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We built a gun detector using machine learning that works with existing surveillance cameras.
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There are many companies working on this type of technology at the moment. We made ours in 2018, and Chad visited my house in January 2019 to film most of this. We didn't post it for various reasons, but decided now might be a good time. The fidelity of the inference is a function of how you train it.... so obviously the more data points you provide, the better it will perform. This particular type of machine learning is known as object detection, with the computation being performed by a deep neural network "on the edge". The video stream is processed locally and no internet is needed to find the object in real time. If you're working on something similar or could use this technology in your systems and would like to collaborate.... (or would simply like to support what we're doing) please reach out by using this link: www.lantern.systems/gun-detector
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29 Sep 2019



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SmarterEveryDay Vor 8 Monate
Do me a favor and PLEASE CONSIDER SHARING THIS VIDEO. I'm a bit worried it won't be distributed due to images in the video and the topic in general.... but I believe this is a positive thing and it's something people on both sides of the gun debate can get behind. I've been talking to people about this type of technology and in an upcoming video I will explain how this is simply one component in a much larger suite of tools which can be used. Are there flaws in this method? Absolutely. Is it possible to spoof a system like this? Yes... this could be easily tricked.... but would be perps would have to take the time to worry about it focus on tricking it. I personally think the main benefit is providing real time situational awareness. Another limitation is that it would identify toy guns as real guns and send a notification to authorities. The purpose of this video is to start the discussion because systems like this are frankly already here and in use. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we decided to use our engineering skills to try to make a positive step. We've found support amongst both sides of the gun debate, and in today's political climate that alone feels like a step in the right direction. If you'd like to reach out, we can be reached through a contact form here: www.lantern.systems/gun-detector
Who am I?
Who am I? Vor 2 Tage
I see that youtube didn't spread this video😅
mistakenot ou
mistakenot ou Vor Monat
I hope you see this you should add a final human conformation to avoid false positives. Send the picture alongside the massage to od or whoever wants to respond
Molon Labe
Molon Labe Vor Monat
@Colt 604 You can't use facts and reasoning with people who have been conditioned and believe that emotions is thinking. Multiples of times more lives are saved in the United States each year by people properly using guns than are lost by people misusing guns.
glitch gamer
glitch gamer Vor 2 Monate
Bobby Vor 2 Monate
Your kids are soooo cuuuutttteeeeeeeee
TheRaptor700Rider Vor 5 Stunden
Guns are amazing, everyone should own one.
Štěpán Daněk
Štěpán Daněk Vor 11 Stunden
If you are in an area with a surveillance camera, you probably shouldn't have your gun drawn. But I think an issue might arise if a shooter starts shooting people and a gun owner retaliates, the system might flag them both as shooters and the first responders could end up killing them both.
Raj Darekar
Raj Darekar Vor 11 Stunden
My cousin cut his leg (calf area) because of the kick back of the grinder machine. To his luck he got stitched back. Distance between him and hospital was more than 30Km and he sustained that much of blood loss and didn't faint.
Ending YouX
Ending YouX Vor 14 Stunden
Well yea of course gunstores are going to want to help I think most Americans think gunstores are some evil and terroristic organization that do nothing good mainly cuz mass shootings and other things that happened with guns
L Faker son
L Faker son Vor Tag
So guys I just pulled up at my school and these where installed. I got swated because the system detected the huge guns on my arms.
Not P4TR1CK Vor Tag
and rifles
Keiya Vor Tag
I dunno, from a safety standpoint those sure looked loaded to me. (This is a joke riffing on how you should treat it as if it's loaded at all times, please don't dogpile me too hard.)
Laron Abernathy
Get your finger off that mf trigger.
Azazel Vor Tag
Haha gun go Pew
Michael Proffit Games
For some cameras you should try to make it able to read the serial number to police of security databases i think that would be good in identifying the gun being used to better prepare for the threat
tank god
tank god Vor Tag
he needs to let it detect assault rifle's cuz those are also offtenly used as well
Karl-Frederik Schlüter
Why do private persons need guns in the first place? Then we wouldn't have this problem.
