The Best Accidents and Pranks from Scotland | The Grand Tour: Lochdown

The Grand Tour
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The trio had a lovely drive planned through the Scottish countryside, but (as usual) it didn't quite go exactly to plan. There were broken-down cars, upside-down caravans and water-based pranks. Watch The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown now on Prime Video.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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3 Aug 2021



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The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour Vor 5 Monate
Do you think James enjoyed his time in Scotland as much as Jeremy or Richard?
MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara")
Definitely yes
Yash Vashistha
Yash Vashistha Vor 2 Monate
Minute 6:38, James: "You're gonna have to give me a heafty shove and keep going." Clarkson: "Here I cum" 🤣👍🏻
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw Vor 4 Monate
Now that was the funniest moments. 😂😂😂
Chris Vor 4 Monate
Who cares.. this whole thing was staged and it is getting pretty old.. It is time to find better writers and bring back reviewing cars..
replikvlt YouTube
replikvlt YouTube Vor 4 Monate
Mile Vor 5 Monate
James’s getting washed away is hilarious
some one
some one Vor 14 Tage
@Vladpryde so what
Bill Morley
Bill Morley Vor Monat
Automation Vor Monat
@James R If you don't like scripted stuff, then you also hate video games and other TV shows and movies.
J Man
J Man Vor 2 Monate
Ikr, absolutely hilarious
Atheist Orphan
Atheist Orphan Vor 2 Monate
I’m sure he doesn’t spell his name with an unnecessary apostrophe.
hiddenbutdeadly Vor 5 Monate
So, Hammond somehow managed to roll a vehicle travelling 0 miles an hour...
FoxyNerd1994 Vor Monat
That man can achieve ANYTHING wierd or dumb by not doing it!
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin Vor Monat
Hammond again? No wonder he often comes back home in ambulance.
Painkiller Jones
And a boat!
JT Labuschagne
JT Labuschagne Vor 4 Monate
Hamsters do like to roll
eduardogarcia732 Vor 5 Monate
At least he didn't end in a hospital bed
Nqobile Mpabanga
Nqobile Mpabanga Vor 5 Monate
The day the boys retire will be a sad day all over the world.😭😭😭
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin Vor Monat
It would be an International Mourning Day for the fans of these three blokes. Me included. Until then, let's laugh on them as much as we can.
Goggles Tigerkhan
Goggles Tigerkhan Vor 2 Monate
i don't think they'll retire unless they have no choice. they love doing this way too much.
It’s Me
It’s Me Vor 5 Monate
Jeremy has already retired for sure and started farming, which kind of went successful he made 110.50 pound in a year 😆
IrishGirl Vor 5 Monate
God I don't want to think about it 😭
Suvethanan Kalidhas
Suvethanan Kalidhas Vor 5 Monate
Of course
Polish Avgeek
Polish Avgeek Vor 5 Monate
"Uhh, Hammond, I've got an idea, there's literally nothing we can do" Classic Jeremy.
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin Vor Monat
A very praiseworthy way of saying 'I cannot and will not help you'.
Imam Agung Setiawan
Imam Agung Setiawan Vor 3 Monate
And moment later, hammond car was also stuck
Abdalmajed Khalid
Abdalmajed Khalid Vor 5 Monate
Wich episode and season is this?
Ken Lee
Ken Lee Vor 5 Monate
"So let's go ahead and have a look at that spiky building up there?". Camera pan to some random building miles away.... Me: 😆🤣 idk why am I laughing at that.
Pure gold. 😂❤️
Tremaine Oliver
Tremaine Oliver Vor 5 Monate
I love Jeremy's ending "we will be back. We don't know where, we don't know when but we will. Goodbye"
derek sue
derek sue Vor 17 Tage
@Finley Siebert No, the door literally opens as he touches the handle. You realize the amount of pressure exerted by the water on the door inside the caravan will cause the water gush outwards the instant the handle is moved.
derek sue
derek sue Vor 17 Tage
@Vladpryde Oh really, Amazon fucked it up. The moment you said james feet was cgi, I realized your're being ludicrous. Like, how in the world was that cgi to you. He does not slide before the water hits him, he literally slides as the water hits him. And the water is literally rushing at his feet from he front. Of course he's going to lose balance and fall backwards. You get it?
