Stephen A. defends his Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith explains that Colin Kaepernick electing not to show up to the NFL’s originally scheduled workout and plan his own proves he didn’t really want to play in the league.
T.O. Confronts Stephen A. Over Colin Kaepernick comments: de-vid.com/video/video-6ilnqIZfLw0.html
Hue Jackson on First Take: de-vid.com/video/video-HSOLiE2ZQt4.html
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19 Nov 2019



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Raj Papineni
Raj Papineni Vor 8 Tage
Don’t give into the fearmongering sheep Stephen A
Taris Lane
Taris Lane Vor 8 Tage
Stephen A. madd......😂
liveguy Vor 11 Tage
lmao! SAS loud and wrong.
TrumpRox LuvTrump
TrumpRox LuvTrump Vor 12 Tage
Why is it so surprising a black sticks up for another black??? A racist sticking up for another racist.. nothing new..
Kemba Gabson ZA
Kemba Gabson ZA Vor 16 Tage
Pedro Custodio
Pedro Custodio Vor 17 Tage
And now, dude changes his tune because despite what happened, the NFL all of a sudden what to extend an invitation to him. To that I say, Stephen you're a sellout
Gary Smith
Gary Smith Vor 17 Tage
It's seven month later and Kaepernick has been validated. Bet the NFL won't to dictate to him or try to make him sign another waiver like that trash you have in your hand. Stephen A. you look like a fool.
Mosh Rawson
Mosh Rawson Vor 20 Tage
Don't subscribe to Stephen video black people
BrandonDetroitfan Michaels
nothing bt facts
nothing bt facts Vor 25 Tage
How is he going at them??? Leave em alone an give him a job an he'll perform no doubt
Matthew Sierra
Matthew Sierra Vor 25 Tage
His does SAS have a job still? This idiot (SAS) was already suspended for his comments on domestic violence and had a woman actually stop working on the show with him... that is how repulsive his comments were about domestic violence... I wonder why Disney would be connected to trash like this... lol Never mind. It’s all trash.
Charles Carter
Charles Carter Vor 27 Tage
Uncle Tom 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
CP_ PerpaDuan
CP_ PerpaDuan Vor 27 Tage
hilarious vidz
hilarious vidz Vor 5 Tage
@Matthew Sierra for what ?
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Vor 15 Tage
Same time Kaepernick apologizes for profiting off child labor
Matthew Sierra
Matthew Sierra Vor 15 Tage
CP_ PerpaDuan Never. Culture vultures use SAS as a sellout puppet to push their elite misogynistic ideas... that is part of the systematic oppression. Culture vulture place these puppets to infiltrate and brainwash the masses with ideas that divide black people. We see media do it all the time. Like the “lynching” reported in Palmdale. Footage released that the man bought the rope to commit suicide because he had all kinds of trouble with the law... the media reports it as a lynching during all of these protest so protesters get violent. Systemic racism. SAS is part of the problem.
Diva Cookn
Diva Cookn Vor 27 Tage
Run it down King.. tell them
Doc b
Doc b Vor 29 Tage
Stephen A come back to being black. Help him Max and don't get but sore after all the BS ya spit bout Cap. Ya ride the fence and then claim ya defend black people. All this back peddling cuz people understand you. When you're clear about what ya want to say there is no question. Thanks Molly check that fool
Preacher Man 101
Once again! Hand puppet for the NFL trying to justify himself again. NFL, Wipe the Doo-Doo off your fingers
charlie kim
charlie kim Vor Monat
Stephen A 'Sellout' Smith
DeezNeez01 Vor Monat
Steven A. Smith has been against Kaep since 2016.
E Muriel
E Muriel Vor Monat
Back peddling uncle Tom M F!!!!
