The Draw of Destiny | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 1

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Disparate souls collide in the mountain spires of Jrusar when three different groups of adventurers meet during a battle against an unusual array of enemies...

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"It's Thursday Night" written by Sam Riegel and Peter Habib
Original Music by Omar Fadel and Hexany Audio
"Welcome to Marquet" Art Theme by Colm McGuinness
Additional Music by Universal Production Music, Epidemic Sounds, and 5 Alarm
Character Art by Hannah Friederichs

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24 Okt 2021



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Flando Maltrizian
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 1:40 Dear Sam Riegel 5:05 I don’t think it was quite self-indulgent enough 6:25 Hey, it’s Marisha Ray! 7:45 Hey, it’s Ashley Johnson 8:55 It’sa Laura Bailey’s merch corner 12:45 New intro (Marisha announced a more extensive one is in the works) 13:05 Episode Starts (A lot of geography and names. Can’t wait for the Guide to Marquet) 16:40 Everyone get out 18:10 Laura introduces Imogen 19:10 Marisha introduces Laudna 25:45 Escritorae Kunthia 30:10 Laudna’s feat are very gross 34:00 Imogen uses a unique feature 35:35 Kunthia throws deep shade 38:45 John Mulaney the Katari 39:15 Laudna is scary scary 43:25 Sam and Taliesin enter 45:45 Taliesin describes Ashton 49:10 The first FCG giggles 49:50 Sam introduces Fresh Cut Grass (the best boy) 54:50 I believe in you, F-off 58:25 FCG hates birds 59:00 No skin off my teeth 1:05:30 FCG is a vicious bodyguard 1:07:30 FCG is a therapist 1:08:30 Eating copper 1:09:40 FCG wants to go where everyone knows their name 1:11:40 A new player has entered 1:14:30 Ashley introduces Fearne 1:15:25 Liam introduces Orym 1:17:35 Robbie introduces Dorian 1:20:20 Crash landing 1:21:45 Clapping on the runway 1:26:25 The wire makes it much safer 1:30:10 Stealing an earing 1:34:05 Campaign 3 ends 1:36:55 Practice knocking 1:40:10 Map out 1:43:35 Battle begins 1:48:45 The civilians are all cosplayers 1:49:40 Shield of Help 1:50:20 First mini casualty 1:52:00 West Elm fight 1:54:40 Form of Dread 1:55:55 Bane 1:57:50 Furniture gets them every time 2:00:15 Sweep the leg 2:02:40 Travis enters the fray 2:05:45 HDYWTDT 2:08:45 It’ll eventually get old 2:10:20 Spiritual tomato 2:12:35 HDYWTDT (F this knife) 2:15:05 HDYWTDT (Goo strike) 2:17:50 It was a real 4D experience in the theater 2:20:40 HDYWTDT (Let’s table this) 2:23:55 Bertrand Bell was first introduced in “The Search for Grog” a campaign 1 one-shot 2:24:25 Sam’s new drinking vessel 2:27:35 FCG has been covered in pee this whole time 2:28:25 INSIGHT CHECK 2:29:30 The earing changes hands 2:31:10 Orym is a one-liner master 2:31:55 Break Starts 2:35:45 You’ve got Gale 2:40:55 Break Ends 2:42:30 Laudna draws some attention 2:48:00 Dentures acting up 2:51:20 Good smells 2:53:10 FCG’s whole backstory 2:57:30 Soul touched 3:00:10 Bell needs a nap 3:01:20 It’s right over there 3:03:10Haggling for rooms 3:10:10Meeting Shadonna 3:13:20 Waking up Bertrand 3:17:35 Crown Keeper Conference 3:20:05 Ashton is bad at Rollies 3:22:40 FCG is also psyched about learning people’s backstories 3:26:00 Dorian’s performance 3:29:30 Fearne and FCG fail at cheating 3:35:45 Aww weird (first long rest) 3:38:45 Sam makes some puke noise 3:40:45 Making our way 3:42:35 Imogen and Laudna backstory 3:51:35 Lord Esteros 3:56:20 I don’t want to wait 3:58:00 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was some time in 843 PD (7 years after the end of Campaign 2). Sam’s drinking canister says “I have gas” For any new viewers, Hi I’m Flando Maltrizian. I do this thing where I post timestamps to help myself and other people navigate these 4-hour long videos. Most people use them to find the place they fell asleep while watching live, to help speed up rewatch/catchup sessions, or to find good jokes and dramatic stuff. You can click on the blue timestamp numbers on the side, and the video will automatically go to that time and start playing. Good to be back for C3, see y’all in the comments. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson Vor 3 Monate
Hey, just wanted to say that I've been watching all the way from campaign 1 to the present for the past year, and your timestamps are absolutely awesome to have! Keep it up!
Nathan Vor 7 Monate
THANKS, Flando!
Slytherphin Gaming
Slytherphin Gaming Vor 8 Monate
Flando you remain an amazing and valued member of the community. Your efforts are truly appreciated
mynameismarkchun Vor 9 Monate
I love you
Issac Montgomery
Issac Montgomery Vor 9 Monate
The best of us
Blake Sorrell
Blake Sorrell Vor year
The fact that one of Travis’s greatest fears is the ring girl and Marisha’s character looks like the ring girl is golden
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics Vor 7 Monate
@EllieDiringer Watch the japanese one, the original . Ringu .
unbentcrayfish Vor 11 Monate
@EllieDiringer from the horror movie
John Willis
John Willis Vor 11 Monate
The ring girl is FUCKING creepy!!! I am TOTALLY with Travis on this!!! Laudna is ALSO freaking creepy, but it's somehow also awesome!!! I LOVE D&D!!!!
