The 47 SCARIEST Minecraft Mysteries of ALL TIME!

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5 Aug 2022



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Warawasa oh o
Matpat had already done the ancient builder theory. He has a whole list of them
Jelly YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe the reason the structures are so spread out is because either they are built from different groups of ancient builders or they used horses
To make basalt, you need soulsand, ica and lava. A man made ice bomb could've been sent to the neather, to try and convert it to the overworld. But unfortunately, it went wrong.
ThatBookReader Vor 14 Tage
Ancient debrie scrap could be the “bark” of the “tree”
In the mystery of Steve, it actually makes sense, because maybe the "original" minecraft players only had hardcore. And when u die in hardcore... theres an option of "spectate world"
clara friese
clara friese Vor 16 Stunden
i think that for disc 11, a player was running from the warden and that is why its broken, because the player got launched into the air at the end, then maybe the aincent builder from minecraft story mode found the disc and that is why its obtainable. i think it was also a hint to the warden before it was released. maybe the player was recording being chased by a corrupted warden from the radiated nether or something
the "death anhk" is actually originally an ancient Egyptian symbol, still called an anhk, that the Pharaoh's used that means, I think, something like the afterlife or the feald of reeds. witch to me makes a lot more sense because it's in the desert
SeaTurtle0904 Gaming
Also for #12 that actually makes sense because if anyone has watched story mode you would remember they could kill the elder dragon so they used commands so they used prototypes to see if they could do it makes sense but I still think it’s just game design lol
Northstar prime anims
Maybe at the end of the c418 disc when you hear the sound the warden sucking up the said player or person the disc got sucked up to breaking the disc into bits and bobs, only identifying the biggest part which is the only part we have of the c418 disc,with the remaining parts of the disc still inside of the warden, a possible reward for seceding your task on slaying the warden you could get the remaining parts of the c418 disc and there would be more to the track. Possibly telling more about the warden and how they suck up the souls.
Calixo Vor 14 Stunden
Sussy Axolotl🇺🇦
Minecraft lore: Pigs started out in the nether. Overtime they grew into piglins. The nether was a lush place full of life and nature. An enderman teleported into the nether and started taking blocks. The piglins hired piglin brutes and made mechanical beings called ghasts. They had to build a portal to get rid of the enderman because he kept teleporting away. They continued civilization by building bastions and fortresses with lava creatures and the wither and his skeletons. The enderman told all of his friends about this, and invaded the nether. They blew up parts of the bastions and fortresses (that’s why they look all broken.) It was to late. The population of the nether drastically decreased. Lava spilled everywhere and rotted the trees which then turned into anchient debris. The piglins wanted revenge. The pigs (which are the larval state of piglins) were taken to the overworld so they would be safe from anymore endermen. The piglins noticed a portal in the nether and went through it to the end. After they went they destroyed it. They built a mechanical dragon to make sure none of the endermen ever came back. They rebuilt a nether portal and went back home. The piglins went to get their children but could not find them. The difference in oxygen and pressure changed their skin, and the pigs couldn’t grow. They came back sad when they learned their kids wandered off. The nether. Once a lush forest. Now burned to a crisp. Only part of the forest remains.
Bruce Mainka
Bruce Mainka Vor 23 Stunden
You can use basalt and Blackstone to make stone tools
Pranav Singh
you can see the blood golem
Dath Mach
Nice seeing all these previous videos put together
He never fails to entertain us
impostor or crewmate?
Loverfella: no mod or resource packs
Tyler Burgess
The Endermen particles are to show that they can bend reality and teleport to other dimensions, just like a nether portal bends reality to teleport you to different dimensions, According to a designer
Poppy supper
Poppy supper Vor Tag
I’m so glad I found this video I saw the white enderman on my server but I went to the farlands and found it I was turned into hardcore it killed me but please test my theory
Fire Heater Games
and also for number 42 the wardens heart also looks like the particle that comes from from soil speed enchantment on soil sand.
Thomas Zou
theory: wither skeletons aren't just any player that died in nether fortresses in hardcore, they were SPEEDRUNNERS in hardcore