THE BEST GERMAN FOOD | Things I never ate in America

Diana Verry
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What's your favourite German food? Here are my favorite foods that I eat in Germany, that I never ate in America ⬇OPEN ME ⬇
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hallo Zusammen, I'm Diana! I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but I now live in Berlin, Germany ☾ On my channel, I share my experiences and thoughts on living and working abroad as an expat in Germany. Thanks for your support ☮



22 Apr 2018



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Feeluck Vor 24 Tage
the easiest to pronounce 'sauerkraut' so everyone will understand you is saying "sour-crowd" its not exactly on point but close enough
Feeluck Vor 24 Tage
how can you survive living in the US without paprika chips?!?! like. isn't the US the land of unlimited flavor options in soda and snacks? also try out the style "ungarisch" by chipsfrisch. so. damn. good! best paprika chips out there
Chris Cholewa
Chris Cholewa Vor 28 Tage
i know of five supermarkets near my home that sell Hela Curry Ketchup-it comes in 4-5 varieties-mild-mittel scharf-viel scharf-middle sharp-very sharp-plus a few others!Sauerkraut-everywhere in America-every Supermarket has it,regular and Bavarian/Czech-which is sweet w/Caraway seeds.Sauerkraut is vey high in Vitamin-C ! Fresh Bread sometimes can be hard to find here-Aldi-has a great selection-so do Euro-delis.I live in a large Midwest town/suburb.But if your only option is Kroger-then youre out of luck.When Farmers Markets open up-French/Italian/German/Slavic-breads abound.French bakery items can be hard to findOriginal Croissants-the real butter/flaky ones-few and far between! I can get them,but lots of driving-to get them.such is life in Suburban America! If you want to start a business-we need bakeries ! I found Maultaschen-but no Hackepeter or Raw Pork-i forget the German name.Near my Town we have three places you can get Doner Kebabs-then im in Heaven!
Armin Repic
Armin Repic Vor 28 Tage
If it comes to Sauerkraut. Next time go to a butcher and find sauerkraut in an encasing that resembles a sausage made from plastic. This one is way better than any Sauerkraut from a supermarket. You'll see. It sure depends on where in Germany you live, but in the southern states it is amazingly good. Also here is a pro tip: Filderkraut from Stuttgart or the Sauerkraut from Alsace/France. The latter two are the best in the World.
ach nix
ach nix Vor Monat
Michael Knülle
Michael Knülle Vor Monat
Hallo you are canadian tell us germans about food in canada that will be a real nice topic
Lee Francis
Lee Francis Vor Monat
Never liked Ketsup anyway.
kl ma
kl ma Vor 2 Monate
Sauerkraut nur frisch vom Fass an der Fleischtheke im Edeka oder in der Tüte aus dem Aldi. .Alles Andere ist weichgespült.
André Bosé
André Bosé Vor 2 Monate
You have to eat the Sauerkraut in Bavaria! If you take a Trip to München, try Schweinshaxe with Sauerkraut and Bratkartoffeln!
Izzy Kat
Izzy Kat Vor 2 Monate
there is great fresh bread in the USA if someone is to stupid to buy good fresh bread that's too bad.
Knut-Hinrichq Walter
Sauerkraut wird immer im Zusammenhang mit uns Deutschen genannt, wird aber in vielen europäischen Ländern gerne genossen ! So hat auch als erster Seebär der Engländer James Cook den Skorbut bei seinen Matrosen mit Sauerkraut verhindert ! Brot hat natürlich, wie auch der Wald, bei uns einen ganz hohen Stellenwert , denn nicht umsonst sagen wir ja " In Lohn und Brot stehen" oder auch " Sich sein Brot oder seine Brötchen verdienen" oder auch " Brotlose Kunst " etc .
Lee Francis
Lee Francis Vor 2 Monate
Many Americans came from Germany, and brough alot of the favorite dishes with them.
