SSBU Classic but if I say any character I die Supercut | Dragon was bored #25 

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29 Dez 2021



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Gentle Ice
Gentle Ice Vor year
My favorite parts are when you say "Ike," as in referring to the character and not saying "Like," but the program doesn't pick up on it
Shaden Knight
Shaden Knight Vor year
Those are all great
Blancisong Vor year
Those are all great
AverageGamer Vor year
Pop quiz. How many words end with ike.
Blitzkrieg Vor year
@AverageGamer like bike pike SIKE THAT’S THE WRONG NUMBER
smoceany Vor year
@Blitzkrieg are you stuck in 2013
Norman Hayward
The most unbelieveable part of the video has to be 1:40:55, where Doug moves his headphones closer to the mic, which then picks up the games saying "Ready!" And interprets it as saying "Ridley"
Jevil Joker
Jevil Joker Vor year
And then the Ike counter went up
The Phony
The Phony Vor year
And the fact that it doesn’t pick up “King K. Rool”
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Vor 10 Monate
Rigged, I this challenge is. 🤣
GreatWhiteGoodnight Vor 5 Monate
@The Phony I feel like he would've had more problems with some of the other names he missed, such as changing Little Mac to "Mac", Diddy Kong to "Diddy", King K. Rool to "K. Rool", etc.
i am confusion
17:38 What Doug said: La Croix (Roy) What the engine heard: Falcon The counter that went up: Ike
Beriath Vor year
27:06 he says snake and ike counter goes up
Dice12K Vor year
I found this hilarious and I dunno why.
Suchan Vor year
Yep dragon was definitely sleepy there
Parma Vor year
The counter didn't even go up correctly. It went from 27 to 16
Kilian Stöpler
@Parma Nah. At that point Dragon's brain started to melt and he forgot to edit the name in the copy-paste edit. But kept the number accurate
b_sway Vor year
Can't wait to watch this entire video even though I watched the entire 8 hour VOD already
U_Mage Vor year
Same, what's two more hours? 😆
Alyss Kuriyama
Where'd you find the VOD?
CHEESE puff Vor year
@Alyss Kuriyama twitch
Jean Acosta
Jean Acosta Vor year
I lost it at "Mods, you really have to ban Joe. A lot of people have been complaining." - You just said "Banjo". The fact that several people were asking to ban Joe just to make him fall for that one was teams A and Z's pure genious.
Next time Doug streams, he should be greeted with a flood of "You just said Ike, Dumbass" chat messages :D
Em O
Em O Vor year
The little space in between Ike and Dumbass make the voice sound so disappointed everytime
Mugzie T
Mugzie T Vor year
Doug- "I can't believe I said Ike, I was too focused on chicken" Computer- "You just said Ken....Bitch"
ThunderSky Vor year
you can tell Dragon's losing it too because there was a Ridley that was counted as Ike 1:41:00
Perfect Zero Music
Bruh the fact that the word "like" didn't get triggered when he said it in the winning run is truly poetic 1:58:31 XD
Sir Axolot
Sir Axolot Vor year
Ah, so I wasn't the only one who noticed that back when it was live lol
Star Study
Star Study Vor year
He said like twice and it didn't catch it.
Plu to
Plu to Vor year
I respect it because the program fucked him over so many times. There were words he truly didn’t say that were counted and he still restarted. I would give him this one. :)
KickassCowell Vor 5 Monate
He did say they go by the program, not reality. Sometimes it saved him, but it hecked him over a lot more xD
Pierre L. Blouin O'Connor
Can we appreciate the irony of him wearing an IKEA shirt?
WC3fanatic997 Vor 5 Monate
32:51: Doug: Doesn't say "Pit" but it counts Also Doug: Says "Pit" three times immediately afterwards, does not register it
Nicole7373 Vor year
I hope some day Dragon isn't this bored. On the other hand, I hope Dragon is always this bored. This is quality content
J Rilo
J Rilo Vor year
I *like* that the pause to increase the counter leaves you enough time to think about what he said before you hear "dumbass"
MajinVenix Vor year
I love when he fights the robotic voice while we can see EXACTLY what triggered it above chat🤣
Lewis McRae
Lewis McRae Vor 6 Monate
You just said Rob
Skulls are Cute
The pause for him to realize before it says dumbass kills me every time
GoCubsGo Vor year
Alternate title of video: Dougdoug gets called a dumbass for 2 hours 8 minutes and 21 seconds. For the VOD, 8 and a half hours
1:12:35 "What are the three 'R's of recycling?" 'Reduce, reuse, recycle' (Contains Ryu and Ike)
TheGodshatter Vor year
Lol. I thought it was recycle,reuse,renew.
