The Champions: Season 5, Episode 5

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It’s the roast of Cristiano Ronaldo. Will he be able to laugh along?




23 Mai 2021



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Sebbi Steinberger
The fact that only Messi and Ronaldo are able to roast each other, makes this episode just as excellent and truthful as it can be.
kaboem gaming
kaboem gaming Vor 7 Monate
Burger burger
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Vor year
Edited comment. Poo poo. Faker than pewd
Buchule Sobayeni
@Giovanni Roman tht changed😂😂😂🤙🏽messi got tht international title
Agung Prayogi
Agung Prayogi Vor year
KacperBrawlStarsPolska PL
Claus Germano
Claus Germano Vor year
The "two roasted GOATs" got me. Really good joke. Poor Muller
Rajesh The Beast
Rajesh The Beast Vor 11 Monate
Yeah, they should have written another joke. That one's too decent for the awkward silence to work
ZhaoKun Lu
ZhaoKun Lu Vor year
hahahaha omg I hat Muller
Phat Tien
Phat Tien Vor year
For who don’t know Dave is Muller’s horse
I’m sure Dave loves it
Lechi Rurjoint
"Let's talk about a certain Argentine "GOAT" who couldn't win sh** with his national team" That punchline aged pretty quickly 🤣😂
SRi Vor Monat
@Radosław` Czerwiński I didn't say copa America is harder than euro. I said 2016 Portugal's path isn't hard like Italy's. Like you downgrading messi's copa America. There are some good teams alos colambia Chile, Uruguay these teams can easily beat 2016 Portugal
SRi Vor Monat
@Radosław` Czerwiński lol who said its friendly? Its conducted by fifa. And now its no more. Oo one game didn't deside? They can't even win against South American teams lol
Radosław` Czerwiński
@SRi 1. Not your kid 2. Way to old to be your kid so don't disrespectfull 3. One game in Confederations Cup doesn't mean anything, it's almost friendly competition 4. One decent generation in Uruguay or Chile does not change anything, comparing Conmebol to UEFA right now is completely innacurate because the level of diffculty is very different. Teams like Italy cannot even qualify to World Cup 2 times in a row because of the competition. There are 2 big football nations in South America and that's it. Don't get me wrong, I love South American football and I wish it would be stronger but that's the reality.
SRi Vor Monat
@Radosław` Czerwiński hey kid. Listen no. You think 2016 euro is harder. Portugal face only one big teams in 2016 euro its france, they didn't face any other big teams like germany italy England etc. Also 2016 euro champions lost against 2016 copa America champions in fifa confederation Cup and Uruguay in wc. If we look 2016 Portugal's path isn't hard like 2020 italy's path. Lol. So there is no difference in copa America and 2016 euro Portugal's path
Lord Higuain
Lord Higuain Vor 4 Monate
@Tareq Y. that Eastern Europe guy is salty haha.
Godfrey Vor year
Ronaldo having a go at everyone had me dying😂😂
nasto hashmatullah
Aesthetic Blits
These episodes literally test your football knowledge😂
Botardo87 Vor 3 Monate
Altough.. the jokes in the show are pretty accessible actually.. i know shit about football and still laugh plenty with the episodes.. the one about messi having trouble to sleep had me dying lol..
Clinch Knot
Clinch Knot Vor year
“Nani wants to take shots at me. That’s okay, his shots are never on target”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@SQUEEZIMAX yup and its offside
Kiki Brown
Kiki Brown Vor Monat
@Daniel Baetens i dont care
69savage Vor 2 Monate
That was a violation tho 😂😂😂
Travis0389 Vor 2 Monate
Still tho nani lost portugal the national game and were knocked out, hes literally trash
Daniel Baetens
im the 2000th person to like you coment
AJ Vor 3 Monate
"Real Madrid is just a mess, they'll never win another UCL with Toni Kroos" aged well 😂
Bhumika Mittal
I really liked how Ronaldo went and let out all of his frustration as in he didn’t want to hurt anyone. And when he came back did genuine efforts to make everyone feel good about themselves.
