Thanos and Doctor Strange conversation at Titan|AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR

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15 Aug 2018



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ZRobbie D
ZRobbie D Vor 22 Stunden
It was yo, and it was beautiful
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor 5 Tage
People who disagree with Thanos' ideologies = 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
ZackAttack R.P.G
ZackAttack R.P.G Vor 6 Tage
Jello Sickle
Jello Sickle Vor 6 Tage
Gdot Ldot
Gdot Ldot Vor 7 Tage
**embarrassing sex moments Our grandma walked in on us 2:17
Zach Jersey
Zach Jersey Vor 8 Tage
Lol, Quill's face at 0:50 seconds. That dude is so Peter Pan-ish
Akbar Shabazz
Akbar Shabazz Vor 9 Tage
So why couldn't the so-called genius that is Doctor Strange do the infinite time loop thing to Thanos like he did to Dormammu?
Akbar Shabazz
Akbar Shabazz Vor 8 Tage
All of that is true, but because the MCU is it's own universe, and deviates quite often from the comics, I highly doubt the stones in the movie have the exact same properties and capabilities as the ones in the comics. It's almost like they twitch and tweak certain things in an attempt to make it easier for the MCU only fans to understand while still somewhat keeping the integrity of what true comic book fans such as yourself already know. My problems are deeper than that and this was just one of them I couldn't help but ask. That said, there were moments when Strange could've used the Time Stone and other avenues he could've taken such as opening a portal and sending Quill and/or Nebula somewhere where they couldn't hinder the most crucial part of the movie. Thanos in his catatonic state was a perfect chance for Strange to one of thousands of things to prevent Thanos from getting all the stones. In Endgame, Thor with his newly acquired "Thanos killing weapon", (Stormbreaker), easily chops off Thanos' arm and head. This was something that could've and should've been done in Infinity War because at that point, the main objective was to prevent Thanos from snapping his fingers. The ante was only upped in Endgame because the objective this time was to bring everybody back. The fact that Ebony Maw had powers in Infinity War that he didn't have in the comics was enough for me to know that the Russos could pretty much do anything they wanted as long as it was convenient for the plot. It's just like how they were able to bring 2014 Thanos to the present along with Gamora and TWO Nebulas, but for some reason nobody thought of just having Hank Pym make more particles, rebuild another quantum realm, and sending someone back to retrieve ANY version of Tony and/or Natasha after they perished. The whole "14 million different possibilities" thing, to me, is lazy writing to its fullest extent. If everything you say is true, and the stones Thanos already had were as powerful as you say, it should've been a wrap as soon as Thanos arrived on Titan and saw what he was up against. THAT'S my main problem. You can't pick and choose when to make a character like Thanos more or less powerful just because it plays to the crowd. This movie's version of time travel opens the door to so many more possibilities that always seem to get shutdown because of the "alternate timeline" excuse that's only ever brought up when questioning why Tony and Natasha had to stay dead and why Cap chose to live out his life and get old. These same excuses were non-existent, however, when Thanos and his entire army managed to get to 2021 with the help of BOTH Nebulas (directly and indirectly). It's also weird how Thanos seemed so much stronger in Endgame with no stones than he was in Infinity War with half of them. Yeah, these kinds of things happen, but almost never to this extent. You and I could go back in forth for years on this, but one of my 14 million different possible futures tells me the outcome would grant neither of us a victory. Cheers.
