Spain: Another Country Trying To Restore Democracy

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The United States isn't the only nation in a democratic crisis. Stephen examines Catalonia's decision to declare independence from Spain.
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3 Nov 2017



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Raul Rubio
Raul Rubio Vor 3 Tage
This kind of asshole yankees seem they forgot Spain helped them to become independent from british Crown. Thanks for your gratefulness after that (Cuba, Filipinas, Puerto Rico... and now this)
Raul Rubio
Raul Rubio Vor 3 Tage
As allways, Zionist Media trying to misinform and to manipulate the people
E C Vor 10 Tage
¿Cataluña independiente? Si, claro.
Eloi Reches
Eloi Reches Vor 11 Tage
Spain is not in Mexico? WTF
Miguel SF
Miguel SF Vor 11 Tage
It is brave to wear an independent t-shirt or sticker in car or flag or manifestacion in spain. Spain is not democracy. Chief State elected without votes, ...
xuan perez-folgado amengual
no eran tan gallitos cuando conquistamos toda sudamerica y tres cuartas partes de norteamerica
José Manuel Gómez
omg he doest even know something about spain and the crisis, and there he is trying to criminalice spaniards for a right wing stupid government that did what all we know.
Angela Clark
Angela Clark Vor 29 Tage
this is such bs, propaganda ever since a Socialist Democratic Prime Minister was elected. There are 17 autonomous regions in Spain - they have their own laws, police force, government and Catalonia is one of them. They're Spain. The video of that referendum was illegal - the Constitution requires when a region wants to have a referendum first they have to request the Parliament - that's why most people didn't vote. Two months later there was a legal referendum where everyone voted and the die-hard separatists didn't win because the majority of catalonians want to be part of Spain. That didn't make the news
GamersOnVideos Vor 29 Tage
all the triggered spanish bois in the comments are rather funny.
Iniesta MR
Iniesta MR Vor Monat
Americans live in a parallel reality. They are really ridiculous.
M MM Vor Monat
You have NO IDEA of the conflict! Inform yourself!
victor moreno
victor moreno Vor Monat
Catalonia is Spain
Josep Canals Molina
Quite fair words from Stephen. Not a single real democratic state would enjail political dissidentia just because they put ballotboxes in schools in order to allow people to vote that is , by they way, what they sid they'd do if they won, which they did. So, it is outrageous what we are suffering. We have all the right in the world to recuperate our independence even if it is illegal to the eyes of Spain. No nation has become independent without surpussing the boundaries of the previous legal system. Otherwise, Colombia, Estonia, USA would not be independent yet.
Carlos C
Carlos C Vor Monat
Damn, He really doesn’t have a clue what He was talking about.
Xabi M.
Xabi M. Vor Monat
The ignorance of Americans is alarming. Americans should worry more about their big problem with guns and hamburgers.
Serai3 Vor Monat
Todavia estan conjiendoses los cojones? Dios mio. Y despues se preguntan por que los espanoles tienen fama de ser delicados y de enojarses a la menor causa. JAJAJA.
Serai3 Vor Monat
By the way, Stephen, only Madridniks call it Barthelona. The rest of Spain knows how to pronounce the letter S.
Serai3 Vor Monat
LOL Tantos espanoles cojiendose los huevos por que alguien hizo una broma. Dios mio, que delicados sois!
asdfg Vor Monat
@Serai3 lee historia paletazo
Serai3 Vor Monat
JAJAJAJA. Vete a jugar con los demas ninos, que no sabes lo que hablas.
asdfg Vor Monat
He said a bunch of undocumented fake stuff
MarulitoMcarty Vor Monat
The degree of arrogance of this man is ridiculous. How can one talk about such a serious matter in such a biased and impartial manner. Not to mention his complete ignorance of Spanish history. I have to mention one more fact, taxes are the same everywhere in Spain, however there are autonomous taxes, which govern the autonomous governments themselves, and paradoxically the Catalan government has raised them to the maximum possible in their community. To whom they should demand a lowering of taxes is their own nationalist government, which is dedicated to squandering everyone's money for their delusional independence goals.
Tefff dF
Tefff dF Vor Monat
Que clase de Chumel es este
Fermiparadox Vor 2 Monate
As a Portuguese the way he talks about Spain makes me triggered
The very lonely Princess
Catalunya es la Florida de españa
Álvaro Bueno Rodenas
You forgot something the Spanish constitution says that they can't do referendums. And if they can, the catanlans would we only ones to vote, guarantee indepence in a country is very important for the population why the rest of Spain can't vote?? And the Americans and the people that didn't visited Spain don't have any idea how really is, the crisis is a myth here in Spain
Álvaro Bueno Rodenas
Oh and you said that they feel taxed but they aren't
GoW barcelona
GoW barcelona Vor 2 Monate
Freedom 4 Catalonia freedom 4 my people!!!!
asdfg Vor Monat
GoW barcelona your 1/2 of total people u mean?
