Struggle Jennings & Brianna Harness ft. Jessi Colter & Jenni Eddy Jennings - "Ace In The Hole"

Struggle Jennings
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"Ace In The Hole" is the new single from the “Sunny Days” EP by Struggle Jennings & Brianna Harness.
Song by: Struggle Jennings, Brianna Harness, Jessi Colter & Jenni Eddy Jennings
Video directed by: Edward “Ounze” Crowe
Video produced by: Thai Blocker
Angels & Outlaws / Nashville Sasquatch
Licensing/Press contact Nash10 Music: nash10music@gmail.com
For booking and all other inquiries: strugglejtour@gmail.com




6 Feb 2019



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Helen Farmer
Helen Farmer Vor 19 Stunden
I absolutely love this song I thought It couldn't get any better then...LOVE WON with a love song by Struggle. But this one killed it.. I love struggle and jelly both. Best rappers un my opinion hands down. And they both good to look at too. 😉
Roy Thompson
Roy Thompson Vor 22 Stunden
i cry to a few of strug to
Tara Crider
Tara Crider Vor Tag
Beautiful, put tears in my eyes...
Big Cat
Big Cat Vor 6 Tage
I absolutely love this song! Great job 👏👏👏
Coleen Giles
Coleen Giles Vor 6 Tage
Mr. J
Mr. J Vor 7 Tage
the train moves to damn fast!
Matt Calfee
Matt Calfee Vor 7 Tage
One of his best👊🇺🇸
Big Cat
Big Cat Vor 11 Tage
Who the Hell would dislike this!! This is so great!
Amanda Wagner
Amanda Wagner Vor 11 Tage
Very pretty sad song!
Lew Schnider
Lew Schnider Vor 12 Tage
Jessi is awesome...love her since the first time i heard 'i aint Lisa' beautiful. The whole Jennings family
Lew Schnider
Lew Schnider Vor 12 Tage
Correction...'Im not Lisa' damn Jessi is FIRE..her smile. Waylon was a lucky man to find her...I jus had to look up her songs from back in the day
Amanda Owen
Amanda Owen Vor 13 Tage
When you got that ace in the hole this song hits your heart! Amazing! ♥
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Vor 13 Tage
this was my women's song to me
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly Vor 15 Tage
This is amazing work of such today's hardships turned great I love it and keep singing it forever,!!!
Esther lehr
Esther lehr Vor 15 Tage
Beautiful song I know how this feels to well
Krystal Lusk
Krystal Lusk Vor 15 Tage
I love this song 💙💙💙
Mike Farmer
Mike Farmer Vor 16 Tage
this is jackie can you rap about something in Georgia peaches
Joni stewart
Joni stewart Vor 17 Tage
Tyler Green
Tyler Green Vor 18 Tage
Awesome song.. pure masterpiece
Joshua susnowitz
Joshua susnowitz Vor 20 Tage
Jessi Colter is still beautiful. She has the smile of an angel
purpleman173 Vor 21 Tag
Sacred words here. Y'all deliver some amazing music. I do believe this one is a favorite brotha. Even more so than Love Won. Thanky kindly for continuing to share all these wonderful messages. That's a precious truth to behold.
frank medina
frank medina Vor 21 Tag
The darkest hours hold the brightest dreams. You followed that prison cell rainbow straight to a pot of gold. Keep on rocking in the free world Struggle!!!
Robert Showalter
Robert Showalter Vor 22 Tage
Yes she is and carrying colter last name my dad's is to but keep it up struggle
Tony Ne
Tony Ne Vor 22 Tage
Jessie still looks Great and sounds awesome
Faith Lee Feathers
Faith Lee Feathers Vor 23 Tage
I wanna die right now
Faith Lee Feathers
Faith Lee Feathers Vor 23 Tage
Graceful Sunshine
Graceful Sunshine Vor 23 Tage
This song reminds me of Charlie whenever he has his legs wrapped around me and I’m rubbing his feet
Me Walker
Me Walker Vor 24 Tage
haggard fan
haggard fan Vor 24 Tage
Why the hell is this not on the radio..
