Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 5/6: This Country Was Started As An Act Of Political Protest

Killer Mike
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Part 5/6: On November 23rd, 2015, Killer Mike sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders at The SWAG Shop in Atlanta, GA to discuss topics ranging from gun control to democratic socialism. Please share this hour-long conversation and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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14 Dez 2015



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Shadowcam Vor 6 years
No one else running for president right now just GETS IT like Bernie does.
D. B.
D. B. Vor 6 years
Share this interview with your community! Get the word out and feel the Bern! WE are ALL in this together.
Christian G
Christian G Vor 6 years
very refreshing and intelligent conversation. respect to killer mike for making this happen.
popcorn20995351 Vor 6 years
You can tell by his smile he's a real one
Freedom Nation
Freedom Nation Vor 6 years
Thank you for you words Killer Mike. I have Cancer. Sometimes........it's hard really hard, but both of you are right. I........We can't give up.
Nikki Turner
Nikki Turner Vor 6 years
Killer Mike, thank you for your time and consideration for doing this. ALL children need to know about this.
DCFanatic7 Vor 6 years
This is awesome, much respect.
Gabriella Gonzalez
Gabriella Gonzalez Vor 6 years
If you agree with Bernie's views, please take 45 seconds to vote in this poll:
Sara Lovel
Sara Lovel Vor 6 years
I wish I could make every voter in America watch this interview. So much truth spoken in under an hour.
Scott Semegran
Scott Semegran Vor 6 years
Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Bernie! Truth.
Gerard Gully
Gerard Gully Vor 6 years
You can tell that when Bernie was talking about Trump's strategy of blaming frustration on minorities, he was thinking "As a Jew, I know exactly how this strategy ends."
kalpic Vor 6 years
The "Honorary White Guy" part I'm dying.
Iroxinping Vor 6 years
I really hope this gets more of the base to look at Bernie instead of Hillary...but even more i hope it gets people who normally don't vote to get out and vote. If 80% of americans voted and Bernie wins in a landslide we will be living in a place that the world would look to again in hope instead of shame. If 62 of voters stay home, like in the last election, republicans will win. And in this election the ones on the top are all nuts. Only Kusinich seems sane and he is at 1%.
JC Vor 6 years
That fist bump was EVERYTHING ! FEEL THE BERN ! VOTE !
Blank Face
Blank Face Vor 6 years
Let's get this viral!
ToroidalVortexLove Vor 6 years
The casual fist-bump at the end was s gangsta. I had t rewind just t be sure Bernie initiated it. RTJ fr life! Bernie fr President!
H Grootonk
H Grootonk Vor 6 years
I don't know why you wouldn't watch the whole series. The first one has like 50,000 views this one is at 12,000? The entire series is so good! It's worth watching the entire thing. Love Bernie Sanders, can't wait for him to be President!
aaalayna Vor 6 years
I heard Bernie speak one time, I've thought of nothing else since. All day every day I work for this political revolution. I believe in this!
Darin Vor 6 years
Bernie one of the coolest dudes I've seen in a long time.
Jason Sturgill
Jason Sturgill Vor 6 years
Bernie Sanders National Barber Shop Tour hosted by Killer Mike, broadcasted on DE-vid. Make it happen.