The Easiest Language?!

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2 Nov 2019



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Suchang Buragohain
Suchang Buragohain Vor 2 years
English : Genius, brilliant, prodigy. Pidgin language : Big Brain
Sansnetic Vor 17 Tage
"bik baen"
04 - Nguyễn Hoàng Bách
Even better
ShadowTrapYT Vor Monat
Bik Brain
Biar Tidak bosen
Uyahara Kuyay
Uyahara Kuyay Vor year
no, you. -DreamWasTaken, 2020
Falken Vor Monat
I'm Algerian and I learned English through natural experience over the years from social media and traveling it was a fun hobby until I fully learned it and now I understand everything!
Vanessa Zappa
Vanessa Zappa Vor Monat
I'm Italian and love English because for me it's pretty simple (for example in Italian for the past simple there are like 6 forms to learn same with the future just a little less)
04 - Nguyễn Hoàng Bách
Fun fact: They called "university" "Big school". In Việt Nam, we called it "Đại học" which you can also understand as "Big school", too.
Shark puppet's friend
We call it "বোরো বীদালোই" in our language
GY Tan
GY Tan Vor 19 Tage
Same for Chinese!
Ariana mini artist
English is my second language and it’s super easy and fun ❤️I like the new language
bryan Vor 2 years
Problem: Too many languages Solution: Another language
Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh Vor 6 Tage
Inactive channel
Inactive channel Vor 9 Tage
solution: universal language*
Android Vor 15 Tage
Ivan Volkov Ogorodnik
Another language that everyone will know.
Matthew Osama
Matthew Osama Vor 21 Tag
its big bryan time
𝗖-𝗫 Vor Monat
This language is so good, that if this becomes a lesson in school, I will get an A+!
Rajiv Jowaheer
Rajiv Jowaheer Vor Monat
Great research as always, innovative ideas. Never thought that would be possible.
Bhavana Jain
Bhavana Jain Vor 29 Tage
I and my besties talks in a same way I didn't even know I was speaking this language without knowing this is the easiest language in the world 😂
Thanuja Kumari
Thanuja Kumari Vor Monat
Try sinhala language ...❤️❤️. Very beautiful and hard language
Michelle Karikkassery
'I am groot' would be the best language for beginners.😅🤣
Harshika Bhandari
I am Groot i am Groot i am Groot i am Groot(so right gurl lol)
RRR Vor 10 Tage
What is'I am groot' and where do speak this language.
Tamily Tivus
Tamily Tivus Vor 27 Tage
Mi grut 🤨
Dejan Hajcsunk
Dejan Hajcsunk Vor Monat
i grut
just a guy who likes dogs
i shall speak groot i am groot
invisible lyrics
invisible lyrics Vor 22 Tage
as a Papua New Guinea I'm so proud to see this, thanks man laikim yu,😊🙏🇵🇬🇵🇬
Whimsical Tee
Whimsical Tee Vor 17 Tage
Na yu ridim comments blo ol lain too? 🤣🤣🤣
Deepak Sigdel
Deepak Sigdel Vor Monat
Pidgin is a combination of two or more than two languages which contains simplified structure and/vocabulary.
ash p
ash p Vor Monat
OMG when me and my sister saw this we laughed our heads off because we already could speak this language since we were like 5 years old because where we come from we speak pidgin (the solomon islands) 🤣😂
Amelia Sipatu
Amelia Sipatu Vor 15 Tage
ThugLifeGamerz Vor Monat
Him : This is Completely a New Language Also Him : It is 100 years Before
Second Handed Gamer
Even my uncle spoke this language during his interview but I don't know why he was rejected 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Karanjot Singh
Shipra Roy
Shipra Roy Vor Tag
critical spiked ace
Now u know mate... Now u know...
Karanjot Singh
Karanjot Singh Vor 6 Tage
Veeru Vor 9 Tage
Are you indian ?
DailyDayVids Vor Monat
i'm from europe and when i was 5 years old i learnd english. on the day of today i learn enlish on school and its really easy!
Radovan Ulašin
Radovan Ulašin Vor Monat
i am from slovakia and we are learning english every day and i think in much countries the system is similar to our...
Ju Le
Ju Le Vor Monat
I wish I knew about that language earlier. I'm 13 and I already learned 5 languages because I want to communicate with all people I'm the world.