Mad Titanja V.
Mad Titanja V. Vor 2 Monate
Very Cool Video. 👍 But its not Paprika chips you have there, thats sweet chili chips🤣,please read the logo than you will See your little Fail! ;)
Paul Y
Paul Y Vor 2 Monate
Diana! You're from Toronto. You can buy bread made by Dimplmeier Bakery at grocery stores around Toronto. Dimplmeier was a Master Baker that immigrated from Germany in 1957.
JackFate76 Vor 2 Monate
I don't think that pre-sliced bread in a plastic bag is the best Germany can offer. But if you want really good bread, come to Switzerland :-)
ABC III Vor 3 Monate
tipp try Mett-Brötchen ;)
София W
София W Vor 3 Monate
I love how some People in the Comments just focus on this one little sentence that you're vegan, and completely ignore what this Video is actually about haha.
Günther Bahnhof
Günther Bahnhof Vor 3 Monate
Edward TheJust
Edward TheJust Vor 3 Monate
The moment you said: "Vegan Currywürst," I was out.
Biggi K.
Biggi K. Vor 3 Monate
Ja Waaaaahnsinn....da hat die in Amerika nicht die Sachen gegessen, die es da auch nicht gibt....Waaaahnsinn!
lennier1 Vor 4 Monate
Müsli isn't bad, but it's combined with natural yogurt and freshly cut fruit that it really gets to shine!
Suzy Schulze
Suzy Schulze Vor 4 Monate
Sauerkraut is NOT PICKLED , it is FERMENTED !!!!
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 4 Monate
Thanks Suzy
So Ho
So Ho Vor 6 Monate
Wie die Edeka ausspricht... 😂
Jan Wollschlaeger
Jan Wollschlaeger Vor 6 Monate
Eat some "Schnitzel" or "PICK UP's"
Sebastian Nebe
Sebastian Nebe Vor 6 Monate
A real German is someone who eats: Grünkohl mit Pinkel....
Rick Evans
Rick Evans Vor 6 Monate
You americans and a lot of my fellow countrymen do not appreciate bread any more. Commercials deluded you into thinking, bread is a simple source of calories like a cheeseburger or a coke. I am from a family of peasants. My great grandpa emigrated with five brothers to the United States in 1905. Another part of my family and my direct ancestors stayed here in germany and lived a rich and sometimes very painful life here. The most important ritual he had was making a cross into the bread. Then his wife bake it. Then they ate it. Bread is life. If you had more luck, you had a potato field and the potato took the place. The potato was a gift for western society. A bread or a potato is not simple source of calories and a consumer item like a choclade bar or a bag of chips. It is a piece of culture. In germany, lots of shops offer dozens of different breads and potatoes. You will not found that much variety anywhere else in europe. In addition, germany adopted a lot of cultural variety from France to grow wine, mustard, liquors.... So almost everything you find in France (except the cheese which is a special case), you will find in germany with a very high propability and in excellent quality. And, here in Frankfurt a.M. you may pick from food of literally HUNDREDS of immigrated cultures. The food variety is fantastic and the quality is everything from cheap like shit to five star cuisine. Go to Baden-Würtemberg to find a vivid language culture (Badenser/Alleman Deutsch, Schwäbisch), the creed of german democracy, the best traditional cuisine in germany per capita (with the highest ratings and most michelin stars among all german states) - I lived four years in beautiful Baden. Or if you like to pick from literally hundreds of different beers and a vivid local traditional culture (music, dancing, dialect), then go to beautiful and very proud franconia or its competitor upper-bavaria in bavaria - both very different people ( :D )...
Druide1974 12345
Druide1974 12345 Vor 6 Monate
Try the bread with a real good Leberwurst.
Dante Vor 6 Monate
Sauerkraut was a sailor's food. Since it is very rich in vitamins, it protects against scurvy.