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor 8 Tage
Strange showed during his use of the Time Gem (back in his own movie) that it caused great strain to the user to interact with the temporal process. Reversing the flow of time in a local area should be a devastating strain to an individual. It also caused great strain to the fabric of reality, thus it was not recommended for daily use. Given the user of the Time Gem is altering a fundamental aspect of the Universe, it makes sense using the Time Stone should cause a great deal of physical strain upon a user. A strain made greater if you are a user who does not have access to the Power Stone’s infinite reservoir of energy. Given the Time Gem may require magical awareness or synchronicity with other gems, we are to assume the full scope of the Gem’s powers are dependent upon powerful external energy sources to manipulate time for extended periods. **THE 2 MOST IMPORTANT PARAGRAPHS** This means even if Strange thought he could use the Time Gem before Thanos could do anything else, he could not maintain a loop powerful enough to prevent Thanos from breaking free with the use of the other three gems. The strain would likely cost him his life and Thanos would still break free in the moment when the loop reset. ➡➡It is unlikely Strange, without access to the Power Stone, could possibly create any temporal trap in which he could hold Thanos, in which Thanos couldn’t use brute, reality-altering force to escape.⬅⬅👍😁
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor 8 Tage
Strange knew all of this because he used the Time Stone to view potential futures, fourteen million of them, which said: Strange used the Time Stone in any number of battles and recognized he would lose, time and time again, in every possible future but one. *IMPORTANT* So I mean it's real simple how it would all play out: Strange prepares to take out the Time Stone, hoping to capture Thanos in a time loop. But the ability takes time to focus and Thanos upon sensing the appearance of the Time Gem and the wards which protect it coming down, blasts Strange with a bolt from the power Gem before Strange can begin to utilize the Time Gem to hold Thanos frozen in a moment. Thanos picks up the Time Stone and teleports to EARTH. *IMPORTANT*Strange prepares to take out the Time Stone, hoping to capture Thanos in a time loop. Strange knowing he only has a few seconds once he opens the Eye of Agamotto, aims the Eye at Thanos, hoping its blinding magical light is enough to enthrall him while the Time Gem traps him. The Amulet explodes once Thanos is aware of the Time Gem, killing Strange and flinging the Time Gem free. With a pulse of Power Stone energy, Thanos kills everyone except Tony Stark with the first burst and even Stark with the second. Thanos picks up the Time Stone and teleports to Earth. Strange prepares to take out the Time Stone, hoping to capture Thanos in a time loop. Realizing he has to do it while Thanos remains unaware of the Stone, he summons the Images of Ikonn hoping they will mask his efforts. Multiple versions of Doctor Strange appear, each opening their Eye of Agamotto. Unfortunately the Reality Gem is aware of which version of Doctor Strange is real and Thanos turns the Doctor into a fine ash by subtracting all of his carbon atoms with the Reality Stone. Thanos picks up the Time Stone and teleports to Earth. Strange prepares to take out the Time Stone, hoping to capture Thanos in a time loop….etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, for fourteen million and sixty five permutations BEFORE he found a winner. Part 2.
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor 8 Tage
This particular trick would not work against Thanos because the only thing which could trump the capacity of a single infinity stone is another infinity stone. Thanos had three of them. The power stone: A stone whose limitless power can amplify the strength and durability of any being powerful to ensure it's touch. It can also be powerful enough to destroy a planet when used as an offensive weapon. *IMPORTANT* In this case the power stone serves it's most important function as a power source for all the other infinity gems. The Space Stone : With the power of the Power Stone behind it, even if the Time Stone was activated, the Space Stone can fold space even when time has stopped. Thus no matter what Time Stone could do, the Space Stone has the capacity to move without the necessity of needing Time to operate. Thanos can teleport away at will in no seconds. Reality-defying power! Reality: With the power of the Reality Stone, this stone can create a sliver of reality where time has no meaning! The Reality Stone creates a localized reality constant where Time is not a necessity to exist, moving outside of the flow of Time. Thanos would exist outside of the flow of Reality itself, where the Time Stone would have no easy dominion. NOW LOOK AT THIS: CAN Can this reality parsing be countered? Sure, but not before Thanos blows Strange to atoms (Power), teleports him into the sun (Space), or reduces him to carbon atoms (Reality)
AlmightyLydia Ranney
Skull Rehman
Skull Rehman Vor 11 Tage
You noticed that in the background 0:11 there was written Allah
Kanzaini Vor 11 Tage
Everton Porter
Everton Porter Vor 13 Tage
"You're much more of a Thanos." Which 'Thanos' was Doctor Strange talking to here?
God Vor 13 Tage
"was this your home?" "it was yo, and it was beautiful"
kaizoisevil Vor 14 Tage
Imagine if after Thanos explains what happened to Titan, Peter just replies "I missed the part where that's my problem."
Kawaii_ Trap
Kawaii_ Trap Vor 14 Tage
"Let me guess. Your home?" "It was at least before i fucked everything up"
Mik Moen
Mik Moen Vor 16 Tage
There's MORE than enough food to feed the entire population of the planet. The problem is of our own bullshit making. The way we access that food. Even though we have massive food production and even waste it by the ton, there are people without the financial means to acquire it. Food has a cost, and we have people who can afford to buy it and buy too much, and people who can't afford it so they go without completely. Do you understand how PISSED off I get after my Ex told me during her time at a Starbucks how at the end of the week if they didn't sell all their pastries they had to throw them out instead of give them away or donate? If Starbucks couldn't make a buck off their food then it went in the garbage.