Iain Kelly
Iain Kelly Vor year
@Taylor Hall Took me a fair bit of confusion there to realise you must be talking about the American remake. (Orig is Sadako. Cooler name.)
K Lilly M
K Lilly M Vor year
Best friend vibes
Tod Hosheit
Tod Hosheit Vor 7 Monate
FCG: "She named all of her creations after her favorite smells" Matt's reaction after "pussy" was such a treat.
Jaime The One
Jaime The One Vor 20 Tage
I would heve gone with: I hoped she liked cats.
Brandi James
Brandi James Vor Monat
Yo, I was originally listening to this, and wasn’t able to watch it. Watching it was beautiful. Lol
Everyone’s reaction was suck up
gvost Vor 2 Monate
matt, realizing he has to make that canon:
CommanderCH Vor 2 Monate
I love the ones that sink in slowly and hit hard. Sam's jokes are always nice.
Jake “Nars” Naylor
Fresh Cut Grass casually derailing the campaign is iconic. Had me dead.
I just love that expression... Had me dead... 😂
Wouldiwas Shookspeared
That's Sam's goal every season, but within the rules.
Nobell Prizz
Nobell Prizz Vor 10 Monate
Marisha has such a range. Her first character was a goofy, socially awkward young adult; her second was a buff, confident but sometimes rude badass, and now she has the creepy, weird, well-meaning but off-putting dead lady.
Nobell Prizz
Nobell Prizz Vor 2 Monate
@N O S E Yep. Glad we agree.
N O S E Vor 2 Monate
@Nobell Prizz That's what I mean, you can play any character , using imagination
Nobell Prizz
Nobell Prizz Vor 2 Monate
@N O S E I was referring to Marisha's acting not character design.
N O S E Vor 2 Monate
Bro you only need to imagine and that's it, no need for any kind of "range of characters" or whatever
Nobell Prizz
Nobell Prizz Vor 2 Monate
@JustCommonCurt Okay?
LyanderTheGreat Vor 9 Monate
Starting at 2:51:20, the way that joke Sam made spread slowly like a plague across the entire table until they were all losing their minds is truly the best part of my entire week.
Dennis N
Dennis N Vor Monat
Even I went "Wait... what?" and had to double take and rewind. This man is a treasure trove of comedic gold. How he keeps his composure and straight face is just beyond me. Bravo!
Will Leary
Will Leary Vor 4 Monate
@goldosprey it was hilarious.
Anthony J Fuchs
Anthony J Fuchs Vor 7 Monate
He really broke out the Comic Triple and stuck the superhero landing.
bjorn Vor 7 Monate
best part of the episode by far
Wait, what?
Wait, what? Vor 7 Monate
I was eating when he said that, it took me off guard and I almost spit my food
WaywardHero 117
FCG: Looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll Fern: Looks like a cinnamon roll, is a klepto Laudna: Looks evil, is a cinnamon roll
Clara Clenky
Clara Clenky Vor 10 Monate
@Timothy Gonzalez-Walter oh def
james ritter
james ritter Vor 11 Monate
@Jim Lawrence oh! Thank you!
Jim Lawrence
Jim Lawrence Vor 11 Monate
@james ritter “A character that is very kind and sweet but faces more hardship and suffering than they truly deserve. Comes from the usage of an article headline from 'The Onion' titled 'Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.' to describe a person or character that is very good but faces a lot of pain in their life.”
Eliott DeWitt
Eliott DeWitt Vor year
@Kyle Jacques will sell like hotcakes fo sure he tottally gives me the movie 'Robots' feels i really hope what some of the other commentors have said comes true, he secretly a dooms day device that whiped out his past crew 😂 that would be amazing
WolfSpirit19 Vor year
@Kyle Jacques I'll take their entire stock!!
Double May Care
Double May Care Vor 9 Monate
Watching Marisha just *glow* as Keyleth got a mention warms my heart.
Googoogaga Vor 2 Monate
I love keyleth sm, she’s so similar to me in a few different ways
Zac Ur Ragazzo
Zac Ur Ragazzo Vor 8 Monate
The same when Matt mentioned animals pelts in the room and as soon as a bear pelt was mentioned Laura made a face
GUILE5THEME Vor 9 Monate
@Double May Care gotcha gotcha ty!
Double May Care
Double May Care Vor 9 Monate
@GUILE5THEME When the Exandria Unlimited folx are introduced. Orym is an Air Ashari.
GUILE5THEME Vor 9 Monate
When was this?? I think I missed it;;
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz Vor 6 Monate
this is my first experience of DnD, and as an open world gamer who loves a fantasy style storyline (Skyrim, Witcher, Etc.) this is cool as hell
Cris Sznoluch
Cris Sznoluch Vor 25 Tage
@Stinger Johnny just havnt found that peace yet
Stinger Johnny
Stinger Johnny Vor 25 Tage
@Cris Sznoluch Bingo my man! It’s funny how grown ups don’t care about what grown ups should do, “Real men” don’t care what “real men” should do, and genuinely cool people don’t care what cool people should do. So what does that make those who worry about all that shit?
Cris Sznoluch
Cris Sznoluch Vor 25 Tage
@Stinger Johnny me no I have no fucks lol I’m 34 I know who I am and I’m 100% good with it
Stinger Johnny
Stinger Johnny Vor 25 Tage
@Cris Sznoluch To me that shows an insecurity in one’s self. If you are that scare of losing any coolness or masculinity or whatever, then you never had it in the first place.
arash sa
arash sa Vor Monat
Play baldur's gate 3 or wrath of the righteous if you like this
Juliana Harmatiuk
Juliana Harmatiuk Vor 6 Monate
Right when he said they hear a snapping sound, I heard a gunshot from outside!! Really immersive experience from Brazil!
