The Best Smartphone You Won't Buy

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The Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are the latest flagship devices from Huawei. The Mate 30 received a very limited release due to ongoing disputes relating to privacy and global trade.
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17 Nov 2019



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Vor 7 Monate
Apple employee caught browsing customer photos - de-vid.com/video/video-a-G0yBHUPnw.html
Yahia Sayed
Yahia Sayed Vor 4 Tage
5e6 Julian HADDAD
5e6 Julian HADDAD Vor 3 Monate
Unbox Therapy This phone has the fastest wireless charging. And Google services are available on the international version.
Ok Hi
Ok Hi Vor 5 Monate
Tim Brandon
Tim Brandon Vor 6 Monate
Two points about this Google Play services thing 1. Google's been dead in China for years. Huawei's App Gallery is just the most recent replacement for the Google Playstore and isn't even the biggest. There's tons of App Stores in the country that have no need for Google Play and its data collecting issues. 2. Another brand Xiaomi not only removed Google Play services from the start but its MIUI is as close to being a separate OS as you can get while still using the Android kernel. By that I mean MIUI could update without any updates to the base android and still have tons of new features still not available on android today. Meanwhile you could update the android base on a MIUI powered device and it would do nothing because most of the android features conflict with MIUI features so they get turned off.
HÁRØØÑ PÀÜL Vor 7 Monate
he might just be doing tp😸
King Tan
King Tan Vor Tag
Dont buy any product of china
dead warrior
dead warrior Vor 9 Tage
the best smartphone you won't buy me: all of them haha ha.
Houssem Djouada
Houssem Djouada Vor 9 Tage
Before you make a chaos for a headphone Jack, now it's what ever
Giggity Giggity
Giggity Giggity Vor 12 Tage
Ayyy I guess the UK isn't so shite
Tiffini Le
Tiffini Le Vor 12 Tage
I got one phone it calls Mate33 Pro, and I accidentally dropped it 2 feet on the floor...now the screen really messed up... it's a worst phone ever
Michael Napodano
Michael Napodano Vor 20 Tage
What watch is he wearing?
mex milian
mex milian Vor 21 Tag
People will kempen dont use the american tech.. the snapdragon cipset and the goggle becouse american spying us from that tech.. american dont want the huawei 5g tech becouse this will stop they spying tech.. that all....
Robson Cavalcante
Robson Cavalcante Vor 25 Tage
this site is making people hook up with others to register without making sure they pay
Kushan Dissanayaka KID
I know you are giving money to the promotion company to promote this video. So I have to tell you they are fake promoters. Don't waste your money on people like that. If this is good why you are promoting this
Savio LO
Savio LO Vor Monat
Where do you buy this? Do you buy this on Alibaba?
Mustafa Al-ameri
Is that phone working in usa?
Your Own Channel
Love your Method of Explaination Love from Pakistan ❤
Darren Wong
Darren Wong Vor Monat
Huawei is my favorite brand. Don't ever deny it, even if it doesn't have Google services.
Steven Box
Steven Box Vor Monat
Anyone that cares about the camera in a smartphone is a narcissist. I literally skip every second in videos that are about the camera
Alexander Legaspy
Damn thanks for the speaker test jerk
Amey Pednekar
Amey Pednekar Vor Monat
Him: Picks up phone, stares at it for a second, phone unlocks a second later "Wow, that's fast!" Meanwhile Me: Unlocks phone even before removing it from the pants pocket "Pocophone's backside fingerprint scanner bitch!"
Ayush Yadav
Ayush Yadav Vor Monat
The Trump administration has so far kept the USA away from technology
NMH Alumni
NMH Alumni Vor Monat
3:39 ---> What insight! Yup... time to stop watching when dum dum comes along
Ambo Austria
Ambo Austria Vor Monat
But I do not recommend the design of the pro model cause of the curve display, I still refere the curve display but I hope they less the curve display like the Oneplus did at their pro models of their phones like the Oneplus 7T pro.
