Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

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18 Sep 2022



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The Bills vs Titans game tonight is like when you go to your friend's house to play Madden and they gave you the broken controller
Johnny Awsm
Johnny Awsm Vor Tag
Its crazy how effortlessly Josh Allen lasers that ball down the field, like its nothing 😁
Harrison Hollers
What a QB! What a crowd! Go Bills!
Charles Leduc
If there's a city that deserves such a team, it's Buffalo. Go Bills from Ottawa!!!!
Thomas Ralabate
Josh is the real deal, with a strong supporting cast. The man is focused, determined, talented and humble. Buffalo, let’s dream big, be grateful, win often, and go all the way.
Jesse Pinkman
As a Panthers fan, I'm really glad to see how much this team has come around from the last couple seasons. Best of luck for the rest of the season and keep the great work Buffalo. You guys deserve this!!
Izzy Jewel TV
Absolute dominance. The Bills are exactly who the world predicted them to be so far. Two blowout victories in a row.
CoryFPS Vor Tag
As a Bill's fan I just want to give respect to the Titans, with 45 secs left in the half, After the worst injury of the night, The Titans let the clock run out to let everyone get their bearings back for the 3rd qtr. Thank you.
Stephen Blakely
I can’t there was only one college that wanted Josh Allen. He’s unbelievable
Son K-Rays
Son K-Rays Vor Tag
The Bills are so much fun to watch. Both the offense and defense are exceptional. Love watching this team!!
Jeremy Hinton
Man Buffalo looks unstoppable this season. So much fun to watch. I don’t know I had the same feeling in 2013 about Seattle, this team is very special. My team is going to get Annihilated by them in week 5 if we keep playing the way we are lol. Go win the Super Bowl this year Buffalo!
AH25 Vor Tag
Josh Allen to Diggs is just unstoppable 🔥🔥
idk Vor Tag
As a Titans fan, congratulations to the Bills. They’ve more than lived up to the hype so far, and are clearly the class of the NFL. Also, I hope Jackson and Hyde get well soon!
Abandoned Explained
As a colts fan, I think Tennessee should keep playing like this all year! Good work titans
Joseph Norris
I was there last night and it was great. I love how, even when Josh Allen makes mistakes, he lets them go and quickly moves on. It just shows that he is human, just like everyone else.
Mostafa ahmed
We have not seen this fan happiness since the Kelly’s & reed’s time!!!my hearts is full of joy with a happy tears!!!!
wouzi Vor Tag
Bills defense is impeccable 👏👏👏
RJ Vor Tag
It’s sad that I’m wanting Buffalo to win the SB more than my own team… this team is actually insane and they deserve it
Max Ahissou
Max Ahissou Vor Tag
This crowd and their energy is unbelievable.
Jonathan Mayes
Starting to look like the Bills from the early 90's. Just complete dominance.