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 6 Monate
Oh very interesting! Thanks for watching 😊
Andreas Fürst
Andreas Fürst Vor 6 Monate
2€ are expensive? my Müsli cost 6€ for 750g, but its the best Müsli....
이파비안 Vor 7 Monate
The pronunciations at Paprika is on the A not on the I its PAprika
Rich Laue
Rich Laue Vor 7 Monate
Sourkraut is so good and I make gallons of it. Most Americans only eat it with selected dishes, but I do agree it is good with everything.
Tunicht Gut
Tunicht Gut Vor 7 Monate
Come on Barbie, this is all you know about German food? Is this a joke? Have you really ever lived in Germany? Rinderroularden, Saumagen, Spätzel, Sauerbraten, Schweinsbraten, Krautsalat, Nürnberger/Thüringer Würstel, Dampfnudeln, Laugenweck, Leberkäs, Rosenkohlauflauf, Grünkohl... never heard about that?
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 7 Monate
C’mon Barbie, let’s go party
Zitronendiktatur Vor 7 Monate
One note: what youve got there are Chili crisps. Chilli is Chilli. Paprikas are just bellpeppers.
Marie Mai
Marie Mai Vor 7 Monate
If you care for the animals. Don't be scared to call yourself a vegan. Don't let the vegan police stop you from speaking up for the animals.
freandtuber Vor 7 Monate
You can buy Curry Ketchup in the USA at the nearest ALDI in your area :) .... I think xD
Topfengolatsche Vor 7 Monate
Your bread looks like Roggenmischbrot
NEXIS981 Vor 7 Monate
Try "Küchle" with "Apfelmus", yummy :) Nice video, thumb up.
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 7 Monate
White Rose For Animals
Thank you for being vegan.
LordBritish66 Vor 8 Monate
Plant based diet??? Dismissed!
swdev245 Vor 8 Monate
Maybe as a vegan you'd appreciate my favourite salad: Feldsalat (try a google image search, if you don't know what it looks like). This is being sold during autumn and winter. Just add your favourite salad dressing like oil, salt, vinegar. Then put some oil into a pan and roast either sunflower seeds or cut one or two slices of bread into little cubes and roast those, then pour them on top of the salad. You can also add cranberries if you like.
U. Wummel
U. Wummel Vor 8 Monate
Diana Verry: There is no cumin in the Sauerkraut. Its caraway seeds. Cumin got a different taste, but looks like caraway seeds.
Timo Mueller
Timo Mueller Vor 8 Monate
Take some fries, put mayonnaise, curryketchup and chopped onions on it. Thats friet speciaal.
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 8 Monate
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh Vor 8 Monate
Uh-oh,.......It seems like you've been germanized!!! OmG......you know what that means, right? In a few weeks you'll be wearing Jack Wolfskin on every occasion and correcting people all the time, even if it serves no purpose^^.
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 8 Monate
Ahaha we’ll see! 😂😂
Jack Krum
Jack Krum Vor 8 Monate
I guess you'll never have bratwurst and Brötchen.
Apfelkind4000 Vor 8 Monate
I watch american fitness channels and they always tell you to never eat bread, because it's so bad. Took me almost a year to realize that this advice doesn't fit me as a German and that I can eat bread just fine because we have so good whole wheat bread and meanwhile I make my own bread with my homemade sourdough.
DaFaabii Vor 8 Monate
de-vid.com/video/video-oKkRS4rL6Pw.html for americans in Germany
DrachenStunde Vor 8 Monate
I agree with the Chips, legga. Meddl off loide.
Rolf Müller
Rolf Müller Vor 8 Monate
Thank you for this Video, Diana. Kesselchips are made under high heat and pressure, they are very special. I found no Place in the world, and i was travelling around the Globe, ... that could give this Bread or Brötchen. Müslie ist a cheap Product, everybody, everyone can afford it. Ketchup: They make us think, Heinz Ketchup is original american. :D One more Heintz Ketchup for the Tigers. :D
Bloodmoon Cat
Bloodmoon Cat Vor 8 Monate
Try Blutwurst..
