Son Gohan: The Forgotten Character

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14 Mär 2019



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Totally Not Mark
Totally Not Mark Vor 8 Tage
Don't foget to leave a like or dislike on this video! It really helps :) So was I just in my criticisms or was I off the mark? Sound off below :)
Jason U
Jason U Vor 41 Minute
Gohan was done well he just happens to be in another anime called Attack on Titan but Eren Jaeger just had his SSJ2 moment lets see if that writer drops the ball going forward with him as well.
Young Ali
Young Ali Vor 17 Stunden
TheZero Dav
TheZero Dav Vor Tag
And I am His IRL Mirror
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker Vor 2 Tage
Personally, I like that Gohan became a fully functioning adult. I can relate to Gohan because I grew up with these fantastical heroes, but eventually settled down. But like Gohan, I still have an eye for adventure, and so I appreciate that he can still be involved if he needs to be, but it’s his family that is most important to him. We are Gohan.
Carl Jean
Carl Jean Vor 3 Minuten
Whoa whoa whoa pump the brakes, you mean this guy has opinions on popular anime AND cited evidence and quotes to back it up? Subbed af
sнιтsтσмρ, тнε cαяεвεαя
A demigod defeated by fucking STIGMATISM
metalmichew2 Vor 42 Minuten
I still think picollo is the most dissapointing character, he could have gotten new highs for his strenght or new techniques, hell, let there even be a super namekian form or whatever boost that would make him way out of control like a super saiyan, Gohan is still a super saiyan, Picollo is still just the same guy he was before. for me personally in super, Tien, Krillin, those guys where created disapointingly, they where just fodder for the big guys, Roshi due to his age was pretty good but not giving krillin or tien slack made them the most disapointing to me.
MadVulcan Vor 59 Minuten
What about one arm Gohan from Trunks alternate time line?
LRGonzales Vor Stunde
What's with the visual tic whenever he says "buu saga"?
SlvrWlf88 Vor Stunde
he did more damage to frieza..than vegeta did...nuff said
That One Teen Gamer
whats the track thats playing at 7:20
Bryan Johnstone
Bryan Johnstone Vor Stunde
Lets face it Akira Toriyama just wanted to keep drawing kid Goku, that's why he made three of them. As soon as their adults he loses interest. Plus on a character level adult Gohan is just Goku just not funny and with Intelligence, that sounds like it would be hard not to make Gohan a Mary Sue if he took the main character role.
Shinsua Vor Stunde
Great Saiyaman Redemption arc here we go
Clyde Phalanx
Clyde Phalanx Vor Stunde
I was hoping Future Trunk's Gohan would've been mentioned for comparison sake. Now that was a Gohan who struggled as an adult... Maybe I'm the only one, but I think that version of Gohan deserves a deep dive video. Though the source material is limited, I think some important points can be made about him. For example, the role that Gohan served in Future Trunks' life and how he was that timeline's "last Piccolo". The way Piccolo's selflessness came full circle for that Gohan and how it led to him making the ultimate (perhaps avoidable) sacrifice.
LRGonzales Vor Stunde
Um, what was w/ the bleeping of GT?
Sand K
Sand K Vor Stunde
Brendan Gallagher
They have so much untapped potential for Gohan to manifest. I'm still waiting for Gohan to be number 1.
Joe Hernandez
Joe Hernandez Vor Stunde
Make Gohan Great Again.. Also Gohan is a reactive character Incase you guys didn’t hear him say it 7 times 😅
Scott Hopkins
Scott Hopkins Vor Stunde
Do one on Trunks!!!
Emergency Bearcedures
You can’t have goku tell gohan that gohan you’re more powerful than me. Especially since gohan was still a teen. When gohan was defeating cell. Then all of a sudden gohan is shit. Can’t even go super saiyn ass. Gohan had an amazing story and journey. Then got nerfed to the ground.