Frank Alex
Frank Alex Vor Monat
You can buy it in every country's except that of the Us.....because they can not spy what is happening in China and the rest of the world.....the iPhones are long dead the day the founder died....all what is prod6now is that of the CIA and FBI phones to look at what you are doing.......and come killing you with a drone ..
Frank Alex
Frank Alex Vor Monat
What phone does The Us produce? Only iPhones that is of the CIA and FBI spying on everyone of you.......
sam Vor 2 Monate
ga vi
ga vi Vor 2 Monate
dont buy china brands
Vikrant Khatri
Vikrant Khatri Vor 2 Monate
Still extremely overpriced even after google's ban! What the fuck is huawei doing? This phone should get a massive price cut and should priced at half the cost from what it is now. Or nobody's gonna buy it.
Rafal Soboczynski
Rafal Soboczynski Vor 2 Monate
Shame on US government, I love my mate 20 pro but for the next phone, I think I 'll need to move to a different manufacturer ( probably realme of xiaomi).
Darshan Vor 2 Monate
Whatta title.
mclean Vor 2 Monate
you can still get the google play services but aight
shve 2006
shve 2006 Vor 2 Monate
On box Samsung S20 Pro what?
Kyloren Vor 2 Monate
Why does the non pro model have the head phone jack?
Kyloren Vor 2 Monate
How the heck do you have that studio ?
Memory City
Memory City Vor 2 Monate
The design is awesome! Nice review
The direction
The direction Vor 2 Monate
Watching it on DE-vid in mate 30 pro.🤠
joemad Vor 2 Monate
To be fair, no one buys the stuff featured on this channel... Cool content though bro
ejmorais Vor 2 Monate
We should ban chinese goods.
Aaron it Roblox
Aaron it Roblox Vor 2 Monate
It’s in stores in Australia and I’m thinking of getting one
mryoyoz Vor 2 Monate
Covid19 is included.
R Hebner
R Hebner Vor 2 Monate
You can change the Chinese charactors to English in the Chinese App Stores and that's when you see all the apps that you can use vs the ones you think you can't
Wall-e Vor 3 Monate
That dumb volume button nonsense though.
rev headz
rev headz Vor 3 Monate
do a lg v60 thinq
Edwin Braun
Edwin Braun Vor 3 Monate
I like that non pro more. But... I do have to say that if I ever move away from iPhone, I'll move to something super cheap like Nokia one or sth. I want removable battery, audio jack and SDcard slot with dual sim option. Why would I ever pay more for not having these extras. I'm not a photographer and for me slightly better camera makes zero sense compared to the extras that I mentioned earlier. And since I'm not gamer either, processor make no sense to me either... I do have to say that even the cheapest phone these days have totally acceptable cameras.
Zhangy Vor 3 Monate
huawei, xiaomi all the chinese phones spy on you
ahd thetechcraze
ahd thetechcraze Vor 3 Monate
I can flash the rom
fahad Nawaz123456
fahad Nawaz123456 Vor 3 Monate
The full subtitle: the best smartphone you won't buy because you cant because your too poor
张浩 Vor 3 Monate
All Trump’s faults!!!
Deezer Doom
Deezer Doom Vor 3 Monate
Please brother please Sell me fold 2 Escobar 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Mark Dominic Lasconia Palencia
40 200 40200? 🙄🙄 4200🙄🙄🙄🙄
Lio3434 Vor 3 Monate
Peole commenting " it remindsme of a washing machine" what they really want to say : "fuc--k, I can´t affort it so I instead I am going to write something negative about that in revenge" ....
Fernando Soares
Fernando Soares Vor 3 Monate
I see that this guy is trying so hard not to like this phone. It seems he is trying to find faults but this phone is so good that he couldn’t find any!
Tyler L
Tyler L Vor 3 Monate
iPhone: “gross notch is outdated” Huawei: “opted for a more secure face unlock” Interesting.
