Smart Houses Are Kinda Tacky

Danny Gonzalez
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13 Mai 2022



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7/11 was a part time job
There was a short story written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s that was about a house with AI that kept cleaning and making meals and going about the daily routine despite the fact that a nuclear war happened and all the people living in the house had been killed. That story always reminds me of smart houses.
Apocrophetic Vor 8 Stunden
Fallout tree
fatima b
fatima b Vor 10 Stunden
i read that in school
Aaron The Anarchist
dude i read this in 6th grade, it lowkey freaked me out
Devin Ians
Devin Ians Vor 3 Tage
His stories were all I could think about during this vid.
PotsAndPups Vor Monat
I could see that “following robot” technology being used to help with medical equipment. An IV pole or oxygen tank that you don’t have to drag around but instead just follows you? Awesome! Or for medical equipment (that creepy chair idea was on to something) For example there are many people who can walk for a few minutes but quickly become too tired and need a wheelchair again. If the chair could just follow the person then they could walk as long as possible but always have the chair within reach
consent club
consent club Vor 13 Tage
okay, a smart wheelchair would be fucking life changing
Harmony Vor 18 Tage
@Wren Yeah, wheelchairs are way too much to deal with for how little I leave the house.
Wren Vor 18 Tage
@Harmony I can relate to that as well since I have terrible joints and feet, but I don't really want to buy a wheelchair since it's very inconvenient
Harmony Vor 18 Tage
The chair thing would be a godsend for me. I'm able to walk, but I get tired out easily and need to take frequent breaks to sit down. It makes things like shopping needlessly difficult.
DoorBel Vor 21 Tag
It’d be great for me personally to have a little robot carrying my medication, I almost always misplace things
PineappleLiar Vor Monat
This reminds me of that Tesla that caught fire the other day, and the driver got trapped in their car because the doors automatically locked when the power failed. I feel like a lot of smart devices really aren’t designed to properly account for emergency situations, aka when a smart device should be most useful. Like, it’s all fun and games owning a smart fridge until there’s a power outage and suddenly you’ve lost all access to your food in a crisis.
Dolan Vor 4 Tage
@Emilyyy wait really?
Emilyyy Vor 4 Tage
@Dolan /s means sarcasm
sam Vor 8 Tage
@Lena and Tesla does Jack s**t about it, there was a guy who’s car burned down 58 days earlier and customer service still didn’t say anything
Dolan Vor 15 Tage
@a cookie obviously you'll remember where the special hidden handle is when you have a broken leg and a concussion. You use your normal door handle so much you don't even have to think about it, Which is exactly what you want for emergency egress
Sanne Vor 20 Tage
thats terrifying. technology's great but we shouldn't rely on it too much
PugandOwn Vor Monat
as someone with anxiety that can absolutely verge into the realm of paranoia, living in a smart house is my idea of hell. this shit is only able to respond to you because it's got cameras and microphones wired up constantly, and internet of things stuff has a habit of having the worst cyber-security on planet bloody earth. so not only is the house definitely spying on you 24/7 in hopes of selling you a new brand of peanut butter, but basically anyone else could be too! wonderful, excellent, exactly what anyone would want.
Devin Ians
Devin Ians Vor 3 Tage
suha Vor 4 Tage
Yeah these smart-devices are a security nightmare. Someone at least once has even had their smart house hacked, that's not a joke, strangers being able to control your house. It's a common joke that the people most knowledgeable about 'smart' technology have the least of it in their houses
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Vor 17 Tage
Yep and a lot of this stuff isn't even accessible to disabled people who would actually need it because a) it's all so expensive and just marketed at rich people and b) it would need updates/replacements which would also be costly and c) an inconvenience disguised as a "breakthrough in technology." There's so much potential for these things to be genuinely beneficial to society and yet corporations just choose profit and people buy it up regardless of the fact that you basically forfeit your privacy with these things. I'm already bombarded with enough ads I don't need my fridge to tell me what kind of socks are in season this year.
るーちゃん Vor 19 Tage
That isn't paranoia, that's just how it works. They're not exactly secretive about how they put cameras, microphones, in everything, and outright tell you "if you want this _inset minor convenience_ then you need to send all your information us". That is why I I don't use any tech made after 2010, and keep a shotgun to shoot anything that tries to connect to the internet without my say so. Another thing I don't like is the insistence to put tech in everything to the point of detriment. So that these companies can just brick all your devices if they want, except your devices also include your oven, fridge, door lock, cupboards, etc. Imagine coming home to all your food spoiled, or not even being able to open your fridge door, because the company went bust. Or even worse imagine not even being able to open your front door because the company discontinued your model of lock. There was a man in a tesla who nearly died not long ago because the door lock is fully automatic, there was a fire and power went out - meaning it was impossible to unlock to door and he was stuck inside - he only survived because someone noticed and kicked the window in.
Octopus Who Sees All
Ikr this is why im sticking to more tactile forms of convenience
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake Vor 28 Tage
No but honestly, the 1960s clip of the future was spot on. Online classes, Amazon shopping, flat TVs, Zoom conferences, videocalls and more. Pretty impressive!
opatopatopat Vor Monat
What went wrong with smart technology is that it could have been so useful for disabled folk, but instead they make the tech super expensive, impractical to use, and they market it towards rich people who don't know what to do with their money. Overall just inaccessible.
afrocentric distortion
@TobiHasNoDrip yes food clothing and housing should be free
mo Vor 19 Tage
yes it could’ve been great!!! but it’s not ✨pRoFiTaBLe✨ to do that!
hour748mighty Vor 19 Tage
Alecs Vor 21 Tag
Yes, exactly!!! Took a while before I was able to fully automate my parents' home. They're old and my father has been having difficulty moving around, and getting Alexa-compatible devices have been so helpful for them. Wish they were more accessible...
