Taskmaster - Series 2, Episode 4 'Welcome to Rico Face'

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The contestants attempt a new set of tasks including rescuing a cat and hiding a pineapple.
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10 Dez 2019



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I like tea
I like tea Vor 14 Stunden
Only a true Canadian fetches a toboggan to rescue a cat from a tree.
Alex Benton
Alex Benton Vor 15 Stunden
For the final task, I would turn the table upside down and build my tower on the base, because it’s measured from the tabletop up, so I get the whole table height extra
seanspawn Vor 16 Stunden
I don't get this shit. How do you Greg get to judge your betters. Prob should've put a comma after Greg. The premis of my comment still stands.
MutantDrumsticks Vor 19 Stunden
Would've just flipped the table so the length from the "top of the table to the highest potato" is at least the length of the table
Jamie Irving
Jamie Irving Vor 2 Tage
John goes from 12 to 16... “John’s now in the lead!” He already was...in the lead. Great maths.
houtle85 Vor 2 Tage
Katherine cracks me the fuck up. She is hilarious and very authentic.
Herbert Erdferkel
very authentic .. with that nose?! hahaha, good one
There are these cool packs filled with blue gel that you first put in the fridge or freezer to put it on an injury or a bruise or stuff like that. I would have totally brought one of these, 'cause nothing they brought would be cooler than -18°C, lol.
Charlotte Löhr
Charlotte Löhr Vor 4 Tage
There were so many good title opportunities in this episode. I personally would have gone with "Gaffer tape and a bossy bitch".
Mikaël Laroche
Mikaël Laroche Vor 5 Tage
Anyone else's first thought about that potato tower challenge was to just lift up the potato bag onto the table?
KK Parker
KK Parker Vor 5 Tage
11:20 Look at how Alex and Greg are holding hands, Greg is stroking Alex’s hand
flipian86 Vor 6 Tage
I love love this series! Watching it from the US!
dnappetite Vor 7 Tage
Does anyone know Doc Brown's shoes? Saucony brand?
snappycatchy Vor 8 Tage
Katherine Ryan's smuggling technique is impeccable
Claudia leal
Claudia leal Vor 8 Tage
"Glad we're on the same page." "17" Underrated comment
jason labudde
jason labudde Vor 9 Tage
I would have used a shotgun ducking arrogant cats Or just called a firetruck
Josh Keith’s Informational Videos
I don’t know why but when he said happy birthday it cracked me up
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle
why did two of them bother using a tennis racket to hit balls up to the cat instead of just throwing them, unless you play a whole lot tennis you can barely aim that way, that's why tennis courts are so wide
Floodinator Vor 11 Tage
That nobody brought some Ice to the Cold Blue challange.
Nerdling Vor 11 Tage
Dang, nobody got graded on how fun their task was
Brandon Sylvester
Brandon Sylvester Vor 11 Tage
10:22 he looks like my failed attempt at a clay statue in high school art class
Alec Newman
Alec Newman Vor 12 Tage
20:56 "the right pocket, no. the little key pocket, yes" lmaooo
Captain Crash
Captain Crash Vor Stunde
@AtticusDragon it's for pocket watches actually
AtticusDragon Vor 3 Tage
I had no idea that was for keys.
Aaron Kirk
Aaron Kirk Vor 12 Tage
At 42:48 they bleeped Doc too late.
CurveTheRain Vor 23 Tage
Son of a *bleep * isnt as bad as calling you a dick tho. Their censoring is all over the place!
swiss trippin
swiss trippin Vor 23 Tage
You had me at JOE WILKINSON
Catherine R
Catherine R Vor 24 Tage
Katherine is really so good at selling her results, unlike most contestants she actually tends to think about appealing to Greg and it tends to work out for her.
Milkshake Of Death
I see you changed the spelling of your first name, but I think we all know this is Katherine Ryans anonymous youtube account. Not today, Satan!
milan Vor 5 Tage
somethingsomethingDarkSide weirdo
You're only saying that because she's a girl.
Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey Vor 24 Tage
It looks like a polar bear is giving birth to Jon Richardson
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Vor 26 Tage
38:01 maldita sea uwu
Saral Minocha
Saral Minocha Vor 26 Tage
"Right pocket, no. Little key pocket, yes."