Vladpryde Vor 2 Monate
@Hunter G103 Firstly, if you watch carefully, he begins to slide BEFORE the water actually hits him. Secondly, the way the water hits him and how he falls doesn't even make sense.....he would fall forward, not lift a leg and fall backwards awkwardly. It's CGI. Get over it.
Hunter G103
Hunter G103 Vor 2 Monate
@Kai Huh?? A simple fall backwards? He’s 51 not 85 😂
Hunter G103
Hunter G103 Vor 2 Monate
@Vladpryde It’s not CG he changed walking speed. If the CG was that bad you’d see it in the fall. Not to mention a stunt like this wouldn’t even require CGI in any way shape or form. You’re not in the minority, you’re just wrong.
Reg Sparkes
Reg Sparkes Vor 5 Monate
This is the second time I've seen that 'dirty' trick of the boys filling James' trailer with water and I still nearly choked with laughter!
Joseph Lyon
Joseph Lyon Vor 5 Monate
That was absolutely hilarious
Benn87 Vor 5 Monate
@Peter Phillips That's how I see it too. The cars are actually a secondary matter for me. My focus is more on the chemistry between the 3 "boys".
Benn87 Vor 5 Monate
@Peter Phillips I think even if it wasn't their best episode, the 3 are still better than 90% of the series that are on TV....
Matthew Quinn
Matthew Quinn Vor 5 Monate
@Reg Sparkes take it easy ;)
Reg Sparkes
Reg Sparkes Vor 5 Monate
@Matthew Quinn Ah well, to each his own " Mate"! I guess this is why there are forks in the road, you take that one,... I'll go down this one! Enjoy your day!
Mata Vor 5 Monate
James opening the caravan to be washed away is one of the all time great moments
oldfrend Vor 5 Monate
nah i think when he built that fish tank in the back of his car and it kept spilling on his head as he drove was better XD
Syed Bilal Nafees
Syed Bilal Nafees Vor 5 Monate
Have to say this episode was actually quite good. Very entertaining
derek sue
derek sue Vor 17 Tage
@Chris Oh Boohoo
Lewis Veitch
Lewis Veitch Vor Monat
yeah i didnt really enjoy this episode there wasnt many funny moments and they didnt really represent scotland very well
Anshuman Bisarya
Anshuman Bisarya Vor 4 Monate
From season 4, only Seamen was entertaining, genuinely it was a great episode, thoroughly enjoyed it, it seemed like old TG special. Madagascar was good as well but the treasure hunt plot was straight up ridiculous. this is not a kiddies's show. TG Africa spl plot wasn't that realistic as well but the drive and adventure was so good and so brilliant that the plot didn't matter. This spl was not that good, I had such high hopes that American cars would be featured but yeah wasn't that entertaining. I hope in other specials, they go on some epic journey with some great cars and genuinely capture the adventure aspect. Beach Buggy episode was also good, I have watched it lot of times because it was such a great adventure. So from these "specials" I hope that some great adventure is done. This special can be excused because it was filmed under such unprecedented times so I appreciate them for filming this but yes, it wasn't that entertaining for me.
Chris Vor 4 Monate
It was horrible.. Stack it up against all the others and it was at the very bottom... Lazy writing and predictable outcomes..
mrgreengenes04 Vor 5 Monate
It may not be the best special, but it was still entertaining. It felt more like segments from a regular episode strung together, as opposed to a regular special. Given the circumstances during filming, that's to be expected.
koen Vor 5 Monate
second hand car challenges are the best. Please do more of these adventures with older cars.
Kona Vor 29 Tage
as someone who has an old car, i can understand why they don't do too many of these xD as fun as they are to drive they can be quite a pain, especially automatics, which they always seem to use.
Judokast36 Vor 2 Monate
Ahhh was that what this is? Makes alot of sense now.
