Steveioe's Tips from the ER 1-10 #compilations

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Steveioe's Tips from the ER 1-10



1 Feb 2021



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Rowdy Alderink
Rowdy Alderink Vor 2 Stunden
I like how he doesn't care about cussing it's hilarious
charina enchente
tips TO the ER from those of US with a BMI below 18 (medically UNDERweight) that are NOT on DRUGS or infected with AIDS & do NOT have an EATING DISORDER instead of testing US for CRACK when admitted to the ER use that time to test for TYPE ONE DIABETES for which WE are at HIGH RISK along with HEART FAILURE, STROKE, PANCREATITIS, BLINDNESS, CORONA LOSS OF HEARING, & CANCER just to name a few while maybe i don't know INFORM us about the ticking BOMB within OUR bodies and REFER us to a place to receive EXISTING TREATMENT to RAISE the BODY MASS to go from SICK & DYING to HEALTHY & THRIVING because WE want to be SAFE & HEALTHY too & in case you haven't figured it out being (according to the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION) TWELVE TIMES more likely to have a HEART ATTACK isn't SAFE cause HEART ATTACKS ain't SAFE! 🤔🤯
SgtPhreak Vor 2 Tage
I want this guy to be my doctor... that would be fun
zach w
zach w Vor 2 Tage
I avoid the er like a 5 dollar hooker that has body herpes. I have a regular doctor for a freakin reason, lol. And the 30-2 only applies in cpr when they aren’t breathing. If your doing cpr the chances that they are still breathing are pretty darn high.
MayLynn Hanscom
MayLynn Hanscom Vor 2 Tage
Lol omg I laughed way too hard
Tori Fagan
Tori Fagan Vor 3 Tage
If you can wait till Monday...WHY GO TO THE ER???!? If it can wait that long, I'm gonna go see my regular doc, thanks....
Rinyotsu Vor 4 Tage
I once went to the urgent care with chest pain. I was downplaying it because I didn't think it was serious but it was very odd. Turns out it was a pinched nerve in some muscle near my heart.
Rinyotsu Vor 4 Tage
My immune system is equipped with the biological equivalent of fully automatic military assault rifles with night vision and laser scopes, and we have recently acquired phosphorous grenades, cluster bombs, and anti-personnel fragmentation mines. Please tell me yall know who said it.
Sierra Kirk
Sierra Kirk Vor 6 Tage
I love in cali
Sierra Kirk
Sierra Kirk Vor 6 Tage
Twin cities hospital their visitation is 10 am to 6pm
SoftBoy ASMR
SoftBoy ASMR Vor 6 Tage
What about 12 hours in the waiting room while there is no one in the waiting room but me
Linsey C.
Linsey C. Vor 6 Tage
You are hilarious!!!
Hiro Vor 7 Tage
*"Don’t do mouth to mouth no matter how hot she is dudes"* *"Instead, focus on doing chess compressions"* *"But uhm you know there’s the things over there"*
Dawn E. Jones
Dawn E. Jones Vor 8 Tage
Once when I was younger my older sister cut me and it was bad enough I had to go to the ER, after we got there they took in a sick baby first then my dad started threatening the staff we had to go to a different hospital and my dad had to wait outside in the waiting room to get my hand stitched up.