Vusi Matimbe
Vusi Matimbe Vor year
Genuine efforts??
Holmes Vor year
"Look what you did to João, who would try hurt someone like that with their mouth" ~Suarez 2021
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Vor year
That was 7 years ago It is less relevant than MU or Arsenal in epl
Tanyaradzwa Gerald Gozhora
Just got it thanks😂😂😂
W. Soar
W. Soar Vor year
2:59 Barcelona sits right in the middle because the corners are being taken quickly 3:20 😂
vickash10 Vor year
half of ronaldo jokes are gone now, only you remain
Parth Srikanth
that was said in a previous vid
mateo_idek Vor year
This series needs to go on as long as football does.
JerKKeR Vor year
@Rayan Aayat Chowdhury trust me, everyone who works on this series will be dead of old age before Zlatan retires
MejiaGrey Vor year
Oliver Bryk
Oliver Bryk Vor year
totally agree
Keanu Boyd
Keanu Boyd Vor year
With all the drama that goes on in Football I could
Dana Irwanda
Dana Irwanda Vor year
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Vor year
Ronaldo having a go at everyone had me dying😂😂
kenthehobo Vor year
He finally got his international trophy, congrats Messi!
Hiten Vor year
Dybala getting angry at Muller at the end got me laughing so much for no reason haha
Atul Bhalerao
Atul Bhalerao Vor year
BR you guys just nailed it this time. This concept and the execution is lit🔥 Definitely, one of my fav episode amongst all the seasons. Thanks guys you made my morning (plus with my delectable breakfast). Keep the deliverables up!!!
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Vor year
Love the fact it was Marcelo being the one to talk to Cristi, still maintaining that friendship in a parody, the most wholesome thing after he completely decimated everybody else. I seriously felt that one for Zlatan.
Kevin Mandujano
Kevin Mandujano Vor 10 Monate
@Liam Powell humans don't compare to lions
Liam Powell
Liam Powell Vor year
@NiceOne Marcelo was his best friend so it makes sense
NiceOne Vor year
I noticed that while Cr7 was roasting his old Madrid teammates, he didn't insult Marcelo.
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Vor year
@Alex O'mayaley LMFAOOOO
Liam Powell
Liam Powell Vor year
Ronaldo putting Zlatan in his place even in cartoon form
Nswana Munkinyi
It's not healthy the number of times I have watched this I have literarily mastered all the lines 😂 Counting down to next season🤸🤸
Kent Martin
Kent Martin Vor 5 Monate
"Good luck in the World Cup with Canada, eh!". Thanks Ronaldo! We're going to Qatar!
Grimlock 14
Grimlock 14 Vor 4 Monate
You're going to Qatar, but that's it xd
Pietro Ferrari
Don't forget BR Football. Next season, Villarreal will join the mansion 😁
Rayan Kamil
Rayan Kamil Vor 4 Monate
This aged well
Hamza Warsi
Hamza Warsi Vor 5 Monate
@Ronald Kasozi uhhhh, they are in sf's
Ronald Kasozi
Ronald Kasozi Vor year
Europa league mansion
Trimarkovič Vor year
They will finish 3rd in the group and win the EL again
MrPonk37 Vor year
It's not possible anymore to say that Messi didn't win anything with his national team ;)
NoeLM Vor 10 Monate
@Alex Almeida haha shut up, ok you are from Portugal o Brasil fan, that's ok, and yess they deserved to win!! If you didnt watched Copa America, you can't have an oppinion, Messi was the best in that tournament, maybe not the final against Brazil but yess in the whole tournament.
Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida Vor 10 Monate
I mean they didn't deserve to win it and he didn't do anything in it but yeah I mean it's so much easier when they already start with the RO16 whereas Portugal actually had to fight and they were actually in a group stage and they couldn't just walk through but I mean go off I guess
Jizz Bunker
Jizz Bunker Vor year
@NoeLM bruh it's too irrelevant teams don't even send their main players
NoeLM Vor year
Actually, he won in Beijing 2008 a gold medal with the national team too hahah
Mr Gingy Editor
“and look at Sergio Ramos beard what was he stranded on a deserted island or just stuck in a defensive partnership with Raphaël Varane”🤣🤣🤣🤣 that statement lit up my monday
Chronic thingz
Chronic thingz Vor 3 Monate
@Ahmad Djalal well well well how the tables are turned 🤣
Ahmad Djalal
Ahmad Djalal Vor 4 Monate
Ironically he is stuck with Varane and Maguire now , lol
Anonymous Dog
Anonymous Dog Vor year
FIFA 21 FUT Varane card
Swagata Das
Swagata Das Vor year
Roko Markov
Roko Markov Vor year
And also when he said Nani wants to take shots at me? Thats okay his shots are never on target
Joseph Ikossi Le
I thought the show was going downhill, but this is a comeback!
Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira
Finally, another episode at a proper level for the show most faithful fans. :)
Don Z
Don Z Vor year
BR went over and beyond with this one 😂😂😂😂😂
࿌Aᴢᴀɴ ;-; ᴢᴏʟᴏ࿌
the details in this show are amazing, I find it funny how kroos isn't laughing excessively and keeping in professional
I like how this is exactly what every football argument is: A short discussion on whatever the original topic is, then it’s just Messi v. Ronaldo.
Soham Singh
Soham Singh Vor 4 Monate
@Raven But does he compare on levels as Ronaldo and Messi
Raven Vor 10 Monate
@USADA KENSETSU VÌRÚS oh you wanna discuss? Do you know who also discussed? Hitler
Random People
Random People Vor year
@USADA KENSETSU VÌRÚS the peko virus has spread around the internet.. Thats yabai peko
EMIC Vor year
@USADA KENSETSU VÌRÚS Goddam. It’s even here *peko*...oh no
Nino Brown
Nino Brown Vor year
Just A Regular Guy B
The fact that it's Neymar throwing the sneaker and saying: "Start the show, man" is amazing. Kkkkk.
Phumudzo Sidimela
Judging by the voice, I think it was thrown by Pulisic. The angle from which it was thrown also kinda affirms it.
Booster37 Vor year
If you watch it again, you have to wonder how he threw the shoe to the right when he's sitting on Muller's left.
coked out Mark Hamill
This cartoon came out in may 25 2021 Ronaldo said at 5:12 : "Let's talk about a certain Argentine GOAT who couldn't win shit with his national team" 47 days later in July 11 2021 Messi wins Copa America. Ronaldo said at 5:00 : " We can't all just stay in one place our whole life like Messi at Barcelona" 72 days later in August 5 2021 Messi leaves Barcelona. It seems that Messi watched this cartoon and decided to change things. Funny coincidence . BTW Good luck in your new team GOAT .
Soda_ghost Vor year
Probably one of the best ones so far! The "no he didn't" made me laugh so bad
Ril Dank
Ril Dank Vor year
I'm so happy to just have discovered this ! You guys are so funny and creative, keep it up, this is gold !
Rudy G.
Rudy G. Vor year
Müller and his jokes “Save it for your horses” “You ruined it” 😂
medan mlawa
medan mlawa Vor year
@Shuichirou what i understood is that its sounds worse when he said 2 “ROASTED” goats….like cooked goat animal but muller meant 2 roasted G.O.A.T
KDG Kingston
KDG Kingston Vor year
Its so stupid to the point its funny 😂😂
Joao Guimaraes
@Shuichirou just because it was an unfunny joke
Shuichirou Vor year
Yo yo..why him saying two roasted goat ruined the happy laugh..? Like is it wrong calling the two "goats"?
OcEleven Vor year
Lewandowski: let's judge it based on the past 2 years Me: fam you scored 41 goals this season, that will just be overkill.
