Spain: Another Country Trying To Restore Democracy

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The United States isn't the only nation in a democratic crisis. Stephen examines Catalonia's decision to declare independence from Spain.
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3 Nov 2017



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Daniela Gonzalez
Is Stephen Colbert for the confederacy? Based on this logic, sounds like he would be...
Mónica XXI
Mónica XXI Vor 2 Tage
Hear this funny guy just talking about "what happens" in Spain and Catalonia without having an idea of it at all, it's insane funny.
Ane Vor 5 Tage
I feel offended even though I'm not Spanish
Fer Gms
Fer Gms Vor 5 Tage
Maybe you are from USA and are offended of his lack of knowlendge
richlisola1 Vor 6 Tage
When American liberals talk about other countries...smh. Just place the foot in mouth 👄 🦶
Aser Méndez
Aser Méndez Vor 8 Tage
Who is that stupid guy...??? He knows nothing about Spain.....
Anderarra A
Anderarra A Vor 11 Tage
Una vez más, la ignorancia Americana sobre todo lo que no esté dentro de su frontera, o incluso en ella
C G Vor 13 Tage
Now why does Florida feel different in the US? Ad why is this guy pro Catalan independence? Spain is a country and that means unity, not the opposite. Catalonians don't think being part of Spain is beneficial for them; and they pact with the government for privileges. Which is all very good, but how about other communities? Other communities have none of that. I call that discrimination. So for all I care, they can leave. One observation: the Crown of Aragon was created in the 12th century, by means of the marriage between Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona, and Petronila of Aragon. And yes, it was in the 16th century that the concept of Spain existed, only after joining the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile together; with the conquest of Al-Andalus, which was completed in 1492, same year as Columbus' arrival in America; and the later annexation of Navarre. This is why Isabel is not the Queen of Spain, but of Castile, which is the territory over which she reigned before marrying King Fernando of Aragon. Spain did not exist yet.
Martí Nadal
Martí Nadal Vor 16 Tage
not even funny, ur insulting our county and our culture, Visca Catalunya!!
Dario Balicevic
Dario Balicevic Vor 19 Tage
Jaume Fuster Serquera
Im going crazy what the hell jajajajajaj
Guillermo Gonzalez
Guillermo Gonzalez Vor 20 Tage
Perfect example of ignorance, stupidity and silly jokes. Catalan nationalism is deeply racist, intolerant and opposed to democracy. As for taxes, obviously he is not well informed. Aswell as he lies about history. So sad to watch an ignorant talking so much bullshit.
Kingdom Bosnia Mapping
I dont Hate Catalonia but what will they got of independence just changed name LOL
Maria Palomo
Maria Palomo Vor 28 Tage
3:10 acaba de reírse de como franco mató a miles de españoles por no seguir sus ideas con un chiste de fútbol? Te juro que voy a donde viva y lo mato
Tiger Blue
Tiger Blue Vor 29 Tage
I don't think you'd have to care about our politics, it sucks, but we have to live with that.
Arrokalypse Vor Monat
In Spain we don't speak school shooting
Hadrian'sWall Vor Monat
So many rifles and guns in America, and unfortunately none of them is pointing to your head. That must change.
M S Vor Monat
You clearly know a lot about Spain. Yep, sure you do.
David Fernández
David Fernández
You can’t talk of something you don’t know anything. Ah, yes, and TRUMP 2020, support from Spain!
Javier S
Javier S Vor Monat
If you want to talk about this subject get your facts right from a serious source and don't embarrass yourself repeating ridiculous pro-independence propaganda. These people have gone so far as to suggest that Columbus and Cervantes were both Catalonian, for an example of just how deluded they are. How about if one of the non-original 13 states unilaterally decided to declare itself independent because once it wasn't part of the USA. Or if one of the original 13 states declared its independence because that territory existed before the USA was created. Oh, yeah, right, I'm sure America would be alright with that, no problem... A nation's Constitution is its supreme law, it is there to be obeyed and respected by all. There are no Catalonian political prisoners in Spain. In Spain there are Catalonian politicians who are prisoners for breaking the law, specifically for sedition, though it is highly probable that they should have received a much harsher punishment for rebellion. If anything, Spain has shown a great deal of patience with these people time and time again.