*charging noises intensify*
Brazil moment
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Vor 2 Monate
Come to brazil
Mauro R
Mauro R Vor 2 Monate
Portugal, but, relatable.
goblin queen of nilbog
Archemedes Vor 4 Monate
In chicago that is just background ambience I think I have learned to zone it out 😂
Я Ага
Я Ага Vor 2 Monate
"Coppers not real money, more of an insult, you can eat them" god that is both accurate and hilarious lol
Current Kick
Current Kick Vor year
Laudna: "I am fun-scary!" Imogen: "Laudna, you're scary-scary."
Ekkaisara Vor 11 Monate
@Ashley Cook Marisha is def one of my favs bruh I LOVE Beau and Laudna
13bgalvin Vor year
Said in the most endearing I-love-my-girlfriend way
Zarina Mohamed
@Ashley Cook Eda is actually a perfect comparison. The Owl House is awesome.
Moira M
Moira M Vor year
@Ashley Cook OH MY GOD! Eda was exactly who I thought of too!!!
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook Vor year
My daughter popped over my shoulder while I was catching up on my phone: "Isn't she the one who played Beau last time?" (I tried to get her to rewatch C2 w me over the summer bc I knew she would love Beau...but no dice, so I talked her ear off about CR instead. I was surprised she had heard any of it) "Yeah, that's Marisha. Remember?" "Who she playing this time? *What* is she playing this time?" "Um, I didn't hear the character name clearly...and ...I HAVE NO IDEA." "She has 'Eda the Owl Lady' vibes this time. I like her"
saskiaontheinternet Vor 6 Monate
first time watching and honestly im completely sold by the fact that it has ACTUAL SUBTITLES. thank you so much
Micheal Hubbard
Micheal Hubbard Vor Monat
I tired to turn them off like 4 times.
yeah it's so good
Daedalian Vor 9 Monate
I love that everyone, including Matt, sat up straight as soon as Travis said to stand up straight
Dk Berd
Dk Berd Vor 6 Monate
Taliesin didn’t. He made a concerted effort to slouch.
Jimeth The Melancollie
Marisha was made to play Laudna, the character is just so perfectly creepy-and-she-loves-it, and i'm loving it.
Stuart Miles
Stuart Miles Vor 6 Monate
She's like the lovechild of Elvira and Joanna Lumley we never knew we needed, works so well!
Quarkoloca Vor 11 Tage
I never expect subtitles from videos as long as these, so as a deaf viewer, thank you so much 😭
Apples and Dragons
Apples and Dragons Vor 9 Monate
1:09:38 "we might even get into a bar fight" And just like that, Ashton planted the seeds of villainy in Fresh Cut Grass. For you see, that was the moment when the little heal-bot began the first of a sequence of calculations that would culminate over his journeys into a full awareness that his primary directive to heal as many people as he can heal will be best fulfilled by maximizing his supply of people who require healing.
Spiral Phoenix
Spiral Phoenix Vor 2 Monate
@L T clerics aren’t really meant to heal. They just happen to have the most healing spells.
goblin queen of nilbog
Comment aged well
Dustin Gaethje
Dustin Gaethje Vor 4 Monate
@DrapionTrainer I have done this as a cleric, but more as a Batman interrogation thing, not out of sadism
Hot_Icecubes Vor 4 Monate
I would be interested to see that
DrapionTrainer Vor 5 Monate
I literally just finished creating a cleric who's sadistic, so he heals people just to hurt them again lol
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert Vor 9 Monate
Ashton: "Have I taken you to Spire by Fire yet?" FCG: "No but it rhymes so I'm in!" I'm already in love with FCG hahaha!
Kelley Lafitte
Kelley Lafitte Vor 8 Monate
I really hope this becomes another animated series because Marisha doing her best Helena Bonham Carter is god tier
Jason Marbach
Jason Marbach Vor 8 Monate
Five minutes into my first exposure to Dorian and I can 100% see why everyone has been incapable of stopping talking about him and Robbie. I enjoy these characters all a lot, but yeah I can see why he’s so popular
M Burton
M Burton Vor 2 Monate
Same! I hate change, but he is a pleasant surprise.
Mike Appleby
Mike Appleby Vor 8 Monate
He fits in well with the roster!
Jeroen Vor year
Travis' foolproof anti-romance strategy: play a character who's 80 years old.
Stinger Johnny
Stinger Johnny Vor Monat
de wizard
de wizard Vor Monat
What about old horny drunkards at taverns?
emil falk
emil falk Vor 2 Monate
*SPOILER* another good strategy he mploys for this is play a character who DIES
demonzabrak Vor 2 Monate
@Lauren S. edit: I recently complimented someone with the last name Smith and thought it was you so my previous version of this comment makes no sense. Here’s the same sentiment but different. Good job with your argument structure, you’re good people.
Gamer626 Vor 3 Monate
Just you wait XD
Kevin Felton
Kevin Felton Vor 7 Monate
I just love that seven years into streaming Sam can still make Matt hide his head behind his hands.
TenLongFingers Vor 3 Monate
Talesin's character's design, once again, gives a big middle finger to cosplayers
Esteban Vor 8 Monate
Based on what I've seen of this episode so far, I'm willing to bet FCG is going to play a huge part in Ashton's character development. Let's see how well or poorly this ages as the campaign progresses.