Elerick Vor Monat
If smart tech was used for disabled people, like people with angelman's syndrome, or something like that, or someone that is physically impaired, it wouldn't be tacky. As someone who is a relative of someone that is physically impaired, if we had some of these things, life would be a lot easier for them.
Elerick Vor Tag
@skeletonwitch I was specific because I know a lot of people with Angelmans, and my relative, has stage three autism. If someone that had Angelmans had some sort of machine that allowed them to use something like a text to speech, without worrying about the price from all the rich people buying it up for the cool of it, that'd be awesome to see.
Elerick Vor 3 Tage
@Hollsy Exactly. If the rich people buy it all out, then the people that ACTUALLY need the tech won't have it. I remember seeing someone that bought a life support machine, and got popular for it, when that machine could be used to keep someone alive long enough for their family to say the last goodbyes, or keep them alive long enough for a treatment plan.
Hollsy Vor 3 Tage
its only tacky to me when rich people do it, because like why do you need all this?? some people literally depend on tech like this to live comfortably and these rich people buy them just for the fun of it
Dr. Mritunjay Kumar
@denise denise oh thanks for explaining it so well
Lucas Lindner
Lucas Lindner Vor Monat
As someone who is a paraplegic the wider adoption of “smart home” equipment has driven prices way down and makes life unbelievably easy. I’m a sys manager so those skills help too lol.
consent club
consent club Vor 13 Tage
Too bad most "smart" tech doesn't actually solve problems disabled people have, our struggles are not seen as profitable enough. Just look at how difficult it is to get mobility assistance if you live in a home with stairs. Qualifying for a wheelchair can take years but since nondisabled people also use smart lights, those are now more affordable.
Christian Faux
Christian Faux Vor 23 Tage
I think its funny that like, the only comment from someone who is actually handicapped is the only one with a positive opinion of this progression.
Kaylan T
Kaylan T Vor Monat
So, to sum up Danny’s point in this video: “I don’t want a fridge with a personality; just give me my SAUCES!”
DarkSideGryphon Vor Monat
autumn Vor 18 Tage
What a dashing young gentleman, I wonder if he’s ever installed two smart light bulbs in his room all by himself
Greta Blackwell
Greta Blackwell Vor Monat
The “touchscreens everywhere’ idea of the future kind of horrifies me because imagine what companies will do with that. Your smart house blares ads at you as you enter. You can’t use your toaster because you forgot to pay a subscription. Pop-ups on your windows and mirrors. A power outage happens and you’re locked out of your house. Hell world
Rambasil Vor 17 Tage
Or, y’know. It’s just a touchpad. Ever think of that, why would there not be a way to exit the house without power. L comment
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Vor 17 Tage
@Mel Exactly this. Like couldn't people hack into your house and get in if they wanted to? On top of that they could just steal your info its all there.
るーちゃん Vor 19 Tage
@Mel There exists a subscription for earphones today. You pay $5 monthly for use of your earphones, and if you stop paying they will brick them remotely. (And may sue you for not returning them, since you never owned them in the first place technically). Drew Gooden talked about it in one of his videos about buying stuff from Instagram ads. There also exists a subscription bike lock, which will not unlock at all unless you pay your subscription. I guarantee there will be subscription everything in the future, it's already happening. Owning things is becoming increasingly obsolete. You can't own photoshop anymore, it's subscription. When you buy games on steam you never technically own them - you just pay for the privilege of getting access to them; which means they can revoke access to all your games for any or no reason at all. This is the same for pretty much all other digital purchases. It is only recently that it has started to happen for physical objects too, but it is starting to happen.
Christian Faux
Christian Faux Vor 23 Tage
Some of these exist and aren't problems. Like a house lock, my folks house has an electronic keypad, battery powered. But when the battery dies the physical key works just fine. The passcode is just more convenient than fishing out a key every time you go in or out and easier on trusted guests. Plus it locks behind you, which is also convenient. The trouble is when you have something like a smart thermostat where the power company can shut off your heater if it needs to parcel out energy in a storm. And even that makes sense to a point. Point is this technology isn't inherently bad or useless, but it runs away with itself into pointlessness sometimes.
Mel Vor 25 Tage
@• No and yes. I'm talking about indoor security cameras that work with either Bluetooth or WiFi. I'm not sure about ring cameras. But awhile back people had access to random peoples security cameras in houses. It has been proven that Bluetooth and wifi devices are vulnerable. A password might not help much. Idk why u think having a password on something makes it invincible when people get hacked daily and apps/soft/websites get breaches so much. Cybersecurity isn't just passwords.
Maxime K-G
Maxime K-G Vor 28 Tage
I am actually a big fan of old tech where everything gets powered without electricity. Especially in the kitchen, there used to be some pretty neat/genius designs. Nowadays we just stick a computer chip and electricity in everything, which is exceedingly often more hassle than the old solutions.
Faramik2000 Vor 21 Tag
Yup we're going back full circle now back to exploring analog solutions which means doesnt use chips or semi conductors because the prices have got so high due to shortages and the shortages happen because companies keep putting screens and processors in everything to put the "smart" label. Plus it is always nice to have alternatives
✨Daisy✨ Vor 24 Tage
What types of designs specifically?
UpolPi Vor 26 Tage
As an owner of quite a bit of smart home products, I can testify it's usually not worth it. You're going to spend days trying to integrate different brands. A lot of products are too overpriced to even consider. For me, it started out as a fun idea of writing code to control real things in your house but grew into paying for the privilege of being an unpaid overworked network admin.
Ethan Lam
Ethan Lam Vor Monat
Fun fact: That 6 wheeled car concept with the bubble window was actually built. It even ran and drive. Truly 1 of 1.
a guy with a GasMask
Only one :(
olivecat Vor 28 Tage
the "speaker" she dropped in with the crabs and oranges was an ultrasonic cleaner it basically just shakes the water extremely fast to clean things
secretchild Vor 17 Stunden
so the crabs and oranges don't like jamming out in a water bowl?? i broke my speaker for northing??