Frost Bitez
Frost Bitez Vor Stunde
Gohan was my favorite character when I watched DBZ, I was very disappointed in the change of direction for Buu saga so unsurprisingly I watched a lot less DBZ
Morgan Bass
Morgan Bass Vor Stunde
I love that you address the problem I've been screaming about for years. I utterly DESPISE the Buu Saga from a storytelling perspective. They took everything they'd built up from the very start of DBZ and just threw it into a dumpster fire. I hate it. Gohan has been my favorite character for years. His transformation from a scared little child with a hidden powerhouse of ability into the world's strongest only to let it degrade into nothingness has been a desecration of my childhood. I saw so much in Gohan that I could relate to. As you said, he went from reactionary to ACTIVE! He resolved himself and came out on top... Everything after only cheapens the experience. It's not because Buu was a silly character, or that there were unconventional story-lines in place...it's because it completely undermines the entire build-up that the whole of DBZ had set forth with up till that point. This had been a progression story for Gohan in every sense of the meaning, up until the Buu Saga begins....it made no sense to me as a growing adult...Just....why? Why would this boy who had become a man suddenly give up on everything? It made no sense. I hate what they did to it. The cannon may exist...but to me DBZ will always end with the Cell Saga. I ignore all newer Dragon Ball as utter nonsense. The creators clearly lost their minds.
Reinaldo Singh
Reinaldo Singh Vor Stunde
i think it also has alot to do with poor writing as well there was no way to progress if u made him a scholar and there is no suitable rival for Gohan and for such a story a rival is pretty important alot of the brain dead stuff that happens is still fun to watch due to vegetas and gokus rivalry
RebelX87 Vor 2 Stunden
I made a reddit post about this exact thing, reaching for like-minded people who understood that Gohan's character arc was built up to have him take over after Cell, but it wasn't his character but the 'writing' of the character that brought him down to one of the lowest on the popularity chart. The mess involving having his power just given to him after have him steadily keep pace as a child through 3-4 arcs up until then is a massacre to the beauty that is the early writing for both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Super's grab at nostalgia with Gohan has always left a horrible taste in my mouth, from the flippant change in design, to the absolute wreck that is his 'retribution'. Thank you for Mark for making me not feel crazy for having these opinions!
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Vor 2 Stunden
This video took a lot for me to finish watching, I was in pain emotionally throughout it.
Pancake King
Pancake King Vor 2 Stunden
why is GT censored at 9:30? is that a joke on the channel or something?
ZanVZ GameZ
ZanVZ GameZ Vor 2 Stunden
It makes sense though. No need to fight has a family. If you dont work out or train everyday you lose what you had. So Gohan working and not training made him weak. Now he has to regain that power.
Sorax 2.5
Sorax 2.5 Vor 2 Stunden
It's because goku was dead at the time if he wasn't dead he would be a fighter still
Shin Mufasa
Shin Mufasa Vor 2 Stunden
Gohan is the bravest character in the series next to Kuririn. You can only be brave if you feel fear. Bravery is to know that you’re terrorfied, but to persist in your attempts to persevere despite of it.
Florp Vor 2 Stunden
"Forgotten" He wasn't forgotten, they just decided to give Goku fans more goku.
Flavius Attila
Flavius Attila Vor 2 Stunden
With Super, Akira is just milking the saga for some extra money, he makes Goku win because most of the merchandise is about him
Ateka9 Vor 3 Stunden
Well, don't expect good writing in Dragonball...
Alonso de Hojeda
Alonso de Hojeda Vor 3 Stunden
How sad that DE-vid is PUSHING these shit channels. Go fuck yourself, another dislike. Yeah I know you don't give a shit, all about the views. Still.