That Crazy Girl In Your Classroom
“When you just realised that this is how your younger sibling spoke while trying to learn English”
Squirtzle Vor 2 years
He sounds like hes trying to sell us this language.
Psycho Gymnast
Psycho Gymnast Vor 7 Tage
Ya that ain't happening. Sounds interesting but I don't wanna. I an perfectly fine with English cuz I already know English so u know
Shark puppet's friend
He sounds like hes trying to sell us this language.
Rainbow 221 Fatia
Rainbow 221 Fatia Vor 10 Tage
Lol yeah
Aiman's world
Aiman's world Vor 12 Tage
Itz Toca Shamsah🌟
Abhra Pratim Palit
Abhra Pratim Palit Vor 27 Tage
Be happy with a language you have ❤️❤️
Abhra Pratim Palit
Mine is Bengali ❤️
ReaperPlayz Vor 5 Tage
yea my language is Tagalog
Sarmad Saad115
Sarmad Saad115 Vor 19 Tage
In reality, Grammer English language, Is difficult for me, Because i learning until now. Thanks 😊, I will see this language 😀 and how to learn 😀, InshAllah.
adrita tokder
adrita tokder Vor 21 Tag
So..they were like..there are too many languages around the world so i am gonna make up a new language! All jokes aside this is actually brilliant!
Hamleti_ Gamer
Pls learn Georgian language🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪❤❤❤
Elsa Oldenburg
Elsa Oldenburg Vor 11 Monate
Every English beginner is unknowingly a fluent in Pidgin.
Jonathan Kitsos
Jonathan Kitsos Vor 19 Tage
Pidgin pigeon
bimbim37 Vor 25 Tage
true lmfao
Jason blok
Jason blok Vor Monat
nah pidgin sounds more similair to dutch
aleena hassam
aleena hassam Vor Monat
Uptown Abu
Uptown Abu Vor 15 Tage
Ghana & Nigeria are the best speaking Pidgin countries. ♥️
Jovan Vor Monat
How would Vuk karadzic say"talk like you write,write like you talk"the biggest rule for Serbian language
Lioner A.
Lioner A. Vor Monat
Now i can show this to my friends so they can learn little bit English with this.
Kinda cool Fellow
Kinda cool Fellow Vor 27 Tage
It's the same as the so called " carabao English " in the Philippines. 😁
Ór Vor 2 years
"English is actually pretty difficult to learn" "This is an entirely new language" *"very similar to english"* *that's a bruh moment for sure*
0ω0 Vor 6 Monate
@Three C Channel cringe
but *much simpler* Is that an Newspeak?
07 Arijit Mukherjee
U think you don't know any other language 😂
Kararproxg 12
Kararproxg 12 Vor year
No it’s easy
윤준식 Vor 13 Stunden
i’m Korean and I know English to my moms were still working on it my brother is really a pro and my dad‘s like can’t understand any word I say in English
In Kerala u can find guhikki language much simpler than any language 😁😹
may i ask nas daily how hard to learn malay language for all country?
Jarenz Alipin
Jarenz Alipin Vor 12 Tage
i am filipino and today i just discovered that i sound and pronounce like pidgin my whole life🙂
Umar Yuldashov
Umar Yuldashov Vor 2 years
When you realize that you've been speaking Pidgin not English
abdulaziz plays
abdulaziz plays Vor 3 Monate
ok crap
oWendys Vor 3 Monate
go Kofi to Bookhouse and kaikai some french fries and have afternoon kaikai and then I go to big bush and Yu No Ken Kam Insait Okay??!?!?! and no ken simoke in big bush or start a fire.
ALM Sciencetastic
ALM Sciencetastic Vor 4 Monate
@Sxarz ye pidgin is de beast
💫 Super Star 💫
Pidgin has different spelling than English, but same pronunciation lol
Check my about page link
thanks for some much great content keep up the grind
♣programmer ♠
I'm Arabic and English is the most easy language I've ever seen in my life
• Jelly Claire •
I want to go there now ✨
xd fiameow
xd fiameow Vor Monat
I'm from indonesia but I can speak English!