YceSzmiff Vor Monat
If Danny's phone is unlocked using his face, can't his millions and millions of dopplegangers unlock it too? Hm, I think we're onto something, greg.
Lugoor Star
Lugoor Star Vor 16 Tage
@Sam Dillard no.
pink lava lamp
pink lava lamp Vor 21 Tag
k i i'll lp
Sam Dillard
Sam Dillard Vor 25 Tage
thats literally how people hack celeb phones. they steal the phone and use images/videos to bypass pins
Cameron Greene
Cameron Greene Vor 28 Tage
Phone facial recognition uses face depth mapping.
Lmao I can unlock my sister’s phone 💀
Alecs Vor 21 Tag
Slowly turned our house into a 'smart' house because my parents are getting old and it'll be easier for them to be able to operate things in the house by just speaking to Alexa or using their phone. Yeah, it's crazy because when something malfunctions, it takes a while to fix, especially when our internet connection is acting up, there are some devices that you need to reset/re-calibrate.
Dweeb McDumbass
Dweeb McDumbass Vor Monat
Tech house stuff I have - ring doorbell: pretty neat, I can see who’s at the door and talk with them, but I could live without it. People can text when they arrive and I can track packages on my phone. Although the security features are nice. - wine opener: mid, needs to be charged, I can just uncork wine manually, I didn’t buy it, my mom did - nest thermostat: actually really really nice, change temp from phone, control the temperature when on vacation, it tracks your phone and makes sure the house is the right temperature, reliable - Alexa: she’s a bitch, trying to get me to buy stuff, doesn’t listen to me, mishears me, probably spying but whatever because the government and corporations already know everything about you because of the internet Summary: when I own my own house, most stuff is gonna be manual, although I might get those cool clap lights, can’t fuck an epileptic person tho, cause clapping cheeks will definitely fuck with the lights
deadly melody27
deadly melody27 Vor Monat
the chip in the wrist feels like its just asking for a kidnapping or even just taking out the chip in a nasty way.... like i would rather someone steal a key off me and i can run away, rather than someone gouge a chip out my arm 🙃 and obviously lots of potential for hacking
Iamjustaviewer Vor Monat
We DONT need more ways for companies to get data from us .This is why the idea of a smart house horrifies me
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor Vor Monat
Wow these houses are really cool. I think Danny should upgrade his house like this by maybe adding two smart light bulbs into a room? And he could do it himself? Idk just an idea
Ghoul Vor Monat
@Cookie :D 🤨
No Time
No Time Vor Monat
They’re asking me how would I rate this comment 😟
GoodGuyScratch Vor Monat
Yeah Danny why not that!
Becky Vor Monat
He could never do that himself. Why set him up for failure like this???
Ellie O'Steen
Ellie O'Steen Vor Monat
If he doesn’t add a smart fridge I’m unsubing
Lightning Runner
14:44 Yeah, welcome to most of East Asia where apartments end up so economically tiny that you don't have in-unit washers or dryers. Heck, sometimes you end up with a place with no windows, no fire escape, an ice box for a fridge, a queen size bed that takes up 40% of the room (but sometimes springs upward for extra storage, etc. That's not counting HK either, where some people pay the equivalent of 300 USD per month for one bunk of a bunk bed in a shared home of like 8 if I'm remembering it right. This is more so a problem within the big cities and metropolitan parts of places like Taiwan, South Korea, China, etc and you can get more "western style" (bigger homes in general) for cheaper prices in smaller towns and rural areas. Problem is, it's in a small town/countryside.
First Name Last Name
The problem with smart houses for me is that they become dated very quickly, okay now it’s modern, but in the future? I have a real world example, my grandma’s house has phones built into the house so you can call from downstairs upstairs. I’m not talking about a push intercoms, it was an earpiece that you’d take off and put to your ear and you’d speak into a microphone. I remember as a kid it didn’t work, the wires are basically coming apart. But to this day they are still there because they are attached to the electrics and the wall. I’ve checked the model seems to be from around the 1910-1920s which means it was installed with the house. Imagine in a hundred years the tech advancement and what your smart house is going to look like to everyone else
TooManyInterests Vor 27 Tage
I've got an electrical book from 1915 and it describes a telephone intercom system like this as an alternative to a servants' bell system, recommending it as it means "The servant does not require to make a journey to the upper rooms all the way from the service rooms to get an order for some trifling affair; the order is received with the signal for attention, and only one journey is required." So it might have originally been used as a servants' call system. It doesn't use speakers because those hadn't been invented yet! With how reliant a lot of this smart stuff is on external services like apps, I wonder how much will still be functional in even a few decades. At least with the older intercoms as long as it hasn't physically failed it will continue to work, but with all this connected stuff what happens when the company running the service decides it's no longer making a profit on it?
philiphied Vor Monat
Would never want this crap around my house. Imagine all the unseen hours maintaining this stuff, when the automation stops working and then having to set it all up again. Not to mention the privacy invasion.
John Matthew Miller
I love having a smart house where every appliance is a robot with full consciousness and free will and could kill me at any time.
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
Ive read WAAY too many dystopian books to EVER get a technology chip implanted ANYWHERE
Ueda Yuuji Fan
Ueda Yuuji Fan Vor 17 Tage
@arlothedino I said it was a joke...
strryred Vor 17 Tage
@arlothedino I'm a Christian and believe that but even if it wasn't it'd be really creepy
arlothedino Vor 18 Tage
@Ueda Yuuji Fan how do you think a chip for cats and dogs works
arlothedino Vor 18 Tage
Bro it was going to church and getting told by the pastor that getting a chip in your wrist is the mark of the beast and you will not get raptured if you have it. But i'm a pagan now and i just don't want a chip in my wrist.