So that's why people keep asking me if I want indépendance when I tell them I am from Barcelona. I'm like: How the fuk u know about Catalonia and independence?
yuko 778
yuko 778 Vor Monat
I'm catalan :')
Joaquín Álvarez
yeah, this is under "Light Comedy" for me
Pablo Jiménez Castro
One correction it wasn't Isabel of Spain it was Isabel of Castile and when she married her husband is when Spain was created, and Catalonia was one of the initial part of Spian and one of the region that was better been treat in Spain history
Enrique Pastor Armada
this man does not know anything about Spain. it is really sad to see something like that.
GentleRider Vor Monat
Look, I understand these people have to entertain their viewers, therefore making fun of everything. Also people from the United States are the only intended audience. But after seeing this kind of misinformation and ignorance I really understand why everyone there thinks we are primitive people still living in shacks. Also I hate the way he gives advice like if their country had existed more than 250 years. Not that I’m proud of my country, actually there are a lot of ignorant people here too. But please don’t make it worse, we’ve got enough with what goes on here.
Nico Besteiro
Nico Besteiro Vor 2 Monate
rhapsodier78 Vor 2 Monate
In Spain, we don't have Prime Minister like in UK, we have President of the Government.
Rubén León
Rubén León Vor 2 Monate
Note how all the comments that state that he doesn't know what he is talking about come from people who I presume are spanish by their nicknames. You wouldn't even recognize that you have made an historical mistake with Catalonian even if the rest of the world told you that. It doesn't matter the independence is written in the stars and is a consequence of our past and all the stupid and arrogant actions taken by the Spanish government. Whether you like it or not it will eventually happen.
Thepomafame Vor 2 Monate
I'm Catalan I like his interviews
Virus Troyano
Virus Troyano Vor 2 Monate
Una forma de intentar ser gracioso, dando datos erróneos. Lo que demuestra es no tener conocimiento sobre el asunto, o al menos, no querer manifestarlo
Freedom of speech is one thing. But talking without any idea of what you are talking about and with a total lack of respect for Spain is quite different. But hey, at the end of the day it's all a matter of making noise to make more money, right?
M MM Vor 2 Monate
You are such an ignorant!
patoguay Vor 2 Monate
seeing a guy making fun of something he doesnt know anything about, and doesnt know how big is it, just cringes me
Jacobo Fiaño Álvarez
Wow Spain has a king, like norway, sweden, lichtenstein, the netherlands, belgium, the uk, denmark, thailand, monaco...
MrPabgon Vor 2 Monate
Informarse antes de hablar? Pff, eso son los padres.
Perico de los Santos
Illo de verdad me estás diciendo q el enano este con orejas amorfas habla así de los españoles, los mismos q conquistaron medio mundo y descubrieron su continente, los mismos q pusieron el primer ladrillo su historia, los mismos q pusieron el nombre q actualmente llevan algunas de sus ciudades más importantes?? Me encantaría recibirlo en España para una charla amistosa.
Jacobo Fiaño Álvarez
Sorry but Spain has more cultures than catalan, for example Galicia and Vasque country
Military Bodyguard Marinejeger
Spain is very corrupted country from bottom to the top . Police corrupted banks judges all in one . Police works a lot with drugs. Without us Europe and tourism Spain collapse fast in three mnth
Fer Gms
Fer Gms Vor 5 Tage
Corrupt police???
Daniela Gutierrez Romero
yo: parece que los americanos no han dado una clase de geografia en su vida yo al rato: ah pero después me acuerdo de es que empiezan a aprender a hacer ecuaciones en 4 de la eso xd
Edu Piles
Edu Piles Vor 3 Monate
Anglosaxons also mastered in showing native Americans how fun is to be part of the USA
Merry Jumbo
Merry Jumbo Vor 3 Monate
Bien Ignorantes los EEUU. Ignorant the EEUU. 😒 Spain -Europe. Por fin .
a.c.l.s -
a.c.l.s - Vor 3 Monate
This shit is very offensive, this man doesn't know shit about Spanish democracy or Spain itself.