Pachia Vor 2 years
This just looks like if a little kid just learned to talk
gameing 4 life
gameing 4 life Vor 2 Monate
ii_ziggyzagPoke Vor 2 Monate
Lightning Lynx Gaming
@angel cap
angel Vor 2 Monate
@Sonic ik lol
Sonic Vor 2 Monate
@angel (not anymore ): )
Samuel Gooijer🇳🇱
I am actually 🇳🇱 (And i am half🇧🇷)but i am very good at english and i am happy with that!
Gabriela Deanda
Gabriela Deanda Vor Monat
I remember when i started pre-k i was all spanish so i was like what does that mean!? But after pre-k i was good at English so i know how it feels like
Hey there I,m peachy
Woah this language is cool I can’t believe that I never knew this!
H. Drawing Academy
H. Drawing Academy Vor 26 Tage
If I'll know more about this language I'll gonna forget my English too
Valve Never Counts To 3
It sounds like if an American was trying to speak Chinese
Derp me. Last name
hello everyday how you feel everyone welcome to our guys hope you have fun channel
@Samuel Caloracan Now Im not talking every asian, only the stereotypical ones.
Samuel Caloracan
aNy wAy i LiVe iN ChIna
It sounds like a chinese in america ny
Recluse Vor year
@Yazakuri I gave the comments a third like, HA.
xd xd
xd xd Vor Monat
Im Poland and I know English really good!
MaskedFunction Vor Monat
Nas: “Too many languages” Also Nas: *Make another language*
Saku Rhakho
Saku Rhakho Vor Monat
My whole life was a lie… i thought i was speaking english but turns out i was actually speaking pidgin language 🥹🥹
singapore the cool kid
nas is right papau new guinea literally has more languages then the entire continet of europe
iCe Cream
iCe Cream Vor year
Today I realized that I have been speaking this pidgin language the whole time without even knowing about it lol
Cheese Oink
Cheese Oink Vor 17 Tage
Catra Vor 21 Tag
me to
Ultimate virtual anime
Me too
Facade Vor 26 Tage
@•Y A N Z Y P O P C A N E S• no its now i kno i spk pidgin wit no ide
Jason blok
Jason blok Vor Monat
tbh the english languege (
Itztocashler Vor Monat
I know two languages fluently so it’s pretty easy because I live in the uk 🇬🇧 but. I’m from Kurdistan and because I only go to Kurdistan and come back to Britain 🇬🇧 it’s easy
BayleemShorts Vor Monat
I love how he’s talking in English in the video
luhvjamie Vor 2 Tage
I’ve always spoken pidgin but I just never knew it
ExcelsMe Vor 2 years
Its the easiest language for people who speak english.
Evy_ unicorn2012
Zaiful Amir Mahidin
Pidgin more like pideon
Annisa Gayatri Santoso
@Arif yes ehehehehhe wahahahahha hahahhaha truee🤣🤣🤣
Nabil Abdisamed
Nabil Abdisamed Vor 2 Monate
Totoy MC 777
Totoy MC 777 Vor 2 Monate
Bruh.. it's like e pinoy
Abdulloh Kozimov
Very lovely language😂😂😂😂
Robroto Plays
Robroto Plays Vor 29 Tage
The English langues is insanely hard if I am being honest. (I speak English as my mother's tough)
Im muslim and i already know english ! That is so cool!
Faith😺 Vor Monat
Me:mum can we get ice cream?I also want chocolate. Me after learning this new language: mum can all get ice cream? Me also want chocolate. 😂😂😂😃😃
TheOceanus Neptune
TheOceanus Neptune Vor 2 years
Pidgin Language: **exists** English Teachers: am i a joke to you??
𝆴Ìai𝆴 Vor 11 Monate
Pidgin: This is the best way to be fluent in your communication. Cambly: Am I a joke to you?!
David Ademola
David Ademola Vor 11 Monate
I be joke to you?
The asmr man
The asmr man Vor 11 Monate
Yu luk naisi
clouder Vor 11 Monate
Good one
AcidDevil Vor 11 Monate
@Catalina Xoca ne hao*
mohamed musa
mohamed musa Vor 26 Tage
University = Big School, reminds me when I'm learning Chinese. 小 学 (Small school) for Primary school 中 学 (Middle school) for high school 大 学 (Big school) for University BTW its also crazy language!! hahahhhh
Tableta Pc
Tableta Pc Vor 27 Tage
0:18 Well in Romania its freaking easy beacause we learn it!