Brad Lively
Brad Lively Vor 3 Stunden
no more forgotten then a ton of other characters in the series at this point the only people whining are the ones who want to him killing cell the worst bad guy in the entire canon and non canon the androids had potential for a good arc cell ruined it along with this little cry baby
Zeref Uchiha
Zeref Uchiha Vor 3 Stunden
Gohan is a protege and protégés are broken characters
theduelist92 Vor 3 Stunden
Gohan is my 100% undisputably favourite character from the Dragonball Universe. Gohan Is not present in the story after the Cell Saga. I refer to the Bu + Super Gohan (i actually couldn't stand watching more than 40 episodes of super and dropped it and im coming back) as "adult Gohan" and that is a different character. That one might as well be an impostor pretending to be Gohan after killing him, i wouldnt give a fuck. Gohan changes drastically from Cell Saga to Bu Saga, and some can argue it's because he's growing up and he's not a scared kid driven by his emotions, but i dont buy it. I would've loved for the Bu saga to go with Gohan as the protagonist until the end, something was clearly planned for his character, but the audience probably didnt receive him well, probably a lot of fans were just mad about Goku not being the MC anymore, and so Gohan had to move to sidecharacter in the second half of the Bu saga for Goku to step in and all the good that happened in the Bu Saga was result of Goku's actions and decisions (and Vegeta's, and Goten / Trunks, i feel Gohan in the second half of the Bu Saga is barely more important than bloody Crillin, i mean FFS He's the only character who has a "transformation" in which he... doesn't.... transform...). I like much more the parallel version of Gohan we meed in Trunk's future, pushed to the action by the ACTUAL DEATH OF HIS FATHER that time for real Gesus Christ and the death of all the other fighters, while he trains a relatively young and scared Trunks. Adult Gohan looks much better in Trunk's flashbacks than he does in most of bu Saga, and in all the Super my stomach allowed me to watch.
John Stackhouse
John Stackhouse Vor 3 Stunden
at least adult gohan is an absolute badass in fighterz
Byron Martin
Byron Martin Vor 4 Stunden
Son Gohan is gokus grandfather....
skylar blusterx
skylar blusterx Vor 4 Stunden
7:42 i see you Josuke with your stupid hairstyle!
Jor McBeath
Jor McBeath Vor 5 Stunden
I can say young Gohan is my favorite DragonBall Z character without a doubt. And I was so disappointed, and still am, about what has happened to him. I always felt like the Buu saga started out with a hint of where the character was going, and then they just gave up all of a sudden and shifted focus to other characters. Gohan even stopped feeling like his past self. Like he was an entirely different person. It saddens me to this day.
Cappugino's Vor 5 Stunden
Make Whis pick Gohan as Beerus' successor. Now his Mystic/Ultimate form is no longer his peak. We can focus on him attaining the power of SSG, God Ki, GoD powers, etc, through struggle.
Ichigo Uzumaki
Ichigo Uzumaki Vor 5 Stunden
Gohan?? I wanted to see more Gotenks😒
Dow Jones
Dow Jones Vor 6 Stunden
Whats the name of the song tours the end of the video!?
Michael Justice
Michael Justice Vor 6 Stunden
Great Saiyaman is the best arc
michael brown
michael brown Vor 6 Stunden
Gohan hurts people when he gets angry!!!
Dwagin Vor 6 Stunden
I don't even watch dragonball why am I here lmao
Max Turrin
Max Turrin Vor 6 Stunden
btw gohan would be some crazy god if they let him evolve, his character was too much, hes technically still stronger than everyone and thats the problem
Max Turrin
Max Turrin Vor 7 Stunden
This is the best break down i have ever seen for gohan! and you just got another subscriber
Tatsuya Sensei
Tatsuya Sensei Vor 8 Stunden
yes goten will replace him
Detroit's Reaper
Detroit's Reaper Vor 8 Stunden
You shouldve named this video "gohan: the forgotten son" because his name is son gohan. Get it huh huh huh huh 😂😂😂😂
Your profile piicture is gohan, he isn't forgotten dummie! stfuuuuuuuuu :()()()()()()()()()()()( Program DescriptionProgram DescriptionProgram DescriptionProgram Description
lightkingz Vor 8 Stunden
The mistake is that they never explored gohan exploring his role as an active protagonist and his role as a protector in the place of his father
LinuxSquadRocks Vor 8 Stunden
Dinker27 Vor 8 Stunden
One of the most disappointing things to see with Gohan was that, at least from what I'd seen, he couldn't put his new knowledge of school to work. I don't recall if Chichi had much of an formal education, and we know Goku didn't have much of one at all. So I don't really blame Chichi for wanting Gohan studying and interacting with society. Maybe that might be to the detriment of Chichi, but I did sense a strong desire for her wanting Gohan to have what neither Goku or her had. Much could have been gained from learning about past wars in history or just, I don't know, how to navigate through the social landscape and being a superhero. I didn't expect Gohan to me Mr. Suave McLadykiller with his personality, but damn if I didn't want to see Gohan have something of a strategist slant to him because of the time he'd spent among the people. Ah, well.