Walter Fielding
Walter Fielding Vor 5 Monate
Especially American 70s cars which nobody makes fun of whatsoever. Of course British 70s cars aren't much better are they?
T Groeneveld
T Groeneveld Vor 5 Monate
''Hammond's gone upside-down again!'' the rallying-cry of Hammond's entire career.
Cycling Nut
Cycling Nut Vor Monat
Would make a great t-shirt
Muck006 Vor 5 Monate
Maybe they need to get him when they have trouble rolling a James Bond car next time?
Fraser Gibson
Fraser Gibson Vor 3 Monate
Jeremy losing his caravan and the reaction from James is the funniest bit in this imo
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Vor 5 Monate
Hammonds little laugh when he's filling up the caravan with water 🤣🤣
Fix It-Felix Jr.
Fix It-Felix Jr. Vor 3 Monate
Sounds like Tigger to me @ 1:09
Johnny Cole
Johnny Cole Vor Tag
I thoroughly enjoying every show I watch with this bunch of guys on it
Wadewilsondp07 C
Wadewilsondp07 C Vor 5 Monate
This is the best episode you guys have done in years, sometimes less really is more. More of this please!
Dirty Deed Indeed
Dirty Deed Indeed Vor 5 Monate
This episode's best stuff was definitely those land yachts they drove. Utterly magnificent machines.
ToastytheG Vor 2 Monate
Bought a cherry 78 continental mark v diamond jubilee about a year ago. I think i like it better than anything on the road. Who needs horsepower? when you have S I Z E
Eisenfresser 69
Eisenfresser 69 Vor 4 Monate
I love this group 👍. Just awesome. Totally entertaining. Even back then, back in the days of Top Gear, it was always a pleasure to watch 👍👍. Greetings from a Fan in Germany
BG Hoody
BG Hoody Vor 5 Monate
This special was a return to form for the lads. Wilman said it was like something from 10+ years ago and I totally agree.
Fred Charles Krueger
This special was great fun to watch, loved it :)
Tilen JK
Tilen JK Vor 5 Monate
The best part was when Jeremy was dying laughting over Richard sinking the boat.
EDH8900 Vor 5 Monate
"If you put it in a Tom & Jerry episode, it will be absurd" I laughed at this more than I thought I would laugh
Agent NintendoNate1 the E2 Tank Engine
I'm pretty sure the cat-and-mouse duo might have heard that, but I don't give a toss, that remark is hilarious!
TheColosiss Vor 5 Monate
Jeremy's Lincoln is actually one of my favorite American boats. My friend has had one for over 20 years. Very nice cars if you can handle the 2 degree turning radius...
Enzomidge Vor 5 Monate
For nearly 20 years, I've always referred to them as the automotive version of Compo, Clegg and Foggy. And rightly so. The chemistry, cocking about and of course, the pranks is what gives us a reason to tune in on their daft, schoolboy antics. Long may they continue to entertain us.
RhodosGuard Vor 5 Monate
It's high praise that, as someone who has 0 interest in cars or how they work, the grand tour is something I'm constantly looking forward too.
Consider The Wildflowers
“Jeremy, did you know your car is talking” actually had me laughing out loud, not gonna lie 😂😂
Five Rivers
Five Rivers Vor 3 Tage
"I'm arse down, I can hardly see a thing". Been there Jeremy! 😂
William Glass
William Glass Vor Monat
I just watched it yesterday and the part where May got swept away in a torrent, and when Clarkson’s entire tow bar and trailer sailed into a ditch had me crying from laughter.
Trevor Irvine
Trevor Irvine Vor 5 Monate
I watched the whole episode and I am still here on DE-vid watching the highlights! These guys make me happy!!!
Svpracer98 Vor 5 Monate
Overall this was good. The three of them making a mess of the most basic things will never fail to entertain
MainGoldDragon Vor 3 Monate
I am honestly surprised at how well sealed it was for the water to not leak !!
