The Dark Knight Rises - Batman's First Appearance[HD]

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The Dark Knight Rises - The Return of The Batman[HD].

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18 Nov 2012



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Rowdyy Ronnie
Rowdyy Ronnie Vor 13 Stunden
Hands down the best superhero entry of all time. Batman Forever!! 😍😍😍
• mar6tincobo •
TheSunMoon Vor 2 Tage
Movie-goers just sure love to compare.. DC vs Marvel. Lol..
Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart Vor 2 Tage
It's The smug look of satisfaction that kills me 4:11
ocean monument
ocean monument Vor 2 Tage
3:28 epicly moment
Humayun Kabir
Humayun Kabir Vor 3 Tage
Best batman series ever made which can outclassed any marvel series made so far. It’s a master piece and realistic than unrealistic superheroes movies. Coolness and awesomeness at its highest level.
Alex Ayers
Alex Ayers Vor 4 Tage
So. fucking. logically. stupid. Never mind the fact that batman could've rammed him, survived, and annihilated bane on that motorcycle, but one of those fucking COPS could've (and in real life probably would've) rammed him and ended him right there and then too. I get it; we need a movie so obviously it couldn't have ended there, but jesus christ: Give him a better exit! Think of better ways to push the plot!
Asad Zaman
Asad Zaman Vor 5 Tage
This scene never stops giving you goosebumps. The utter frustration in his face when the police force start to chase him 😔
Ghaffar_KH Vor 5 Tage
3:50 I remember watching this in the theater and my dad screaming out of how incredible the direction of this movie was, can't really blame him though.
Subjit Singh
Subjit Singh Vor 7 Tage
Amaad Vor 9 Tage
I love how he’s so casual from 2:42 surrounded by GCPD😭😭
Flare Mercury
Flare Mercury Vor 9 Tage
I've been watching this clip for days and i never get bored seeing it
APlus Tech
APlus Tech Vor 10 Tage
I'm both marvel & dc comics fan. But, i'll call this an epic, cult, remarkable movie. No one can design a edgy action sequence like Nolan. The Biggest mistake that WB did was, not allowed Nolan to continue Batman. Even as years rolled on, This remains in Cinematic History unerased.
Praramvik Das
Praramvik Das Vor 11 Tage
Bat man yup are best👍
Joshua Jano
Joshua Jano Vor 11 Tage
So glad so many people see this movie the way I do 😂
ScroggsOVision Vor 12 Tage
It's weird how the chase starts in New York and ends in downtown Los Angeles.
Lucas Ließ
Lucas Ließ Vor 12 Tage
Hands down best Batman Movies and the actors were the best you could pick 👑
Karthik sa2
Karthik sa2 Vor 13 Tage
This intro scene 1000 times and still goosebumps. Power of Hans Zimmer and Nolan
takeshi kovacs
takeshi kovacs Vor 13 Tage
christian bale made 5 star
970357ers Vor 14 Tage
Julien Youngpine
Julien Youngpine Vor 14 Tage
From the time bane drives out of the stock building, it gets pretty dark pretty fast.
Sakthivel Narayanan T
Goosebumps and tears in our eyes!
chaoticdays Vor 15 Tage
The Dark Knight trilogy and Joker = enjoyed by people of all ages and tastes. MCU movies such as Avengers= enjoyed by comic book fans and kids
Muaz Savran
Muaz Savran Vor 16 Tage
2:43 This is not a movie, this is The Art.
This trilogy is literally Sam Raimi's Spider Man of DC.
Rulo Francis
Rulo Francis Vor 17 Tage
"i think you have the wrong animal there, sir" Nah, it's the exact animal he was chasing: A BAT
Asa Greene
Asa Greene Vor 17 Tage
Almost every comment in here is basically "fuck marvel" for no reason whatsoever.
Sylvester Ehimen
Sylvester Ehimen Vor 18 Tage
Christian bale is officially the best Batman🙌🏾
faysal mullaire
faysal mullaire Vor 18 Tage
Boii new Batman should be perfect cuz this is Masterpiece!
Film Making with Siddharth Sai
Nolan got the electric motor sound spot on !!!!
Amos Maka
Amos Maka Vor 19 Tage
"I'm gonna do what Jim Gordon never could." "...and what's that"?? "I'm going to take down The Batman." "Sir, what about the armed robbers"?? 🙄 Me: "Right"?? 🤦‍♂️🙄
Adharsh Thunderbolt
This Never gets old
Josh Bennet
Josh Bennet Vor 20 Tage
Christian Bale will always be Batman
Josh Bennet
Josh Bennet Vor 20 Tage
I wonder how many people know that this is a reference to the dark knight returns animation movie
Vegan AfterFifty
Vegan AfterFifty Vor 21 Tag
One of the best Batman films
Nikhil Kumar.
Nikhil Kumar. Vor 23 Tage
This soundtrack gives chills ❄️❄️
SAMER NA Vor 23 Tage
That policeman from Blue Blood Awesome 0:45
Batman Vor 24 Tage
Ironman is my best friend
Nithin kb
Nithin kb Vor 24 Tage
BGM is absolutely Top notch
White Hat Hacker
White Hat Hacker Vor 24 Tage
Sorry endgame but Batman is Batman although i am a marvel fan
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