Nerfamus Vor 2 Tage
Glad I saw images from the video, “How to inform an officer you have a gun”
Jax’s Games I guess
Two words, trigger discipline.
Caleb Clark
Caleb Clark Vor 3 Tage
what if he shot the gun
Shabir A
Shabir A Vor 3 Tage
We need these in schools
Buddha Belly
Buddha Belly Vor 4 Tage
Thinking about the resolution problem, would it be possible to detect a figure of a person who is in a shooting stance? rather than just look for a small object in a low-res image.
Layo Vor 4 Tage
Here's how you stop school shootings, you give the teachers the option to arm themselves so that they can protect the kids with equal or more force.
Layo Vor 4 Tage
That thumbnale makes me want to scream FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER lol
Bryan Moulard
Bryan Moulard Vor 4 Tage
tell me why I literally thought of this when I was younger on everything I love
Alric Ricik
Alric Ricik Vor 4 Tage
My question is.. WHY does one need to own a gun?! It’s so stupid.
infections 84
infections 84 Vor 3 Tage
To defend myself? Hello?!
ragedroid Vor 6 Tage
Most shooting are done with pistols. Liberals want to ban all scary rifles. And of course all the fully semi auto guns
ragedroid Vor 3 Tage
@infections 84 your right, I shouldn't group all Democrats or Republicans as having the same ideas as me. But I would say in general Democrats have close to the same ideas about gun controll and Republicans usually have the same ideas too.
infections 84
infections 84 Vor 3 Tage
You act like Republicans have never passed gun control. Your beloved Regan banned full autos, but because he has an R next to his name you don't care....
Bertrand Marion
Bertrand Marion Vor 6 Tage
American (even the smart one apparently) : get almost fully naked at TSA to take a plain , not problem ! device to look just for gun and guns only against real life threat , MY PRIVACY !!!( it's the land of the free here not CCCP ) live H24 with smartphone , laptop , connected fridge , car etc ... , surrounded by telecommunication tower , everything good ! device to look just for gun and guns only against real life threat : do we really want to be surrounded by Electromagnetic radiation ? if you wait for the gun to be in the hand that's useless i'm not against gun i like to go to a shooting range sometimes with friends and i used to hunt with my grandfather but you guys have an issue about it the 2nd amendment is a good thing , but you are not using it for what it was made for at all ! -
Caleb Vor 2 Tage
Crisp Millian
Crisp Millian Vor 6 Tage
I live in the UK and I am personally against guns, however this is a great solution. I think that countries can live with guns if there is a good enough way to prevent them being used. No one wants to use a gun to hurt someone but usually to scare people.
dat goose
dat goose Vor 7 Tage
Your trigger discipline is atrocious
B O Vor 7 Tage
Will you do rifles soon
That Scar
That Scar Vor 7 Tage
In my opinion, the AI should only get the information people are getting: sound, video and, if tech exists, scent and tactile. Invisible waves are for cases where people know that such technology is used to screen them OR it should be put for in-depth consideration. Are retail store anti-steal systems fine? Not a straight answer and, perhaps, even dependant on small details of realization. I hope they are fine, though :)
Vivian Music
Vivian Music Vor 8 Tage
Destin needs to learn trigger discipline.
LLoot Vor 8 Tage
That's cool and all, but think about this: in Germany almost nobody has guns (only police officers) and there are barely any school shootings (according to wikipedia 13 in the last 20 years). But in america it seems to be a constant threat all over the country. I just think nobody should be able to end a life by pulling a trigger.
Angry Dimsum
Angry Dimsum Vor 8 Tage
lmfao he's trained it like a cop, around 3:30 for a split second it registers as a cell phone
Angry Dimsum
Angry Dimsum Vor 8 Tage
3,5k dislikes cuz you didnt finger the chamber of the pistols :P
First Name Last Name
lol chad
quincy briley
quincy briley Vor 8 Tage
Gun in the thumbnail. Demonetized
kumar shiva
kumar shiva Vor 9 Tage
simply ban the guns
Caleb Vor 2 Tage
that wont work, also its against the constitution
abel sanchez
abel sanchez Vor 9 Tage
3:45 didn’t see that coming from Destin
Brian S.