Large Boi
Large Boi Vor year
@TheGodshatter I’m gonna guess that’s a regional thing
DJKokaKola Vor 10 Monate
@TheGodshatter the idea of reduce reuse recycle was to be in levels of importance. Reducing your usage was the most important part, then reusing what you used, and the LAST option was recycling what you couldn't reuse. Unfortunately people latched on to the wrong one.
Jayyy Vor year
The cost of admission to a DougDoug stream: 0$ The air you breathe while watching: 0$ The overall price of entry is: Tinnitus.
Laarye Vor 6 Monate
Watching Doug just break more and more, truly was hurting my heart, yet it was still funny.
Jordan Moats
Jordan Moats Vor year
I hope he does more of these. I could watch him get called a dumbass by a partially-deaf tts voice all day long.
Ethan Williamson
So we all want to know, Ike counter: 177 (counter in video is a bit inaccurate but this should be right number)
AzaraCiel Vor year
I think there were at least 3 misattributed to Ike, but I don't want to go find them again
Bluem Angrup
Bluem Angrup Vor year
Do you know how many times Ike ended the run?
Kramer44 Vor 6 Monate
61 got repeated in the video
Salem The Succubus
31:15 "I really have to enunciate my _fucks_ today." -DugDug, 2021
nayadri Vor year
Take a shot every time he says "no I didn't"
Justin Miller
Justin Miller Vor year
Making this must have taken a lot of effort. Thank you for taking the time for our enjoyment. We love you. Talking to the Editor.
Youtube University
My biggest struggle in the challenge would be remembering to respond to chat.
John Millay
John Millay Vor year
He's an artist this is his craft
I love being the first tally on the Link counter at 9:04
Jhomathon Vor year
I’m very surprised that Ness wasn’t a big problem. It’s a super common suffix.
applehecc Vor year
The real trick here is to say something random to confuse him and make him say like
agent00x Vor 4 Monate
59:08 dedede's face on that pause is epic
KitTheKat Vor 5 Monate
I like how Dragon kept the portion where the cat is on screen uncut
DutchPatriot8675 Vor 10 Monate
Doug has more patience than Oogway when it comes to playing challenges like this
T I N Vor year
Always happy when dragon is bored
SilverKappa Vor year
I don't know who Dragon is, but I'm glad they get bored sometimes.
Zepherscotty Vor year
L-Ike is the only reason this video really works. Rob with the sneaky secondary assist too.
Brendan Hall
Brendan Hall Vor year
Idk, I feel like some others helped a fair pit in destroying his happiness.
techno156 Vor Monat
What about the many appearances of Simon (cat)?
Sam Dilophosaur
I love the fact that he denies when he says Ike every time it happens cause he truly just doesn’t even consider the word like in his sentences
Darth Eleven
Darth Eleven Vor year
This was my favorite Doug stream of 2021. Can't wait for the full VOD
Kino 935
Kino 935 Vor year
Doug Doug, never do one of these challenges for charity. You will lose your house.
Ryoon2K Vor year
1:08:30 its so sad, he got SO CLOSE then you look and see he is only half way
avianne7800 Vor 10 Monate
PLEASE make more supercuts, I'm not even a minute in and I know I'm gonna love this
Reece Vor year
You should have the voice program on for every stream, exclusively with words you’ve been trying to remove from your vocabulary. Then spin a punishment wheel when you misspeak.
One of the punishments should be "Twitch Chat adds a word", allowing the chat to condition him against any word they choose from there on. Then twitch chat should choose his own name so that he develops anxiety about introducing himself for the rest of his life.