Dakota Santersiro
Dakota Santersiro Vor 8 Stunden
The fact that the fan base loves kid gohan so much is possibly why trunks and goten haven't grown in super.
Samuel Gregmen
Samuel Gregmen Vor 8 Stunden
Because I personally did not mind how he was handled in the TOP, its just that he needs either a new form from a good amoumt od training or just get stronger in his ultimate form but have him do something in at least one.more arv in super's return.
Samuel Gregmen
Samuel Gregmen Vor 8 Stunden
At least have one arc where Gohan does something in Super's return like The Touenament of Power.
Javi A secas
Javi A secas Vor 9 Stunden
Gohan blanco and calvo beg to differ
marvel watcher
marvel watcher Vor 9 Stunden
what a sad story
ralph duran
ralph duran Vor 9 Stunden
Anyone remember launch? No? Ok...
Melissa D
Melissa D Vor 9 Stunden
The problem with gohan is more how his post time skip self is a complete slap in the face to the lesson he was suppose to have learned at the end of the Cell saga when his own father died because Gohan himself got cocky. Getting overconfident and not dealing with the threat immediately will get people hurt and killed. That’s what goku’s death was suppose to have taught him. You’d think that this happening along with the fact that Goku himself thought that gohan would be a better fit for protecting the world from evil would mean that gohan wouldn’t get lazy or become like Goku by relishing the challenge of a fight without thinking about the consequences until it was too late. (Aka not just wishing the androids dead or finding their hideout before they showed up just b/c he wanted a good fight) But no. Instead he broke character. One of the many reasons 12 year old me dropped the buu saga.
soldiergigas14 Vor 9 Stunden
Gohan is one of the main reasons i love the dragonball series. I still remember the first time i watch Dragonball Z when i was probably 7/8 years old in 2000/2001. it was a late night at a music recording studio in london my dad was working in. i was in the break room eating fish and chips watching cartoon network. coming up next was Dragonball Z and i was mesmerised by the intro. When the episode began, it was about Gohan trying to survive being picked on by Piccolo saying he has to be strong so he can see his dad again (this was my first impression of the series). i remember gohan going berserk and transforming into a great ape, trying to land a hit on Piccolo. the battle ended with Piccolo using his Special Beam Canon on the space pod reverting Gohan back into a normal self. Since then, i wanted to see more of the series but never got the chance partially because my sister forbade me from watching it because she kept nagging say "I hate DBZ" and changing the channel to watch some shitty series and also because of school. I also remember the episode where gohan was fighting vegeta whilst transforming into a great ape and winning. The rest of time i watched parts where the Z fighters arrive to namek, the ginyu force, freiza and eventually Goku going super saiyan and defeating freiza. i kind of missed out on parts of the android saga and saw a bit of the cell saga but i was able to see gohan laying the smack down on cell and goku sacrificing his life. i finally saw gohan defeat cell and emerged victorious. i didn't see much of the buu saga though. however, since then, i always believed Gohan to be the main character of the series and it kind of hurts to see what happened to him through toriyama and i really wished to see him better developed in the series.
Manlykefresh.INC Vor 10 Stunden
Awesome video mark I really enjoyed that 👍🏾👊🏾
Travis Gibbons
Travis Gibbons Vor 10 Stunden
Honestly, Gohan's character thrived as a youth due to his growing into the roll. But the flaw that falls apart is that they never let the weight of responsibilty grow on Gohan to make it work. Do I think its possible to bring him back now? No. Its too late now that his character has been sidelined. He lost his childhood innocence which Trunks and Goten now steal the spotlight with.
Glucose Guardian
Glucose Guardian Vor 10 Stunden
9:32 had me laughing.
Fenrir Lokison
Fenrir Lokison Vor 10 Stunden
When Piccolo trained Gohan for the tournament of power between most of the universes, he chastised him because of his arrogance while fighting Boo. That same arrogance is what made him lose against him and get absorved. That is why Piccolo beat Gohan. Gohan was great as a kid, as an adult...not so much and yeah, when he grew up, everything was given to him in a silver platter, even his house which if I remember correctly was a gift from Mr Satan.