Jeremy Canton
Jeremy Canton Vor Monat
I'm here to look back @ the hypocrisy of SAS after the George Floyd riot
Thatleftyjames Vor 14 Tage
Sharese Combs SAS criticized Kaps antics during the workout
Sharese Combs
Sharese Combs Vor 16 Tage
Are you for real? Then maybe you didn't understand why Colin was kneeling. How others don't find it ironic that George Floyds life was taken by the same kneeling stance Colin took to bring awareness to police brutality😨
Banks Vor 24 Tage
Jeremy Canton What did George Floyd have to do with this?
Noëlla Mehal
Noëlla Mehal Vor Monat
And now!!!
Mike the Web Surfer
This did not age well.
liveguy Vor 11 Tage
lol...at all.
Thatleftyjames Vor 14 Tage
Kemba Gabson ZA
Kemba Gabson ZA Vor 16 Tage
well, I just pretty much searched for it. I knew Stephen was a kinda guy to say this
Isah Mckenzie
Isah Mckenzie Vor 24 Tage
You sound stupid, Colin knew the nfl would engineer his downfall, pay attention, after the fact now
Kenneth Jr. St. Brice
U slow? Clearly, it went very well
Tom Mcdonald
Tom Mcdonald Vor Monat
All your yelling and blabbing doesnt cover your soul! The NFL chose profits over justice!
Tom Mcdonald
Tom Mcdonald Vor Monat
You forgot your backround!
Simonsays PRODUCE
Stephen is a simp😂
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes Vor Monat
Whoever is against Colin Kaepernick is an idol worshiper. The idol is made of cloth. People are worshiping cloth , treating those that don't have it on the body, as badly as people are treating, Colin Kaepernick. People who don't have the cloth idol called money, are treated as badly, even as Colin Kaepernick is treated badly. Wake up people. Stop working ill to people.
Christopher Felton
Black ppl hear me and me good. Lmaooo I still couldn't hear him 😂😂
Robert Eifler
Robert Eifler Vor Monat
Want a job show up to work it's easy if not stop crying.
Eric Barber
Eric Barber Vor 2 Monate
Stephen A is it shut up and dribble or not?
laronda10 Vor 3 Monate
TO easily should be 1 ballot. Dude was an absolute savage
David McInnis
David McInnis Vor 4 Monate
Nothing more than a boule op.
Brent Davis
Brent Davis Vor 4 Monate
Juggernaut Vor 5 Monate
Colin.....shut up
Floridaboi 904
Floridaboi 904 Vor 5 Monate
I love it when the snowflakes start eating each other alive🤭😂😂
B K Vor 5 Monate
Patriots new kneeing quarterback Colin Kaepernick it would be fitting
Therus Fosterson
Therus Fosterson Vor 5 Monate
So it's January 19, 2020. The 49'ers just beat the TN Titans and are heading to the superbowl. Should the 'Niners hurry and bring Colin back to play in the Super Bowl because he's such a great QB it will help them win?
The Lord of Shadows
The Lord of Shadows Vor 5 Monate
It’s simple, Colin - even if you don’t like it, you have to learn to deal with it. Maybe even if you were a better player that people knew, they would listen to you.
Journal Wright
Journal Wright Vor 6 Monate
Kaepernick go to the CFL. He should have negotiated with the AAF.
Terrell Wilson
Terrell Wilson Vor 29 Tage
Lol glad he does not take your advice.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Vor 6 Monate
Go Stephen A!
Display Name
Display Name Vor 6 Monate
If Kaepernick hates America so much, then why don't he simply go play RUGBY or SOCCER/FUTBOL somewhere else like Iran?