Brian S. Vor 10 Tage
This will be perfect for the terminator robots in the future.
Janic Obrist
Janic Obrist Vor 10 Tage
This thing in a bank ... uuuuuffff
Team Go
Team Go Vor 10 Tage
You call 911 as teachers and everyone else should be concealed carrying except for students obviously there’s already programs out there and schools that are doing it and there’s a lot of teachers that do it anyways and go against school policy but are more important about the safety of their children in their classroom
Team Go
Team Go Vor 10 Tage
Yes it should not be allowed to detect cancelled weapons that’s the point of concealment carry it should not be used in any facility not schools not anything inside the concealment area or underneath the clothes that would be highly downplayed and unacceptable
Team Go
Team Go Vor 10 Tage
I’m a engineer as well and guns are amazing! And some of the technology that is used even from the earliest days of guns are absolutely amazing it is crazy how every country except for America has a great design I can’t think of one American made gun except for the invention of the 1911. Very few guns or manufacturers here in the United States are any good at all that’s why most of our military uses stuff from out of state besides the M-16
124friendme Vor 11 Tage
TruthMercyBaptist Vor 11 Tage
THANK-YOU for going on record about the 4th Amendment issue. Just because we CAN invent a technology does not mean we SHOULD. Good for you!
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Vor 12 Tage
I wonder if guns will ever be small enough that you could hide it in a smartphone case...
Absinthe Vor 9 Tage
It already existed since around 1950
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Vor 12 Tage
And just like that, I'm on a list!
Cade Norris
Cade Norris Vor 12 Tage
Alright this is great, but if he has the gun out he’s already killed people or is killing people, while the police are minutes away. I’d say detecting hidden guns in schools via metal detectors, and this system that can detect holstered guns in schools is still a good way to go about it while preserving human life by being proactive, not reactive.
D Gray
D Gray Vor 19 Tage
Don't mean to be a " Fly in the ointment ", and I'm guessing this is very early work, but if you're talking " Active Shooter " scenario's, by the time a gun is detected, wouldn't it already be to late ? Who are you notifying ? Security personnel on site ? Local police ? Which travels faster, a text message thru a cellular system, or the sound of shots fired, echoing through the hall's of a building ? And if you can believe what we're told, is detecting a long gun out of the question because they are so obvious ? Perhaps we should change how we look at the entrances to buildings that seem to give easy access, with little to no intervention ! And ask ourselves too, are these random acts, or acts of individuals pursuing an agenda ?
dinosaur Kilim
dinosaur Kilim Vor 22 Tage
Would it identify a ar or other similar guns not just hand guns
Ben Morris
Ben Morris Vor 23 Tage
A 12 minute video on how to surpass a gun detector😂
PJ Playz
PJ Playz Vor 25 Tage
Btw this was on my recommend
Sudo__ Vor Monat
So never having tried this method so curious for a educated answer really... Would it be simpler to create a 3d model of gun and a hand to help create your dataset, various angles, variious guns, various quality/zoom, blur ect... and even other objects , the phone for instance? then have a model that can semi auto assist you train from real video sorted by confidence for evaluation.
Austin Shutt
Austin Shutt Vor Monat
Guns are the best thing in the world besides family and Trump
Gun violence in the United States has very little to do with guns. If it were possible to eliminate ALL guns in this country, and change nothing else, we would use different methods of murdering one another. People do not pick up a gun and start shooting people just because they have a gun available to them. That does not make sense. The Dalai Lama one of the few people left on Earth whom I still hold in high regard because of his stance in support of nonviolence has said “you do not have a gun problem in this country you have a social problem.” And that social problem is a direct effect of ignorance and poor leadership.