LODEWIK GL Vor 2 Monate
Primero felicidades por saber donde esta España pero eso del acento mexicano...
Kurt Berliner
Kurt Berliner Vor 3 Monate
This is why Colbert and all the other late night shows are idiotic. They joke in high towers about the suffering and fight for independence that people are fighting for. Catalonia for a long time has fought for its independence, yet they make it seem like this is a new fad or some shit. He even makes a joke while talking about how Franco executed people for their attempted freedom! Disgusting! To the Catalonians, I am sure I butchered that, but still, to those who seek freedom, may you achieve it. Long live Catalonia, and never forget the CNT/FAI who gave catalonia hope in the civil war.
WolfyIsACat YT
WolfyIsACat YT Vor 3 Monate
1:50 Just a normal day in Florida
WolfyIsACat YT
WolfyIsACat YT Vor 3 Monate
El ático de las maravillas
Cataluña es España, no hay más.
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas Vor 2 Monate
Cataluña es una moñiga plantada en Espña, los españoles les tenemos bien controlados
Miguel SF
Miguel SF Vor 3 Monate
Justice in spain is bullshit
asdfg Vor Monat
Miguel SF cause you say it
Alfredo Lambda
Alfredo Lambda Vor 3 Monate
Democracia es hundir el Maine con marineros dentro para legitimar una guerra y robarnos nuestros territorios 👍😂 Democracia es hiroshima y nagasaki. Democracia son los bloqueos a Venezuela para robarles el petroleo. Estáis como para dar lecciones.
Alfredo Lambda
Alfredo Lambda Vor Monat
@Freedom for Catalonia !!!! En todo lo que ha hecho España en su historia ha participado cataluña, así que no te flipes.
Freedom for Catalonia !!!!
Sí, es verdad, estos yanquis se parecen mucho a vosotros los castellanos!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕
ulito 473
ulito 473 Vor 3 Monate
You have no idea what you're talking about. First of sll, our Constitution declared that the whole territory of Spain belongs to every citizen, so Catalonia is not the only one who can decide. Besides, it'll ruin both economies
Laura González Díez
U're so stupid, u're nothing to talk about Spanish politics, bc you don't know nothing bout us
M MM Vor 3 Monate
This is so offensive for Spanish people! Why this "comedian" who does not have any idea about Spain makes such a Monologe to criticize us? First, make some research and get to know the real problem (you will easily realise that Catalan politicians made really bad choices against our law), and second respect the people of Spain! We do not make fun of American's problems, why don't you lern that from us?
Caccatua Vor 3 Monate
I'm a Catalan that lives in Catalonia and he's basically right. It's refreshing to see the matter from a more objective (and humorous) point of view. There's a lot of hate spread in the comments and a lot of "Catalonia is Spain" which AGAIN confirms what we all know here: Spain's government won't let us go - even when they don't "like" us. It's been quite a while now, and we're still been mock in the media and beaten up when we try to vote in a simple referendum (I was there, I saw what happened). My whole family is from around Spain and actually there's a 50-50 when it comes to get independence from Spain or not; we might not all want it, BUT LET US DECIDE - the Spanish government made it illegal and imprisoned our politicians (anybody who says this isn't true... tell me where are you getting your facts from). It's all a big: "This is mine so I can broke it". There was a change in the government recently and hopefully things will change for the better - in Catalonia and Spain. I'll (we'll) continue to hope and fight for it. By the way: everything else he said is on point. We say “BarSelona”, we have two languages and a totally different culture and politic view, and BOTH (Spanish and Catalan territories and people) are equally valid and should be equally respected and celebrated (except for bullfighting, that’s just disgusting).
Jf 3
Jf 3 Vor Monat
@CaccatuaLos comentarios de este tal Benito no nos representan a todos los españoles que vinimos aquí eh, que parece que algunos catalanes nos queréis pintar a los demás españoles como señores feudales que creemos que sois de nuestra propiedad... A mí tb me parece que el video está fatal, y Stephen habla con una confianza preocupantemente alta para lo poco que sabe. Y el público aplaudiendo como borregos...
Caccatua Vor 2 Monate
@Benito Camelas; tu nombre me sirve como respuesta, hijo. Yo estoy aquí viviendo, no me quiero llevar Cataluña y/o Catalunya a ningún lado, ni "conquistar" o "sangrar". Haya paz.