Waylinar Vor 8 Monate
the bread you have is brown bread made with rye and wheat flour
blub Vor 8 Monate
blub Vor 8 Monate
Rosita A. Huff
Rosita A. Huff Vor 8 Monate
Try Bismarkhering Bratkatofeln und Sahnesouse....
waffenfreund Vor 8 Monate
I absolutely like this kind of videos, cuz i´m a german boy and it´s funny to see a different view of the "world" where i life every day. And this is a fresh, new vid with an attractive woman, i like ur way makin videos a lot, take care!
Cosmic86x Vor 8 Monate
Additional good vegan German food: Rotkohl, Kartoffelklöße, Bratkartoffeln, Pflaumenkompott ;-)
Silvester Langen
Silvester Langen Vor 8 Monate
Forget Heinz Tomatenketchup. Try Helo Gewürzketchup. :-)
brainfetzer Origin
brainfetzer Origin Vor 8 Monate
waffenfreund mmhh Glutamat ist beschte
waffenfreund Vor 8 Monate
HELA? Dein Ernst? Ich muss keinen Geschmacksverstärker im Ketchup haben!
brainfetzer Origin
brainfetzer Origin Vor 8 Monate
Silvester Langen *Hela Aber du hast recht.
aitammatia Vor 8 Monate
Heinz is disgusting, test next time Werder or Born
Shreekant R Nair
Shreekant R Nair Vor 8 Monate
3:04 so as a lacto-vegetarian one can get different food options in germany?? Is it not exclusively meat eating, in terms of local cuisines???
uzrdut iutfiztdf
uzrdut iutfiztdf Vor 7 Monate
the most well known traditional dishes are mostly meat dishes, but there are many options for vegetarian and vegan diets. in fact many germans are vegetarians.
robert Browning
robert Browning Vor 8 Monate
Germany has great pork and lard. Enjoy it while in German and lots of beer.
Joan Mcgilton
Joan Mcgilton Vor 8 Monate
German lunchmeat is good so I’m the bread. I love the brochens yum. My dad was in the service so I lived in spangdalem and bittaburg
Mirko Mueller
Mirko Mueller Vor 8 Monate
Just stumbled upon this video. Gotta tell you something. Even though i'm a german i don't like Sauerkraut that much. Than i made this amazing experience at the university in bremen (where i studied more than 2 decades ago) where they served me a Sauerkraut which i fell in love with instantly. Very light sour and not too sweet at the same time. I continued to ask how they do it until they finally told me. Maybe you're interested in this. Here's the recipe: Get the cheapest Sauerkraut out there that you can find. Open the (mostly it's in a kind of) bag, fill it with water and wash out the juice twice. Then put it in a cooking pot, add about 250g apple puree, 1/2 cup of water, some margarine and an unbelieveable amount of sugar. Heat it up and stir. Don't be scared, stir and taste - if it doesn't taste just wonderful add even more sugar until good. You'll find out.
the incredible PsychoheaD
step 1: make a müsli company in the states step 2: ... step 3: profit. really cant believe currywurst isnt a thing in america yet to be honest.
FeronGER Vor 8 Monate
No one bye's HEINZ Curry, there is Brand that always better!
FeronGER Vor 8 Monate
Dont by ALNATURA worst shit ever!
sherp2u1 Vor 8 Monate
How much salt is them chips though? I've tried them, but trying not to get hooked on them...Nice video though, accent was not to whiny or high!
