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Model Y Spottings - 1:15
Inside the Secret Tesla Crash Lab - 3:28
Epiroc will be all Electric in 5 years - 4:16
Green Cab Company Goes Electric - 5:04
PA to Tax EVs - 5:25
Another Tesla Vandal Turns Himself In - 6:59
Coal Mines Going Bankrupt - 8:49
What Causes Whisker Growth - 10:48
Uniti One Specs & Price - 12:25
ClimateXChange - 16:07
Entry Level Porsche Taycan 4S - 17:54
Tesla Model 3 ‘Track Package’? - 20:51
Model 3 U.S. Delivery Times Extended - 21:50
Model 3 Range & Price Increases - 22:30
Tesla FSD Price Increase - 23:03
New Model 3 Performance Wheels - 23:41
Volvo XC40 Unveiled - 24:10
Uber & Bird to Enter E-Moped Market - 25:46
Could This be the Tesla PU Design? - 28:06
Model Y Spottings
Epiroc will be all Electric in 5 years
Green Cab Company Goes Electric
PA to Tax EVs
Another Tesla Vandal Turns Himself In
Coal Mines Going Bankrupt
What Causes Whisker Growth
Uniti One Specs & Price
Entry Level Porsche Taycan 4S
Tesla Model 3 ‘Track Package’?
Model 3 U.S. Delivery Times Extended
Model 3 Range & Price Increases
Tesla FSD Price Increase
New Model 3 Performance Wheels
Volvo XC40 Unveiled
Uber & Bird to Enter E-Moped Market
Could This be the Tesla PU Design?

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Now You Know
Now You Know Vor 29 Tage
Timestamps: Model Y Spottings - 1:15 Inside the Secret Tesla Crash Lab - 3:28 Epiroc will be all Electric in 5 years - 4:16 Green Cab Company Goes Electric - 5:04 PA to Tax EVs - 5:25 Another Tesla Vandal Turns Himself In - 6:59 Coal Mines Going Bankrupt - 8:49 What Causes Whisker Growth - 10:48 Uniti One Specs & Price - 12:25 ClimateXChange - 16:07 Entry Level Porsche Taycan 4S - 17:54 Tesla Model 3 ‘Track Package’? - 20:51 Model 3 U.S. Delivery Times Extended - 21:50 Model 3 Range & Price Increases - 22:30 Tesla FSD Price Increase - 23:03 New Model 3 Performance Wheels - 23:41 Volvo XC40 Unveiled - 24:10 Uber & Bird to Enter E-Moped Market - 25:46 Could This be the Tesla PU Design? - 28:06
TasteMyStinkhole Vor 20 Tage
Hmmm, clearly Musty Musk poached the Prius designers for the Model Y.
George Fenrich
George Fenrich Vor 27 Tage
9:00 I thought we were shipping our Coal to China?
Ovidiu Marcu
Ovidiu Marcu Vor 28 Tage
Please put time stamps for all the video. Thanks in advance
Gyri Sulcie
Gyri Sulcie Vor 28 Tage
Pictures or it didn't happen 😀
larrywave Vor 28 Tage
You can already order xc40 in finland and deliveries are expected to take place fall/winter 2020
Tyrane Lewis
Tyrane Lewis Vor 2 Tage
How and why does Porsche use the word Turbo on Taycan if its Ev?
Scott Vor 3 Tage
To make matters worse, it seems the individuals keying Teslas have all been adult men. A couple other keying videos I watched the guys had to be 40+ yrs old.
Parashar Krishnamachari
Regarding the PA Tax -- I get that the uneven taxation is something that is unreasonable, but given that the tax is levied to counteract the absence of otherwise paid gas tax in order to pay for roads and road maintenance, I don't quite get why you're bringing CO2 emissions into the picture. The CO2 emissions is irrelevant to the actual existence and need for maintenance of roads, and EVs, irrespective of emissions are not going to _use_ the road less often. Sure, I agree that they ought simply tax them at a rate that is more or less equivalent to what they would otherwise be paying in gas taxes for that class of vehicle (or come up with some other equivalent way to tax EVs like taxing public chargers per kWH), but no matter how you figure it, equivalent CO2 emissions is not a variable in that equation.
Parashar Krishnamachari
I'm not really disputing that, and I also agree that if the goal was to collect the revenues lost by *not collecting* a gas tax, then it also would have made sense to levy a tax that was in the same ballpark as they would have collected from an ICE vehicle in the same class (unless of course, there was also a corresponding gas tax hike). I'm just saying that as long as the target for the funds is simply paying for road maintenance and construction, emissions aren't really relevant. I'm just asking why you brought that up. Now you can argue that there might have been big oil interests who lobbied for the elevated tax on EVs, but even that is a motivation for which emissions isn't really a consideration, so it's irrelevant once again.
Now You Know
Now You Know Vor 3 Tage
There's a reason alcohol and cigarettes are taxed heavily. It's to disincentivize their use. The same could be used here with the gas tax as we transition away from fossil fuels.