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas Vor 2 Monate
si queréis llevaros CataluÑa, tendréis q sangra por ella, mucha suerte con ello, nunca se conquistó una tierra sin sangrar
michael kaine
michael kaine Vor 4 Monate
so much missinformation from stephen but we all know from who he got the info.
Cesar Ramos
Cesar Ramos Vor 4 Monate
Los gringos esperando que haya una guerra civil para interferir con aviones y tanques...
Diego Cervera Bustamante
More than 60% of the catalans want to mantain being spanish. The independance movement is more about hatred towards spain than there own culture. The media only shows the indepndance movement becaus in catalonia has its own regional tv channels who are very proindependance. Not only that, people who dont want independance in catalonia are constantly bein violently tortured in the streets, in their jobs and even in schools.
noisesraiciniXD x
noisesraiciniXD x Vor 4 Monate
60%of unionist and thats why the catalan president is in Belgium, and thats why the referendum was banned, because just less of 40% of catalonia wants the inddependence hahahhahhaa shame on you facha de mierda
Jaime de Gonzaga
Jaime de Gonzaga Vor 5 Monate
Americans, if you live in America is thanks to Spain. We were even decissive for your independence (just search for Bernaldo de Galvez; he walked right to G.Washington on 4th of July because thanks to Spain money, soldiers, and tactics, the brits flew from the south of the USA. And 70% of the territory of the actual USA was owned by Spain and we sold it to you for almost nothing (since we have not enough population to conquer it). We left many cities, misiones, we named many states (Florida, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, San Diego, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and thousands more). So, pay respect to your old owners.
Sniper_CsGo Vor 5 Monate
No he entendido na pero creo que nos ha echao poca mierda
Alejandro Zapata Marcos
Honestly things like this are what make Europeans think people from the US are so ignorant
Alejandro Zapata Marcos
"Overtaxed"? In Madrid we pay more taxes than in Catalonia. It's about the wealth of the region.
Beli 011
Beli 011 Vor 5 Monate
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas Vor 2 Monate
The Silver Legion Of America
Spain is falling apart because of Democracy Franco saved Spain from communism But he did not save Spain from Democracy A country that puts its provinces up for vote is a pathetic one that’s doomed to fail Nationalist Spain needs to return These fuckers are going to start another Spanish Civil War
Adam Fullhan
Adam Fullhan Vor 6 Monate
Free catalonia 🇺🇸
Xabi M.
Xabi M. Vor Monat
Free California, Alaska and Texas 🇪🇸 Dumb
estibaliz palomo
estibaliz palomo Vor 7 Monate
Me cago en la puta no pusieron a Canarias esto es fleje mierda
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas Vor 2 Monate
Canarias es un fake, nos lo pintan como si fuera mallorca en el mapa y está mas cerca de argentina
Iñigo_ 98
Iñigo_ 98 Vor 7 Monate
I’m spanish and this guy is a fool.
Fernando Alatorre
Fernando Alatorre Vor 7 Monate
Liberals always complaining about stereotypes in America, stereotyping political issues in Europe.
Aleks Sapundhziev
Aleks Sapundhziev Vor 7 Monate
americans are just clueless for European thinking
Reuben Vor 7 Monate
There are 5 official languages in Spain, Spanish and Catalan are two of them but there are also Basque, Galician and Occitan. Know your facts, Stephen. (1:39)
Reuben Vor 6 Monate
@Miksan Dear Miksan, I can assure you Catalan is a different language than Spanish. In fact, even with all those similarities you say it shares with Spanish, it shares more similarities with Italian and Franch than it does with Spanish. Your opinion is wrong and, according to it, the same could be same about Italian being a dialect of Spanish and viceversa.
Miksan Vor 6 Monate
just a point, there are indeed 5 languages in Spain: Catalán, Basque, Galician, Occitan and Castilian (or what all over the world is known as Spanish because it´s the official language of Spain). So, all these 5 languages are "Spanish" (Catalán o Catalonian is a spanish language), but what's known all over the world as Spanish is Castilian (or Castellano). Another point is if you can call Catalán a different language...., well, like a German who has been living in Spain for years, in my opinion there are only small phonetic changes in some words (often forced explicitly to differentiate them from Castilian and reinforce their independence intentions), but the grammar and how the sentences are constructed is the same. Compared to Germany or other countries with their own languages i would say Catalán is more a dialect than a language of its own. (Sorry if you disagree, I speak 4 languages and compared to the others it´s what I think, but this is just my opinion).