OcEleven Vor year
@vickash10 my guy Finishing 3rd in your league Winning the Copa Del Rey and Copa America (impressive but Jorginho won the Euros) Getting knocked out of the UCL in the round of 16 That shouldn't constitute a ballon d'or.
vickash10 Vor year
guess who winning the balon d or , you highness. king leo. BOW. Kneel before thee
Daniel Krob
Daniel Krob Vor year
​@Bryan Wata To be fair, it´s not just Bayern who buys players and appoint managers from BuLi. Look at the managerial merry go around this summer. Or at BVB´s transfers (at 2018 they bought Hitz from Augsburg, Oelschlagel from Bremen, Diallo from Mainz, Delaney from Bremen and Wolf from Frankfurt and at 2017 they got Toprak from Leverkusen, Toljan from Hoffenheim, Dahoud from Gladbach and Philipp from Freiburg). They are pouching young talents all over the league much more than Bayern. It´s just they can´t get it right. Don´t mean to argue Bayern don´t take advantage of their possition, but it´s not like no one else does. It´s normal to sell players to other top clubs in BuLi. In Prem it´s not the case, but in Italy for example, you can find players who played for Juve, Inter and AC and moved directly from one club to another and then even returned to where they were before. You kinda have to take the league as a whole into context. Just please, don´t take this as me trying to start an argument, but rather as a food for thought. Cheers.
OcEleven Vor year
@Bryan Wata I don't think that's the case. The likes of Leverkusen, Gladbach and Leipzig have all beaten Bayern and come above them at the end of the Hinrunde. It's just that every team above them suffers a meltdown and Bayern comes and swoops the title. They then learn from their mistakes and win the next season.
Bryan Wata
Bryan Wata Vor year
@OcEleven Over the years, Bayern have poached the best players from other Bundesliga teams. Pavard, Kimmich, Lewondowski, Gotze, Gomez, Goretzka off the top of my head. They just signed Upamecano from Leipzig along with the manager. Calling it a farmers league might be a stretch since there are other quality teams that produce at UCL, but the league is being dominated by one team bc of the finances and itll continue to stay that way for sure
Taco 🌠
Taco 🌠 Vor year
This episode is LEGENDARY ❤️
david osigotu
david osigotu Vor year
Notice how it was Marcelo that went to meet CR, because they are the only two to be considered to be friends. This show is so on point.
Alex Vor 6 Monate
"We can't all just stay in one place our whole life like messi in Barcelona" so much has changed in 9 months
Eh o Raida
Eh o Raida Vor year
Seeing Messi and Ronaldo act like best buddies is really wholesome. This was the best episode so far
Karlo Vor year
Absolutly agree
Angel Kay
Angel Kay Vor year
@Bra Lolli RIGHT😂😂😂
Itz.Leafy123 Vor year
But dybala at the end :yoU RUINED ITTTTTR
Zudarzahn Show
@Abadou Kalou I meant where Ronaldo and Messi Together As a buddies
Abadou Kalou
Abadou Kalou Vor year
@Zudarzahn Show season 4 was shit
Senior Ablo
Senior Ablo Vor year
5:15 This did not aged well 😂😂😂
Aanchit Govind
Aanchit Govind Vor 11 Monate
So much has happened since this episode. WHEN IS THE NEW SEASON DROPPING????!!!
Watch LFC win the UCL
Watch LFC win the UCL Vor 11 Monate
savio lobo
savio lobo Vor year
😂😂😂 Hilarious.... Such a good episode!!! Keep it up!
hanna fattoum
hanna fattoum Vor year
The fun fact is that Messi won a copa America and is no longer a Barca player 😭😭😭 Ronaldo should find other jokes to roast Messi
Raymond Atwiine
Raymond Atwiine Vor 4 Monate
They are still plenty
Rasheed Hadid
Rasheed Hadid Vor year
To be honest with you Ronaldo was right about everything he said 😅😂
Werner Pfundner
its true, couldnt hear any lie their!! LOL! Toni Kross control!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Raymond Atwiine
No lies were told😅😅
Kekere-Ekun Quam
The best moment of roasting in the champions league house. 😂😂 So much love for this episode despite some heartbreaking talks
Jinit Gandhi
Jinit Gandhi Vor year
This is definitely the best episode ever!! Loved it!