Jet Pack
Jet Pack Vor 10 Stunden
Gohan accomplished his goal. Why are you complaining? He is half Sayajin and Human. But he choose to be human and live his life with his familly.
BluisRaw02 Vor 11 Stunden
I'm just glad my favorite character got his time to shine once. His transformation to super Saiyan 2 is the best in the entire series imo.
danekarl Vor 11 Stunden
It always blew my mind how he just fell off. He surpassed his dad then just stopped.
inQuest a
inQuest a Vor 11 Stunden
it didn't work out because of the hair period. cell saga gohan hair style > teen / adult gohan
AugustAPC Vor 11 Stunden
Dragon Ball has sucked every since the end of the Cell Saga. Basically when characters stopped developing and the series just became about explosions and stupid transformations.
Randy Troy
Randy Troy Vor 12 Stunden
Great video, disappointed however that you didn't mention or discuss the version from Future Trunk's timeline. The version that, while not having the strength of the current Gohan, had the will and drive we all expected from the character. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that Gohan is disappointing BECAUSE he didn't live up to the vision that was shown to us by Toriyama himself. Our expectations were solidified with that flashback/flashforward.
Grinners Vor 12 Stunden
>sun gohan okay retard
SSJ Omega x99 :P
SSJ Omega x99 :P Vor 12 Stunden
I want a dragon ball movie of the 7 year time skip between the end of the cell saga to to adult gohan
Beaster565 Vor 12 Stunden
Protection and power are overrated. I think you are wise to choose happiness and love -Iroh
miqvPL Vor 13 Stunden
I think Toriyama actually got it right- Gohan's arc was completed but Gohan is not a fighter, he never wanted to be- he was one because the situation demanded it. So seeing Gohan as a not fighting adult was actually great for me since it fit his character. Him being beaten up is a reminder that that the time of peace is a danger on it's own, making us too comfortable and not prepared for future problems and struggles. But potential unlocked was a bad move, I'd rather see Gohan use his brain more, thinking "ok, Dad and Vegeta are dead, how should we resolve this? I'll talk to Piccolo. Oh, Dende said Hercule is trying to solve it peacefully? Now that's an idea, let's prepare a plan B if it doesn't work" or using tricks in battle like Krillin (and he spent a lot of time on Namek seeing Krillin fight dirty). So I liked it but I admit it could be handled much better
Green Vor 13 Stunden
by the end of super i really liked Jiren
Shayne Williams
Shayne Williams Vor 13 Stunden
Gohan was supposed to be main character, toriyama decided to go in another direction(probably because of the fans or a mere whim). This topic has been discussed nonstop since the show ended and we all already know the answer like shit.
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum Vor 13 Stunden
Toriyama turned Dragonball into a two-men show (Goku, Vegeta) and made all other characters irrelevant. He tossed everything away what Dragonball made unique.
Darkozl Vor 13 Stunden
I hate Gohan so i was thrilled to see him relegated to a supporting role in super. Whiny punk.
niv shwarts
niv shwarts Vor 14 Stunden
Toriyama gives all the glamor to Goku and vegeta and not to other characters and it's just sad and mostly disappointing. The series is good and it can be better than it is now if this topic changes during the series. In addition, I think they need to add more emotions and seriousness instead of tournaments and attacks of explosions. They can explore the parallel universes or create an enemy that has a good reason to destroy the world and let each character do its own and make it relevant and so Dragon Ball will not be a simple battle shounen.
Chris M
Chris M Vor 14 Stunden
"Not present in the current material"? What are you talking about, he was in super. All the way through the tournament of power.
Aion Lover
Aion Lover Vor 14 Stunden
To be fair. Gohan never wanted to be a warrior, he just wanted to be a doctor. So....
Kevin Andrews
Kevin Andrews Vor 5 Stunden
Nah, chi chi wanted him too
MiD Vor 15 Stunden
your polls aren´t worth shit
Ore Sama
Ore Sama Vor 15 Stunden
after that sayaman shit, gohan was never the same again
shinygaming Vor 15 Stunden
Can picolo beat gohan?
Cov Fefe
Cov Fefe Vor 15 Stunden
This is why i don't watch the newest dragon ball series anymore cause all of the the good potential characters building up to be something more in the story just thrown of the window like nothing happened. We didn't forget, toriyama does.