Framwinkle Silvermaple
I think this might be okay in a place like a school, or a government building, but not just out in the general public. We're already being watched by too many cameras. Maybe this software could be integrated into existing security systems, but I wouldn't want a whole new system just for this.
Lee Brewer
Lee Brewer Vor Monat
Talking about gun safety is only smart and is needed. But no person educated in factual America history debates gun *ownership*. The Constitution's words have not changed since penned. We have the same rights George Washington did. Only people not understanding/respecting the Bill of Rights/Constitution (or they are uneducated using only emotion) debate the issue of gun *ownership*. No respect for the Constitution, according to Ben Franklin, makes a person unworthy of the rights the Constitution gives. Gun violence developed when the public education system was taken over by the leftist mindset. Kids were taught they are animals only and not responsible for their own actions. They are taught an unwanted baby is fine to murder and that the only people saying its murder are religious nutcases. Devaluing human life and increasing entertainment being bloody/gory/violent and glorifying immoral standards in general has been around now for 50 years including this type of mindset being programmed into children during their most impressionable years. And people wonder why there are so many more gun violence problems.Want to limit gun violence? Bring back the moral mindset as the prevalent one in the US as it once was. Problem solved.
Jake Vor 19 Tage
Lee Brewer pretty much !!
Riley Campbell
Riley Campbell Vor Monat
is this person of interest
Riley Campbell
Riley Campbell Vor Monat
is the next step to detect faces
Molon Labe
Molon Labe Vor Monat
No such thing as gun violence. Guns don't commit violence. People commit violence using various instruments, including guns. Its the same old, never debunked, concept. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Edward Bryant
Edward Bryant Vor Monat
I was saying modified a camera to detect weapons on a person will be more easier and it will be more helpful to let the police know about the situation able to stop a person quickly and quietly.
Russell Boyd
Russell Boyd Vor Monat
Does it work for long guns as well
Pragmatic Entropy Arts
This would be a great product to couple with in store security cameras in gun stores to lessen theft.
joey15151 Vor Monat
I would really like to see this develop and the manner in which it is used. It could easily be a great thing or a terrible thing depending on context. I would also love to see some of the concealed firearm detectors and ways all of these systems could be overcome. It's a man-made technology so it will have limitations, so it would be very interesting to see what those would become. I have a feeling things like the covert briefcases used for MP5s and M10/11s will become far more prevalent with the implementation of these detectors.
Daverm Vor Monat
Guns are not worth school shootings, robberies, public shottings, kidnap/ murder
Jake Vor 19 Tage
Daverm almost like murder happens without guns too
Brandon Robinette
Could this be used for other application's. Such as viruses. Your train it with pictures to detect if the object is a gun or not. Could this be trained to detect virus in blood samples viewed through a microscope?
Arthur Douglas
Arthur Douglas Vor Monat
Not being from the US I don't have extensive first hand experience of the culture but I do feel like holding onto every scrap of freedom at the expense of people's safety is a little odd to say the least. That being said, as I expected from him, I think Destin approaches the topic in a very careful and well thought out way and this technology is of course a step in the right direction 🙂
infections 84
infections 84 Vor 3 Tage
Dangerous Freedom over peaceful slavery. Read up on it.
Jake Vor 19 Tage
Arthur Douglas every scrap of freedom LOL you mean fundamental basis for a free society
kalob hunt
kalob hunt Vor Monat
This is fukn awesome and more money and resources need to be put into this technology. Instead of trying to rip our guns from us let’s do something smart and helpful.
Jesse Bakk
Jesse Bakk Vor Monat
Can it discriminate between a real gun and a toy gun, or an airsoft gun
Ranibow Sprimkle
Hall of heroes Mr beast Smartereveryday Veritasium Thanks for all being real heroes!💜💜💜
ReconRaiders Vor Monat
what is the gun is a suitcase like in kingsman
Victor Benavides
@SmarterEveryDay so as you say, privacy is very important but also is safety, sadly not everyone respects everyone to the point where this type of invasive systems are not needed, you should be able to buy a gun if you pass a mental test (not the best idea probably) but because they are so easily obtained, that makes harder for security and safety measures to be implemented, love your tech btw and I hope we can reach a point where we mature to the idea of respect to both the guns and the people.