Don Carlo Ancelotti
2:46 throwing captain armband like a real leader 🤣
OMG, this episode is golden 😂😂 The Braithwaite joke is priceless😂
ッLord539 Vor year
Dybala’s “YOU RUINED IT!” was absolutely incredible 😂😂
Abadou Kalou
Abadou Kalou Vor year
@Abhimanyu Singh I think dybalas “he ruined it”was because muller sorta ruined the vibe and sorta made it awkward for everybody
Abhimanyu Singh
@Dub C Muller trying to explain why he called Ronaldo and Messi goats , and Dybala replying you ruined it because it was well understood. Also Dybala is one of the few players who have played alongside both of them and have always appreciated and respected both of them adds more fun to it. Dybala is very close to Ronaldo and he is inspired by Messi so it looked beautiful
Dub C
Dub C Vor year
What did dybala mean?
Sujith SJ
Sujith SJ Vor year
LORX Vor year
I didn’t even realize what it actually meant!! Damn this show is amazing
E. A.
E. A. Vor year
Beautiful!!! The 25th hour by Spike Lee with The Champions! Great script, amazing voices, witty and funny!!!
Serratednine 1
Damn 😂 Messi won something for Argentina and left Barcelona
Actual Savior
Actual Savior Vor year
This was one of the best EPs yet 😂🔥
Jemina music Mollo
We need more of these episodes ✨❤️
Jeroen Botbijl
Ronaldo getting angry and throwing his captain band is underrated
Vusi Matimbe
Vusi Matimbe Vor year
He thinks the C means "center of attention ".
FarGo123 Vor year
@Giovanni Roman what tf this has to Do with being Messi fan
moha suley
moha suley Vor year
@Diego Tobaski I expected an auction to happen on the spot
Mani S
Mani S Vor year
@Diego Tobaski I remember this one
Diego Tobaski
Diego Tobaski Vor year
@David Vasquez Also when his goal was wrongly ruled out Vs Serbia.
Tuana Vor year
please keep this series going. i can't stop watching.
Christopher Fabricio Rangel Ramírez
Me encanta the Champions pero me pregunto si podrían poner por favor los subtítulos en español, saludos desde México
ROXAS_13EME Vor year
Best episode so far 👌 couldn’t stop laughing 🤣 tysm and keep the good work
Minty ck
Minty ck Vor year
By far best episode of season 5 I absolutely loved it
Sebastian Matt
"Joao Felix? He'll be lucky to be the next Nani" lmao
shantanu bodke
@WolveWick nani.quresma.felix in that order at least until now 😎 Can change in future though
WolveWick Vor year
@Xavier Memes but felix never was a winger or will ever be a winger. hes a forward.
WolveWick Vor year
@shafiq ikmal felix will never be a ronaldo or a nani or a quaresma, hes not a winger, hes a second forward he as good position and vision for last pass and he have good finish to score goals.
WolveWick Vor year
@Ethan-Eric van Zyl whos goat? quaresma? nani? felix?
shafiq ikmal
shafiq ikmal Vor year
@Alvita Pereira Felix is best player at Benfica but not at atletico..his shooting power quite good..maybe simeone don't know how to use him
The boss
The boss Vor year
Best episode ever The jokes were class😂
NJ Girl
NJ Girl Vor year
This episode was the best so far. Ronaldo’s comments were hilarious. I love 💕 Ronaldo. I wonder if the soccer players in this series know about this show and if they find them funny?