Tezemya Vor Monat
As a computer science student and programmer I hate having any "smart electronics" at home and most of our phones are turned off at home
horsegranola Vor Monat
The only smart device I have in my home other than my phone is my CPAP machine and that is one thing I'm actually really glad has developed smart technology. In addition to auto-adjusting to my breathing needs when I'm asleep, it also bluetooth connects to my phone so I can look at sleep reports. I hope other home medical equipment is also implementing smart technology to make use easier and benefit people's lives
ruby steuart
ruby steuart Vor 29 Tage
i like how danny says “when we’re adults well be telling kids to get off there smart fridges” like he’s not already an adult lol
Meagan the Marionette
5:26 okay but the fact that they were conceptualizing flat screen TV's in '89? This is actually REALLY interesting to see, and for the most part they weren't far off with the computer wired through the house, these guys were ahead of their time!
Lily Clough
Lily Clough Vor Monat
I've actually had a smart house for years. It's great, at first the doors unlocked and locked whenever I waved my hand near them, instead of me just opening them. The house can control the doors too! It's great! The doors now lock whenever the house wants. I've been stuck here, in the bathroom for 10 years. But it's great. I love my smart house. I'd recommend getting one. It's great.
caleb d
caleb d Vor 4 Tage
lmao my Smart house, Actually, is Very cool! whEn i buy food its always yuMmy! nothing bEats a smart house FROM the smarT fridge, to tHe smart toIlet itS all amazing!
FlippityFlop Vor 13 Tage
_H_aha, I r_E_ally _L_ike my smarthouse too. no _P_roblems here!
Allee kat
Allee kat Vor Monat
Torilei Vor Monat
LMAO 💀💀💀
Evan Jensen
Evan Jensen Vor Monat
My parents got a “smart” oven microwave combo. Whenever I use the popcorn setting, it reboots the microwave and my popcorn burns. I’ve never had a working popcorn button. Can they just make that work?!
One Angry Boi
One Angry Boi Vor Monat
Honestly I was impressed they talked about the accessibility a smart house could do ...until they just went along to talk about something else almost immediately. They would've did better if they had someone disabled show how accessible having a smart house would be. It would be life-changing and very useful. Smart cities were supposed to do the same thing, but as you can see, we just gave people even more reasons to be paranoid about the government watching them...because of course we did. Tech is just marketed towards those with hardcore cash to spend, with no initiative for making lives better, just actually dumber.
You mad bro?
You mad bro? Vor Monat
Yeah, I'm in my mid-20s and I feel there's a bunch of unnecessary stuff already... I think smart homes have great potential, especially for disabled people but as was already said somewhere in the comments... compatibility, lifetime and price... and companies are self-sabotaging themselves by not (properly) addressing those problems first... Maybe I have a boomer attitude when comes to those things but I don't need nor want smart stuff in my future house... even things like a time switch for lights in the room would be a pain for me cause even though it's nice on paper, you don't need light at those specific times every single day... sometimes you may need light sooner, sometimes you're just chilling on the couch and don't need light at all... Also, Alexa and similar systems are cool but if you're not an English speaker or just don't speak English on regular basis, the system is quite impractical and for me it's easier to just stretch my arm or make a few steps and do the thing by myself...
The Black Baron
The Black Baron Vor Monat
The engineering paradigm has always been: "Simpler is always better". Don't overengineer, don't complicate processes that could be completed with a more reliable and "simpler" solution.
Jonks Vor Monat
As a cybersecurity specialist, I am very happy that all of these people are filling their homes with insecure smart devices. Keeps business booming lol
KeinNiemand Vor Monat
that's why offline local only smart devices are better
Jack Hogerhuis
Jack Hogerhuis Vor Monat
@Alistair Hardie it’s about having an entrance point. smart devices tend to be insecure and connected to your internet-meaning someone could connect to them and then, through that connection, reach any device in your house-including phones, personal computers, etc..
amentrison Vor Monat
@Jonks thanks for the suggestions
Jonks Vor Monat
@amentrison You're right, it's not an easy thing to avoid. My suggestion for you is to look up your products on Google for vulnerabilities and exploits - check if anyone has reported a security problem with that particular brand of camera. In this case, research will be your best protection. If you need to use IP-based cameras, putting them on a different network/subnet can at least protect your other devices. This is also just a good practice if you have a lot of internet devices (in my household, all gaming consoles are on their own network, and some of our computers are fully isolated on their own networks). And as always, keeping all your software & firmware up to date will help minimize risk.
amentrison Vor Monat
Not sure what we're supposed to do about it. My grandma has dementia and has a caretaker come into our home almost everyday, so we need cameras around the house, in front of the door, and in her room. As much as I wish there weren't cameras everywhere, we kind of need them.
sokin jon
sokin jon Vor Monat
Danny’s new set up looks like a therapists office…imagine going into the room and you see your therapist recording a YT video about how corny they think tech-houses are…
Sam Gomez
Sam Gomez Vor Monat
Imagine trying to escape from your furniture and running into your room with a fridge, a table, a couch and a desk coming after you and you slam the door behind you and shove a chair against the handle just for it to turn itself around and waddle towards you as the rest of the furniture starts to come through the door
Super Mexican Man
living in the 80s didn't really suck, it was actually pretty awesome. Personally, I think they were pretty spot on with the TV they just didn't know we would be using soundbars instead of speakers on the side, TVs at one point did get as thin as they thought but they didn't realize they would get thinner, and I gotta say that they even nailed the swivel thing holding up the TV! If only they knew we'd be using our phones to operate all the different devices.
Holley McGinnis
Holley McGinnis Vor Monat
The toaster made me think Vividly of the opening scene in Clueless where Cher is looking through a computer menu to assemble school outfits, when she could've just as easily looked in her closet to find the exact same clothing and saved time and money. Lots of bells and whistles for the same basic function and end result.
Jaret Hanson
Jaret Hanson Vor Monat
I feel like after a week of having to awkwardly use my wrist to unlock every door, drawer, and cupboard in my house, I'd just start leaving them all slightly ajar
Elm Vor 25 Tage
@DeathnoteBB I just personally thought most of the stuff didn't really need to be locked up at all, but who knows.
