STARSET - MANIFEST (Official Music Video)

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STARSET - MANIFEST (Official Music Video)
From the album DIVISIONS - out now
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Director: Andrew Donoho
Producer: Luke Arreguin
Director of Photography: Nick Bupp
Executive Producer: Ryan Huffman
Production Company: Huffman Creative
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Fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness
I pull on you,
Close enough to rendezvous
You come to me and then you slip right through
I'm in the solitude
Why's it always touch and go?
Now we'll never even know what it’s like.
Left me in the afterglow,
Till I'm falling through space and time.
Starlight star bright,
You got your missiles flying through the air tonight
And it's alright alright,
I think I'm getting used to the fire-fight
Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness
Every time I'm on to you
You change it up, you always do
So tell me why you gotta bring your guns?
It's Armageddon
Why’s it always touch and go
Now we'll never even know what its like
Left me with no place to go
Till I'm falling through space and time, time
Starlight star bright
Every night you're dimmer, have you finally fell?
You said it's alright, alright
But I've been getting ready for the bombshell
Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness
Is my fate silver-lined?
I always was the optimist
But I never thought of this
Stuck in this state, misaligned
Trapped inside the looking glass
Tell me when it all will pass
Oh how I hate the silver line
Never could taste your life
Never my place and time
Left behind
Never your state of mind
Never in phase with mine
Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness




15 Aug 2019



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Cami's Vor 2 Stunden
Música de Qualidade ✅
星野カービィ Vor 23 Stunden
Benvelic Vor Tag
Liked it. Leaving some, taking some: de-vid.com/video/video-t3x5ogKEhfI.html
Anthony's Place
AAAAA 700.000 FANS😭🤘🌍🎵 THE BEST BAND #1 #StarsetIsLove #StarsetIsLife
Николас Other Worlds Than These
700,000 suscriptores
Wither the Tide
Wither the Tide Vor 2 Tage
If you enjoy Star Set, please give us a listen: de-vid.com/video/video-C7w95heYzN4.html
Rey Aragón
Rey Aragón Vor 2 Tage
Just dream
Marat Gvazov
Marat Gvazov Vor 5 Tage
First 2 albums were better, far and away. I confirm.
Sig H.
Sig H. Vor 5 Tage
This song is going to be in so many “classic songs of 20..” playlists
Ian Montgomery
Ian Montgomery Vor 5 Tage
Making ohio proud awesome song.
RedDirtSoldier Vor 6 Tage
Love you Starset community ✌🏽
Omar Yañez Zavala
Love this song
Omar Yañez Zavala
Omar Yañez Zavala
Omar Yañez Zavala
Omar Yañez Zavala
Omar Yañez Zavala
Shelley Daughtery
This Is A Creation Of Musical Fusion 🔥🔥
may nostyl
may nostyl Vor 9 Tage
Looking forward to seeing them in feb in Manchester
Zamin Vor 11 Tage
Finally Starset is back with some ass kicking and thankfully they've improved their live performances too
Nick Knee
Nick Knee Vor 12 Tage
I like the Djentiness of this song, caught me off guard first time hearing it on the radio being a big Periphery and AAL fan never thought that sound would ever come through the radio waves. And the lighter "Poppier" stuff is cool too seens how I'm also a BabyMetal fan, so it all comes together pretty damn well. Gotta look more into this band. Oh, and would this classify as Pop Djent?
Anthony's Place
Anthony's Place Vor 11 Tage
Alejo ElGamer
Alejo ElGamer Vor 12 Tage
Otra leyenda nacida del rock :)
Deontaye Ray
Deontaye Ray Vor 13 Tage
Agatha Summers
Agatha Summers Vor 13 Tage
Love It ❤️
Tyler H
Tyler H Vor 13 Tage
What a ride home! Was riding and heard this playing while higher than the clouds. This is a hell of a band!
IcarusFlys Vor 14 Tage
My first listen through im like .. meh its whatever. Then the second time im like god damn how can a song improve as i listen to it? The thing about starset is that they're music is so definitive and flushed out the lyrics are always making you listen to the actual meaning behind the song and imo every song is catchy to an extent. Im an avid og listener since 2014 and i still listen to transmissions and vessels everyday in hopes of more song releases. Im beyond hyped for this album! I also love astronomy and anything to do with space so that definitely plays a part.
Dylan Maloney
Dylan Maloney Vor 14 Tage
Starset..I love you music while I haul my traps from my lobster boat off the coast of Maine! 🦞 AWESOME work music!!!I will hook your whole band up with lobsters! For free :)
David Carey
David Carey Vor 15 Tage
Great sound awesome band... I'm taking my son to see this dynamo band May 8th in mpls with Godsmack and Volbeat... my son he just turned 42 and i 64... Rock on... people.....
EnvyMiA Vor 15 Tage
great song, but im not a fan of the album. Ive learned over the years that the most underrated member of a band is the producer. I like Robs direction a lot more, which is why RED is one of my favorite bands too.
Deontaye Ray
Deontaye Ray Vor 15 Tage
Eagles Mountain Biking
My god this is my first experience with starset and it is amazing
•ღEmma Nekoo •ღ
y love your starset💗💗❤❤❤💗♥❤♥❤❤♥❤❤💗
No Way
No Way Vor 18 Tage
Is this an advertisment for neuralink?
Paulo Ricardo
Paulo Ricardo Vor 19 Tage
jboy787 Vor 20 Tage
Really like this song but who can interpret this music video for me? What does it mean?
HollyDolly Vor 21 Tag
Here in Arizona we have groups of dorky sci fi kids in high school and college who call themselves “UFO hunters” and they will just drive out to the middle of the desert in the middle of the night with telescopes, radios, satellites, and whatever the fuck else, looking for UFOs. Even before I saw this video for the first time, this song made me think of them. Then I saw this video, and I was “OMG, this song and video was made just for them”. The kids in the white lab coats look exactly like them. Dec. 2019.
Mathew Pritchard
Mathew Pritchard Vor 23 Tage
This is cool asf
Caleb Lawrence
Caleb Lawrence Vor 23 Tage
I feel like some people just go on youtube to dislike videos because I can’t imagine that many people going out of their way hit the dislike when most people usually dont even go out of their way to hit the like button lol
David Penner
David Penner Vor 24 Tage
Funny thing is the world is heading for a head on collision with what this video is depicting. Microchip in everyone. There will be people who defy but they will hunt them down. The stealth drone that do surveillance constantly..they already want one above Baltimore Maryland. Like what the fuck have we come to.
Kfjkll Vor 25 Tage
STARSET have my voice.
Will Young
Will Young Vor 25 Tage
de-vid.com/video/video-T-sjOGAQQzA.html Do you even Djent, bro? Honestly though, how did this only make it the first pre chorus?! It's so fucking awesome!
Ayylex Vor 25 Tage
I’m glad Luke Holland brought me here
Cayden_is_still_gay 2009
I’m glad this song exists 😂
Deanna Hayden
Deanna Hayden Vor 27 Tage
Love this song
Robbie Howell
Robbie Howell Vor 27 Tage
My favorite is Starset and NF.
ßɨgßαηg Vor 28 Tage
Master piece... In rocketry, a retrograde burn is a burn in the direction opposite to travel. It’s a way of slowing the ship down for descent from orbit or for landing. The comparison indicates a relationship slowing down, ending. Credits to GioDueck
fuck this
fuck this Vor 29 Tage
0:30 my boys and me when we try to start a circle pit to a calm song and nobody gets it
Charlotte Castro
Charlotte Castro Vor 29 Tage
Love it first time hearing it
Rillary Maecawa
Rillary Maecawa Vor 29 Tage
Top 💕
Yume Tsukino
Yume Tsukino Vor Monat
Thank you so much for this guide about the snipers ! I was comparing a lot of operators for each units on aceship arknights to understands who is better to use~ So Adnachiel is sadly not enough good than Kroos~ (I still love Kroos) ! I like how you do the video guide, not too slow, not to fast, it's just perfect for us to understand ! (I'm still playing on the Bilibili Arknights (with a real chinese account) since 3 weeks now ! But still little newbie It's also interesting to know about the skills of Ch'en with Meteorite (even if you're not sure if we have to invest in it)! Exusiai, our fav 6* sniper that save us ♥ so thank you so much for everybody !! ♥
Jason Leverington
I’ve always liked starset... then I heard this song on the radio and fell in love with it the first time I heard it, then threw it on my really nice car stereo really loud and couldn’t believe my ears! Such a great song! Huge props to the engineer and producer, the sounds captured on this song are spectacular! The vocals and the drum sound are so amazing. I’m a drummer, and his pocket and his beats are so bad ass on this song. His drumming along with the drum sound the producer and engineer create, is nothing short of amazing! This song is one of those that I can’t help but listen to over and over...love it.
Jose Jesus Martinez
I gotta say that thanks to Saint Asonia (ghost song) I know an other good band call Starset
youtubers mejores tiempos
Starset 😍🖤
benio chan adashino
I love this band but I don't know what kind of music is it exactly.i want to explore more bands this lol
Sad Ghost
Sad Ghost Vor Monat
Crossover with Detroit: Become Human 🤔🤔🤔
Liquidgrin Vor Monat
Wow. DE-vid is killing it with recommendations tonight.,
Adoui Sohaub
Adoui Sohaub Vor Monat
This should be 200M not 2m views
Cristinne Silva De Lima
I totally agree with you, they are such a great band but they don't get the recognition they deserve
Johanness León
Johanness León Vor Monat
Starset tells us the future!
Johanness León
Johanness León Vor Monat
l love this one song! it's wonderful!
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