SSBU Classic but if I say any character I die | Supercut

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food



29 Dez 2021



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Norman Hayward
The most unbelieveable part of the video has to be
Gentle Ice
My favorite parts are when you say "Ike," as in referring to the character and not saying "Like," but the program doesn't pick up on it
Bennett Swayze
Can't wait to watch this entire video even though I watched the entire 8 hour VOD already
Perfect Zero Music
Bruh the fact that the word "like" didn't get triggered when he said it in the winning run is truly poetic
Next time Doug streams, he should be greeted with a flood of "You just said Ike, Dumbass" chat messages :D
Ethan Williamson
So we all want to know,
you can tell Dragon's losing it too because there was a Ridley that was counted as Ike
Jean Acosta
I lost it at "Mods, you really have to ban Joe. A lot of people have been complaining."
I love when he fights the robotic voice while we can see EXACTLY what triggered it above chat🤣
Alternate title of video: Dougdoug gets called a dumbass for 2 hours 8 minutes and 21 seconds.
The cost of admission to a DougDoug stream: 0$
I hope some day Dragon isn't this bored. On the other hand, I hope Dragon is always this bored. This is quality content
Pierre O'Connor
Can we appreciate the irony of him wearing an IKEA shirt?
Adam Nielson
I don't get how he manages to play with a half second delay. I would've quit in frustration after 1 game.
I love being the first tally on the Link counter at
Take a shot every time he says "no I didn't"
Jordan Moats
I hope he does more of these. I could watch him get called a dumbass by a partially-deaf tts voice all day long.