Abraham Starnes
Abraham Starnes Vor 27 Tage
"The strongest shape is a triangle."
admthrawnuru Vor 28 Tage
Today I learned "blue" means "smutty" in the Northern UK. That's hard to find even on the internet, but Cassell's Dictionary of Slang confirms it. Thanks Google Books.
Decronet Vor 6 Tage
Working "blue" is also a comedy term.
fenhen Vor 21 Tag
Gives Blue Balls a new definition, eh?
Bee Dazzle
Bee Dazzle Vor 28 Tage
For the pineapple bit, I think I would have pulled off 3-4 leaves and hidden them in random places, then just put the rest of the pineapple in a blatant place, like under my shirt. The big part is discovered quickly and then the rest of the pineapple is nearly impossible to guess the locations.
Caleb Kramer
Caleb Kramer Vor 10 Tage
Bee Dazzle ah man! That’s brilliant!
Oopss7 Vor Monat
So they let them say dick on tv, but nothing else
Tyler Quebedeaux
Jon's face when he realizes what is going on at 25:17 is priceless.
abelk918 Vor 22 Tage
Greg's face confirming his suspicion cracked me up.
nirfz Vor Monat
first task: something cool and blue: i expected someone to bring a frozen blue thermal pack...
Wolfgang Faust
Wolfgang Faust Vor 16 Tage
Or liquid oxygen!
Mikael Plahn
Mikael Plahn Vor Monat
Where is episode 5?!
Lemma Dogman
Lemma Dogman Vor Monat
Does anyone else at all think that Joe looks like a missing Beatle?
F_lloutboy Vor 24 Tage
Yes! Every time I see him I just think this
TheDarkSpion Vor Monat
For sure! I also think Tim Key had a similar look going on in Series 1
Ebony Rose
Ebony Rose Vor Monat
No! I'm out of episodes... Hurry up and post more please!
bingbongboop Vor Monat
Bring in something cool, katherine. Not cruel. Cool.
Trav Pots
Trav Pots Vor Monat
Good job
faggyringring Vor Monat
Did anyone else see Jack Nicholson in the Average white man band photo?
Lauren Vor Monat
Unbelievable that Jon got those all right. Props to him!
lapatron555 Vor Monat
Anyone else notice that Greg and Alex are holding hands at 11:44 ?
Same A.
Same A. Vor Monat
never heard of this show before, youtube recommendations doing good for once
Jay S
Jay S Vor Monat
sexual tension in the taskmaster’s tickle tablecloth™
TetrisH8er Vor Monat
In 25:42 Doc hits the keys of the typewriter in the rhythm of the William Tell Overture, foreshadowing his set task
Sam Moloney
Sam Moloney Vor 17 Tage
Nice find
Joe Vor Monat
22:35 This looks screams "Is there pineapple on my person? I'll never tell 🤫🍍😏
Regan 38
Regan 38 Vor Monat
Katherine and Jon plastic wrapping themselves had me dying
mtndew314 Vor Monat
Is there something between The Taskmaster and Alex? I noticed in once shot that they were holding hands.
eri139 Vor 11 Tage
Nah just good friends i think
Trixie Rose Cabaroc
Is there someone else here knows that patatas means potato? 😂
Beardslap Radio
Beardslap Radio Vor Monat
Doc is absolutely spot on, AWB are funky AF, and Feel no Fret is a damn cool album.
Jacob Powell
Jacob Powell Vor Monat
why bleep out asshole and not dick? Taskmaster is a big enough show to not censor anything at all, fuck youtube.
Sourabh Unnikrishnan
Killin it.
Nick Spallone
Nick Spallone Vor Monat
I think the funniest part is Greg holding Alex's hand for a large part of the episode
Katharina Vor 27 Tage
@Lauren 11:13 :D
Sai Vor Monat
YASSSS. slowly stroking it too!
Lauren Vor Monat
I didn’t even notice - timestamp?
JRDK 13 Vor Monat
Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks Vor Monat
1:42 has a bit of a weird synchronous reaction.
Nolan ZW
Nolan ZW Vor Monat
ok.. they just started the last task, and when she picked up the bag.. I was just expecting her (or someone) to put the bag on the table and say 'done'.
Travis Heidelberger
Having these to watch is really making me happy. Thanks taskmaster
Eric Vor Monat
Yesssss thank you for uploading full episodes!! I was so looking forward to this!
Bless you.
FloraWest Vor Monat
I got all the "guest" taskmasters right, too.
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