BLU Spy Vor 6 Monate
definitely on the right track, at least
Rider Vor 9 Monate
1:11:00 Keyleth is mentioned to be the person who sent Orym on the start of his adventure and that is just so cool. I love it when the players do cute tie ins like that
Al H.
Al H. Vor Monat
i'm from the future and this comment aged so well it spawned 3 more tie-ins
Kristina Hard
Kristina Hard Vor 3 Monate
Ha, your comment aged like fine wine as things like that keep happening
Jack Dog
Jack Dog Vor year
“Tonight I’m just sticking to the script” “….really?” “NO! Of course not! *I W R O T E A B R O A D W A Y M U S I C A L”*
jack squatt
jack squatt Vor 5 Monate
So... what was the actual product? I think I kinda missed that part.
Adael Junior
Adael Junior Vor year
Raul Alzão Stradioto
@Kaitlyn Wickham "hello i am Sam Riegel, and to show of our wonderful sponsor on episode 200 of campaign 3, i am gonna EXPLODE THE FUCKING SUN!"
Rin Kaneko
Rin Kaneko Vor year
I'm sad how nobody in the cast asked why Liam's photo is on the table 🤣
Etienne Picard
@Beakermoose there are compilations of sam's ads around and tbh, it's the only time I don't mind being advertised to
stikxs Vor 3 Monate
It's amazing how smooth they all are at improv in some of the scenes. Like at the end of the bar part sam just randomly gives his room away and matt makes a perfect npc out of nowhere.
Charlie Catashrophe
Charlie Catashrophe Vor 7 Monate
This campaign feels like Treasure Planet but if it was written by Studio Ghibli, I love it so much ✨💙
GothiQ haQer
GothiQ haQer Vor 2 Monate
How did no one catch the “A knife!” “No!” reference? 😂😂 that was top tier!
Asif Aslam
Asif Aslam Vor 8 Monate
I'm new to DnD but I really like how the game goes and would like to learn more about it.
AKL Vor 7 Monate
I started watching Critical Role without any prior DnD experience and picked up what I needed to know to understand the flow of the story (how the dice rolls affect the story) pretty quickly. There are also lots of videos on basic gameplay and rules, including CR's own "Handbooker Helper" series. :) de-vid.com/group/PL1tiwbzkOjQyr6-gqJ8r29j_rJkR49uDN
Matt Somers
Matt Somers Vor year
I want to believe that Liam told Sam "Next campaign, you're our designated healbot." And Sam took that literally.
Dan Lucier
Dan Lucier Vor year
This is my exact thought as well!
John Willis
John Willis Vor year
@Lauren Wainwright I believe he has for EVERY campaign so far, not sure about one shots though!
John Willis
John Willis Vor year
@Sean Gill 11! Though I want to point out that it is WONDERFUL pain! Well, it's pain, which is always bad, but it's because of good things!
John Willis
John Willis Vor year
@EveesCastle OH MY GOD!!! Kind of but he doesn't have a Lord and Savior to tell you about!
Matt Somers
Matt Somers Vor year
@Paul Gibbon Oh my god, they do! 😂 🤣
harddrive.malfunction Vor 10 Monate
The fact that Mat goes so far to set the scene for the players is amazing, the sounds effects, the detailed descriptions of the most mundane things in the world.
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor 29 Tage
@Jaxon Burn Everyone has different likes/dislikes and to me he is a Jerk in how he does things (player deaths, more realism, more grittiness.)
Jaxon Burn
Jaxon Burn Vor Monat
@Morrigan KASA Oh yeah- Matt Mercer, the famous jerk 🙄 Which show are you watching, buddy? Because it’s not the same one everyone else is.
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor Monat
@Last Man Standing Fair enough, but to me it isn't fun the brutalness or lots of realism or lots of grittiness or lots of drama, those same things apply to all games, fantasy/scifi books, fantasy/scifi movies, fantasy/scifi shows, or even most other shows & movies, exception being documentaries.
Last Man Standing
@Morrigan KASA It depends. If it's already known that's how he plays then everyone is ok with it. Plus it's better to just play the roles as they are. But it is always up to the dm. If someone is just getting tons of bad rolls and it's no longer fun the dm should take it on themselves to allow their players to have fun. But again maybe the party enjoys the brutalness. It's up to the group honestly.
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor 2 Monate
@Mel I'm serious, killing off players is a jerk move. Also I notice he sometimes is impatient with the players for no good reason.
Kate Too Late
Kate Too Late Vor 9 Monate
Wow, such an important moment in DnD history. A tavern/bar keepers without ANY work, problems, or quests for the characters to do! 1:10:00 😄
Dan M
Dan M Vor 9 Monate
I love that in the broadway musical, Sam keeps a smiling pic of Liam on his desk. So wholesome
Lord Warkworth
Lord Warkworth Vor 7 Monate
Only recently discovered CR. This is such great theatre. It’s perfect, intelligent and so very funny and kind. Splendid stuff.
Bonkity Clonkity
I love how previously Ashley's character was a barbarian who everyone found intimidating but was very sweet and now she's playing a character who looks sweet but is actually extremely chaotic.
John Willis
John Willis Vor year
@KumaoftheForest SHHHH!!!! She won't!!!! Actually, I don't know if she is pursuing any acting things at the moment with everything that Critical Role has become and she has taken on since the end of Blindspot so I don't think she will be, forgoing anything related to life or death!