T M Vor year
I loved every part of the Roast of Ronaldo🔥😂
Jose Gallegos
Jose Gallegos Vor year
So much is going down right now I can’t wait for the next season 😂😂😂
Jude Okafor
Jude Okafor Vor year
Suarez- “Who would try to hurt someone like that with their mouth??!!!” Omg 😂😂
Me: u
Ethan Bryson
Ethan Bryson Vor year
That was the best joke 😹😹😹😹
Maher Nurhussen
Lmao when you think of it there are hell lot of references in this show
Spaniel ACE
Spaniel ACE Vor year
And that comes from Suarez
louisLives 98
louisLives 98 Vor year
@Dennis Kipkoech seriously, like imagine not being censored by youtube or actually getting paid big money to fuck around and roast footballers in a cartoon.
Alex Vor 3 Monate
"These guys will never win another champion league" 🤣
Ant The Champ
Ant The Champ Vor year
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m so happy I found this series :) 5 Stars hands down!!!
Emmanuel Quartey
You guys nailed it with this one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
FBU Vor year
This is by far the funniest episode I've watched 🤣🤣
Edmilson Lennon
Are we ignoring the fact that Ronaldo didn't even wash his hands 😂
RAJU 256
RAJU 256 Vor year
Nnnnnnoo he zipped his inside under wear,,, all of his staffs are fancy.😒
Adrian Padua
Adrian Padua Vor year
I miss 10 seconds ago when I didn't read this message
Tanaka Sigauke
Rutger van duijn
Matin Habibian
Or flush
BaybeeFayce Vor 4 Monate
Wow, a lot of Ronaldo's roasts didn't really age well. "Those guys will never win another Champions League" Madrid are in the final the following season. "We can't all stay at the same team like Messi" Messi's gone to PSG. "Let"s talk about an Argentine GOAT who couldn't win shit with his national team." Messi won shit with his national team.
Legend Forever
Legend Forever Vor 3 Monate
@S4RR6NT Yeah...
S4RR6NT Vor 3 Monate
@Legend Forever they won it💀
Legend Forever
Legend Forever Vor 4 Monate
Madrid still did not won the UCL
Raehan Afrizal
Raehan Afrizal Vor 4 Monate
Good luck in the world cup with canada, eh?
Obidiugo Vor 3 Monate
Still a CLASSIC! Have seen this countless times.🤣😂🤣😂🤣
ahmed aljezouli
Most amazing episode ever ✨❤
Björn Hoppe
Björn Hoppe Vor year
Greatest Show ever! Made my day everday! 🤙🏻
Vikram Parmar
Vikram Parmar Vor year
I don’t know if anybody noticed the look On Gonzalo Higuain’s face when Ronaldo actually called him by his right name instead of calling him Karim Benzema. Even though Ronaldo insulted him, Higuain was still so happy
Paras hit
Paras hit Vor year
Higuain was also Ronaldo's old friend at Real, He is happy because Ronaldo still remember those memories equal to remember memories with his old friend Nani.
Vikram Parmar
Vikram Parmar Vor year
@WolveWick iPhone typo auto correct
WolveWick Vor year
why you call him huiguain instead of higuaín
Giovanni Vor year
@Robert Goebel Bro this show is literally all about the small details and inside references. I’m not surprised if it is “that deep”.
RaiHaN CoDM Vor year
No. He smiled because Ronaldo said he was good
Rayeem Morris
Rayeem Morris Vor year
This is literally the best thing I've watched all my life😂❤
Frank Dante Nyirenda
Hands down the best episode so far 👏👏👏👏
Miguel Aviles
Miguel Aviles Vor 3 Monate
3:35 That didnt age well....
Ian Kniel
Ian Kniel Vor 10 Monate
Ronaldo: [...] Davies! [...] Good luck at the World Cup with Canada, eh. 🍁 🎆 -November, 2021
ReggaeJulye Vor year
Season 5 is really surpassing all expectations, this episode was unbelievable
balkar Singh
balkar Singh Vor year
When Dybala said you ruined it that was the best part his voice was so funny 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Ashwin Giri
Ashwin Giri Vor year
What a fantastic episode it was. Especially the twist in the end. Rivals but not enemies.