TT Technogy
TT Technogy Vor Monat
Tyler L yes that was what I was saying he always hate on Apple. No wonder Apple does not send him review units
Tyler L
Tyler L Vor 2 Monate
TT Technology I have the 11 pro max lol. I was quoting him, and I said “interesting” because I don’t agree with him. I don’t mind the notch, and I know it houses the best facial recognition software in the game. But the way he talks about iphone vs Android proves that he’s just an Apple hater and I don’t like it
TT Technogy
TT Technogy Vor 2 Monate
Tyler L lol are you high the iPhone has the best security and the notch is smaller on the iPhone android bitch
M K B Vor 3 Monate
7:05 , c'mon man, give that small plant a Guinness prize ,,, She has been taken in every phones cameras, more than any other plants on this planet ,,,
magicalhearingman Vor 4 Monate
Looks like something out of Destiny 2
Drew C.
Drew C. Vor 4 Monate
I'll buy this phone the end of this year which will be lesser than today.
Ayush Yadav
Ayush Yadav Vor 4 Monate
Huawei is always best company in the world this phone is glorious😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Rhaast Cc
Rhaast Cc Vor 4 Monate
Suraj Thakkar
Suraj Thakkar Vor 4 Monate
I hate when you capture photos on your phone but don't upload them into the video just point it towards the camera. Feels hella lazy mate!
adam waldner
adam waldner Vor 4 Monate
Google play store and DE-vid apk?
Ali Ameer
Ali Ameer Vor 4 Monate
Switch to the Huawei mate 30 pro it's nice device 👍
BattleScones Vor 4 Monate
I did.
Nafiur Rahman Nafees
Try it's 7860 fps video recording on Kawasaki ninja h2r in high speed and post the video.......plz.
Bj Singh
Bj Singh Vor 4 Monate
U have 2 many phones . Bruv i pove this phone 2.
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod Vor 4 Monate
Nano SD.. looool
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 4 Monate
Most websites have a download our app function anyway.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Vor 4 Monate
I have one of these in the Pro. I have a sort of fiance who is Chinese and is the vice president of the company.
mitrovic slobodan
mitrovic slobodan Vor 4 Monate
What a joke is ban of Huawei, safety risk etc. Did Americans realy buying this political shit's?
S L Vor 4 Monate
Buying a smartphone without Google is like buying a car without an engine.
aab434 Vor 4 Monate
Maybe if it can use band 71?
jacob de villiers
jacob de villiers Vor 4 Monate
Huawei is by far my favorite
Jhay Jhay
Jhay Jhay Vor 4 Monate
I had s6 plus before with huge edges display, I think the reason why they minimized the Edges on their latest devices because it is not good for watching video or Gaming(edges) and you accidentally touches the side screens plus it is not easy to grip.
A-Y 03
A-Y 03 Vor 4 Monate
I'm using the P30 Pro but I may buy this or p40 pro early next year
Kanan Samandarli
Kanan Samandarli Vor 4 Monate
Please do unbox of Escobar Fold 2. I just so it on DE-vid. That's crazy!!
Bolly Molly
Bolly Molly Vor 4 Monate
That phone have backdoor that leads to Chinese Communist government 👁️👁️
Ibrahim Hassan
Ibrahim Hassan Vor 4 Monate
This dude’s capable of taking the exact same selfie every single time
Farhad Hossain
Farhad Hossain Vor 4 Monate
the gpu sucks
Mr. Docter
Mr. Docter Vor 5 Monate
I want to this mobile phone.Howw can i buy it? Please help me
Karim Sumar
Karim Sumar Vor 5 Monate
No Playstore 😭 No DE-vid No Google Map No Whatapp No Facebook No Gmail Err exactly what you do with No Apps 😳
Ran Reamon
Ran Reamon Vor 5 Monate
Watching on my mate 30 pro 5g. ☺ The best phone I've got this year of 2020.
Jermaine stravinsky
Jermaine stravinsky Vor 5 Monate
the best quality electronics are always either banned or not sold in the u.s !!!!
My Road to Thailand
My Road to Thailand Vor 5 Monate
BTW, it's for sale here in Thailand and if it wasn't for the absence of google, I'd buy this smartphone as I love the Huawei mate 9 I am currently using.
Kazuki Vor 5 Monate
You mean *"The best Phone you cannot buy"*
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