Ryan Storey
Ryan Storey Vor 5 Monate
This episode was a lot better than i was expecting given the circumstances. The setting was bit boring for me as i live in UK but they made it work so well. Can't wait for the next one
snavis Vor 5 Monate
They made it work so well they had to script every single "spontaneous" event from the pranks to the crashes.
Mal Tyrer
Mal Tyrer Vor 5 Monate
You kinda know lots of this is scripted, but James looks like he genuinely wasn’t anticipating that tsunami! Best part fall ever 🤣
Craig Heath
Craig Heath Vor 5 Monate
Pure comedy gold when James opened his caravan door
David Ringo
David Ringo Vor 5 Monate
This was probably the best episode of this season so far i think. You guys really delivered!!
Mathushan Visagaratnaiyar
When Jeremy lost his Caravan in the trails I was on the floor 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Ignatius Lu Cheng Poh
Really wishing u guys can do one episode a month.I only subscribe to Prime Video when u guys have new episode. Really missing when there is once a week from you guys before
Norse Myn
Norse Myn Vor Monat
Anyone watching this also think Jeremy is doing an excellent yet unintentional impression of Frank Cannon in this big blue road boat 🚢?
James DellaNeve
James DellaNeve Vor 5 Monate
The key advantage to these old, bad cars was the V8s. They only ever used a fraction of the horsepower and hence lasted forever. Rust in the Northeast US was always an issue.
NoRemorse Woodworking
If they only ever used a fraction of the horsepower, why do/did they then use such insane amounts of fuel?
Star Trucker
Star Trucker Vor 5 Monate
Bruh the 8.0L engine in James' car put out 200 horsepower. You'd need all of it to pull that big body down the road.
Mycroft sanchez
Mycroft sanchez Vor 5 Monate
This has to be the best piece of TV broadcast this year! I loved it and laughed so many times. BTW, how did the Americans get such little power out of those massive engines?
Mycroft sanchez
Mycroft sanchez Vor 4 Monate
@AJ Pixels Thanks AJ, I always wondered that. Just shows how little the law makers understood, rather like the clowns over here that run the UK and the EU. Such a waste of a nice 6.0 or greater V8.
AJ Pixels
AJ Pixels Vor 4 Monate
It's all thanks to the "oil crisis" mixed with emissions controls Basically lawmakers believed that fast cars used more fuel, so they wanted total revs limited and the catalytic converters fitted in a way that choked the exhaust. Basically the engine had to be made huge to account for the low revs, which made the fuel burn less efficiently, which made them route more exhaust through catalytic converter, thus killing the overall horsepower.
dilfs. Vor 5 Monate
James not having a good time is always the best😭💀
Rafael Joseph
Rafael Joseph Vor 5 Monate
We want a deleted scenes cut!
Fairfax Video Mk.2
Fairfax Video Mk.2 Vor 5 Monate
Call it a "James May" Cut with all the "boring" bits included.
Mel W
Mel W Vor 5 Monate
Yes, please!
R A G E . E X E
R A G E . E X E Vor 5 Monate
Jeremy is literally filming him when he says we can always tell him the roof was leaking
Avatarbee Vor 3 Monate
Taped it for blackmailing purposes.
Nikki Harrison
Nikki Harrison Vor 2 Monate
I love these 3 together and I have been watching their shows since they first started. I live in the united states and I watched BBC TOP GEAR every day. My kids couldn't believe I was watching a show about cars. I love old muscle cars and classic cars. However GRAND TOUR they finally really got to be more of their self and I laughed my ass off loving every minute of it. Bring it on boys I'm ready for more.!!!
these guys have had the best job in the world for years :)
Luka Smolčić
Luka Smolčić Vor 2 Monate
Hammonds gone upside down again....literally crying of laughter on that one...instant classic hahah
Benn87 Vor 5 Monate
I am surprised that the caravan withstood the pressure of the water so well.
Reiwas Vor 5 Monate
because it was staged, i am sure they waterproofed it
FPSPwny Vor 2 Monate
3:56 One of the greatest cinematic moments in the history of British television.