Gamepro 01
Gamepro 01 Vor year
@PosthumanHeresy they should choose the word a
roobeedoo Vor year
next time he does this, someone drop: “my sister is playing soccer right now, but i ‘missed her game and watch’ed your stream instead”
Matthew Gruen
Matthew Gruen Vor 10 Monate
Wow whoever edited this great job, I can’t believe how long much time and effort this would of taken
Adam Nielson
Adam Nielson Vor year
I don't get how he manages to play with a half second delay. I would've quit in frustration after 1 game.
Cwyan2483 Vor year
This man’s patience has no limits.
Smile Peco Smile
That's the typical Ultimate online experience.
Blue Marb1e
Blue Marb1e Vor year
It’s really tragic the number of times he coulda killed himself on the pirate ship’s hull like instantly
K F Vor year
My favorite parts are when he realizes he says a word before the program registers.
Depressed Luigi 92
This is a great supercut. I should leave a Like.
Noah H
Noah H Vor year
Absolutely loved the video. The few cut-ins and the counters were really entertaining, especially because I wanted to know how much Ike and Ken got him but didn't have the patience to count for myself while watching. If I can offer some constructive criticism though, the pauses every time he messed up were way too long, and I say that as someone who watched this on double speed. It's worth considering making the pauses significantly smaller, maybe about half the length, or maybe even not including them at all. In fact, it would be distracting, but I would find it more entertaining if the counters persisted in one corner of the screen throughout the video, and gradually took up more space as he said more unique character names. Granted, that's probably not something every viewer would find preferable, so I'm not saying that's a guaranteed solution, but I know I'm not alone in finding the pauses increasingly irritating. But once again, I say this as someone with no video editing experience, and thus my word isn't one with a lot of meaning. Either way, I still found the video hilarious, including the counters and cut-ins.
Leyton Vor year
During the start-up I felt like this a bit (possibly because there were a lot very close together and Doug wasn't really trying to avoid saying them?) but honestly once the gameplay started I thought the pauses were the perfect length; it gave me like half a sec to think about what he'd just said and be like "Oh s*it yeah, I didn't even notice that!" then the gameplay/aftermath restarted. 😂
Noah H
Noah H Vor year
@Leyton Fair enough! I personally disagree because I still think they could've been shorter pauses, but you do make a very good point.
Tobias Vor year
I think the pauses are a bit too long but bless dragon for giving us this I'm still waiting for the full 8hours vod
Keenan Murphy
Keenan Murphy Vor year
The most canadian argument
Reiny7Dayz Vor year
You just said Ike… 𝕯 𝖚 𝖒 𝖇 𝖆 𝖘 𝖘
Established Lord Fred of Danky town
Thank you dragon!! You are doing God's work... or Doug's work... I don't know anymore, my wife just left me and I'm in the hospital...
Leoxes Yude
Leoxes Yude Vor year
You just said Pit.
Zach Gamemaster
Alternative Title: How To Force Someone To Stop Saying The Word "Like."
Nicole7373 Vor year
Except it didn't work
Hario Dinio
Hario Dinio Vor 9 Monate
Love that firefox bait to conceal the chrome trap
To be fair, he made a fair amount of money from this stream.
Hypedmaniac Vor year
2:03:34 To think, if he kept reading this message, ‘A Z’ could’ve been picked up as Daisy
Blight Vor year
The editing of this is good and funny considering this is was from an 8 hour long VOD compressed down to 2 hour long
GreatWhiteGoodnight Vor 6 Monate
For the record, Doug, when against Master/Crazy Hand, just do a Gordo-loop (Side B close to them, then inhale with B and keep launching the Gordo until it disappears). Ridiculous damage, that.
Higus Vor year
Congratulations Doug, you are the best gamer!
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard Vor 10 Monate
I love how he is surprised and in disbelief everytime he says like
Loki MV edits
Loki MV edits Vor year
DougDoug is one of the greatest streamers of our time
E Vor year
you gotta know that dragon is really sleep depriced from editing this, that at 58:37, he said ken but dragon put up "Ike counter: 5" lol
L MG123
L MG123 Vor year
Thank you for uploading to YT!!!! You are a legend Doug!!!!
Soren Moon
Soren Moon Vor year
I love this, this will probably be my preferred way of living this Rollercoaster out
Vibes Vor year
Can't believe he never thought to just replace the word "like" with "leek"
DJ Vor year
In all seriousness though we need a rematch with this because he said like during the final run haha.