Wboyz2 Vor 8 Tage
If Im at the ER and see this guy. He would give me the bad news in the funniest ways
Lucas County OHIO Response And Scanner
Honestly why i love freestanding ER's the one i go to rarely gets busy
iTzTheSymbiote Vor 9 Tage
I wish you were my doctor 🤣🤣🤣
Mandee Morris
Mandee Morris Vor 9 Tage
Omgerd I love this fellow!!! Saying it like it is . If only the would put this on television as infobites maybe morons would actually pay attention to the dude saying it straight ,not sugar coating or stroking self important egos.....omg it would make ER's so much better for staff and patients i mean, imagine it , ER's only being used as Emegency Rooms!!!! Justified wouldve made the best ,most listened to guide on how not to fuck up and transmit Covid ...lesson here. Stop the politically correct ARSEHOLES and tell people straight. It'll actually make a difference
ashyelbos Vor 9 Tage
I've had patients call the ER for a wait time while sitting in another ER waiting room...I've also had a patient leave the waiting room just to go back home and call the ambulance thinking that it would help them be seen faster...lol
Hex: Baby Dwight
Hex: Baby Dwight Vor 10 Tage
There's all this stuff about waiting rooms being so long that it makes me scared mostly cause I've been to the ER three times and I've been immediately sent to another room with no wait each time
Sid Mac
Sid Mac Vor 10 Tage
4:18 Me: **confused in Canadian**
just a lost neko
just a lost neko Vor 11 Tage
The "toe pain I'm talking to you" had me rolling lmao
Michelle Bloch
Michelle Bloch Vor 11 Tage
OMG I love it. I work as a veterinary assistant and we deal with a lot of similar types of issues with the pet owners. Sometimes I wish we could just say what we wanted to them 🤣
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck Vor 12 Tage
love your content
THL Vor 14 Tage
I was, they took me from ambulance to straight back there to radiology I'm guessing cuz they did x-rays, then care flighted me to a diff hospital cuz they wasn't equipped to handle it. It was bad, I was dying lol, I got shot with a shotgun in my leg and blew out my artery my vein and shattered my kneecap, there was meat and bone in my pants, and blood fucking everywhere woohoo, it was very bad, surprised I'm not dead tbh! Anyways so yes they don't go with who's first, they go with severity of the situation first, most severe first.
Teresa Time
Teresa Time Vor 14 Tage
I got a boot on my left foot today. I got a doctor that looked so much like you. I was literally just wondering if it were you. I wanted to ask so badly but didn’t lol.
Lyric vibes
Lyric vibes Vor 15 Tage
"toe pain...I'm talking to you 😂😂"
B. Howard
B. Howard Vor 16 Tage
"Staying Alive" chorus, well, it also works with "Another one bites the dust."
Holly Parris
Holly Parris Vor 16 Tage
Do one on Crohn's Disease I have it and it sucks I just had my first surgery back in Jan.
Chris Ross
Chris Ross Vor 17 Tage
Ok going onto the CPR situation. Yes while it's not needed (most of the time) it is "sometimes" needed. Just in case I always carry a CPR mouth guard with me cause not being funny.. the person who is unconscious may look like the cleanest person but in reality they are one of the dirtiest people on this planet. (No I'm not talking about hygiene and if you can't figure out what I'm saying you've clearly got your head up your own ass) Not being a dickhead I'm just stating facts.
wolf_boy Vor 17 Tage
0:30 ah Monday the day where every kid trys to get sick and miss school but the rest of the week is fine and so if the rest if the day after school is over magicly you r not sick any more its just the power of "SCHOOLS OVERRR" uwu
Nathen The icewing
Nathen The icewing Vor 18 Tage
He is the most beautiful man on earth, and he is a hero.
Vincent Harris
Vincent Harris Vor 18 Tage
OBEY...see me immediately, no waiting, no bills!!!
Jesse Rousseau
Jesse Rousseau Vor 18 Tage
Turn on the tv he says lmfao yes I'm gonna listen to the fucking media lmfao
Flannel Smurf
Flannel Smurf Vor 19 Tage
I feel really bad for all of the people that have to wait four to five hours...
Steven Pristoop
Steven Pristoop Vor 19 Tage
Dude you are the shit!!! I could watch you for hours. Please never stop doing videos.
Nick Vlogs TV
Nick Vlogs TV Vor 19 Tage
8.2k like!!!