David Payne
David Payne Vor 5 Monate
Would love to see a GT special with Mike b and Tiff. Travelling across alaska
Cindi Warnier
Cindi Warnier Vor 5 Monate
Hammond's giggle gets me every time!
Ricardo Mon Vonalot
Ricardo Mon Vonalot Vor 5 Monate
TGT is essentially Last Of the Summer Wine in Cars.... And I love it! Clarkson makes a great Foggy. May is an ideal Clegg and Hammond only needs a Nora Batty to chase to be Compo.
Ionut Trandafir
Ionut Trandafir Vor 2 Monate
Legendary trio!!! Classic!👍
A. Ryan
A. Ryan Vor 5 Monate
"Hammond's gone upside down again!" lmao
Jusuff Vor 2 Monate
@snavis apparently that wasn't scripted
snavis Vor 5 Monate
What's even hilarious, but not really, is you can tell he flipped it on purpose.. 🤦‍♂️
Ameya Dandgawhane
Ameya Dandgawhane Vor 5 Monate
"Oh that's hilarious" -said Jeremy calmly.
HarrisLondon Vor 5 Monate
Hammond childlike giggles of joy are hilarious 😄
David Ringo
David Ringo Vor 5 Monate
When James gets knocked over... it looks like he goes to try and get up and then just has a moment of "fuck it, im already wet... I may as well just lay here and let it happen" *PRICELESS*
Mongo Boogie
Mongo Boogie Vor Monat
When James May laughs at something you know it's truly funny! Basically because James is less emotional than a totally emotionless robot from the future 😂😂😂🤖🤖🙈🙉🤖
David Ringo
David Ringo Vor 5 Monate
I just want to say. When James opened the door to his caravan..... i rewatched that several times.... and i might have died of oxygen deprivation had i kept it up.
IWantTheMoonBack Vor 4 Monate
James May getting knocked over by a wall of water is one of the best things ever committed to tape! 😂😂
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson Vor 2 Monate
The funniest trio…In the world
Harry Williams
Harry Williams Vor 5 Monate
Watching Jeremy literally ‘ROFL’ is unbelievable
Al Ebnereza
Al Ebnereza Vor 5 Monate
There’s honestly no funnier show in existence. Prove me wrong. 😂
Jon Hollingsworth
Jon Hollingsworth Vor 5 Monate
Would like to have seen what would have happened if James had driven away and not noticed what the others had done. Pitty he did checks.
Trip Cru
Trip Cru Vor Monat
I have to say this was by far the least ridiculously over the top special of the trio in the grand tour and it was as entertaining as the best specials ever done on TG. Very much a return to the familiar recipe that made the world love these three British explorers... immensely enjoyed it and simply cannot wait for the next special...
Aisha Maqsood
Aisha Maqsood Vor Monat
James' cow caravan was actually amazing
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson Vor 5 Monate
It never gets old watching these clips, we had so much fun but it was so wet.
sharon Rider
sharon Rider Vor 5 Monate
We want all these on DVD 🤣 bloody brilliant
Emma Lundberg
Emma Lundberg Vor 5 Monate
Loved it! So funny!!!
Rautaman Vor 5 Monate
James was lucky not to hit his head while opening that door of the filled caravan. He has already done that in that one famous car program.
Martijn ten Veldhuis
I just noticed Jeremy was leaning against the caravan while hammond is uncoupling it, he probably intentionally flipped it xD
Alfa Fanta
Alfa Fanta Vor 5 Monate
Maybe it is not the best but I have a good fun watching this entire episode
henry shu
henry shu Vor 5 Monate
Just finished watching The Lochdown, and it's sensationally good!
... Vor 5 Monate
Man I love how you can feel their frindship. They way Clarkson screams "Ham has gone upside down again" when the boat falls over is so unprofessional and wholesome. Also he never calls him Ham in front of the camera, if I'm not mistaken
andre lefevre
andre lefevre Vor 5 Monate
Will, have to watch it a second time. My initial reaction was disappointment. Aside from the classic prank of flooding James's caravan this appeared the weakest of the season 4 specials.