Jay Lane
Jay Lane Vor 5 Tage
Tesla powered by the Musk of hamsters.
Ryan Vor 9 Tage
Yeahhh I live in Austaralia, so my 2 superchargers away is sydney (i.e 800km away) some of us a sorta stuck to our local area until the network arrives.
Commenter Person
Commenter Person Vor 10 Tage
36:53 he has better things to do, that's why.
Vincent Romeo
Vincent Romeo Vor 12 Tage
Actually, an average ICE car (say 30mpg) driving 10,000-15,000 miles a year, pays $190-$255 a year in PA gas tax. So the $250 is not out of the realm of reality.
Ivan R
Ivan R Vor 13 Tage
The tax’s guys in UK for Tesla model S 75D is £320 Plus for over £50 000 means luxury car “£2000” The last is only one charge but still. I can’t believe
Peter Conway
Peter Conway Vor 13 Tage
Junk channel
Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab Vor 14 Tage
With each discharge / charge cycle, the peaks on the plate grow and the valleys deepens. How much in each cycle depends on the battery ingredients and how deep you charge / discharge. Eventually they will reach the opposing plate and you get a short and a dead (or burning) cell.
King Saul
King Saul Vor 17 Tage
I thought someone was gonna bring back them coal jobs
Nick Borrego
Nick Borrego Vor 18 Tage
Andrew Church
Andrew Church Vor 21 Tag
Could someone please explain the ‘excitement’ of the model Y? Both Y and 3 have ugly noses, otherwise the 3 is pretty, but look at the Ys on that transport.. boxy blobs with less style than a Hyundai (the old ones). I bought TSLA stock, not sure it will go up enough to buy an S or Roadstar, those or a Taycan, I want a cockpit, I wanna driver’s car. Its like the S and Y are built to be robotaxis, ultimately to look ok without a steering wheel. That’s the plan.
Mark Roest
Mark Roest Vor 21 Tag
You said the briefcase battery is not a good idea. With today's batteries that may be the case, but with the coming ceramic non-lithium battery, with around 5 times as much capacity (kWh) per kilogram, it would be a different story!
William B
William B Vor 21 Tag
Eric Laforge
Eric Laforge Vor 22 Tage
I think i see a model y almost every day in gatineau quebec. Its not like any tesla but it has the tesla logo.
JUAN Gal Vor 23 Tage
I was like what's going on is this part of the show?? 45:44 😁/😂/🤤 -reactions
Vlado Odribozic
Vlado Odribozic Vor 23 Tage
Uniti One looks like 2010 XD. - www.topspeed.com/cars/others/2010-dok-ing-xd-ar136429.html
The Boy
The Boy Vor 23 Tage
Whats differ model Y compare to model 3? Stupid design.
Brandon Barlow
Brandon Barlow Vor 23 Tage
My 2017 Chevy Bolt was keyed for no reason
Renaldas Kedys
Renaldas Kedys Vor 24 Tage
Self driving is away at least 10 years. This is to be revised after 10 years to 50 more years. Only incompetents think self driving IN TESLA is possible ... It is not. Ant it is not working RELIABLY (key word)
Paul C
Paul C Vor 24 Tage
Idiots, if you are in London, use a bicycle.
Franklin Sharp
Franklin Sharp Vor 24 Tage
I'm the only person I know who ABSOLUTELY is not a fan. Yes the technology is cool but the look is homely bordering on looking like downs syndrome cars!
Tom Raymond
Tom Raymond Vor 24 Tage
I saw one here in the UK, in North Devon last week...
shadowdance4666 Vor 24 Tage
Car keyers are too stupid to cover their face
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan Vor 24 Tage
Hi! I run an environmental action group. I want to start selling t-shirts and buttons and such, but I’m not sure how to offset the carbon emissions. How do you do it?
Tin Yin Lam
Tin Yin Lam Vor 24 Tage
Coal goes out of business not because of renewables. It is natural gas.
Boris T.
Boris T. Vor 25 Tage
This Model looks bigger, just look at the front how large it's!
Michael Arber
Michael Arber Vor 25 Tage
As an occasional visitor to London you may have the luxury of considering other means of transport than the tube. Commuting Londoners do not have that luxury in their 5 million journeys a day. The only alternatives are busses which are largely diesel. I have tried driving an EV across London during an off-peak period, it took 3 times longer than the tube. Currently there are research projects into mitigation, avoidance and risk levels. Bear-in-mind that some lines worse than others, The Northern Line (which I use) is worst. Many lines , those above ground and the modern lines (Jubilee) using regenerative braking and screens between platforms and train lines are better. It is important that this issues is addressed but please retain some perspective. A good article about this is: www.wired.co.uk/article/london-tube-dust
Johnny P
Johnny P Vor 25 Tage
Love watching your videos, but the Tesla car keying vandal talk makes me cringe. Yes it’s destruction of someone else’s property, but calling out these people’s full names on such a large platform is a little much in my opinion. They didn’t physically endanger or harm anyone - especially for a 21 year old. Who isn’t an idiot at 21?
jay muir
jay muir Vor 25 Tage
Limp schem. Peace
FrankFrazetta Vor 25 Tage
Really tired of all the politics and climate change garbage. Can't we just buy clean technology to support the planet without some multi-trillion dollar climate tax? And I'm sure republicans didn't add an EV tax. California does not have enough republicans for that to even happen.