jmvallejo Vor 7 Monate
Democracy works in Spain, does not need to be restored, just protected instead. Some facts: 1: the Spanish Constitution was voted only 39 years before those events, it was voted in 1978, the results were 90,5% for yes in Catalonia and 89,7% for yes in Spain as overall. The article #1 of the Constitution, that catalans voted by 90,5% only 39 years before, says: "Spain is constituted as a social and democratic State of Law, which advocates freedom, justice, equality and political pluralism as superior values of its legal system. National sovereignty resides in the Spanish people, from whom the powers of the State emanate." The article 2 of the Constitution, that catalans voted by 90,5% only 39 years before, says: "The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions that integrate it and the solidarity between them." 2: Since then in Spain there is a Constitutional Court, which is a jurisdictional body that is mainly responsible for making the primacy of the constitution effective. It has the attribution of interpretation of the constitution and of exercising control of the constitutionality of laws and other norms of infra-legal rank, that is, it has the faculty to review the adequacy of the laws, and ultimately of the bills and legislative or executive decrees, to the constitution. 3: there was one fake referendum, already declared as ilegal and suspended by the Constitutional Court not by the government, as the separatists try to convince themselves and everyone else. 4: the regional police refused to fulfill the mandate of the court to suspend the votes. 5: due to the fact that the regional police abandoned their duties, then the Spanish government decided in order to cover them and sent the national police to Catalonia only to prevent the votes to happen, fulfilling the mandate of the Constitutional Court. 6: the national police went to the election offices and blocked the entrance were still the people was not there or entered to take the votes were the people already was there. 7: it was not the government who attacked the people, that is totally untruth, but it was the people who attacked and challenged the police in carrying out of their duties. 8: There was not a "lot of violence from the spanish government", Catalonia has a population of 7,44 millions, the results of the 1st Oct 2017 are: People: 893 bruised or injured, 4 of the hospitalized. Policemen: 431 bruised, 10 were medically discharged. Considering that the policemen were very well equipped and protected it seems that the people attacked them, but you that does not create sensationalist headlines in the international media against Spain. In Spain as well as in every developed country, such as UK, in which the law is respected if the Constitutional Court declares something as ilegal and suspends it, then the police has to go to preserve the law, if you try to prevent the police from carrying out their duty, you know positively that you will be repelled, the damage that you will suffer will be only proportional to your insistence on going against the police, as simple as that. It will be like that in Spain, in UK, in Germany in France, in Holland, in Sweden, etc..., but it is very easy to do as usual in Europe and USA: let's throw misinformation based on half-truths about the Spanish barbarians, well... we have 500 years of experience on that called "Black Legend". This is simply what happened on 1st October 2017.
david Rodriguez
david Rodriguez Vor 7 Monate
f*ck bullfights!
picolo2022 Games
picolo2022 Games Vor 7 Monate
Obwohl die Amerikaner keine Ahnung über Europa haben, sie sprechen so gern darüber...
Marco Tángerino Andalucío
Yeah the Spaniards' "thhh" like Barthelona instead of Barcelona is annoying. I'm from Tangiers we were a part of Spain once.. thousands of Spaniards settled here during the civil war and our dialect here in the north is 25% Spanish but we pronounce the C as C not thhee
Natanmon G.M
Natanmon G.M Vor 7 Monate
Hey, I'm from Spain. And this is NOT what you do as a reporter. Saying things you don't have a clue about like if you do. Shame on you. This is why in Europe the "American" stereotype is that everyone there is uncultured
张凯 Vor 8 Monate
Stephen is actually very consistent. Taiwan should get its independence and so should Catalonia. Spanish are fucking hypocritical. They support Taiwan independence while holding onto Catalonia. Stirring shit! Biggest pig in EU.
Nicolas Casey
Nicolas Casey Vor 8 Monate
Cataluña never has been and never will be a legitimate state
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas Vor 2 Monate
Cataluña is a cochina state, we will keep her grabbing from hairz
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Vor 8 Monate
How many spaniards came here to show how ofended they are, there are a lot of people who has a serious issue with sense of humor, jokes and anything related to it, they're not able to recognize a joke from even if the joke kick their ass
Miguel The Conqueror.
Donald Trump, a semi-dictator chosen by the Americans, which allows millions of Americans do not have access to public health and free, something normal in Spain. USA a nation that dies of diseases caused by obesity and diseases of the heart and Spain, the second longest country in the world. GREETINGS FROM THE CENTER OF THE WORLD, THE EUROPEAN UNION..
Ander Merino
Ander Merino Vor 8 Monate
ten cuidado cn España eh a mi no me la tocas
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