Makes you wonder when Ashley will disappear for part of the campaign
Izabelle C Freitas
@Wilkiesmuse her character in the Brigade one shot
Wilkiesmuse Vor year
Yasha: Looks like they could kill you, is a cinnamon roll Fearne: Looks like a cinnamon roll, could kill you Pike: Looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll Presumably her C4 character will therefore be looks like they could kill you, could kill you
MaskofFayt Vor 9 Monate
I stopped watching cr a long time ago when my d&d group fell apart and I left the hobby but the animated series hit me in the nostalgia and I figured why not start again here
The Old Boy
The Old Boy Vor 9 Monate
The set makes it look like they're in the upper loft of a tavern and discussing strategies for an upcoming mission. Absolutely love it!
Chuckleberry Vor 3 Monate
The fact that Dingo has made it so far with Fool's Gold that their able to sponsor Critical Role makes me happy
Bardify Vor 6 Monate
The music in this episode is simply outstanding.
Chadthelake Vor 2 Monate
@Critical Role damn a channel reply that's rare
N O S E Vor 2 Monate
What is this music?=
Critical Role
Critical Role Vor 6 Monate
We're so happy you enjoyed it :)
Tri Xus
Tri Xus Vor year
My personal theory: After being killed in practicly every campaign, Taliesin just created a barbarian just to be sure his character survives 😂
Serenity Freeman
Serenity Freeman Vor 2 Monate
@Zombiewithabowtie I believe in their home campaign Tal played a higher level paladin before he died and then introduced percy
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor 3 Monate
@Lol247 So I guess we did come to an agreement of sorts:) Player preferences are each different.
Lol247 Vor 3 Monate
@Morrigan KASA I mean if you’re facing TPK that is an issue with the encounter itself, and falls under my earlier point but yeah, it does come down to the player’s wishes and expectations
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor 3 Monate
@Lol247 Each their own, I personally don't like TPK or even individual Player deaths so ideally establish house rule that player deaths can't happen. But if the rest don't like that rule and I was the DM I would fudge rolls to prevent the deaths against the players who want death risk.
Lol247 Vor 3 Monate
@Morrigan KASA I’m not a big fan of fudging rolls personally. It lowers stakes and can make hard fought victories feel less earned imo. Only time I will fudge is if I’ve somehow made a grievous error in planning the fight itself
Søren Thustrup
Søren Thustrup Vor 10 Monate
I've done my share of character introductions, and while this one was great and helped along immensely by the players' talent and willingness to roleplay, I love that there's still that familiar awkwardness to how to actually get into the groove as a party. I love it!
Kayla Darling
Kayla Darling Vor 4 Monate
First DnD thing... ever.... in my life, this was recommended by a coworker- best decision ever. I cannot CANNOT stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣
Chellie C
Chellie C Vor 3 Monate
@Kayla Darling Cant help on finding a group (looking for one as well in fact... once I have time for it) but, once you have found one... Maybe think of creating a character that is also a bubble of anxiety rolled up in awkwardness? That way once you start playing you can just be you without being judged because that is just your character? ;-)
Kayla Darling
Kayla Darling Vor 3 Monate
@Gaven Sedgwick I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for people to play with. And I'm in a wierd bubble mixed with general anxiety, and social anxiety/awkwardness 😅 I typically either scare people off with my weirdness, or I talk myself into faking confidence and I end up intimating people.... so I'm always the wierdo or the one that looks like she'd be a B*+ch.... as you can tell, when I do talk... I tend to talk too much 😅 global covid isolation habits never ended for me, and now I don't know how to human. 🥳🙈
Corex Spurlock
Corex Spurlock Vor 4 Monate
Oooh you better see Campaign 1& 2, emotional roller-coaster ;D NEVER a dull moment!
Gaven Sedgwick
Gaven Sedgwick Vor 4 Monate
Welcome to the club! Critical Role rules, but I hope you get to play DnD yourself too at some point!
Clinton Barton
Clinton Barton Vor 6 Monate
Went through campaign 1 & 2, almost two years later I'm almost all caught up
Derek Branim
Derek Branim Vor 10 Tage
Me too!
Harley Burnett
Harley Burnett Vor 5 Monate
I love the black nails it helps your hand movements stand out more also looks good
akaAlias1012 Vor year
Dorian: Chaotic Wholesome Orym: True Wholesome Fearne: Wholesome Evil
TalynCo Vor 7 Monate
As if FCG isn't true wholesome.
LazyBunnyLyn Vor 8 Monate
Fresh cut grass?
Be Your best
Be Your best Vor year
Fresh Cut Grass: Lawful Wholesome
AppletheDM Vor year
That’s the best way I’ve seen them described
Mélusine Shade
I mean, it's in the name : "fear"ne
Tiphen D
Tiphen D Vor 8 Monate
seeing everyone still being nervous about starting a new campaign despite all they've been through already, how used to it they must be by now, was so cute and i love every character already
Imprint Jones
Imprint Jones Vor 4 Monate
9 months later AFTER this aired and 2 days after having had my first DND session with work friends...epic 🎲, this is how we all come together as nerds around the world 👑 🐉 🙏, thank you CR cast and crew for what you do
Wesley Colvin
Wesley Colvin Vor 6 Monate
This is what happens when a radio play and improv night at a comedy club have a kid together.
Das Fuent
Das Fuent Vor 7 Monate
One of the things that I love about this series is how the background music enhances the story. It helps me feel more invested in the journeys of these characters.
johnbiggscr Vor year
Sam’s ‘shiny day to you’ after Laura dragged him away to safety was just comedically perfect. He is so good.
Hey! Let's Do A Thing!
And her excited “You too!” was great. Everyone around just goes “Oh no, they make each other more powerful”
Andrew Vor year
The two southern folks meeting is the beginning of something great, can feel it
Owl Be Back
Owl Be Back Vor year
time stamp?