Leo ツ
Leo ツ Vor Monat
Him: "There are too many languages on the earth" Japanese anime's: "YES"
ReaperPlayz Vor 5 Tage
i live in Philippines And its not that hard to speak English u just need to practice it
RichardiOS275 Vor 2 years
Drew: This language is crazy Nas: The Easiest language me: Chinese English
Hassan Vor 2 years
Ahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 I am dead
Babyana Jugol
Babyana Jugol Vor 2 years
or..............Manglish you mean? :) (malaysian english)
Akaao Vor 2 years
Omg so true
TSW5 Kaya & Butter Toast
Hi Vor 2 years
Itz_ CringyFox yAsss
OP GAMER Vor Monat
Since there were too many languages around the world, they made a new language.
I'm french but I'm super perfect in English
Im italian and i know so much about english because i watch like videos of dhar mann and some other english youtubers
Kivindi Chathurya
I can speak 3 languages when i was 8 years😊😊
Jo Mama
Jo Mama Vor 2 years
Easiest language: pidgin Groot: am I a joke to you?
baba BZNZ
baba BZNZ Vor 9 Monate
i am groot?
Адам Хамлин
I am groot 😁🤙
NarutoFun Vor 9 Monate
*I am Groot?
Repcakk suerf
Repcakk suerf Vor 11 Monate
I'm groot
Evalina Channel
Evalina Channel Vor 11 Monate
Navan Alam Mafin
when i was 4 years old and i live in bangladesh and speak bangla i didnt know how to type english or read english i didnt even know how to write my own language on paper then when i turned 5 years old i was speaking english like an american and typed english also and could also read english and also write english so is it really true?
CarbonatorX Vor 22 Tage
The only difficult thing seems to be spelling these words
The fact is that the easiest language is our own language . 😂😂😂.
Hecker Vor Monat
English is actually pretty easy even if I'm a Asian and so are my friends like literally I'm insanely bad and Chinese but I'm the top in English in my class
Hazqier Vor 2 years
I'm losing brain cells just listening to this "new" language.
David Lord
David Lord Vor year
You know that the people who use this are already bi or trilingual? Yeah, in Papua New Guinea, it's not too uncommon to know 2 or 3 languages (Mother tongue, pidgen and english or other combinations of languages) Don't diss it when you barely even know that much about it. Criticising something just because you don't fully know about it is... kinda dumb. It's not meant to be a super complex language, it's a trade language just meant for getting your point across without spending years trying to learn another language.
Jeremiah Kori
Jeremiah Kori Vor year
@razvanlungu90 liklik brain
Our Lifetime
Our Lifetime Vor year
@DaynaNoor that's your problem
Warrior Bricks közösség TM
Pov: you always spoke this language in English lessons,but nobody knew about it.
Derek Dynomations
Me being Muslim: I can speak perfect english and pronouns long words like antidisestablishmentarianism or supercalifragilisticexpialadocious And I always stutter in my language 🫠
SAGE OF 7 PATH Vor Monat
I live in Thailand and I can speak English lol
Ace- Vor 2 years
Person: “There is too many languages and it’s confusing. *Lets make a new language*
Minecraft with josh!
