The £1 FAKE GameBoy

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6 Dez 2019



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Genuine Gameplays
Genuine Gameplays Vor 6 Stunden
It has more games.... Like Simon Sais, F1 Racer, Space Shooter and others. Also if you were to cut the Mini Game Player motherboard and put it into a Game Poke shell, it becomes a pretty decent little game device.
Genuine Gameplays
Genuine Gameplays Vor 6 Stunden
Yeah, I have 3 of them. One of them is pretty modified.
fona mcjimmyjimmy
fona mcjimmyjimmy Vor 8 Stunden
there’s one like that in japan in capsule machines except they are about 70 cents
Goku Black
Goku Black Vor 14 Stunden
good for class tho
Gasper Senpai
Gasper Senpai Vor 2 Tage
デュデュdudu Vor 3 Tage
but its tiny... and cute...
Shiny Atom
Shiny Atom Vor 7 Tage
Bet has small pp
rexalert :D
rexalert :D Vor 8 Tage
in colombia we have a bigger version of this since like 2006,so for me its just a smaller version of something that already existed instead of something brand new
sky the dragon
sky the dragon Vor 8 Tage
It's a little game PlAyEr
-LjCoolGaming- Vor 8 Tage
I have seen these before
Kenneth Medina
Kenneth Medina Vor 10 Tage
If this is sold as a keychain, it l probably sell more
ArmouredLemming Vor 11 Tage
Finally, eyestrain at an affordable price!
FoxOP - 2080 og
FoxOP - 2080 og Vor 12 Tage
Glenwood coming
Amelia XD
Amelia XD Vor 12 Tage
It looks like a frickin' Tamagotchi 😐
Luka Vor 13 Tage
no way this device can't be fake
ShadowZ Vor 13 Tage
Oh my god it’s so cute and small... I would pay 25 cents for that because I don’t think £1 (is that the right symbol? I’m American sorry) is even the right price haha-
K A R M A Vor 16 Tage
I think this would be cute as a bag or backpack charm. Reminds me of a tamagotchi in that color.
Cry baby Senpai
Cry baby Senpai Vor 16 Tage
am I expensive if I'm 107 pounds?
Alexis Desiree
Alexis Desiree Vor 19 Tage
I bought an original 3DS from Japan for only $48 US
Turtle BoB
Turtle BoB Vor 20 Tage
Reminds me of the $4 smartphone featured on unbox therapy.
Ivan Quiroga
Ivan Quiroga Vor 20 Tage
play doom on it
Saincx 0m9tn
Saincx 0m9tn Vor 25 Tage
imagine modding this
Otter Vor 25 Tage
you cant buy a gameboy from a yard sale for a dollar. stop making up stuff.
Nathance Vor 27 Tage
Literally saw this video then saw it at a random store later in the day
CookieDeluxe_YT Vor 27 Tage
buying that one from ebay
Natetheninja Vor 28 Tage
There is one at walgreens and it is really fun and actually has a better screen
Mad _
Mad _ Vor 28 Tage
Get a louder mic!
Homestuck 2
Homestuck 2 Vor 29 Tage
i bought one for a friend as a budget christmas gift! then a week later i saw them in a local store for $5 usd. $5!!!!!!!!!!!
Nintendo_ Fanz
Nintendo_ Fanz Vor Monat
I found another version of this that looks like a gameboy advance at five below and it’s not that fun.. But with a bigger screen
Charlie H
Charlie H Vor Monat
that's as cheap as cheap can get lol.
이재호 Vor Monat
actually. it is wonder, some electric device can make £1. even that has battery, display, play button.
The Lemonade Milkshake
I got one at Kohls and it had a different set
uTubeNoITube Vor Monat
If he says 'literally' one more time I'm unsubbing. Ok not literally though.
NoobieGamer Vor Monat
I already buyed it before u do. 10 of them to be exact. I can say it is difficult because of the lvl1 tetris is so fast and the screen is so small that u can't catch up. And indeed because of the small buttons also.
jvaldez5 Vor Monat
Can I pick it up at dollar tree?
Wicked Gamer & Collector
1 pound handheld....... we can't complain !
The Retro Future
Too right!
RacingNut48 Vor Monat
We've got Tetris, Tetris, harder Tetris, and....oh yeah! Tetris.
Miso Mama
Miso Mama Vor Monat
i want to know too. how can mass production result in over inflated pricing?
Sad snake baking sand cake
Fake Gameboy? Lol, it’s not even pretending to be Gameboy. It’s a classic Brick Game 🤦‍♂️
Daniel James
Daniel James Vor Monat
Wait you Live in Jersey? Huh when i moved here last year to teach, didn't think it was a place i would find a youtuber. How tf do you deal with the terrible delivery times here?
The Retro Future
Hey! Just gotta wait!
Seb Peral
Seb Peral Vor Monat
Ummm Just what I needed
Ed Doyle
Ed Doyle Vor Monat
Non related to the video, I've a gameboy sp that resets if it's tapped on the back or put down on a hard surface. I suspect the power switch, however I've cleaned the switch with isopropyl alcohol, anyone have any ideas?
Robotacular Vor Monat
Could just be the battery connection. Unscrew the backplate and double check the connector.
splatube Vor Monat
I picked one of these up in a Gacha machine in Japan :o
john smith
john smith Vor Monat
So shit, who the fuck is buying that
iVirtualPlays Vor Monat
Can you review the new IPS DMG screens from China? They also have pallet and contrast control options. It looks really cool.
Rainboweegee Vor Monat
I have this. In a more cool style and mine is sqware pixles and different games like tank and stuff
Jo Michael
Jo Michael Vor Monat
Your just bad at Tetris :) did you get that for your girl ✌️
Visible_Fact Vor Monat
This little tetris boy is a cheapo because of it's price!
Orias X
Orias X Vor Monat
Video starts at 4:37 You are getting a dislike for this
Elliot Coll
Elliot Coll Vor Monat
Patrick Williams
I had a cheap game device as a child ($15 thing found at a shop) it looked like the same interface for picking a game. The top number was the game (tetris, racing, etc.) the bottom was the difficulty or a variation of the same game. It'd be great to mess around and find the other games on there, I remember enjoying them quite a lot as a child!
Mister Boi Boi
Mister Boi Boi Vor Monat
Thats worth allot for a extreme cheapskate
First Name Last Name
i have something like this but it is bigger and looks compleatly different but it has the same kind of screen with the same intro and you can select levels as well as games so this thing he showed may have more games
ChamCho124 Vor Monat
Honestly for what it is it's genuinely not bad.
Darwin for smash
He’s in uk so it’s £
Prinsipe Motions
Wtf, this is $5 in the country im on
Davide Nastri
Davide Nastri Vor Monat
If you really want to go blind get a PocketSprite :D
That Hippie Gamer
The sucky thing about being color blind is, to me that console looks blue. Which sucks because I LOVE pink
Dolce Madrid
Dolce Madrid Vor Monat
Wouldn't it cost 4? Since the shipping was 3?
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong Vor Monat
Stop with the click baitery, thats a game poke and they've been around for over 20 years, love em great for having on a keyring for a quick game of tetris on the bus
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