DeathnoteBB Vor 25 Tage
@• Haha I was thinking like that Tumblr post of Hades yelling “I OWN YOU”
DeathnoteBB Vor 25 Tage
@Elm I mean that’s an issue with keys too
Vor 25 Tage
@DeathnoteBB that gave my chills. Im just imagining a loud, mechanical, shrill going, “ACCESS DENIED. INTRUDER ALERT. PLEASE ENTER ADMIN CODE. THE POLICE & ARMY HAVE BEEN ALERTED. FIRING LASERS”
Elm Vor Monat
Or even just needing surgery and you can't move your arms for a while. For the sake of keeping things locked up with a wrist chip she kinda loses her independence should her arm even be not functional/movable temporarily, let alone permanently.
Jessica Pendrick
Jessica Pendrick Vor 3 Tage
I think the rise in smart houses is partly influenced by mega tech companies that want to collect every single bit of data about people to sell to advertisers or other companies.
Akrinor Noname
Akrinor Noname Vor Monat
As a programmer, I really want to know when most smart devices got a security patch
FunAmbassador Vor 17 Tage
Most of this "smart" tech stuff is wasteful af. I get so irritated when I see it
Abby Ehrler
Abby Ehrler Vor Monat
When I see these smart homes all I can think about is how insanely high their energy bills must be…….
caisa Vor Monat
i stayed in an airbnb with a bunch of friends and it happened to have a “smart” stove (no knobs, no buttons, just a screen)- it was literally impossible to use, we read the manual and everything lol, we couldn’t understand if it was on or off. we used our portable burner for camping to cook for everyone 😭 like when did people decide that buttons were unnecessary, im actually so bored of tapping on screens lol
Large disappointment
@LALA - great one. I’m sure that got through to him 🙄
rexydallas8D Vor Monat
They decided buttons were unnecessary the day touch screens became cheaper than actual mechanical buttons and dials. Even when they do have buttons, they are cheap digital buttons, not actual mechanisms.
LALA - Vor Monat
​@Justin Rogge you sound like such a fun person to be with definitely n totalllly have soooo many friends 😬😬😬
Justin Rogge
Justin Rogge Vor Monat
Truly what it come down to is this is a fake made up story. Or I have lost all hope in humanity.
Justin Rogge
Justin Rogge Vor Monat
@Nami Sykes they read the manual. Given that fact there are no excuses given
Irobert1115HD Vor Monat
there was a company in the later half of the 20th century that had a toaster where the bread controlled the toasting time. you dont need a ''smart toaster'' when you can have deceptively smart engineering.
Claire Vor Monat
I appreciate your sentiments towards smart fridges 😂 the dystopian nightmare that is your furniture bullying you is a great point too! we already have that from out smart phones- how many times have you seen one say you should walk more ect. how long until our couches force us to stand up every half an hour with mini ejector seats
cam Vor 21 Tag
Seriously impressed with the 60's home computer system; remember computers at the time were the size of a whole room & operated via punch cards
soft soul tarot
soft soul tarot Vor Monat
this was one of danny's funniest recent videos, i laughed out loud at so many of his jokes, brilliant
Kalle Mattila
Kalle Mattila Vor Monat
Man I hate digitalising things that don’t need it. My city’s public transport recently forced students to use a mobile app instead of a travel card, and now my phone’s shitty battery dictates whether I have to walk home. Of course the card does also require an electronic reader, but at least I won’t get fined if it doesn’t work 😄
Ashes x2
Ashes x2 Vor Monat
@Kalle Mattila That is so gross tf
selenite. Vor Monat
@Daniel Martin you read that VERY wrong
Carter Milan
Carter Milan Vor Monat
in my opinion, these systems are a net positive. think about it: by making use of technology most people already have in their pockets, it eliminates the need for the infrastructure required to produce and reload fare cards and/or sell tickets. this reduces overhead of public transit networks by cutting the costs involved in repairing and maintaining card kiosks and/or labor for ticket clerks, as well as the cost of actual fare cards and tickets themselves, which could mean lower fares and more money to spend on improvements to the transit system itself. in addition, it makes introducing new public transit systems easier by reducing the cost of implementation for cities. it also reduces waste from tickets and fare cards, which is always a plus! sure, it does suck when your phone's dead and you need a bus ride, but lots of transit networks still let passengers pay with cash or card if necessary. i think the pros outweigh the cons overall
princeparkook Vor Monat
how annoying. wow
rVnsunshine Vor Monat
That!!! My city did this too. It’s incredibly annoying.
EmPlaysBloxburg Vor Monat
Danny keeps topping himself, this is my new favorite video, especially the chair bit
Monica Vor 27 Tage
so my house came with one of those video camera doorbells and in 2 years it's broken 3 times, I've never once used the fancy video camera thing and I was so sick of calling someone out to fix the thing that I just bought a $9 doorbell from the hardware store and glued it over the fancy doorbell. It works great and the sound agitates my dog waaay less.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Vor Monat
I love that Danny is unintentionally making a criticism of postmodernism by questioning why everything needs to be “smart”
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Vor Monat
I love that Danny is unintentionally making a criticism of postmodernism by questioning why everything needs to be “smart”
TtimeXP Vor Monat
The only "smart fridge" I want is the one that auto refills the water in a jug. That would be amazing!
Sanne Vor 20 Tage
yeah or one that tells you when food is almost expired
Phoenix Rose
Phoenix Rose Vor Monat
@Connor Barkington sink water gang rise up
Jazzzzz Vor Monat
I mean if I try to think of purposes for a "smart" fridge, I would probably pick some way of scanning every item I put in my fridge (like facial recognition but for milk) and then it'll read the little expiry date or use by date and warn me if the milk has gone bad or if my salad is wilting, etc. "Hey your eggs are becoming science experiments you wanna throw these out or what?" But am I going to scan every item or remove it from the fridge when I can't even clear my voicemail box? Probably not.