Tauseef Sattar
Tauseef Sattar Vor 17 Tage
This guy talks with a British accent in real life but in the movie he's talking without the accent and to be able to deliver those lines with that intensity is some real superior acting skills
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor 20 Tage
To the people who disagree with Thanos' ideologies, tell me how do you live with yourself knowing you don't care about the universe and it's resources.
Kermit 5
Kermit 5 Vor 20 Tage
"The hardest choices requires the strongest wills" Me in Fallout New Vegas
Such a great character... it wasn't until Infinity War (with just Thanos alone) where I truly became invested in the MCU.
Jordan Krzywicki
Jordan Krzywicki Vor 22 Tage
1:42 Just like Wolverine and Magneto.
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 Vor 22 Tage
If your planet was dying then why not suggest finding a new one
Alucard99 Vor 23 Tage
If I'm being honest, I can completely understand why Thanos does what he does as it can eventually relate to our own planet as Earth will soon become Titan's future.
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor 22 Tage
xXCrZ uidXx
xXCrZ uidXx Vor 23 Tage
When your answer goes against the whole class and it turns out your answer is correct 1:31
xXCrZ uidXx
xXCrZ uidXx Vor 23 Tage
Ronan: *They call me a terrorist* Thanos: *They called me a madman*
Jake Curry
Jake Curry Vor 24 Tage
It’s just how civilized Strange is towards Thanos in the beginning
TabeaDerBot Vor 25 Tage
Dr.Strange: *"Oh yeah you're much more of a Thanos"* Thanos face: *"am i a joke to you?"*
Model Maker
Model Maker Vor 26 Tage
Mom: IS THAT UR ROOM?!?!? Me: 1:05
Frank Vergara
Frank Vergara Vor 26 Tage
My favorite scene in the movie.
Theendman Vor 27 Tage
Dr. Strange: Ever had any children? Thanos: One. Dr. Strange: What happened to them? Thanos: *mournful recollection* he was like most kids, always trying to carve their own path in life, he didn’t heed my teachings, went off to a dying planet to help the natives, and they carved him up and had their first meal in many moons. I went there and slaughtered every one of them. Dr. Strange: Expect me to pity you? Thanos: No, but now, at least you’ll fight and die with knowledge of why I must do it. Not clinging to your last breath in ignorance of your enemy’s purpose.
Nickolas Jackson
Nickolas Jackson Vor 27 Tage
This thanos and Dr. Strange dialogue was easily one of the highlights of this movie
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson Vor 28 Tage
Thanos' first on-screen snap (1:48): *does nothing* Thanos' last on-screen snap: *does nothing as well*
DXGaming Vor Monat
I think we can all agree that we can all relate to Thanos and understand why he wants to do it
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor Monat
shau booker
shau booker Vor Monat
This scene doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. Brolin was absolutely AMAZING as Thanos.
Brandon Gold
Brandon Gold Vor Monat
Nintendo: if we do this in the sequel, what would you do? Me: I can finally rest, and watch the sun set on a grateful universe.
NoobSkillz Gaming
I miss this thanos
cocoy martin
cocoy martin Vor Monat
0:59 "Let me Guess... Your home?" meme 1:32 "They called me a madman" meme 1:40 "Congratulations... You're a prophet" meme 2:06 "The Hardest Choices Require the Strongest wills" meme God damn
Anthony Jefferson
I finally rest...... and watch the sunrise on a grateful universe ..... THE HARDEST CHOICES REQUIRE THE STRONGEST WILLS !!!!!!!
T-65B X-Wing Fighter
Dom Ruiz 23
Dom Ruiz 23 Vor Monat
*O H Y e A*
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor Monat
If Ignacio sees this, I'm sorry dude.
Charlie Drawz
Charlie Drawz Vor Monat
It brought you face to face with A HIGH FUNCTIONING SOCIOPATH.