Slum God
Slum God Vor 6 Monate
Kaepernick is lost in his mind he really needs to sit down with someone and open up and figure out tools to deal with those problems
Debts Without Regret
Stephen A. "Corporatism.......ISM"Smith
Corey Vor 6 Monate
Kap 2020
Bill Carson
Bill Carson Vor 6 Monate
Max kellerman is not here to talk sports he's here to wave an SJW flag
Raymond Balderama
Raymond Balderama Vor 6 Monate
You are so full of bs
MAY 4TH Vor 6 Monate
After all that bs he displayed he clearly said it’s legit that nfl told him we paid you stfu oh you want another chance after we paid you🤷‍♂️ this only reason he came with paperwork same paperwork he signed that has shyt to do with other things he’s forced to accept correct?? My only question is when will this guy have to wear pink for a day🤔🤔🤔
Stephen A., I once enjoyed your commentaries. Then you became a regular self absorbed critic for the machine, government own, peckerwood authenticated. now you're a puffed-up , with an arrogant disposition speaking solely on behalf of the boss. (of course you wont retract any dumbness you project onto the masses, you're the top agent. for now. .)
Kristine Sebastine
Kristine Sebastine Vor 6 Monate
Can’t understand why he can’t support what he believes, mean while the same devils are rigging these football games because of sports betting as soon as it became legal jets beat cowboys? I’m not a fan of either but that was a bigger crime your rigging stealing from sports betting stop fixing the games bro
Perry Davidson
Perry Davidson Vor 7 Monate
well said brother, time to take a breath, we understand you.
Greg Kurish
Greg Kurish Vor 7 Monate
I will never support any network that gives this man a job . Colin.
Greg Kurish
Greg Kurish Vor 7 Monate
Sorry I don't understand why we even care about this? PAY MY BILLS , then we can talk. Moron.
Greg Kurish
Greg Kurish Vor 7 Monate
Their is no white and black when it is all blue collar.
Greg Kurish
Greg Kurish Vor 7 Monate
This is the first time I him makes sense.
Tyler Wojnarowski
Tyler Wojnarowski Vor 7 Monate
Is Stephen A arguing that its 2x harder to get into the nfl or be signed by a team if your black? Is he saying that teams will pass over better talent because of their skin color? Give me a break. How about its 2x harder for assholes to be signed by a team
Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin Vor 7 Monate
Props to you Steven A
Dr. Bernard Short
Dr. Bernard Short Vor 7 Monate
Steven A Smith I’m disappointed in you for taking this stance. Yes what you said is reality but you went through those things to insure that my generation would not. If you expect us to just except it then where is the progress my friend? Also it’s been proved that they tried to get him to sign his rights away, please get all the facts before you take such a polarizing stance. Do better my friend, do better
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Vor 6 Monate
Dr. Bernard Short no major league sports has freedom of speech. Kap does not get a pass because he is black. Drew Brees said one thing and he had to apologize to gays. DJ you think he wanted to? No he had to because the nfl made him. One your boss tells you do something you don’t have to do it. But he also does not have to keep you employed. The rights you think you have when you enter a nfl stadium is just not the case. You dont have freedom of speech in a nfl arena but I know you liberals like to think that. If you want to protest go to a public space a do so but the nfl has the right to shut it down on their property or by their players
Roy Winters
Roy Winters Vor 7 Monate
Max Kellerman, I will say anything to be on tv
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Vor 6 Monate
Hahahha indeed
Former Centrist
Former Centrist Vor 7 Monate
Colin is a B-class player with an A-class hatred for America. Pulling these stunts, this “Unthanksgiving” BS... I wouldn’t hire him to wash dishes.
aj eckley
aj eckley Vor 7 Monate
Colin probably helped the people who caught passes get signed
Steven H Wang
Steven H Wang Vor 7 Monate
Stephen A. is a sell-out
Ace Shabazz
Ace Shabazz Vor 7 Monate
Stephan A..... You are a company man and you buck dance or fence sit from time to time... Ever since ESPN "smacked" your hand for that squabble with that whyte woman analyst you have watched your step even if you are right...
Shane Moline
Shane Moline Vor 7 Monate
Dude this man is slitting fire right now. That was a great take. Very unbiased.