Rex Vor year
Joanna Vor year
Suarez saying “who would try to hurt someone like that with their mouth” at 4:34 got me so hard 🤣😂
ItsJustKai Vor year
Ronaldo: Im gonna retire Felix: When? Ronaldo: Idk Next 20 years😂😂😂
Manuel ie
Manuel ie Vor year
@Dominic Brown no we have to rush him
Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown Vor year
Don’t rush me😂😂😂😂😂
BIG SHAQ Vor year
Akingsmind Vor year
@Eric Raji Thomas rush
Re-watched thus episode like 3x ..damn.. so funny..
Roberto Garzozi
Roberto Garzozi Vor 3 Monate
Well the Madrid UCL comments didn’t age well…
Christopher Mina Caicedo
4:59 and 5:13 are no longer true, but still these were the best parts of the video!
Kutlwano Mere
Kutlwano Mere Vor year
😂😂😂top5 episode of the entire series. Side note, it’s quite dope that marcelo was the one who “assisted” with the mic. And that hug at the end, awesome content!!
Jeremiah I
Jeremiah I Vor year
Luis Suarez: "Look what you did to Jao, who would hurt someone like that with their mouth" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 These hidden jokes!!
G J Vor year
😂😂😂 this season is amazing
Venkat Sai
Venkat Sai Vor year
This was insane 🤣
chris mendez
chris mendez Vor year
I fucking died
Obidiugo Vor year
chiagozie anyaora
@Alexander Mboma it was in the past. Suarez used to bit his fellow footballers
Road 35
Road 35 Vor year
The screen play for these shows are epic. Very well done.
D Ramirez
D Ramirez Vor year
“This guy is a jerk. Eh!” 💀💀💀
Marcus Ratz
Marcus Ratz Vor year
Now Ronaldo cant say anything about Messi and Argentina
Kedar Shenoy
Kedar Shenoy Vor year
Well that certain Argentine GOAT won some shit with his national team!!!
Ebo Egyir
Ebo Egyir Vor year
Don't take it personal
R!M0 Vor year
"OH SHIT HE WENT THERE" had me dying, even though the fact that Messi has to be his own hypeman is a pretty fitting comparison to how Barca works atm
Sagu Aro
Sagu Aro Vor 11 Monate
"At least i came up here and left my comfort zone...we cant all just stay in one place our whole life like Messi at Barcelona" Boy that didnt age well.
Anas Abouhouraira
Honestly this is the best of all episodes !!! so many real facts !! hope real players are watching this.
Cultured CHAD
Cultured CHAD Vor 5 Monate
Suarez: "Look what you did to Joao. Who'd try to hurt someone like that with their mouth." This coming from him just killed me.
coked out Mark Hamill
5:12 Well that changed quickly.
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh Vor year
This guy is literally taking a piss at everyone for 2 straight minutes
IniAbasi Essien
Nope he took a piss from 2:56 to 4:03 That's 1 minute 7 seconds
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh Vor year
@Arnav Bhukhmaria Bruh, this comment has like 2.2k likes, how's it underrated?
THE ZOID. with Freaky
@Mohamed Hafez nah I'm just wondering wth he was zipping cos man was literally in shorts lmao
Mohamed Hafez
Mohamed Hafez Vor year
Any one else irritated he didn’t flush or wash his hands ?
Irakli Kodua
Irakli Kodua Vor year
Is it just me or it keeps getting better and longer each episode
cd ab
cd ab Vor year
Ironic, or premonitory? Messi did win a national title and leave the "comfort" zone this summer.
Ghazi Arfaoui
Ghazi Arfaoui Vor year
"You think yourself so great ? you're not even the best Ronaldo." (L. Messi)
Joaquin Not Phoenix
where was R9 when he was 36 years old? exactly
Raymond Atwiine
Except he is
5:00 Ronaldo roast. Crazy how a few months can change a lot of things. Messi won an international trophy and left Barcelona.
David Nakamba
David Nakamba Vor year
Probably the best episode ever!😂🤣
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