Alvaro de los rios
Alvaro de los rios Vor 3 Monate
Trump for the win
Caye Vázquez
Caye Vázquez Vor 3 Monate
That is far from what’s really happening here.
Pablo Burgos Garzás
Que dice ahí no hablo tiroteo escolar
Luisa Vázquez
Luisa Vázquez Vor 3 Monate
Idiota e Ignorante americano
Alex Villa garcia
Alex Villa garcia Vor 3 Monate
Remeber only 50% of Catalans want independence. So declaring independence is not morally ok, its illegal, and the people where never properly asked. Basically its like if California wanted independence because 50% of them though they were too rich and they were giving hand outs to the rest of the USA. Its actually quite embarrasing.
Sir William Withey Gull
You have no idea what you talking about
Md. Min Udden
Md. Min Udden Vor 3 Monate
Un lento y progresivo debilitamiento en la creencia del pueblo de autogobernarse fragmenta las principales instituciones del orden legal y político democrático. Muchos movimientos luchan por mejorar nuestro sistema y no enterrarlo en el olvido. Esta es la historia de las diferentes protestas de desobediencia civil. Desobediencia civil DEMOCRACIA PLEASE TAKE IT THE BOOK >>> www.amazon.es/Desobediencia-civil-DEMOCRACIA-HUMA-FILO/dp/B084Q9KD7P/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
Alberto Fernández
Alberto Fernández Vor 4 Monate
Anyone informed about this: Anyone that has researched about this: Stephen: iT's LikE iN 1776
Luís Amaro Da Silva
im glag, you are one of the few americans to separate Spain from Portugal in the map, good for you guys, kee on the good work, greetings from Portugal.
Fer Gms
Fer Gms Vor 5 Tage
Only thing he did right.
Primarch of the Second Legion
Aaaaaaan they are so sweaty that Americans are just English folk who moved from the isles and were angry Beacouse taxes. There are no true natives American anymore. Well, there are. The British only killed like 95% of them. And the call us murderers when almos 60-70% percent of today's South American population is of native race. Becouse we did not slaughter the natives, even if England and France and all of them would say otherwise. But hey, let the lies be told. P. D: YEAH FUCKERS, WE GOT A KING! DEAL WITH IT ALREADY.
Guille Vor 4 Monate
‘Jailing everyone that people elected’ , yeah, they actually didnt elect them, because as it’s not legal, people don’t go to vote.
Fer Gms
Fer Gms Vor 5 Tage
They were elected. Habla del gobierno catalán, lo que pasa es que no dice por qué se les ha apresado.
Ana Circe
Ana Circe Vor 4 Monate
A shame of program, americans.
juncear Vor 5 Monate
man this is soooo misleading... but then again this is the US, id be happy if at least US people learn Spain is not somewhere around Mexico.
rodrigo rodrigo
rodrigo rodrigo Vor 5 Monate
Hawai, Puerto rico and Guam are also a nation let them be free and take example of it
elidams Vor 5 Monate
It's funny how you think that catalans are behaving properly with the rest of spaniards in spain lol you know nothing about the real situation here
elidams Vor 5 Monate
Pero si la mayoria de los americanos no tienen ni puta idea donde esta españa ajjajja que conojes van a poder decir de nosotros xD
Luchi na
Luchi na Vor 5 Monate
You are not at all informed of the problem of independence in Catalonia. I would like to know how your arms-loving government would react to a similar problem.
meike padilla
meike padilla Vor 5 Monate
you better inform yourself before going on tv...