@Brady yea ur right bro
Yxsh Vor year
@Brady well he is joking
Gacha Sarah
Gacha Sarah Vor 2 years
Lol 😂 same what I thought
wonyoung Vor 2 years
Sara Guy
Sara Guy Vor Monat
I am philippino and one of my friends named jem jem thought she knows how to speak English but she is so bad at it😅🤣😂
kawaii gamer
kawaii gamer Vor Monat
I am indian and 9 year old but still speak English perfectly I know how to talk in English,Hindi and nepali
Afsaneh Darab
Afsaneh Darab Vor 15 Tage
I just realized I already speak this language bruh 🤣
lemonzaOc Vor Monat
Yo i live in Thailand And I learn English then I was like 5 with something And my language is hard only only it had to read I can read English pretty easily ngl
Just Some Kirbo without a Mustache
Germany: *laughs in Rindfleischkennzeichenettikettierungsüberwachungsübertragungsgesetz*
Just Some Kirbo without a Mustache
Nesrin Kahraman Brandrodungswanderfeldbau Geografie ist ein tolles Fach
Nesrin Kahraman
Nesrin Kahraman Vor 2 years
Eiersollbruchstellenverursacher... That's a real thing
The Free Monk
The Free Monk Vor 2 years
Laughs in Sanskrit : निरन्तरान्धकारिता-दिगन्तर-कन्दलदमन्द-सुधारस-बिन्दु-सान्द्रतर-घनाघन-वृन्द-सन्देहकर-स्यन्दमान-मकरन्द-बिन्दु-बन्धुरतर-माकन्द-तरु-कुल-तल्प-कल्प-मृदुल-सिकता-जाल-जटिल-मूल-तल-मरुवक-मिलदलघु-लघु-लय-कलित-रमणीय-पानीय-शालिका-बालिका-करार-विन्द-गलन्तिका-गलदेला-लवङ्ग-पाटल-घनसार-कस्तूरिकातिसौरभ-मेदुर-लघुतर-मधुर-शीतलतर-सलिलधारा-निराकरिष्णु-तदीय-विमल-विलोचन-मयूख-रेखापसारित-पिपासायास-पथिक-लोकान्
Just Some Kirbo without a Mustache
Nemotastic I am German and that word does exist
MelExt Vor 2 years
milchi Animation dasistjamaleinziemlichlangeswort
NxT Vor Monat
This language actually used in my country for along time💀 we use it for make some meme.. I don't even know that language existed in another country.. Btw I'm from Malaysia... Yor vidio is de bes
1182-20 axel haryanto
I'm Indonesian but I can speak English😂
Landlord Development
the pidgin language is so easy I can already speak it
Jasmine Buendia
Jasmine Buendia Vor Monat
Exactly it’s hard for others I’m from Australia and it’s hard to talk english
AETHEX Vor 2 years
"entirely new language" "Very similar to English" .
Miriam Fierro
Miriam Fierro Vor year
Literally the 4,000th like**
Learn chinese 360
I see it too!
Ectonn Vor year
I used this without knowing that dis Language Exist Lol
Luxxeno Vor 2 years
wig snatched Yeah, but still I have so many issues with this video, if you think about it - Nas makes traveling videos, so if everyone spoke the same language, wouldn’t that make his traveling videos less interesting to watch? 🤔
Luxxeno Vor 2 years
AETHEX Perfect logic indeed, I have so many issues with this video that I actually had to make a video on this and if you think about it - Nas does traveling videos, so if everyone spoke the same language, wouldn’t that make his traveling videos less interesting to watch? 🤔
Sima Jamal
Sima Jamal Vor Monat
Bruh I am from Afghanistan and I can speak English pretty easy😂
Yasmine Denden
Yasmine Denden Vor Monat
I'm Arabic and I can speak english and dutch🇨🇵 and I'm born in🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵NEDERLAN cause min father lived here and I learn english cause I watch ONLY english in movies and I speak english then min own language 😁😁 Out NEDERLAND 🇨🇵🇨🇵 Never give up Nothing is imposibel👍👍 Nothing is imposibel Never give up
Hitubaba Vor 26 Tage
I think this language is difficult then English 😂
Duck The Great Westren Engine
When i was 4th grade i was talking English so good like Amiracne an i talked British Candaine an Austraillane an Amiracne By the way im Marocaine
Squid Vor 2 years
English isn’t hard to learn source: I’m russian
Małgorzata Maniak
@Oliwia Dykiel Moim zdaniem angielski jest w nie powiem co trudny
Małgorzata Maniak
Im from poland and for me english is hard
Squid Vor year
@Clara Valac you think russian has english letters
Clara Valac
Clara Valac Vor year
It's hard for people who have different alphabet
•Burnt potato•
@Squid you see when i was 9 years old i started watching youtube videos at that time i knew nothing but after a couple if months of watching youtubers like dantdm exploding tnt etc i got really fluent. If my school actually hired fluent teachers then there would not only be about 4 out of 30 kids who actually know english the biggest problem is our teachers dont deduct marks for incorrect grammar so students start thinking their half bad english is completely correct.
Zack Flamez
Zack Flamez Vor Monat
I live in malaysia but when i'm 3 years old watch english languange type cartoons so i mastered it so easy
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Vor Monat
Him: "There are too many languages in the world" India: "Yes"
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf Vor Monat
I was expecting, “That’s three minutes, see you tommorow”
~pinkygirl~ Vor Monat
My language is very different from english but I can speak it it's easy
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