Ace Maddox
Ace Maddox Vor year
What is the time stamp for this?
Littlewarrior 0106
Littlewarrior 0106 Vor 9 Monate
I love this already, I never watched much Critical Role before, but after seeing some shorts/clips going around, as well as hearing about this from friends, I became quite intrigued and here I am, along for the ride 🙂
AndyAF Vor 8 Monate
@Barney Atkinson-Saul I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!
Barney Atkinson-Saul
If you don't have much time, I'd highly recommend Ashley's one shot.
AndyAF Vor 8 Monate
Same here. It's becoming a comforting go to.
YTSL Vor 5 Monate
I’m a bit late to the party but thought I’d give my two cents. I’ve been hesitant to start Campaign 3 after binging Campaign 2 because for the first two campaigns, I really had a hard time liking the characters right off the bat. It usually took until twenty episodes in for me to start enjoying the dynamic of things and having fallen in love with the Mighty Nien, I wasn’t ready for a new group of adventures. After just watching episode one, I can proudly say that I love every single one of these characters already. I can’t even choose a favorite because they’re all great and unique. Wonderful job by the cast as always and can’t wait to see how Campaign 3 progresses.
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Vor 3 Monate
I liked the characters of the Mighty Nein at around episode 6 but quit watching the campaign after Jester, Fjord, and Yasha being captured THEN Mollymauk dying! NO PLAYER DEATHS/CAPTURES/DISAPPEARING! NO PLAYER DEATHS/CAPTURES/DISAPPEARING! NO PLAYER DEATHS/CAPTURES/DISAPPEARING!
Joshua Lau
Joshua Lau Vor 9 Monate
liam: "Im a master of swords not tables" Travis: "laughs in chutney"
naye nay
naye nay Vor 2 Monate
Well, I started rewatching again the campaign just after finishing episode 34. Happier and simpler times.
RustFox Vor year
Absolutely love hearing Travis howling with laughter off screen when Taliesin and Sam's characters enter :'D
Will Bowling
Will Bowling Vor year
Its just sam. That's not FCG that's just sam manifested in the game at last xD
Kris Vor year
@H Hylobates talisen did not say "i would like to rage." Thats why travis loses it its the trigger for it. I think ya gotta say eldertich blast in a southern/western accent for fjord to trigger.
Taishi Kohjima
I want an angle on the backstage area they're hanging in for those moments. I bet Travis was gesticulating wildly.
CR Hubbard
CR Hubbard Vor year
My god, his phantom laughter had me dying all on its own.
H Hylobates
H Hylobates Vor year
I'm convinced the crew must have then exiled him into another room or something, I didn't here him cheering like a wild football fan at the first RAGE of the campaign
cellardoor10 Vor 2 Monate
I was listening to this on a background tab and hearing Sam's Southern accent in his first introduction, I had to pause and come back to this and do basically an internet double-take because he sounds *exactly* like my uncle who grew up in Dallas and now lives in Seattle. Like, similar tone of voice, syllabic emphasis, etc. It's eerie and brilliant and I am incredibly impressed.
DancinginClouds Vor 6 Monate
Finally coming to check out C3 after finishing C2 a month ago, looks interesting :). Still very much attached to the mighty nein but interested to see this new team
Cory Anderson
Cory Anderson Vor 8 Monate
This is my first experience ever watching anything like this and I'm loving it!
cory4g123 Vor 7 Monate
sup Cory
Andreas Herg
Andreas Herg Vor 2 Monate
Sam will never stop being the bard, no matter what he plays
Chase Wills
Chase Wills Vor year
Words said before disaster: "There was oatmeal and apple pie..."
Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall
F.C.G's associate Dancer and the old man from Christine have something in common.
Z. L. Burington
Literally did not stop laughing for ten minutes. Laughed until I was bawling.
Hyuugo Vor year
i had to stop the video to laugh for a solid 10 minutes
Jack Akimbo
Jack Akimbo Vor year
Marisha wheezing and snorting while trying (and failing) to keep it together is the most contagious thing ever
Ben Bateman
Ben Bateman Vor year
I had a bit of a chuckle when Sam said it, but I couldn't hold it in watching Robbie's face the entire time, and Matt slowly facepalming
iSmellBeavers Vor 6 Monate
I've actually never once in my life ever seen 1 game so I'm VERY new to this? Boy, some people are very creative and mixed with great actors who see their character a certain way it's so fun to watch! Again, this is my first ever game I've ever seen so, wtf do I know?
AKL Vor 6 Monate
These people are world-class at their particular style of play - which, as they would be the first to agree, is not the only way to play or enjoy D&D. :)
OniNoFro Vor 8 Monate
I am thoroughly convinced Laura Bailey is a marketing genius because of how she approaches each piece of merch; "this is what I like about it. okay... what's next?" It really is that simple. If people want or like something, they'll get it. If not, show them something else and they may get that. Brilliant!!!!
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Vor Monat
First time seeing an episode of Critical Role. I’ll eventually go back and watch campaigns 1 and 2. I really like this- I’ve been playing DnD occasionally for the last few years but mostly off. This is really cool!
Text me on telegram Will_Jordan2
Contact me for your reward🎊🎉
leveragability Vor 9 Monate
Oh man, I’m so happy to see the giggle corner grow to include Robbie in Travis and Marisha’s chaos xD it’s a beautiful thing
Brogan Morgan
Brogan Morgan Vor year
Travis saying 'clout' confusedly as an old man was honestly one of the biggest highlights of this for me
Black Velvet Band
Black Velvet Band Vor 10 Monate
@Dublin Bounder Yeah the weirdness is from how it's suddenly being used all over the place and mostly in an internet-popularity context
Brogan Morgan
Brogan Morgan Vor year
pyroqwerty 2:23:00
pallas proserpina
@Jer Unclear
Jer Vor year
Is he gonna be a regular charecter?