REALEST MUSIC OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Billie Ryan
Billie Ryan Vor 25 Tage
This has got to be my favorite song for sure
Grady Smith
Grady Smith Vor 25 Tage
Wow 🤘🤘🤘I cant believe I'm just hearing this 🔥🔥🔥such passion n love. Struggle you and your fam deserve all the blessings y'all r recieving. R I P. W A Y L O N 🕇🕇
BarbaraJean Davis
BarbaraJean Davis Vor 28 Tage
Michael Clinard
Michael Clinard Vor 28 Tage
This song brings tears to my eyes y'all are amazing
MissKittyMelissa W.
Wow again... Hits close as a MF!
Krazy G
Krazy G Vor Monat
Love this song! Struggle you & your daughter are amazing! much love from Wayne michigan.
Janna&Christopher Carson
If it wasnt for struggl and jellys music i counldnt Have made it thre being homeless8
Janna&Christopher Carson
If it wasnt for struggl and jellys music i counldnt Have made it thre being homeless
Ceirra Jason Toon
Absolutely live this song it reminds me of how I thought of my dad! He was everything to me and I wish i could have him back to change for the better but he never had the chance to come back home.
Ivette Brown
Ivette Brown Vor Monat
Love all you Jennings and family. This is one of my favorite songs from many from you and the clan!! ❤❤💋💋
michael wolf
michael wolf Vor Monat
love this song they killn it
Marie Jackson
Marie Jackson Vor Monat
Grew up with Waylon and Jessi and the musical talent in this family is fabulous.
Ashley Carina
Ashley Carina Vor Monat
North Fresh
North Fresh Vor Monat
To my ace in the hole, i miss you Grandma and i swear that you will NEVER be forgot!
Joseph Chapman
Joseph Chapman Vor Monat
Just bloody amazing yall keep it up
Andi Stepp
Andi Stepp Vor Monat
Bryan Sweat You're my heaven on earth and I'm your "Ace in the hole" Baby I'll never give up on you. As long as I have you to lift me up, there is no way I can fall. You are my home. I love you and always will..
casey harper
casey harper Vor Monat
Cant believe this song hasn't gone off like a wild fire. Love this song. Struggle ur doin great bubba, stay outta trouble and keep up the outstanding work.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Vor Monat
Mike Farmer
Mike Farmer Vor Monat
this is gonna be the number one song watch
liquid Vor Monat
Man this hits me hard in the feels. Im overseas right now. One of the hardest things ive ever dealt with was leaving my family. 12 months in this shitbox Ill be home soon. Thanks for the good music Struggle.
Tara Larson
Tara Larson Vor Monat
Beautiful ❤️
Big Buzz
Big Buzz Vor Monat
Big Buzz
Big Buzz Vor Monat
Muthers Mustache
I knew this was going to be beautiful before I even listened... 💜
Olivia Ruiz
Olivia Ruiz Vor Monat
This is beyond beautiful 😍😍😍
william hodges
william hodges Vor Monat
Olivia Ruiz so true girl!!
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
Stop being pissy (she is laughing ) grown men can't wear diapers , hospitality ... 😉😋
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
Stop being pissy , grown men can't wear diapers 😉😋
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
Very beautiful song...
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
Is that your aunt , she is beautiful like Retta 💓 and Crystal , very much so , my GMA was a lot like her , to me ❣️♥️❣️
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
:'( 💓
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Vor Monat
Did you get a new tattoo last night by but under your right eye ?
william hodges
william hodges Vor Monat
Amanda Nichols so true girl!!
Tracy Lawson
Tracy Lawson Vor Monat
My most favorite Jennings song... makes me think of my Momma & Daddy, & my Granddaughter Harleigh Erin Michelle Rapert... She is my Ace in the Hole! The love of my life she is!❤️
kevin harless
kevin harless Vor Monat
my first thought was jessi colter sure looks young again on that horse i turn back the years when she singing i aint lisa
Magen Mcdonald
Magen Mcdonald Vor Monat
an it's kool that there dif gales sanging ,, cuz it's like not just one gales point of view as in we all view if dif as humans,,
Magen Mcdonald
Magen Mcdonald Vor Monat
oh wow ,, this song tho gives me chills first time listening to it ,,, YeeYee
tobin baker
tobin baker Vor Monat
Instantly taken back 25 years to when country was soul music. Music that made your skin tingle and your hair stand on end. Salute from 334.
