The Career of Cristiano Ronaldo (Part 1-5) 

Tom Harris Football
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24 Apr 2023



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In my opinion , he should have never left juventus , even at 35 he was giving there a top notch performance , but unfortunately he went to united 😢
I don't care if he is the greatest footballer of all time or not. For me, Ronaldo is the embodiment of hardwork and discipline. He was, he is and he will always be my idol.
A few moments after he joined the club the UTuber hit the post and celebrated 😂
The G.O.A.T CR7.
Part 6 please 🙏🏻
Cristiano = G.O.A.T. And da best 😊
CR7 Truly L.E.G.E.N.D
Becoming one of the greatest footballers. ❌
he is not a legend he is a goat and a legend
Part 6 when he joins al nassr please
Part 6 and seven when he plays in the World Cup please
Nice content keep up with the great videos bro 👍💯👏
😢 sad my goat has just fallen trying his best but just can’t keep up 😢
Part 6 when he joins al nassar❤
My goat ❤❤❤
Goat sui!!!!! Your such a good DE-vidr. Definitely my favourite. I also live in Australia 🦘🐊⚽️.
If you take to long the keeper could get the ball and I just hurt myself😭😭