Connor Barkington
@BustBoy333 I exclusively use the sink. It's not nasty. The city goes through a lot of trouble making that water potable. What do you only drink bottled? The people who take it from droughted cali and sell it in rainy washington? or do you waste money on purifiers when the city has already purified it? There's no reason not to drink water from the kitchen faucet unless there's something wrong with your pipes.
Kharon Haden
Kharon Haden Vor Monat
@BustBoy333 too be fair tap water is safer then most bottled water
Evan Blake
Evan Blake Vor Monat
Danny, that jumpscare at 0:50 was absolutely traumatizing, I am very upset that you would sneak attack me with such a scare. I'm going to go have some warm milk and rock myself back and forth in my bath tub now.
Tyler Burleson
Tyler Burleson Vor Monat
Man a smart mirror just sounds so tedious. Imagine, instead of just looking at all of your clothes at once in a closet, you now have to individually upload pics of each article of clothing you buy to a mirror, slowly swipe through the options and hope that none of them are actually dirty, and then just....wait for the clothes to appear or something after you select your outfit of the day? Yeah that's much better than a stinky old closet. I mean maybe if your washer and dryer were connected, and the dryer actually folded the clothes afterwards and sent them to the closet, but still, a touch screen mirror to select one of the 3 shirts I ever wear is a bit much.
Casper Rabbit
Casper Rabbit Vor Monat
Honestly, put some off road wheels on that "follow you" robot and I'd be interested. Interested in sticking a keg of sangria in it and having it follow me to the beach that is 🤣
Whomply Vor Monat
My smart house was kind of grinding my gears, so I bought the TacHouse and now I’m living military tough!
Courtney Vor Monat
Finally, someone who hates smart fridges as much as I do. 2 years ago my husband and I needed a new fridge and I had to fight the pushy sales associates to stop pushing smart fridges. They kept looking at my husband as they talked about the "streamline features" while he shrugged and told them to talk to me since I'd done all the research and knew exactly what we wanted. Why would I want to use twitter or Facebook on my fridge? Please just sell me a cold box!
miya ibrahim
miya ibrahim Vor 17 Tage
i hate them. period. i only like the fridges that blend in with cabinets cuz its just an extra door. end of discussion
Falak Rafi
Falak Rafi Vor 17 Tage
Walking in trying to buy a fridge, walking out with an industrial sized icebox/cooler 😭😭😭
gigi black
gigi black Vor 22 Tage
So we bought a samsung smart fridge thinking it would make our lives easier. The shopping list feature, music and food delivery is convenient sure but that's about it. Turns out all the Samsung smart fridges have an issue with the ice maker. Every month or so the Samsung people have to come in and repair the entire fridge. Repairs are free but still a hassle. We were told to contact samsung and get a refund because no amount of repairs will actually fix the fridge. You guys aren't missing out on anything.
Obunni Vor 22 Tage
Okay but like… the way the salespeople tried to bypass you to convince to your husband. I don’t know if they just thought he’d be more gullible or if it was some sexist thing but it feels scummy
Abandon hope to find peace
You knew exactly what YOU wanted. Men love toys lmao
Cyber Vor Monat
Danny it might not only be the tables and chairs moving in the future. It’ll be the smart fridge too, you better get out of the house before it processes you Danny. I can see it closing in!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Vor Monat
sure you’re protecting your network safely while using smart devices. They are full of vulnerabilities.
Bradon Hoover
Bradon Hoover Vor Monat
That 50's video got everything right except for the car. Flat screen TVs, online shopping, online learning, but the one thing Danny didn't realize they got right is the "honeycomb structure" houses. It literally looked exactly like the 3D printed clay houses that were just invented
sicktomy 636
sicktomy 636 Vor Monat
I discovered your channel few days ago and i have been watching every single video! You are hilarious! Keep up the good work!
James Barr
James Barr Vor Monat
Honestly, have to disagree. Putting a chip in your wrist to unlock your house is, in fact, crazy.
Angela Chouinard
@ScienceStuffs I picture someone trying to open their door in bizarre yoga like positions. Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day.
Nosipho Dywili
Nosipho Dywili Vor Monat
@ScienceStuffs no doubt someone or some people would have an adverse reaction to this.
ScienceStuffs Vor Monat
I wonder where the chip would travel your in body under your skin. Your body tries to reject foreign things that shouldn’t be there!
Angela Chouinard
Does the software in the chip have coding to know if the arm is still attached? Robbed of your house key it one thing but.....
Nosipho Dywili
Nosipho Dywili Vor Monat
@Eve the Raviolo I'm definitely with you on that one .. We see too many cases of people being abducted and kept for a long time .. And the case going cold because the perpetrator/s don't abduct again or don't abduct in the same jurisdiction.
SpottedStripe Vor 21 Tag
I never understood the appeal of smart houses personally, I don't even like the idea of an Alexa being in my house, let alone that same tech integrated into my home.
Emma Vor Monat
As someone who works with smart home stuff, the most impressive or I guess useful "gadget" is using something to cut down on heating costs. Being able to control your heating according to outside temperature and time of day (or manually) will significantly decrease your energy costs. Ok I am done bye
MOADay Vor Monat
every video I watch on this channel makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts
Kelsey Gibson
Kelsey Gibson Vor Monat
The "what else does she do" part had me laughing so much I was crying
cesarionoexisto Vor Monat
i feel like the automatic soap dispenser works better in a public bathroom esp with covid because its used by people you dont know. it seems obsolete in your own personal home
Fus Ro dah
Fus Ro dah Vor Monat
I used to think the exact thing about automatic soap dispensers until my girlfriend got one for the house. Honestly, they're fucking awesome. I just stick my hand out and soap comes out and I wash my hands easy peasy. I love them. Batteries last a lonnng ass time. If that makes me lazy then fuck it, it gives me the same feeling like my keyless entry on my car. Igdaf what anyone says that's a cool feature
issecret1 Vor Monat
People will find ways to soil it
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye Vor Monat
@Cathy Latte It's silly. There's many ways to push it without using your hands. It's nothing to be hysterical over.