Con the christmas elf
I took my 59 Edsel up the applecross road we had the exact same views as grand tour only difference was I have a 6 cylinder so struggled with power on the hairpins . But well worth the trip
Sian J
Sian J Vor 5 Monate
Note to self: remember to NOT eat lunch while watching the Boyz - laughing so hard and I am now having to clean tuna mayonnaise off my laptop!! Love these guys to bits and then some!! National Treasures the lot of 'em!!
The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour Vor 5 Monate
A moment of silence for all the meals people have spat out, because of these three
Jake from Youtube
Jake from Youtube Vor 5 Monate
Am I the only one who feels this could've passed as an episode of top gear?🤣 Reminded me of the Cornwall episode
MichaelAarons1701 Vor 2 Monate
My parents busted a gut at Richard’s inept capsizing.
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Vor 3 Monate
I want series 2!
Keenergetic Vor 5 Monate
One of my favourite specials!
Mohit Alam
Mohit Alam Vor 5 Monate
Undoubtedly the best GT episode of season 4.
OldguyBadgaming Vor 5 Monate
One of my favorite specials so far
Paw X Paw
Paw X Paw Vor 2 Monate
James May opens the door to his cow on wheels and gets washed away. (I found that hilarious.) Hammond manages to get yet another vehicle upside down even while it is stationary. JC & co discover a very remote America / Chinese restaurant.
Robert Heller
Robert Heller Vor 15 Tage
Here in Canada it is required to use chains on the Hitch so trailers don' t over take you on the high way or fall off cliffs lol
Trainer Rob
Trainer Rob Vor 5 Monate
James opens the door to his trailer and an ocean starts flowing out. His reaction. Lift one foot and fall down... Lol!
Helder Ribeiro
Helder Ribeiro Vor 5 Monate
To save the humanity we need more of this!! This is a medical prescription 😂😂
Muck006 Vor 5 Monate
Humor is going to be declared to be illegal rather soon. I mean Britain already has "the right not to be offended" ... and there is always SOMEONE who will be offended by these three ... out of principle and communist belief.
🤣 the fire hose prank was genius lol
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Vor 5 Monate
"Why do they need such long hoses in fire engines?" this keeps cracking me up
Sean Melnyk
Sean Melnyk Vor 15 Tage
I wanna know more about how a Ram Pickup found it's way to a random Scotland car park
Gillgwad Vor Monat
Ils sont vraiment incroyable 😂😂😂
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders Vor 3 Monate
Hammond's looked like a Clubman Lunar Tracker. Best thing that could have happened to it - I know, I owned one.
Walter Fielding
Walter Fielding Vor 5 Monate
Well we know what they think of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's situation lol, and I as an American agree with them and most British people's opinion on that matter.
poorguycarguy Vor 2 Monate
4:33 - What if that would have happened on the A9? Hammond "well there would have been shouting". Scripted or not i love this trio and this damn show.
BaileyRob Vor 3 Monate
"Were you driving too quickly on a grav-" "Yes." "-el track?"
BOOTS Vor 3 Monate
I like how they still crash lol 😂
StigDesign1 Vor 5 Monate
LockDown was Great Episode, Really funn, Worth the Watch :D
PepeSpliff *
PepeSpliff * Vor 5 Monate
Absolutely genius filling the caravan with water I literally burst out laughing
The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour Vor 5 Monate
James May might have a slightly different opinion
Simon Ayers
Simon Ayers Vor 5 Monate
And they expect us to believe the fire truck just happened to be there with no one watching 😂😂. Still funny as hell though
Rock Rick
Rock Rick Vor 4 Monate
so apparently that part at 4:23 was not staged. that makes it even better :D
donny southwell
donny southwell Vor 11 Stunden
I doubt that camper would be air tight and not fall apart with the water
aryan mishra
aryan mishra Vor 5 Monate
if you notice carefully, you will realise that Hammond walks like a cartoon character 😂
John Daugherty
John Daugherty Vor 5 Monate
Giant American cars with small British caravans in Scotland? BRILLIANT!
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