Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)




19 Okt 2019



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TheOdd1sOut Vor 26 Tage
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch: theodd1sout.com/collections/sooubway-merch
Raven the Rooster
gommy lim
gommy lim Vor 15 Tage
Im 500!
Suzie Burns
Suzie Burns Vor 21 Tag
I love your videos, please upload a lot more👌😎🥳
DailyVideos Vor 25 Tage
I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!
Ruby Love
Ruby Love Vor 26 Tage
TheOdd1sOut rules
adam erdos
adam erdos Vor 3 Stunden
Hi i want you to go and sherch "Justvidman" he is a Hungarian animator (our best)
I am a cinder block
I am a cinder block Vor 4 Stunden
Welp, yt is dying
anri gamer
anri gamer Vor 4 Stunden
anri gamer
anri gamer Vor 4 Stunden
Pls watch this
Chelsea Betlow
Chelsea Betlow Vor 4 Stunden
I remember when I walked across the street to get ice cream.AND THIS GUY HAS NO SHIRT OFF!!🤢🤮
Chelsea Betlow
Chelsea Betlow Vor 4 Stunden
Love your videos🤩
İsminiyazmayan Kiz
İsminiyazmayan Kiz Vor 5 Stunden
Please turkish translate ♡
James can you make a Christmas video
SamMiguel Ch
SamMiguel Ch Vor 5 Stunden
mobile god
mobile god Vor 5 Stunden
Got to make more plz
Vloor ツ
Vloor ツ Vor 6 Stunden
I comparating Theodd1snout and Sr Pelo
Taylor Ince
Taylor Ince Vor 6 Stunden
RIP subway 😢
Jalen's World
Jalen's World Vor 6 Stunden
By sooubway :(
Jackson Mann
Jackson Mann Vor 6 Stunden
😢 Greatest series ever 😢😭
The Supreme chanel
The Supreme chanel Vor 6 Stunden
James had died in a horrible accident Not uplaoding video
ninjastan7 Vor 6 Stunden
Sooubscribe to odd1sout
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Vor 6 Stunden
Did u do the fnaf musical I think I recogniseu
Eva Power
Eva Power Vor 6 Stunden
Who here cried
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Vor 6 Stunden
You know the dark crystal 2 is on Netflix
toxic rouge
toxic rouge Vor 6 Stunden
Who,the hells the real guy in the video?
Thund3r Roguer :3
Thund3r Roguer :3 Vor 7 Stunden
Sooubway 5
lenwick ponder
lenwick ponder Vor 7 Stunden
we loved the sooubway vids and i am ver upset that its gone now MY FAMILY ENJOYED THAT SOOUBWAY
PlayerOne_Gaming Vor 7 Stunden
I like subway
Greg Halcomb
Greg Halcomb Vor 7 Stunden
Watch out fur death claws
Roland Banyai
Roland Banyai Vor 7 Stunden
CloudyCloud Gaming
CloudyCloud Gaming Vor 8 Stunden
James will take money even from people's crotches
Josh moss
Josh moss Vor 8 Stunden
I bought your book! Its INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne Vor 8 Stunden
You made it to wait for in one of your videos how can you forget so this is part five👌
ezitis miglaa
ezitis miglaa Vor 8 Stunden
My dog is 13 years old and he's sick and dying:(
Dávid Pável
Dávid Pável Vor 8 Stunden
No video about teamtrees? Shame on you James
Abdulrahman alhammadi
Abdulrahman alhammadi Vor 9 Stunden
Do a Pokemon nuzlock
BagelBramble Vor 9 Stunden
This just made me kinda depressed
bananaboy566 Vor 9 Stunden
Who hiped for odd1souts netflix
memeverse Vor 10 Stunden
You know the dark crystal 2 is on Netflix
Noah Playz
Noah Playz Vor 10 Stunden
Did u do the fnaf musical I think I recogniseu
zac robbo
zac robbo Vor 10 Stunden
Hi James I just saw ur cat video and I'm sorry for ur doggo lost
Zack gaming_YT
Zack gaming_YT Vor 10 Stunden
that is subway
GACHA STORIES Vor 11 Stunden
JUST BROUGHT YOUR BOOK! love it so far.. 👍👍👍👍
Lefteris Magoutas
Lefteris Magoutas Vor 11 Stunden
Her: You didn't cry in the Titanic you have no feelings! Me:
Jacob PvZ Boi
Jacob PvZ Boi Vor 12 Stunden
2:32 who else saw this on Tik tok
Маргаритка Головко
I love you video!
Amy Poroznik
Amy Poroznik Vor 13 Stunden
It's really subway
Christine Thai
Christine Thai Vor 13 Stunden
You see a man with a sooubway sandwhich and s pink shovel in your backyard digging...
Mavs Maniac
Mavs Maniac Vor 13 Stunden
J-Just A-A M-Man E-Eating S-Subway
Hudh Ziyau
Hudh Ziyau Vor 13 Stunden
James Before: “I never go outside” James Now: “I Need To Attend A Funeral”
HyperFang Luna
HyperFang Luna Vor 13 Stunden
Hey james.....do a pokemon nuzlocke please
Emma Boulais
Emma Boulais Vor 13 Stunden
Ok did all of you know that he is making another book in April ( I am on the waitlist and James I got the board game and it is amazing) 📘💜📘 Congrats on 13.2 million James
Moviehero Vor 13 Stunden
I Will soon have your card game. I only have to wait till my aunt comes to my country.
Aamily Zafyrah
Aamily Zafyrah Vor 14 Stunden
It's in Singapore
Aamily Zafyrah
Aamily Zafyrah Vor 14 Stunden
Come to my sooubway
Fat X
Fat X Vor 14 Stunden
Gacha iiHoneyXbeeii
Gacha iiHoneyXbeeii Vor 14 Stunden
*_Hi James, I’m some random 10 year old named Emma, I just wanted to say that you are super funny and you are one of my inspirations for animating, I went to Phoenix Arizona about three weeks ago, I went straight to Sooubway, I ask the worker if there’s a James working here and he says “no.” in a rude tone and I was so annoyed, I order a turkey Italiano and didn’t leave a tip, I’m so bad._*
Jenny Miller
Jenny Miller Vor 14 Stunden
I just got your book from my school book fair
Edmoil 08
Edmoil 08 Vor 14 Stunden
What a loser crying and eating subway. BTW this is all a joke
Johann Ramirez-Carrillo
Can you make more 📓🛍 pls👏🙏🙂
Thes ИСКАЙ Vor 14 Stunden
Andy Braginsky
Andy Braginsky Vor 14 Stunden
Hey James, what do you think about COPPA?
Alex Edick
Alex Edick Vor 15 Stunden
James, is your channel marked as kid safe on DE-vid? I really hope it’s not. It’s against the law apparently, you need to be a adult friendly... DE-vidr.
Tubby Chubby
Tubby Chubby Vor 15 Stunden
James : I'm coming out Us: what do you mean ? James: I am a furry Hint: pay attention to the video comment if you see it
Mr. Salt
Mr. Salt Vor 15 Stunden
2:38 I thought that it would say, "My name is Yoshikage Kira..." Cause of the voice and close up, this is gold
awesomegamer 246
awesomegamer 246 Vor 15 Stunden
Hey james quick question In ur hamster video who was that female voice in the background Do u have a gf ur not telling us about Or was that just ur sister?
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