Kat Lang
Kat Lang Vor 19 Tage
I love these things!! ❤️
WhiteFlame360 Vor 20 Tage
1:00 my toe pain was white puss coming out and it literally swelling to the size of my whole hand
Gamer 0945
Gamer 0945 Vor 21 Tag
I was in the hospital for 5 hours for stitches
Vince 2K
Vince 2K Vor 22 Tage
I sed stay the fck home with him he's so inspiring
Amber Fostervold
Amber Fostervold Vor 22 Tage
When doing CPR you can also go to the beat of Another One Bites the Dust but if you need to hum or sing along it's better to use Staying Alive
lol okay
lol okay Vor 22 Tage
only watching this because its been on my recommended a thousand times a day for the past month
hayo_hru Vor 22 Tage
I’ve gone to sleep at 10pm in the ER and woken up the next day at 12pm in the ER without having seeing a doctor yet That shit is so disorientating cause you went to sleep with a really nice nurse who offered you food every now and then, but then you wake up and no one knows where they can find where the sandwiches are
Coin Collector C
Coin Collector C Vor 23 Tage
The quote "surprise Mufkr" makes me laugh everytime
Enda fortking
Enda fortking Vor 23 Tage
stay the FUCK at home
The flu has allied with covid oh shit here we go again * Boss music intensifies *
Linda Fry
Linda Fry Vor 25 Tage
Staahhhp 🤣
Fluff My Stuff
Fluff My Stuff Vor 25 Tage
Luckily the only time I went to the er, I only had to wait for a little, guess I know why now
Shintaku Vor 26 Tage
title: tips 1-10 video: stops at part 7
Cheese poofs8
Cheese poofs8 Vor 26 Tage
3:49 idk why I found that funny
꧁Shota Aizawa꧂
꧁Shota Aizawa꧂ Vor 26 Tage
0:54 yeah you sure because it took me 12-10 hours to get my wrist, leg, and rob cage checked out there’s way more but I’m not gonna say that all 😒🙂
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Vor 27 Tage
Drink up
MR. DINO Vor 27 Tage
2:05 Ok this one is in accurate because my grandmother died when my dad was the age of 12 and she died from the flu and she had the vaccine 3 days after she died so my dad does not believe I don’t believe
Lilliana Chaco
Lilliana Chaco Vor 27 Tage
8:52 i know you were telling the truth, because my mom went into the ER and wasn’t shoved into a separate area. She was just hooked up with a million different machines and told to sit on the bed.
I like how passive aggressive he is
Matt _LS
Matt _LS Vor 28 Tage
Ryan Blackhawke
Ryan Blackhawke Vor 28 Tage
Oof. Some of these didn't age well.
Conservative Stoner
Wait people still don’t know about the whole not using there mouth with cpr
Athena _theunicorn
Athena _theunicorn Vor 28 Tage
chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions.
Rainbow Lion
Rainbow Lion Vor 29 Tage
I’m not sure if I want him as my doctor/nurse or whatever he is I don’t know
Barbara R
Barbara R Vor 29 Tage
And by the way with your abdominal pain I agree but I had had nothing to eat and nothing to drink I woke up stirred up end it first and I felt it and I knew not and I couldn’t eat if I wanted to I didn’t want to and I didn’t wanna drink but when your mouth gets dry when you’re waiting I found best thing you can do because lotta people then we’ll just go and drink because I dying of thirst I would just rinse my mouth out and spit. Not just on the floor into a sink I would spit in the bathroom.
Barbara R
Barbara R Vor 29 Tage
I recall going to the ER not what day it was and they made me sit there for at least your 4 to 5 hours crying the whole time when I finally got in my intestine had burst before I got to the hospital it was already burst it ended up I had diverticulitis that I had never had before I didn’t know what it was and was seeing a doctor and then when I woke up and it first I went to the emergency room and yes they took everybody with the little alleys they needed a couple stitches on their forehead nothing else wrong they twisted their wrist. They let all those in and then I almost died. But it took at least the five hours before I even got back to taking a test and they said oh yeah we have to admit you there’s a hole in your intestine couldn’t of been the reason I was crying all those hours and had a fever by that time and they were still letting people in with the little boo-boos. I am not one to run to the ER ever and I wasn’t 911 at that time. And you still can’t get me to go to an ER unless it is an absolute emergency.
QueerEldritch Vor 29 Tage
Ruben Veenendaal
Ruben Veenendaal Vor 29 Tage
Covid? Stay the fuck at home
Lilmanbazooka !