D1S Vor 8 Monate
Heinz Curry Ketchup - BESTE
Hans-Juergen Czaika
Hans-Juergen Czaika Vor 8 Monate
To make things right: Sauerkraut is not pickled, it is fermented cabbage
Marcus Fey
Marcus Fey Vor 8 Monate
Yeah, I completely agree that your pronunciation of Sauerkraut is fantastic. "Small" BUT: There are no cumin seeds in there. 90% of Germans will kill you if you give them Sauerkraut with cumin (3/4 of them for the cumin, 1/4 for sauerkraut) ;-)
U. Wummel
U. Wummel Vor 8 Monate
Ach so, ok: Sie kennt wahrscheinlich keinen Kümmel....
Marcus Fey
Marcus Fey Vor 8 Monate
Eben, sag ich doch. Sie spricht aber bei 4:30 von Cumin. Und ihr Sauerkraut hat kein Cumin www.lausitzer-fruechte.de/kohl-kraut/sauerkraut/ ;-)
U. Wummel
U. Wummel Vor 8 Monate
Meint sie mit "Cumin" Kümmel oder Kreuzkümmel? Denn Kreuzkümmel (cumin)gehört nich ans Kraut und schmeckt ganz anders. In dem Glas, das sie gekauft hat, war wohl Kümmel (caraway seeds) drin - denn es gibt ja mehrere Varianten zu kaufen.
Georg Ernst
Georg Ernst Vor 8 Monate
Bei Ketchup empfehle ich "HELA" und "Zeisner".
Gildo Schuster
Gildo Schuster Vor 8 Monate
I find it kinda funny how those expatriate youtubers (usually folks from north america) are excited about products that they consider to be a staple of german food or at least very german food (such as the paprika-chips mentioned here) even though they are totally not german and (in this case) totally industrialized (read: not so special) food. Like the kid that has unexpectedly found even more joy in his favourite candy.
Greg Hasselbach
Greg Hasselbach Vor 8 Monate
Hector Salamanca
Hector Salamanca Vor 8 Monate
Mahlzeit :)
LizBen@ Vor 9 Monate
Hey Diana :) Just in case you're getting your bread from a bakery: please ask them for the ingredients of their bread - even normal bread is often non-vegan. I've been devastated when I found out that my favourite bread at our local bakery had milk powder... and you wouldn't even think that it did :( surprisingly, most industrail bread that you get at the supermarket is vegan, though.
Jana Esper
Jana Esper Vor 9 Monate
What is the name of the song playing at the end of your video?? it is amazing
Wolfgang Völcker
Wolfgang Völcker Vor 9 Monate
No Müsli in Toronto ??
Nik Man
Nik Man Vor 9 Monate
My god that moronic high pitched American voice \ accent who the fck sits next to you and doesn’t want to smack you across the face after 5 seconds of listening to that ? Just stay in your Lala land
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 9 Monate
lol thanks for the laugh and the view 😊
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Vor 9 Monate
European bread is wonderful and healthy - enjoy with real butter and chew a lot - it tastes better the more you chew. Sauerkraut and cooked cabbage with pork is wonderful and very healthy - especially as one gets older - eat it on a regular basis.
Hopl Hoppla
Hopl Hoppla Vor 9 Monate
I'm going to leave the comment regarding your pronounciation of Sauerkraut out of this because of what ElRackadusch wrote - which is basically exactly what I was going to say. But I love your pronounciation of Paprika. It sounds like a fitting name for an incredibly adorable girl, with the emphasis of the "ri", like "pap-RI-ka" instead of the german "PAP-ri-ka". I love it. I would totally name a story character after this, but everyone in Germany would call her "PAP-ri-ka" instead of "pap-RI-ka", so maybe not...
Melchior von Sternberg
You absolutely have to try Hiffenmark jam. Made from wild roses ...
Sebastian Chastain
Sebastian Chastain Vor 9 Monate
Sis, you're adorable! Will you continue with your channel?