Cisvholt Vor 5 Monate
Este hombre me ha puesto muy nerviosa, no tiene ni la menor idea de lo que habla, Cataluña NUNCA ha sido independiente, era un condado de Aragón, un condado, no cuesta tanto de entender, y es Isabel de Castilla no de España
Javi M
Javi M Vor 5 Monate
hey guys... some facts about this topic.... 1- +20% of the GDP from +20% of the population in the country it´s not a mystery, specially cause they had most of the industry for many decades... so in fact it´s pretty low GDP percentage. 2- they never been independent, they were part of the kingdom of Aragon... read history first Sr. 3- not "own culture", I challenge you to cross provinces and find any difference. 4- own food? every corner of Spain it´s got a million dishes so not much of an achievement. 5- dictator franco cancelling .... DANCING????? are you serious hahahahaha, regional dancing /music was one of the few things the country had after the war and was 24/7 promoted in a way to UNIFY people. 6- I guess this happens when somebody who has no idea about the country talks about it from a teleprompter after reading a couple of articles. 7- may be a comedy show but damn it´s bad at facts.
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
The voice of ignorance.
EverestYourself Vor 5 Monate
No fucking idea of what have happened in Catalonia... people democratically elected in the jail? Yes, because of an unilateral independence declaration. Can you imagine Texas declaring unilaterally independence form the states? That's what have happened here!
wolfie -RoS
wolfie -RoS Vor 5 Monate
Que tio mas imbecil
ivan alvarez
ivan alvarez Vor 5 Monate
Mirar que son burros madre mía que PANDA DE PALETOS SON ESTOS EEHH
Pablo BOTE
Pablo BOTE Vor 7 Monate
how much ignorance
Pablo BOTE
Pablo BOTE Vor 7 Monate
this man clearly has no idea
Alex López
Alex López Vor 7 Monate
You have no idea what are you talking about. Better go to invade some country. Por cierto, ojito, no vaya a ser que acabeis hablando ESPAÑOL en unos años jejeje
Martin Sanchez
Martin Sanchez Vor 7 Monate
Totally misinformed and ignorant cover of the story. Let's talk about bullshit but let's forget we have a constitution from 1978, after Franco died, that Catalans voted for massively too. Let's forget the high constitutional tribunal already told the catalan government that the referendum was illegal (although no big consequences came from it). There were consequences only after the regional government declared unilaterally independence...sort of. The very next day, Puigdemont fled the country to Belgium as he knew what he was doing was illegal from the start. Dissapointed to say the least on the show.
Julia Martinez
Julia Martinez Vor 7 Monate
Normal que estemos así, mirad como han manipulado nuestra historia. Y lo peor es que no es ni culpa de este tío, es nuestra. Durante toda nuestra historia hemos estado peleándonos entre nosotros. Este tío no tiene ni idea de lo que estamos pasando, y de lo mucho que nos sigue costando mantener a pie España día tras día.
Juan Cabrera
Juan Cabrera Vor 7 Monate
Another American showing how ignorant they are...
iejrfiejfre decjveifje
Speak Your TRUTH
Speak Your TRUTH Vor 7 Monate
Dòrian Vor 7 Monate
So, illegal elections are not democratic. Quit your bullshit and learn your stuff, American leftists.
Axel Cross
Axel Cross Vor 8 Monate
Freedom Catalonia. Spain is repressive country.
Mendi Apodaca
Mendi Apodaca Vor 8 Monate
Is that opinion coming from the USA, the country that crushed a secessionist rebellion during the American Civil War?
David Gomez
David Gomez Vor 8 Monate
Ferdinand and Isabelle didn’t actually unify kingdoms. Each of them stayed with independent rules and laws.
David Gomez
David Gomez Vor 8 Monate
Hello, I’m from Spain and I just wanted to say to all these angry fellow Spaniards, it’s comedy. It’s a show. It’s made to make you laugh. Is not the New York Times mocking a serious situation, is a late night show. Don’t be too stressed about it.
20707523 Vor 28 Tage
Ya pero si dan tanta información tergiversada y nos llaman fascistas cuando EEUU puntúa peor en todos los indices de democracia, se te hinchan un poco las pelotas, eso por no hablar que fue un referendum donde quienes lo convocaban, contaban los votos, eran miembros de las mesas eran los mismos, sin interventores de otros partidos en las mesas y ninguna garantía democrática, Franco hizo dos referendum de la misma manera y eso no lo hace un democráta.
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