Cathy Latte
Cathy Latte Vor Monat
Tbh all these comments about touching a manual soap dispenser with your dirty hands is confusing me... you can just press the pump down with your wrist. Or your forearm. If I have something like paint on my hands or I've touched raw meat I NEVER touch the pump with my hands, I'll just use whatever arm part isn't dirty. And with raw meat, don't you clean up your work stations after cooking it regardless? Wiping down a soap pump doesn't seem too difficult. Automatic isn't worth the extra hassle of potential packaging/battery waste and inconvenience when the electricity goes out imo.
Pseudonymous Vor Monat
@Rafael Santos so do you touch shit with your bare hands then because you can just wash it off? You can't be sure you got rid of all germs. Plus what about when you need soap to wash one small area of your hands, or when you need to clean them of something like grease or paint that's messy but not unsanitary? Or you just need to top up on soap to finish the job? Too bad, now you've touched the dispenser so you need to repeat a full thorough washing just because of the dispenser germs.
Someone should make a Smart Bookshelf that has a screen in the side of it and nothing else.
Funnatopia Vor 2 Tage
I feel like “smart” objects are as delicate as IPhones. They can break from seemingly nothing and they’re long-time durability is equivalent to baby spinach.
Humid Jack
Humid Jack Vor 4 Tage
I feel like the future will hold more combination/versatile products. our generation saw the scope of each individual's world expand massively, and we see it in the popularity of foreign cuisine, techniques, trends, and so on. there aren't a lot of combination products that really feel like they serve multiple functions gracefully, and especially with the vastness of the world available to us, I think that's gotta be next
CatDribble Vor 25 Tage
if my smart fridge could access a shopping cart on a groceries website and then auto add that product to my basket once it's been out of the fridge for 24 hours, that would be dope, the lower your fridge gets the more stuff in the basket then a button you hit to order the fridge cart. or even auto order stuff from amazon like milk when it runs out etc. that would be pretty dope and save a ton of time
That Cybert Channel
My wife has been obessessed with smart fridges. I think I'm doomed.
weewee Vor Monat
i’m sorry
@dvalin on fm 💀
That One Internet Guy
she's obsessed with rubbing it in your face that coffee is in fact a soup
micro 11
micro 11 Vor Monat
Shes obsessed into thinking coffee is soup
Wren Vor 24 Tage
Dude I'd be happy if I had an over with a light in it so I can look at my food, these people have chips in their arms and I don't even have a microwave or a dishwasher. I feel like it would be less expensive to just hire a maid instead of installing all this stuff
Sweet Scheme
Sweet Scheme Vor 8 Tage
15:39-16:15 i cannot stop laughing. this poor guy who made the smart devices video will be missed greatly. I personally will miss him greatly.
op Vor 14 Tage
Some of this technology could be insanely useful, but its used for stupid purposes.. Maybe instead of making "smart" fridges which basically are the exact same thing minus the ability to go onto Facebook or Twitter it would be useful if they had it so you would be able to order stuff from Target or Walmart or wherever when your fridge is low stocked..
Daniel Parks
Daniel Parks Vor Monat
I'd like to have a touchscreen right at my door where you can look up any item in the house and it will show you exactly where it is. I built this for my mom's pantry actually. I ran out of steam telling it where everything was.
Philip James
Philip James Vor Monat
I'm a disabled person that uses smart tech and mostly I'm just frustrated that companies can't just stick to one long term ecosystem so all of my things can communicate without me having to buy a new hub every year. Smart homes have great potential to make my life easier but I feel like all the time saved gets spent figuring out compatibility issues and troubleshooting - and then there is the eternal dread that the manufacturer can just brick your device because they went out of business or they just want you to upgrade. My bet is that we'll never get a true smart home because capitalism will always ruin it.
Philip James
Philip James Vor 10 Stunden
@Jigglypuff0109 You're down here in my replies. If you don't want to read paragraphs then go interact with someone else. The fact you don't like reading paragraphs isn't some gotcha that reflects badly on me 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also, you can hide behind the sarcasm excuse all you want but it's still just a shitty thing to go around saying disabled people don't look disabled.
Jigglypuff0109 Vor 10 Stunden
@Philip James also can you stop speaking in paragraphs please
Jigglypuff0109 Vor 10 Stunden
@Philip James r/whoooooooooosh
Philip James
Philip James Vor 10 Stunden
@Jigglypuff0109 wow how did you diagnose me from one image? I've spent sooo much time in hospital getting godawful procedures like lumbar punctures, been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, been through multiple rounds of a treatment called lemtrada which is a lot like chemotherapy. All while random parts of my body just stop working. You could have saved me so much time if you'd told me sooner! I'm cured! Where did you get your medical degree? 🙃 In all seriousness. I do have MS. It's an older picture of me but disabled people are allowed to visit beaches and have interests such as photography so I don't really know what you're objecting to. Even if you don't believe I'm disabled it doesn't undermine the point of my comment.
Jigglypuff0109 Vor 11 Stunden
That profile pic is weird Doubt X
Sofia Lafitte
Sofia Lafitte Vor Monat
Smart houses seem cool until you actually look into them and realize most of it is pretty useless. And somehow harder to maintain than the non-smart alternative.
Marti Benson
Marti Benson Vor 28 Tage
I like smart stuff. I use mine to have my coffee ready in the morning when I wake up, to change the temp in our house on our schedule, to turn lights off and save energy. I also turn off the childs internet when it's bedtime so that he can't access the internet. Making your house smart for content is different than making it smart for meeting your needs.