Mar Vor year
my favorite part is watching the light in his eyes die whenever he says one of the names
Travis Vor year
That look of confused defeat on his face is the funniest part
Jesara Black
Jesara Black Vor year
Doug's "If I say" challenges are the reason I watch his youtube channel
Big Bastard
Big Bastard Vor 10 Monate
Can't believe how long you lasted with this shit, drove me nuts watching the cut down version
Echo 3279
Echo 3279 Vor year
Loved the stream, so glad I can watch this on yt
Dionysian Cryptid
Watching Dedede waddling into the great beyond is making me nauseous I'm giggling so hard
Tristan Ticheloven
Tristan Ticheloven Vor 2 Monate
I’m surprised there’s no counter at the end showing all the names of the resets
God i hope he does this again 🤣 10/10 stream
Douglas Arnold
The real 200 IQ play was whoever brought up "pink lingerie"
Sophia Astatine
Every time that cheery intro music starts a DougDougDougDoug video, I gain a little happiness.
ph03n1xm Vor year
You just said Ness.
Austin Nordquist
Austin Nordquist Vor 6 Monate
Thanks to Doug I will now always clarify I got things through legal means.
jjjabe Vor year
man that was a great 4 minutes of the “Ding” sound
ArmoredStone Vor year
A 2 hour video edited by Dragon? Fuck. Yes.
guy who likes to comment
Thanks for full stream :) your doing great mods! (Moderators run this channel read this channels about)
Matthew Dovidas
Honestly, I would like to see if he could complete the classic mode for all Characters, and then do some funky challenge for the miis since they don't have classic modes. If he could genuinely beat the classic modes (plus a independent challenge for the miis) on minimum a moderate difficulty I would genuinely donate a few hundred bucks. This would be interesting since he couldn't even get through King Dedede that easily 😂😂
Dani Paredes
Dani Paredes Vor 9 Monate
Rigged, at 1:50 the voice program also picks up Ike but it says them at the same time so the Ike count is one more Edit: At 14:24 too, so it’s two more. Edit: 47:12 More double layering. This time it’s Ike and Pit, but Pit wasn’t counted
Quint 256
Quint 256 Vor year
Now imagine it with all the spirit names
Castantino Vor year
Something about watching Dee Dee just waddle off the edge as if "Screw this crap"
Darkforce170 Vor year
1:31:25 Congratulations you made me spit my water out as I was taking a drink.
The Doctor
The Doctor Vor 3 Monate
I'll have nightmares of the TTS saying "You just said Ike. Dumbass."
XHAD Vor year
The "supercut" is 2 hours long should say something about Doug doing this challenge.
Alexander Carter
The natural evolution of this is trying to play pokémon but if he says the name of any of the roughly 1,000 pokémon he whites out.
1:41:02 Ridley was counted on the Ike Counter as Ike #160
MrChainChomp Vor 2 Monate
27:00 was a very peculiar way of saying Ike lmao
Real Name
Real Name Vor year
19:50 the counter said 2 but earlier he said "happiness" twice and the ai caught it twice.
Joshua Vor year
it just took him about 299 runs to get it. nice one
AnEasterEgg Vor year
The baits are absolute genius
Andrew Thorson
i love watching his descent to madness
Scorpius Vor year
Thank you Dragon for the edits 🙂
Shae Vor year
“I don’t think this will take very long.” -Doug
Cobalt Vor year
"Where you" for "Ryu" is too damn clever
AlmondWater Vor year
Cant wait to watch this. LOVE YOU DRAGON ❤️❤️
Eddiember Vor year
You missed the 1 Lucas, 1 Corrin, and 1 Mewtwo in the final tally. I know, you were bored, but i too was bored.
John Barber
John Barber Vor year
Thanks Dragon, this was sublime!
Dezmas Vor year
Dragon lost his mind not even half way through editing this
Jim Wittmer
Jim Wittmer Vor year
2 hours and 32 seconds he got away with a "like" on his final run
White Winged Fox
Anyone know the music he used in the climax? Really awesome. Also congrats Doug on this challenge, I L and subscribed!
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