Kenaj Vor Monat
Thanos was the good one honestly
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor Monat
Lord Ignis Destroyer of Thots
0:06 how I walk into the club
Johnmarty :P
Johnmarty :P Vor Monat
2:15 Dr strange is a baddas
A very handsome Chilean
Am I the only one that hasn't seen this movie and don't get the references???
endertwelve Vor Monat
1:46 You know, I normally thought of this quote as merely a display of power or telling his goals. But I was so foolish, because he doesn't see what he's doing as murder like Strange said before. He literally believes that with the stones, he can end their lives with a snap of his fingers that quickly out of mercy. Thanos isn't trying to make their deaths painful, he's trying to take them out of the equation in the smoothest and least painful way possible. He doesn't believe it's genocide, he thinks he's giving them a Rapture and simply passing them on. He DOES think he's a god, but he's trying to do it out of goodness and not for the sake of power.
dumbo gumbo
dumbo gumbo Vor Monat
So thanos is sexist?
Atomic Wreck
Atomic Wreck Vor Monat
Let me guess your home ?
Kyrin Thomas
Kyrin Thomas Vor Monat
@Atomic Wreck genocide?
Atomic Wreck
Atomic Wreck Vor Monat
Kyrin Thomas Titan was like most planets too many mouth enough to go around and when we faced extinction I offered a solution
Kyrin Thomas
Kyrin Thomas Vor Monat
And it was beautiful
Kyrin Thomas
Kyrin Thomas Vor Monat
It was
Atomic Wreck
Atomic Wreck Vor Monat
What an interesting conversation
The Meme Boi
The Meme Boi Vor Monat
225 memes in one video? AWESOME!!
Not even close to trillions. According to science there are 700 quintillion planets in the know universe. If we assume every planet has 7 billion intelligent inhabitants, then we can conclude that there are 4.9 nonillion "people" in the universe. If we divide it by 2, then Thanos erased 2.45 nonillion "people", not including animals, insects, and the like. That's 245,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for reference.
In order for some to live some must die, is it not this way in the animal kingdom? How is it any different than humanity?
Rob de Brouwer
Rob de Brouwer Vor Monat
A conversation between Thanos and Dr. Manhattan is what we need. A Sad, deep, but nonetheless profoundly true conversation about life, death and the universe
SilvaZilla 88XO
SilvaZilla 88XO Vor Monat
Besides all the badass action I. This movie, this scene got me with the way we understand Thanos’ perspective despite rooting for the Avengers. If anything, getting the insight for the villain/anti-hero throughout the film only made it more impactful when compared to Endgame forcing the heroes to change and accept redemption as their only means of succeeding. Kudos to the Russo’s for making it the best two film finale I’ve seen since ESB/ROTJ
Jordy Ghesquiere
It’s so awesome when after the “I finally rest” line they tease the violin track
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor Monat
People who disagree with Thanos have no humanity tbh. Yeah if you're reading this and you disagree with him or his methods I'm speaking directly to YOU!
Nosfonader87 Vor Monat
Thanos: my planet was dying and we have a huge distribution problem! Regular people: why don’t you just...colonize other planets and make a large colony? Thanos: 😯 got me there
Straight Busta
Straight Busta Vor 13 Tage
Titan probably saw as a dictatorial act. Like what the Kree were doing. Colonizing planets and starting issues with other locals with their entitled ego's. I honestly think the Kree war with the Nova Corps was their doing. Colonization would just show other civilizations that you're ready.
bryan pascual
bryan pascual Vor 19 Tage
@Nosfonader87 Probably because when the kree started doing it to the skrulls, captain marvel started fighting the kree. Historically, it's always been easier stealing existing systems than building one from scratch
Nosfonader87 Vor 19 Tage
bryan pascual Yes exactly. In a universe that has casual interstellar travel, why couldn’t the Titans just go to other planets? That’s why I think Thanos killed his own people systematically.
bryan pascual
bryan pascual Vor 19 Tage
Like the kree were doing?
Lorenzo Baku
Lorenzo Baku Vor Monat
They called you a mad titan, not a man.
TheRock2013 Vor Monat
What’s Thanos last name?
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor Monat
He doesn't have one, Donny Cates revealed that Thanos was supposed to be called Dione by his mother (before he was born), but upon seeing him she immediately knew him to be Thanos and none other. He has no other true name.
paperfay Vor Monat
Thanos in infinity war was sympathetic in a way. I really love how they wrote him. But in endgame he felt more terrifying? I think the fact that he didnt sacrifice Gamora by his point in time made him scarier bc you can tell he held no regrets at that point and held nothing back
Seth Walker
Seth Walker Vor Monat
More terrifying? You act like he was terrifying in the first place. What was so terrifying about him?
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