vor Monat
Monica Rambeau was the first female to go by the name Captain Marvel back in the 80’s. For some reason, Marvel decided to make Carol Danvers (who went by the name Ms. Marvel & many other names) into Captain Marvel in 2012 & turned Rambeau into Photon & Pulsar before settling with Spectrum in 2013, also making her a less important character than she originally was. Rambeau was also the leader of the Avengers for a while which is why I find it peculiar that they decided to go with Danvers over Rambeau for the 2019 “Captain Marvel” Film, especially since they went back in time to tell it which was closer to Rambeau’s actual timeline. I honestly didn’t know about this until AFTER I watched the movie & looked up why the name, “Monica Rambeau” sounded so familiar.
She's not the most powerful avenger. End of discussion
Christopher Bacon
So IYHO who is? And are we talking comics or MCU because in the movie she shows Superman levels of strength and power.
KingTairun Vor Monat
I missed the whole movie
Guia Emara / ItzGuia
So ur saying cap marvel is one of the blue ppl
James Gorman
James Gorman Vor Monat
She has no ass so theres another one
Jeffrey Spinner
Jeffrey Spinner Vor Monat
I missed the entertainment value, when I watched this movie. It was as tepid as 50 Shades of Grey Boredom white women thought was actual BDSM. On the upside, both movies had women so unremarkable, any girl could relate, the men were just thinking, "Think she'd go for Mc'D's? She ain't pretty enough for a real restaurant." Then again, if you pay for dinner, your hook up, doesn't, right? The best 5 mins of sex eva.
wyldwabyt Vor Monat
I didnt miss how bad it was.
Вами Ненавистный
all marvel SUCKS!
HighRiskGunman Vor Monat
I didn't miss any details in this movie cause i never watched this bullshit.
Вами Ненавистный
doobieking69 Vor Monat
"There's a lot more to this cat than meets the eye" good one looper, good one...
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Vor Monat
I missed all of Captain Marvel
Cassius Quinn
Cassius Quinn Vor Monat
This guy is almost as bad with narrative and facts in Canon details as the cap marvel 'film' itself.
Bandisa Masilela
shouldve been things we issed in the captain marvel comics
EOS Maximalist
EOS Maximalist Vor Monat
I miss Blockbuster.
Amy Cakes
Amy Cakes Vor Monat
project pegasus is also mentioned in agents lf SHIELD
jeff sidman
jeff sidman Vor Monat
She wasn't the most powerful. Thor and Hulk are both more powerful.
siddharth nagar
siddharth nagar Vor Monat
Derek Wade
Derek Wade Vor Monat
I missed all of them. Brie Larson told me she didn’t want my money because she is racist and sexist so I avoided the film and will continue to do so, and if that racist, misandrist bitch is in “Endgame” more than five minutes I’ll boycott that one as well. Fuck Captain Marvel. Nobody asked for an overpowered Mary Sue to save the fucking Avengers in the first place.
2hip Vor Monat
Thanks to the actress I did miss all those details and all the other details. The studios will wake up sooner or later and keep actors from insulting the customer
Price 1150
Price 1150 Vor Monat
Lol I missed the whole movie!
Hsiang Hsu
Hsiang Hsu Vor Monat
The guys in Top Gun are from the Navy not Air Force!!
Eric Smith
Eric Smith Vor Monat
Ummm...Anthony Edward's "Goose" was NAVY, not an Air Force pilot. And they're called "naval aviators" not "pilots" to differentiate them from the Air Force.
paul andrew Martin
sunlight white
sunlight white Vor Monat
I missed 2 hours of detail in Captain Marvel because I didn't even go see that bullshit.
Gopher Baroque
Gopher Baroque Vor Monat
Here are a couple of Small Details You Missed: You guys may do your research on comic book lore, but you don't do it on real life. Goose was in the Navy, not the Air Force and he was a RIO (Radar Intercept Officer), not a pilot. The Mercury Seven Astronauts weren't all Air Force officers. In fact, only 3 of them were. The rest were either Navy or Marines. Malcom Scott Carpenter - Navy Leroy Gordon (Gordo) Cooper Jr. - Air Force John Herschel Glenn Jr. - Navy/Marines Virgil Ivan (Gus) Grissom - Air Force Walter Marty (Wally) Shirra Jr. - Navy Alan Barlett Sheppard Jr. - Navy Donald Kent (Deke) Slayton - Air Force
Taylor Hirsch
Taylor Hirsch Vor Monat
*Is condescending because the author doesn't know enough about REAL life (implied that poster does)* *begins next sentence with analysis of 30+ year-old fictional character*
Gregory Hattenfels
Goose was a navy pilot not air force.
"Marvels most powerful superhero"
Ryan Cha
Ryan Cha Vor Monat
eh, captain marvel's easter eggs felt too forced and unnatural as if it was added at the last moment to please fans
Michael Barbee
Michael Barbee Vor Monat
Oh man you've just opened a can of worms. Never mix Navy up with Air force. That's how bar fights start.
frazzemrat1 Vor Monat
Goose from Top Gun isn’t an Air Force pilot. He’s not even a pilot. He’s a Navy navigator in the back seat of an F-14 Tomcat, which was only flown by the Navy.
Greg Bolso
Greg Bolso Vor Monat
how about Fury and Coulson introduce themselves as SHIELD in 1995 to Carol, but in 2008 Coulson says to Pepper that they are still working on shortening the name
Vo Lock
Vo Lock Vor Monat
When i get a cat im naming it goose
James Dillon
James Dillon Vor Monat
Goose was not a pilot nor in the Air Force. He was a weapons officer in the Navy.
Mitchell Guyon
Mitchell Guyon Vor Monat
Goose in Top Gun is a Naval pilot, not an Air Force pilot.
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