NWO Don Vor 9 Monate
Yum yum ;-) There are more surprises to come. You should try 1) Mozart Kugel 2) Luebeckr Marzipan 3) Ueberraschugseier 4) Donauwelle 5) Hanuta ! 6) Knoppers ! 7) Kinderriegel 8) Kaesespaetzle ! 9) Spargel 10) Goetterspeise
Uria Delavaro
Uria Delavaro Vor 9 Monate
Two things you ought to do. First, get Curry Ketchup by Hela. It's the best. And secondly get real Sauerkraut. It's called Fasskraut and does not come in a can or a glas. So it's not industrially manufactured. Go to a good butcher shop (no shit) and ask for Sauerkraut as Fasskraut. All manufactured kinds are called Weinkraut and they're basically disgusting.
TheJollyKraut Vor 9 Monate
if you like Sauerkraut you should try sweet Sauerkraut with apples, it's not actually sweet but less sour than regular Sauerkraut.
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 9 Monate
Wow that's super interesting! need to try *runs to the supermarket immediately** ;)
Lumumba B.
Lumumba B. Vor 9 Monate
actually toast bread sucks in germany compared to everywhere else, but we have the best brezels and rye bread.
K. S.
K. S. Vor 10 Monate
Sorry, but eating meat is an essential part of appreciating German food. Not to mention chocolate.
kiliipower Vor 10 Monate
Heinz Ketchup? Die Marke kommt aus den USA.
U. Wummel
U. Wummel Vor 8 Monate
Ja, aber die haben da keinen Curry Ketchup - darum ging es ihr.
Rev Snowfox
Rev Snowfox Vor 10 Monate
American bread is in fact garbage.
steidan Vor 10 Monate
hahahaha, 1.36 " I don´t know what kind (of bread) it is ,but it is really,really "GEIL" :-D Love you for this
RoadBlockers Gaming
RoadBlockers Gaming Vor 10 Monate
There is no good Sauerkraut in the german supermarkets. Really. They dont taste like they should. You must make it by yourself :)
ferze001 Vor 10 Monate
try oachkatzlschwoaf. it's not vegan, tho.
Marco Doe
Marco Doe Vor 10 Monate
for the müsli: better stick to regular haferflocken. they are not sweetened and it tastes better with fresh fruits anyway. Paprika is just a bell pepper. And if you have the chance try to get the sauerkraut from a polish or silesian store. the german packaged sauerkraut is terrible.
U. Wummel
U. Wummel Vor 8 Monate
Vielleicht enspricht das deutsche Sauerkraut nicht Deinem persönlichem Gusto - aber die meisten Deutschen lieben ihr heimisches Kraut.
bryan breuninger
bryan breuninger Vor 10 Monate
My interest peaked at bread But you lost me a tofu scramble LOL but the sauerkraut brought me back in
bryan breuninger
bryan breuninger Vor 10 Monate
I’m a big food lover
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 10 Monate
Lmao glad you were brought back in! 😊😉
Hirndille Vor 10 Monate
You know that Heinz company was founded by a german ? So your "american" brand is actually german lol
Jack Vor 10 Monate
You´re beautiful :)
anderson Vor 10 Monate
Superficial gold digger spotted.
whatudoin1 Vor 10 Monate
Next time you go to Belgium,try their bread (especially white bread) and compare it to the German
Tobias R.
Tobias R. Vor 10 Monate
Vegetarian talking about food...makes no sense.
The Linthicums
The Linthicums Vor 10 Monate
Big . . . echoes.
KnumbNutz Vor 10 Monate
i get the bread but dont know what it is .....RESEARCH .................jesus your voice is irritating
Janet Janet
Janet Janet Vor 3 Monate
I agree that it would've been useful if she'd done some research on the bread, but your comment about her voice is probably unnecessary and possibly hurtful.
The Linthicums
The Linthicums Vor 10 Monate
It is the nasality that is grating.
Diana Verry
Diana Verry Vor 10 Monate
lol thanks for the view..
Russ Cattell
Russ Cattell Vor 10 Monate
Bratwurst & jagershnitzel with kartoffesalat !l
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