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown Vor Monat
I'm a huge fan of you deciding not to focus on looking for concealed carriers. Yea, criminals hide guns on their person, but law-abiding-citizens do too, and for their sake, the privacy clause applies to all.
CountryForLife Vor Monat
Man you thought you knew trigger discipline
FlexNr1 Vor Monat
Bruh, why dislike
Aishik Ashraf
Aishik Ashraf Vor 23 Tage
Wendell Mendes
Wendell Mendes Vor Monat
If i could, my aproach would be: After get the 'Gun Detected Alarm', i would mark the person holding it as the target and my hipothetical security solution would include a floor plan of the building, with cameras in almost all of the areas. So my software would be capable to point everywhere the maked person is, including its position in a heat map like. This information would be available in a QR code (1 QR code for each building), placed in strategic places everywhere on the building, including outside, for police teams also. Thank you. Sorry for the English. I'm improving it. Cheers, from Brazil.
Axel Vor Monat
Hello Destin, I watch your videos from time to time and think they are excellent in most cases. I usually don't write any comments, but this video has disturbed me. Therefore I would like to give you the opinion of an outsider. I am a European, also an engineer, and as a European, I don't have a weapon, of course, but I had had contact with it during my military service. I think that video is not from an engineer's point of view, it is from a gun owner's point of view. Why is that? An engineer would not try to mitigate the problem right at the end but would ask himself where the problem comes from and eliminate it at the root. Developing a system that can detect pulled weapons at close range is a bit like not constructing an airplane safely but equipping the passengers with parachutes. However, this comparison is still misleading because the parachutes would be even better than this system. At least they would work to a limited extent. As an engineer, I find ten possibilities in under 1min that the system is not detecting my gun. Therefore it would be only alibi security -so, Well meant is not well done. If you want to do something against gun violence, you don't have to start with the already pulled out gun, e.g., in a school, but in the heads of the people. As a society, you have to ask yourself what kind of "weapons" we need. You certainly need a knife to prepare your food. But I haven't had any use for a weapon for the last 36 years. Of course, you can always argue that you need guns to protect yourself. But also criminals know what to expect from someone and can, therefore, "equip themselves better" - a typical escalation spiral. Together with all the accidents and irrational acts, one comes to the death numbers as they are in the US. Therefore I conclude, I think for the first time, that this video does not correspond to the channel "Smarter ...". It would be smart to explain to the almost 8 million followers why the possession of weapons, does not lead to more security and to convince them - by setting a good example - to leave their guns behind.
infections 84
infections 84 Vor 3 Tage
In 2008 I had to use my gun in self defense. If I didn't have it, I would be dead. Just like the 500,000 to 3 million Americans who use guns everyday to defend themselves. Stop trying to strip people of their rights.
Thank you. Couldn't agree more with that.
Nathan Gordon
Nathan Gordon Vor Monat
@SmarterEveryDay so i noticed most, if not all (I'm not sure) of the guns tested, and registered as an actual firearm were pistols....what about rifles?
Mc3 P4t
Mc3 P4t Vor Monat
I'm all for whatever removes guns from history, and people settle their disputes the old fashioned way. In the ring. 😎❤🎺
jesse robinson
jesse robinson Vor Monat
Police Arsenal
Don Dutch
Don Dutch Vor Monat
this same software could be used to break CAPTCHA security.. IDK why that comes to mind... But.. one example of how something like this could help is to have this software running on outdoor cameras and automated door locks. this way if someone was making there way to the front door with weapon drawn the whole system would automate locking the shooter outside, being the store attendants wont have time to react..
Galaxy Quest - Gaming
Dude get your finger off the trigger when you’re holding it. In the thumbnail you had your finger on the trigger
Bill Vor Monat
Our problem is not a gun violence problem but rather a violence problem.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan Vor Monat
One question: what about rifles?
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