Lilmanbazooka ! Vor 29 Tage
Stay at home... for 2weeks? Nah forever
lucila Vor 29 Tage
"chest compr-" Dr. Mike: *you called?*
Roblox& Stuff
Roblox& Stuff Vor 29 Tage
Dude when i was like5 i had strep throat and pnomonia idk how to spell it and i waited for 3 hours and i lived so yall can wait for a black eye -_-
CraftyModder Lu
CraftyModder Lu Vor 29 Tage
In the UK, I had to wait *10 HOURS* To see a doctor, in another occasion, *5 HOURS* to be treated.
Pumpkin Jay
Pumpkin Jay Vor Monat
The fastest I ever got into the ER and out of the ER was one time when I walked in with my husband and I was shaking... and told them his signs and symptoms in the most expedient way. How to get seen quickly: Have something life-threatening.
Pixel but on Youtube
Now say it with me Stay he fuck at home
Bakerjake 2020
Bakerjake 2020 Vor Monat
Is steve a doctor
Mark Penhall
Mark Penhall Vor Monat
Hahahahaha America lol so true... Really is full of crap
Marie Buenviaje
Marie Buenviaje Vor Monat
Mukthesh Ac
Mukthesh Ac Vor Monat
Nice .. Love it.
Tony Dunne
Tony Dunne Vor Monat
I’ll talke 4 to five hours try 18 to 24 hours I’m in Dublin Ireland
suhana gulalai
suhana gulalai Vor Monat
i love how at 4:59 he puts 'your lover' as the devil 😂
Eryn K.
Eryn K. Vor Monat
Lol 1:25
The baseball bat bros Jr
Can you do tips from the Er concussions I just got one and I was very confused
The American YouTuber
3:49 o _ o ... did... he just....?
Lindsey Buhmeyer
Honestly I bust my chin open and I was seen fast so that might be bad
Mamoun Medraj
Mamoun Medraj Vor Monat
I once waited 8 hours in the er room
When I get the flu shot I get the flu but we don’t get the normal symptoms so the doctors laugh us out of the offense and I can’t go to school for 3 weeks
Digiac OSRS
Digiac OSRS Vor Monat
Du du du du stayin' alive stayin' alive stayin' aliiiiiiii iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiive
Xavier Winters
Xavier Winters Vor Monat
I love how passive aggressive he is but I really hope he isn't too stressed from covid.
Runway Gaming
Runway Gaming Vor Monat
Doctors recommended that I don’t have the flu vaccine as I am allergic to eggs so can’t have the vaccine
Fox In A Box
Fox In A Box Vor Monat
*Stay the fuck at home🤗*
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Vor Monat
This is why I'm glad the hospital near me is often very empty
Danielle Mann
Danielle Mann Vor Monat
I had a surgery on my back I had like a sist thing...and they took forever to even get me In surgery this fly helped but I had to wait 6 hours not 4 to 5 :)
Julia Hernandez
Julia Hernandez Vor Monat
He said lover lol ctffuuuuuuuuu
Julia Hernandez
Julia Hernandez Vor Monat
Julia Hernandez
Julia Hernandez Vor Monat
Shit when I go to e.r I have a book snacks,charger, power bank,and snacks for nurses ....THEY LOVE SNACKS (B4 COVID) My sister in law is a r.n. and she told me the trick to get on nurses good side its chocolate or chocolate covered coffee beans.... They love it.... #gingerale not Sprite lol
Mr. DD
Mr. DD Vor Monat
Love our triage nurse, she has to buffer the lion's share of bullcrap. Some still makes it through, a guy complaining of chest pain, all his tests and ECGs are normal, 6 hours, 4 ECGs, 2 troponin and D-dimer tests later turns out he was just gassy.... That was during the first peak of covid, he occupied a valuable room where he just lied down watched series and wanted food
D Garcia
D Garcia Vor Monat
Nurse you have the best actitude!!!!
Mark Moore
Mark Moore Vor Monat
I’m allergic to the flew and Air Force says I’m to young for the covid vaccine 😂
Chiyo Suzuki Afton
I love this channel so dang much.
Beautiful Crazey
Please be my tech if I ever find myself in the ER.
galaxy wolf
galaxy wolf Vor Monat
push what lol
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Vor Monat
I would let him tell at me.
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