Oh God No
Oh God No Vor 15 Stunden
Forgotten character. Not capitalizing on tien.
Capucine N
Capucine N Vor 15 Stunden
Gohan: Wasted potential.. Still grinds my gears to this day... How many seasons did we get about how special he was? Then it disappeared after he got married.. :/
Zenno Zangetsu
Zenno Zangetsu Vor 16 Stunden
Gohan sucked for 95% of the time. Only cool Gohan was when he went ssj2 and what was it
KabutoRyu Vor 16 Stunden
Most pathetic earthsaiyan, his battle scene even not great as goku.
Shiirow Vor 17 Stunden
he tasked himself with writing a sequel to a celebrated movie, to one of the most celebrated journeys in anime and.... we know how sequels usually go. they rarely live up to the original.
Germ 23
Germ 23 Vor 17 Stunden
Goten is our last hope
Patrick Starkiller
Patrick Starkiller Vor 17 Stunden
The fact that dead characters coming to life, no way would other characters progress at all.
Patrick Starkiller
Patrick Starkiller Vor 17 Stunden
Actually this is happening to almost all of Toriyama's characters. Undermining everyone else who isn't Goku or Vegeta. Heck, even the Ressurect of F ending was so disappointing that I was hoping that Vegeta would actually get the win. But disappoint coming from expectations. Might as well make the title Goku like Naruto.
C I D N E Y L Vor 17 Stunden
ok but........ *does gohan vaccinate pam?*
Sairey13 Vor 18 Stunden
I loved Gohan since I was a kid, but there was this one thing that I never understood while he was training in the wild:…How was he able to still be normal, after months of being on his own in the wild at the age of four (though, originally, he was supposed to be three), with no human contacts (Before he met the Orphan Children), with only the wild animals and dinosaurs trying to eat or kill him? In my opinion, if Gohan had gone feral, his character would've gone through a serious transformation. Piccolo would not only have to teach him how to fight, but to also help him get out of his feral-state. He would probably ended up being stronger than he did in the show, but would have a constant battle of Nature vs Nurture and, most likely, his Saiyan-Blood and Human-Blood. However, because he would learn more about the planet than he did at home from books and loved the planet, he would've found a drive to have him continue on with his training. Honestly, there would've been ways to have Goku still be the main character of the show while, at the same time, have Gohan become the strong fighter we all come to know and love in the Cell Saga.
ShadowSoulC Vor 18 Stunden
I really like the part about how the truly passive protagnist is likely to fail. Anyone remember bleach and its extremely unmotivated and passive protag? I know bleach had other issues, but ichigo was always one of the two biggest issues for me in that manga
SecretlyBirb Vor 18 Stunden
Dammit... kid Gohan was my favorite Now look what happened to him now
Crimson Vor 19 Stunden
I still think Raditz was hugest waste of a character.
The Proud Asshole MGTOW
Ehhh from a writing stand point I personally think u could fix gohan by breaking him down and bringing him to rock bottom to the point where he has to reevaluate what he has been doing with his life. Then instead of having him present constantly I’d make him disappear for a large fraction of time to suddenly pop back up when needed n would have him explain what he’s been doing afterwards or add a hint of mystery to it by either saying he isn’t allowed to say or saying if he told you you wouldn’t believe him. Think matrix where he’s been reach out to by some mysterious force that will help him become stronger or something in the nature.
Fanda Flake
Fanda Flake Vor 19 Stunden
Um....Gohan hasn't been forgotten or left out. The creator doesn't "Forget" a character, they just focus on someone else. YOU try to make an Anime with multiple characters and include ALL of them. And it has to have as many as DBZ characters. You won't do that because you'd also forget and have people critique your stuff. But no, Gohan was not forgotten and he's a badass fighter using basic Instinct to do it. Any fan would see that.
airget Vor 19 Stunden
That's interesting, the development of Son Gohan and the lack of earning said powerup reminds me of how Ichigo was handled in the Full-bringer arc. It almost feels like it was the same issue, the human characters weren't popular, it took more of a slice of life feel to showcase Ichigo without his shinigami powers but in the end Soul Society's popularity caused them to take the spotlight from Ichigo.
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