Tony Nalagan
Tony Nalagan Vor 26 Tage
The Pennsylvania tax is fair. It just makes Tesla owners pay their fair share towards road maintenance. But to be absolutely fair, it should be based on mileage. Base it on average gas mileage for vehicle class and tax per gallon to get tax per mile.
bkbrown5881 Vor 26 Tage
Most of those coal usage drop was replaced by natural gas. Not solar or wind.
Marc Letourneau
Marc Letourneau Vor 26 Tage
I heared again of Tesla charging stalls being blocked by ICE cars. Why not doing this: As a joke-to-make-a-point and just for the time of filming, a bunch of EV cars and/or Tesla cars could "park" at a gas station and block all stalls so they can buy some chips and goodies at the gas station store.... and the audio would make fun of the ICE car owners when they park at the Tesla stalls.
tendai blomefield
tendai blomefield Vor 26 Tage
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu Vor 26 Tage
bobbob123ful Vor 26 Tage
If a tree falls in the street and cuts power, does it make a sound?
Nut N Horse Farms
Nut N Horse Farms Vor 26 Tage
So, what happened to cause the outage?
Michael McLean
Michael McLean Vor 26 Tage
Nat.Gas is why coal is going out of biz.
BigBwoyTing Vor 26 Tage
If I owned a house or business solar and a backup battery would be a no-brainer. That was amazing how your power did not skip a beat during the blackout.
John Barbagallo
John Barbagallo Vor 26 Tage
Tree Pictures?
Ulf Asplund
Ulf Asplund Vor 27 Tage
Guys, I have never supercharged because the closest one is 2000+ miles away... That is life in the 49th state for you.
Way to "power" through to the end of the show.
Nicholas Adkins
Nicholas Adkins Vor 27 Tage
With the lower price Porsche you aren't really saying the real benefit for the buyers. Porsche ICE vehicles are not a cheap vehicle to own. If their electric vehicle is as low maintenance as a Tesla or even half as low maintenance then the buyer will realize they could have afforded the higher priced Porsche because of how much they save with the low maintenance. This should be a gateway to EVs for Porsche owners (& other VW brand owners that love Porsche) that love Porsche but could never price themselves into one. The $103,000 entry will be big for the Porsche dreamers when they figure out how cheap the upkeep is.
Eve Johnson Sanders
doesn't your car battery become part of your power wall system during an emergency? Y? Y not? How?
santiago villa
santiago villa Vor 27 Tage
is the rafle just for USA? or other parts of the world can participate...
James Hardy
James Hardy Vor 27 Tage
Hope it’s all good guys!!
Sugar Gut
Sugar Gut Vor 27 Tage
you can watch DE-vid on it Tas
Jerome Castonguay
Jerome Castonguay Vor 27 Tage
have the car alert us when a deer is near. deer kill a lot of people each year...
James Ellis
James Ellis Vor 27 Tage
awesome to see kids excited to drive electric. :)
John Alley
John Alley Vor 27 Tage
Enjoy your work guys. Correction on your reporting on coal bankruptcies in the US: Generally, (absent gov subsidies) solar + storage or wind + storage are more expensive than coal plants. What is driving coal companies out of business is actually natural gas plants, which are very cheap to build and operate. This is not the ideal news we would like, but natural gas plants pollute substantially less than coal, so it is a powerful step in the right direction.
JF F Vor 27 Tage
Sad, but the PU is probably going to fail. Ugly still matters, and from what Musk has said it's going to be ugly...
ALL Electric ⚡️
Great job Zac and Jesse! My favorite Tesla Powered 🔋 news to watch weekly 🤓
Ce P
Ce P Vor 27 Tage
im calling it now Tesla pickup will look more like a futuristic Unimog then a futuristic f150. It will be a cabover design. Most troop carriers have been cabover
Ben Verdel
Ben Verdel Vor 27 Tage
Nice show folks. Being from the Netherlands,I don't really understand the "carbonraffle" contest. You know. Like, you can win a 3000 lbs car to carry 263 lbs around ? This sounds very presidential ;-) And this by getting everyone to ride bicycles? Americans are so weird ! LOL
K Zaluski
K Zaluski Vor 27 Tage
The accent was slightly annoying... I don't talk like that.
James P
James P Vor 27 Tage
Thanks to the dog alert suggestion I now have permission to buy a Tesla (when that feature is implemented). Thank you.
vidznstuff1 Vor 27 Tage
"Moped"...motorized-PEDALED. There aren't any pedals, so STOP calling it a moped.
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