PyroQwerty Vor year
I don't suppose you know the timestamp for that? I can't seem to find it again now.
Danish Wild Life
Danish Wild Life Vor 4 Monate
Randomly came by from a Diablo 3 video. I have to say I have been spellbound for 3 hours and 14 mins now. Diden know tabeltop gaming was like this. I know you guys are pros, but man this is more fun then Netflix. I wish I had the skills and knowhow to play this kind of game. Thank you all for lighting my day with a super story. P.S Love Laudna, what a char and what acting Well Played.
Nora Phelan
Nora Phelan Vor 2 Monate
I started watching CR on 2020, the 4th of July. After a bit over two years, I finally finished both campaigns and should catch up soon! What a ride! Edit: for future reference, I started watching the 3rd campaing on the 10th of September, 2022.
Rebecca Grandfield
Rebecca Grandfield Vor 4 Monate
Thank you for the captions! This is my first episode and I would have been so lost without them.
Samuel Stensgaard
Hope you're still enjoying the show!
Saint Mayhem
Saint Mayhem Vor 8 Monate
As one of the late people who literally just watched the last episode of campaign 2 not but a minute before starting this episode. That opening joke from Sam "NOO, I wrote a musical" was perfect. Thanks for that Sam.
Alyssa Noel
Alyssa Noel Vor 6 Monate
Started C2 6 months ago and finally finished now I’m here!
Matthew Coccaro
Matthew Coccaro Vor 6 Monate
Same here
Dumb Vor 8 Monate
Hey, same man! 😄
Matt Folmer
Matt Folmer Vor year
I love that between Ashton's character and their race being an Earth Genasi, that means Taliesin is playing a literal punk rock.
Olivia F
Olivia F Vor 9 Monate
Oof at first I hated Ashton’s character…but this explanation made me actually like him. It’s freakin hilarious and makes so much more sense.
Samantha ODonnell
Samantha ODonnell Vor 10 Monate
This should be a shirt of some kind!
Matt Folmer
Matt Folmer Vor 10 Monate
Although, Taliesin does say that Ashton uses he/they, so you could use he as well. But they is also proper for singular individuals.
Matt Folmer
Matt Folmer Vor 10 Monate
@Nothing yet *their race. And yes, they're a single person.
Hannah C
Hannah C Vor 10 Monate
@Nothing yet they can be used for a singular person in English as a gender neutral pronoun. If your little cousin said "I don't like what my teacher did" you would respond "what did they do?" not "what did he or she do?" Because nobody says that. LOOKS LIKE IT'S JUST TRANSPHOBIA AND NOT GRAMMAR!
Aspen Whyatt
Aspen Whyatt Vor 4 Monate
3:39:15 that is the face of a man who regrets letting Sam Reigel play an automaton.
I don't think I've ever gone from crying with laughter to bawling my eyes out in the space of ten minutes before. This is the first video I've watched on this channel but Sam's already my favourite.
@AKL That's helpful, thanks very much!
AKL Vor 6 Monate
Yep, that's pretty characteristic of the Critical Role experience. :) Welcome, hope you enjoy! As an FYI: There are occasional callbacks to Campaign 1 (which took place 30 years previously on a different continent in the same world) as this campaign progresses. You'll still be able to follow everything, and you could always look certain names/events up on the fandom wiki if you get curious (and aren't too worried about spoilers). Alternatively, watching the first season of the animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, which adapts parts of the first campaign will also work.
Timothy M. Craver
Timothy M. Craver Vor 2 Monate
I loved EXU, but it’s so nice to have the full main cast back ❤
Frank Cusack
Frank Cusack Vor 6 Monate
Matt's reaction to Marisha saying "shitty one" about Whitestone just says "Yup I deserve that."
Podge Vor year
The fact that Robbie talked so long about how Dorian is clean af and then here comes Laudna with black goop is the best.
Jupiter Vor 11 Monate
i think we watched his soul die
Harold Urena
Harold Urena Vor year
man we need a robbie appreciation day...love the guyn so much
Tucker Collins
And she wiped it on him after the battle
fluffsnake Vor year
Orange Pukeko
Orange Pukeko Vor year
Similarly, Sam said in the set reveal that he didn't mind who he sat next to because, as he said: Its fine, I wear deodorant. Fearne upon meeting FCG: "you smell like pee."
Matthew Price
Matthew Price Vor 3 Monate
I didn't notice the first time I watched these opening episodes, probably because of excitement and a massive influx of new information coming in, but the music is just gorgeous in the background. 🎶😌🎶 💙💙💙
Stool_Pigeon Vor 9 Monate
FCG is one of the best characters I've ever seen. So fun!
DragonsGD Vor Tag
I love fern and fcg. I didn’t think this series would make me burst out laughing multiple times but I was wrong.
Coconut Island
Coconut Island Vor 7 Monate
This is the first Ive ever seen of a critical role campaign and the music makes the whole show
Lauren Wainwright
I see the crew was so upset by Fjord's Southern Accent being fake they made 3 separate characters with southern accents in protest.
bradley hall
bradley hall Vor Monat
@heyyit'sfrizz as a southerner I'd like to say the L is silent
Jaimee Martin
Jaimee Martin Vor Monat
@heyyit'sfrizz i
ScadianArcadium Vor 2 Monate
@Mo Hill Are people still responding to an off-hand comment I made nearly a year ago? Bruh, I've moved on. Besides, that reveal had me rolling my eyes and made Fjord infinitely less interesting to me.