Madeline Watson
Madeline Watson Vor Monat
This video was unexpectedly hilarious. Literally cackled multiple times😂
Σταύρος Vor Monat
i have heard someone was locked inside his house because of his "smart house" stuff and he couldn't even break the windows
A cat with bread on its head
Danny's point about a self-cleaning toilet got to me. I don't have a self-cleaning toilet. I have to get on my knees and scrub like a fucking peasant. I will not accept that we have made any technological advances until nobody has to clean toilets any more. Oh, and printers actually work.
Mo Mauve
Mo Mauve Vor Tag
@May LyYou could probably just put black ink in th blue ink cartridge.
Mo Mauve
Mo Mauve Vor Tag
@GiGitteruHis toilets will clean themselves.
Vanessa Shola
Vanessa Shola Vor 9 Tage
I literally clean toilets for a living 🥲
May Ly
May Ly Vor 15 Tage
...Printers that will work with only the black ink cartridge for a b/w document...when...
Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman Vor 16 Tage
@NiHaoMike Nope, directly an intentional thing because they needed to make sure they sold enough every year to keep their profits up, and they had many very bad years from building reliable ones previously.
Emil Rojas
Emil Rojas Vor 12 Tage
Danny just so you know the “Bluetooth speaker” it’s actually a water disinfectant, that also kills crabs and other live creatures (ok that sounded a lot more darker than I expected)
MangoAlias Vor 25 Tage
danny's so much better at editing his videos than whenever he gets an editor
Flamin' Gaming
Flamin' Gaming Vor Monat
10:01 everyone gangsta till danny's "joke prediction" become reality
Connor Waddle
Connor Waddle Vor Monat
I agree with every except the toster, that toaster is sick asf, it even have a panni press in it. If I wasn't a broke college student you already know I would be eating robot made grilled cheeses every second of the day!
Dress Up Geek Out
Something that's bothered me for a while now -- visions of the future almost always focus on a domestic setting. This technology never leaves the house, or your own body. There's never a vision of what the technology could do on a public, civic scale -- improving the lives of an entire community rather than just a single family household.
Austin Luna
Austin Luna Vor Monat
Cause that shit will get stolen lol
ahhh, lovely capitalistic individualism
Malum Vor Monat
@frankv91 that's still domestic. not a public scale use.
frankv91 Vor Monat
That's not really true. If you look for example at care homes, many automation technologies are already being employed. You've got fall detection, automatically alerting someone if an elderly person falls. Bracelets wirh chips for people with dementia, and doors open for them depending on which places they are allowed to enter and time of day. Then there are screens that can show familiar scenery and pictures depending on who passes them, to help them be at peace. Those are pretty useful.
Joshua Spath
Joshua Spath Vor Monat
Tbf most of the major problems of a city have been solved in the modern era. Such as heat, sewage, and plumbing. The Reality is we got running water, we don’t have to worry about our waste, and our houses are heated. The three largest problems solved. Anything else is mostly solving inconveniences. Which personally I don’t think tax payer money should be wasted on it if it’s not necessary to life. If you want a cool trinket like a smart city pay for it yourself. It’s a waste of money just for something that translates to constantly being watched by police.
Osteelgen Vor 26 Tage
13:40 we have had this kind of thing in Norway for a while, if your shoes are wet you put some tube from a tiny radiator-looking thingy into them, and after some time they will be dry (they do not look that hi-tech tho)
Greg Jayonnaise
Greg Jayonnaise Vor Monat
I love the disparity between what was accurate and what wasn’t with these old predictions. Like, they managed to guess online learning and Alexa controlling parts of your house, but also thought teachers would be replaced by robots and everything would be chrome
Kappn' K
Kappn' K Vor Monat
I'm pretty sure the smart toaster thing toasts stuff at specific temperatures and patterns
velazquez armouries
Imagine if the power goes out in one of those smart houses
Captain Sarcasm
Captain Sarcasm Vor Monat
Smart houses could be useful for disabled people, if most smart products weren't crazy expensive and difficult to set up, and there are definitely products that are useful (like doorbell cameras). But otherwise a lot of smart products are likely just dystopian ideals hidden as "progressive" and "technologically advanced convenience"
Luís Andrade
Luís Andrade Vor Monat
It’s kind of amazing how progress and dystopia go hand and hand today
@Captain Sarcasm Well, I guess it's more of a setup for a dystopia than a dystopia. The dystopia is distinguished by suffering and injustice in the society, not by over surveillance itself (although that's a common theme since dystopias are often totalitarian). I suppose you could argue that our overreliance on technology has already been a detriment to our society from a lack of privacy, the potential use of personal information for discrimination/profiling, the creation of epistemic bubbles, etc. Buuut, I doubt the households themselves are suffering great injustice from having customized ads shoved down their gullets.
Captain Sarcasm
Captain Sarcasm Vor Monat
@Charlie Kelly what does it mean? Cuz honestly in the last few years I feel like I've been living in every single dystopian novel ever, all at the same time
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly Vor Monat
@Captain Sarcasm well that wasn’t very funny for the captain of sarcasm and on the off chance you where being serious that’s not what dystopian means lol.
hozyaka Vor 27 Tage
As an individual that actually has that exact toaster, I can confirm that it can in fact toast bread and pop tarts... I once got up at 2 am to get water and it suddenly started flashing Plancks Constant at me whilst aggressively finishing Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony. My senses were, to say the least, heightened.
Viking Vor 26 Tage
I laughed so hard at this. Damn, that was good!
Big Hoodie
Big Hoodie Vor 24 Tage
It'd be really nice if we could maybe focus on medical tech instead so I can start walking like a normal person but by all means jessica and hunter, using Twitter from your fridge is literally the best thing ever. What a brilliant use of millions upon millions of dollars of research and engineering. I'm so glad you focused on putting a chip in people's wrists to unlock the door or whatever instead of, idk, making people's lives better.
TrashBirds Vor Monat
I feel bad for chip girl since my dad has a card on his keychain that does the exact same thing, his phone also works to- she really got the short hand of the stick 😅
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