william jones
william jones Vor Monat
You guys are pardon my language are fucking awesome its so God dam beautiful the way this came out thank you for sharing this with us
Stephen Padgett
Stephen Padgett Vor Monat
Family over everythang..... 🔥
Success Is My Duty
Great song
Joe Hardison
Joe Hardison Vor Monat
Light house
Wow 💣💥💔💕💕💕💕💕
Laura Bunton
Laura Bunton Vor Monat
So beautiful. Love love love your voices. God bless to you all
willis higley
willis higley Vor Monat
Jessi is such a doll. So good to see her and the rest of the family.
Deborah Drake
Deborah Drake Vor Monat
Your my Ace in the Hole!! For the cards I've been delt..kevin Tyre❣
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall Vor Monat
I wonder where on Arizona they are.This video made me miss home lol
Shannon Lolley
Shannon Lolley Vor Monat
I love this song
slasher454 Vor Monat
love this song
Alpha Wërks
Alpha Wërks Vor Monat
Amazing to watch 4 generations of Jennings together! As a Tennessee native it's good to see our traditions carry on. Brianna makes a great addition to the family business! God bless you guy's! Good to see Jesse back at it again!
C.B. Harrison
C.B. Harrison Vor Monat
Damn music that brings peace to the mind and soul! The world needs music like this!
Tiffany Snow
Tiffany Snow Vor Monat
This song right here, it just explains it all. Y'all are amazing!
D Komar
D Komar Vor Monat
This song is by far my favorite one three generations and you perfect
WanDaBread TV
WanDaBread TV Vor Monat
I almost got as many comments with 1k views in a snippet lol!!!! Now you know me🕹🛸🧠🤴This is fire though & original🤗🤗
WanDaBread TV
WanDaBread TV Vor Monat
Bruh I am fire, wizard like still have not spent a dime on promotion....😂😂
Morgan Canady
Morgan Canady Vor Monat
This is the best song I've ever heard I love it!!!
Amber Jones
Amber Jones Vor Monat
Wow! This is a beautiful song. Well done!❤️
Maxi_million81 Michalski
I either get goosenumps or cry....
Janice Catlett
Janice Catlett Vor Monat
Can’t share it enough
Destiny Rain
Destiny Rain Vor Monat
Dan Blevins
Dan Blevins Vor Monat
Good tune you guys are awesom life is a struggle sometimes dont look back
Graceful Sunshine
Beautiful song! Was a very true story in my life recently until he turned his back on me
Eric Rhodes
Eric Rhodes Vor Monat
AMAZING!! So much talent in your family. I see bigger and bigger things coming for you and your daughter. We are all so lucky to be able to be along for the ride. Congrats!!
mr fat beard
mr fat beard Vor Monat
Hell you should have got whey in there somewhere
Mathew Bolles
Mathew Bolles Vor Monat
Goosebumps! I had to send to my wife as soon as u heard this. She's the hand I hold as I walk through hell, she rights the wrongs, never once faltered, and I'm so thankful for her. Alicia, I love you.
Meagan Bodhaine
Meagan Bodhaine Vor Monat
I used to think of a man who is now a complete stranger this way......how can a person go from this to being a complete stranger so quickly.....i miss you so fuckin much Jake
Dixie Twins South
No hate to any other race but i love seeing the white movement in the younger generation. We are the most hated and our culture is on its end.We got to keep it moving, love each other and have pride with in our race.God bless all .
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Vor Monat
Wow this is will be a classic. It's got an old feel to it .but a new vibe.. so so good . I'm hooked. Sorry but I feel Waylon all over the song.
dale tanner
dale tanner Vor Monat
03-19-2019 . 10 yrs and she is THE ACE IN THE HOLE
dale tanner
dale tanner Vor Monat
Nice I think this will be another wedding song of my choice
Jesse Chadwick
Jesse Chadwick Vor Monat
Struggle never disappoints
FutureMissBlack Vor Monat
This is a beautiful video and beautiful song ❤️
azpower phxaz
azpower phxaz Vor Monat
Outlaw royalty ... at it's finest !
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