Mo Hill
Mo Hill Vor 2 Monate
@ScadianArcadium I feel like it kinda was necessary, his story is about toxic masculinity and I feel like having an outward representation of that mask he put on to seem strong was a nice feature.
Byron Jeffery
Byron Jeffery Vor 2 Monate
@Meph24 kzHiii
Marcus Buitrago
Marcus Buitrago Vor 5 Monate
Im getting into dnd rn and this is amazing
Politician Cranberry
its taken almost 4 months (and like 10 attempts), but I finally finished the first episode of season 3! should be caught up before the surface becomes uninhabitable by this rate!
Steven Spencer
Steven Spencer Vor 6 Monate
This is my first time subscribing to such a great channel, I am hooked for sure, and the actors are fantastic, it like I’m really there
PhoenixTrueFire Vor 7 Monate
Just finished C2 binge (Immediately after my C2 binge). I saw the first half of this episode live, but now I'm here to binge the rest and finally catch up to the current episode. Can't wait to actually be up to date for the first time.
Th3_Fp3e Vor year
"Copper's not really money, it's more of an insult" Somewhere in Whitestone a half-elven baroness suddenly chokes on her wine at the thought
Ao J
Ao J Vor year
@Miri Rabinowitz I actually snorted
Yuzuki1337 Vor year
@Arthour It happens :) To be fair being so resistant to corrosion is a very real benefit!
Arthour Vor year
@Yuzuki1337 huh, double checked and you're quite right, gold's about 30% less conductive or there abouts XD I must have just had the corrosion in my head
Yuzuki1337 Vor year
@Arthour The corrosion part is true and is the main reason why you would use gold. The conductivity of gold is definitely worse than copper though, and you cannot convince me otherwise as I've tried myself. ;)
Arthour Vor year
@Yuzuki1337 No, actually gold is much more conductive and doesnt corrode as much. Its just prohibatively more expensive which is why they dont use it except in nasa or very high end electronics
PassionPopsicle Vor 2 Monate
Caving in and starting C3 before I'm done with C2 because I'm tired of being behind, and there's a new studio and a new everything really, but all I have to say is: THAT NAILPOLISH, THO
Roll NYC Gaming 🎲
Welcome back! So glad to have CR back in full force. It inspired my friends and I to start streaming on our channel as well! The production value isn't quite there yet, but we're having a blast sharing our stories! Welcome back CR!
Willow Packer the Storyteller
Goddamn Laudna is a delight. All the new characters are but goddamn the whole creepy undead witch thing flipping rules.
kurt mackenzie
kurt mackenzie Vor 4 Monate
C1 last year... I just finished binge watching c2.. 2-3 episodes a day. How do they keep doing this. So much love. My prime subscribe is going to them
kurt mackenzie
kurt mackenzie Vor 4 Monate
Also going back and making sure to like every episode
Kavith Vor year
"Copper's not really money. Copper is more of an insult. You can totally eat that." - Talesin, Campaign 3 PFFT
Quendi555 Vor year
@chesh 05 yes, people wonder why I love artificer.
chesh 05
chesh 05 Vor year
@Quendi555 What sadistic masochist plays with coin weight on?!? Oh man, imagine if that was in a low magic world too where you can't use a bag of holding. OOF
Quendi555 Vor year
@chesh 05 imagine being paid for your services in electrum pieces with coin weight turned on.
chesh 05
chesh 05 Vor year
@Quendi555 pfft imagine not knowing Electrum is an alloy of equal parts silver and gold! Well, at least it is in D&D. Strangely enough, most people have heard of white gold before and somehow accept that at face value....
Quendi555 Vor year
The only thing worse is Electrum.
Zankou Ryles
Zankou Ryles Vor 8 Monate
Now all we need is Marrissa's warlock to start singing "I've put a spell on you" from Hocus pocus
cherry soull viñas
cherry soull viñas Vor 4 Monate
Im new to critcal role, and never played before. I watched to learn it. :) Thank youuu, this is great!
Garbage Yes
Garbage Yes Vor 8 Monate
Watching my first Critical role campaign love the "how do you want to do this?"
Meredith Noll
Meredith Noll Vor Monat
I can’t stop laughing at just how PROUD Sam is at the pure chaos he caused the table with FCG, the gas can, and the names of the other automatons he/they traveled with 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emily C
Emily C Vor year
I already love Marisha's friendly horror cryptid so much
Angelous Mortis
She has BIG Winnifred energy.
Ashlie Long
Ashlie Long Vor year
Same "I'm trying to help you!" *various people screaming*
Moritz Köchig
Moritz Köchig Vor Monat
Seeing the Characters in this thrid campaign introduce, I have to pay my respects to ALL the cast, some especially (*caugh* Laura and Travis *caugh*), but all of them, really, who demonstrate such good actormanship, if you know what I mean. Such different personalities and you can not only hear it in the voices and accents, but also see it in the body language of them all.
Hikari Hanazono
Hikari Hanazono Vor 4 Monate
This is my first DnD experience and I must say that they all are very entertaining to watch! I am most certainly hooked with Matt's extremely amazing skills as a DM!
aDreamingNomad Vor 3 Monate
First time listener... around 20 mins and already have Goosebumps on my Goosebumps, you guys are amazing.
Yooless Vor 4 Monate
Loving the start :D There should have been a door amongst the first opponents... for old times sake
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