Brian Vor 7 Monate
Who gives a --t! Stop talking about the dude already and maybe he’ll go away.
arn smith
arn smith Vor 7 Monate
First of all this is not Colin”s company so when he is on the clock and at work he just can’t do whatever he wants to do, second, there is a place and time to protest for good cause and on the job when there is many replacements is not the place. Third let’s get some of our Black voices to lead a parade on stop Black on Black crimes and killing then is feel like we would have a platform to stand on with Police Brutality I just don’t like the fact that we think that we can kill our Brother but the Police officer can’t..... Let come together stop the main one Black on Black and then we can focus on the outsiders?
barrett haines
barrett haines Vor 7 Monate
He’s worth a lot more bitching than he is a qb!! Drop the mic!!!
Pickelbarrow Pineapple
I just a question .In the three yrs he been out of the nfl did anyone see him protest or stand up or say anything about what he kneel down about ? He had 3 yrs he hasing said anything about race or police or nothing .....second he only kneel down after he was benched .and it was kap who turned down the niners contract .then u call out a job you want and start more trouble wow. Hes a cry baby looking for attention ...he should play for the lfl
Whitey Power
Whitey Power Vor 7 Monate
liver lipps lol
THE JACK HQ Vor 7 Monate
Stephen A is right. It’s one thing to make an argument against the waiver, which I will as well, but it’s another to completely ignore the conditions of the waiver. Rules are rules, just like with the NFL’s prohibition on marijuana use before games.
William Vor 7 Monate
I am with you Steven A.!! And Kap aint one of us. Kap aint never been like us. Kap has a white momma, Kap was raised by white parents in a white area. This guy has been a phony from day one. And shut your white mouth Max..trying to act like you are upset to appease us.
CD Arthur
CD Arthur Vor 7 Monate
Bottom line, CK is still a top NFL capable quarterback. Overall uninjured, healthy NFL quarterbacks can play well into their late 30s. Tom Brady is not a Devine athlete, his longevity is based on the greatest coach in NFL history. CK could help immediately teams like Dallas, Chicago, NY (both teams), Rams, Need I go on. Clearly this is a situation where certain egotistical owners are proving they can't say "I might have been wrong" or " I'm sorry". Even compromise when ego becomes involved. I believe the NFL owners are split over CK. Shame, since a smart team owner could change his entire teams financial position today with his addition, period. He is a tall version of Russell Wilson and same age. Proven and very healthy with all the knowledge. Shame Paul Allen isn't here. No ego, heart and brains. I'm guessing most NFL owners must think of themselves like former plantation owners. Shame... Stephen A. knows his place. $ forbids his sole, for now.
Ian Brown
Ian Brown Vor 7 Monate
A cut out of different nfl players would add more to the show than molly.
kane lavalla
kane lavalla Vor 7 Monate
Look how uncomfortable those white people are. Haha
Dustin Vor 7 Monate
There is no such thing as white privelage.
William Wheeler
William Wheeler Vor 7 Monate
Max Fart Kellerman lol
No Name
No Name Vor 7 Monate
Stephen has unlike others, done his homework
Paul Leach
Paul Leach Vor 7 Monate
Funny how when Kap's a starter, everything's good. Then he gets BENCHED and ALL OF A SUDDEN, he does something to put the spotlight back on himself. Not good enough to start? Cause a scene.
Paul Leach
Paul Leach Vor 7 Monate
Funny how when Kap's a starter, everything's good. Then he gets BENCHED and ALL OF A SUDDEN, he does something to put the spotlight back on himself. Not good enough to start? Cause a scene.
David Stiles
David Stiles Vor 7 Monate
He's black? Is this a black/white thing or just about a loser that disrespects America with his own politics?
Russell Miller
Russell Miller Vor 7 Monate
I dont care much for Stephen A but I agree with him on this one
Milrok Sporting
Milrok Sporting Vor 7 Monate
What I know Stephen A is your hair line is trash and your mouth stash is growing on one side. Use some of that money on yourself dude
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