TERRIFYING Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel Halloween

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Get your Limited Edition Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel Merch HERE ► bit.ly/3QYwcRJ

Thank you for your patience, Helluva Boss SOON!



20 Sep 2022



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TokuNerd & More
You know it's kinda interesting how Loona has the least amount of screen time in Helluva Boss yet she has possible the most amount of merchandise centered around her.
Someone Who Loves Hazbin Hotel Mand Helluva Boss
I like how Vivziepop really knows their viewers. And how most of them will shamelessly lewd the characters and take full advantage of that.
Someone Who Loves Hazbin Hotel Mand Helluva Boss
They’re really out here selling softcore of their characters to fund their shows…I absolutely dig this energy team, you go get ‘em and take as long as you need for 'Helluva. Boss'.
I think there is a limit to how much merch is allowed to exist for a show that only has one episode, and I think Hazbin Hotel is approaching that limit.
You honestly should get these announcers to become official new charatcher for the official Hazbin Hotel at one point cause they deserve alot better!
Someone Who Loves Hazbin Hotel Mand Helluva Boss
I really like how every sale they give the narrator more character And background information about them.
mxgicys :0
you don’t know how loud i’m screaming and crying inside because of this video and how i can’t afford anything here
Your Average Miata
Loona needs a full episode to herself and more screentime
Love all the merch
Seeing hazbin hotel and hellava boss characters together makes me want to see these guy have a crossover where they fight alongside each other again the humans.
Dr. Rubbertail
My wallet, my wallet cries "Noooo."
The character designs of those witch keychains are having me wish we got a whole Halloween-themed series in Vivzie's style. Either way this merch is amazing.
Krystal Myth
Sometimes I think Hazbin Hotel has been released and I'm the only one that missed it somehow.
I really like how you guys emphesize the
Jay Wolfe
I’ve never seen anyone monetize one season of a show SO hard before.
The Commenter Dragon
This makes me hope that they'll consider doing a Halloween special for Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel in the future, they probably never will but it's a nice thought imo.
Ryan Deschanel
Merch based on a series, but without series... How innovative!
James Putterlik
The new merch looks amazing as always. Surprised we didn't get one with Paimon going "How bout you cease this b*
Unfortunately Unfunny
Remember how in episode 2 Moxxie was complaining about the price of merchandise in Loo Loo Land and it was supposed to be a joke, but their merch, such as the pins are just as much as Disneys.
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